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Omukae Desu Episode 2 Recap

Omukae Death 02 | Recap – Summary : Sachi asks Madoka why he would ask her to go out on a date so suddenly and he replies that it was Nabeshima’s comment that made him think of doing that.

Sachi is baffled and wonders if he truly likes her, but Madoka is unable to reply as he doesn’t know himself- he states that if they start dating, he might come to like her but she is not interested in that. Their argument is interrupted when Nabeshima and Yuzuko appear and direct them to their new mission- Kazuya, a boy who was hospitalized for a long time and died a few weeks back.

Sachi and Madoka spot him in the hospital roof and eventually get him to talk about his regret; he doesn’t reveal much, but he tells them that he was keen on going out with his nurse, Mizue, as they had made a promise to ride a ferris wheel together once. Sachi thinks that Madoka’s possession ability will come in handy, but he needs to ask the nurse out; he’s reluctant, but eventually agrees when Sachi promises she will think about their own date.

Madoka is studying how to get positive responses from women as he’s clueless on how to ask Mizue out, while Ogawa recites to Sachi, about her past with Madoka, and how they bonded together through astronomy. Sachi asks her if she liked him, but Ogawa runs away; Sachi tries to go after her, but instead comes across Mizue who’s arguing with someone over the phone.

The next day, Madoka goes to the hospital for a supposed check up so he can find a chance to ask out Mizue, but Kazuya takes over his body and does all the talking for him; before things escalate, Sachi arrives and helps Madoka to take his body back. Madoka then asks Mizue to go to the ferris wheel together, but she turns him down as she has a boyfriend.

Later at his house, Madoka and Sachi discuss over how they should approach the situation now that they know Mizue has a boyfriend- Madoka remarks that if she had the possession ability they wouldn’t be in such a pinch right now. Sachi doesn’t take his comment well, and tells him that nothing can be done about that- she then storms out off his house, while his family watches the scene and thinks it was a lovers’ quarrel.

Nabeshima pays a visit to Madoka who wonders if he said something wrong to Sachi, while Ogawa returns to Sachi’s apartment, before she’s found out by the afterlife-council who is out looking for her.

The next day, Madoka finds Kazuya but before he’s able to tell him about the latest developments, Mizue tells him that she accepts his proposal about going to the ferris wheel together. Madoka relays the news to Sachi along with an apology about the other day, and Sachi thinks that it’s weird that she’d accept his invitation- she talks with Mizue, and finds out that her boyfriend is leaving for some other place due to his work and they had a fight as he wanted her to give up her job to follow him. She accepted the invitation for the ferris date since that is the day her bofriend is leaving and wants to be distracted.

Sachi is unsure whether they should go on with the plan, but Nabeshima reminds her that it’s her job to send the spirits to the other side and they should just proceed as initially planned. Kazuya who has been listening all the while, pretends he didn’t hear anything and tells them that he’s happy he will ride the ferris wheel with Mizue, and urges Madoka and Sachi to help him with a message he wants to pass to her through a banner that will unveiled near the ferris place.

The day for the ferris has arrived, and Kazuya takes over Madoka’s body as planned; he deviates from the original plan though, as he takes Mizue’s phone and calls her boyfriend, telling him that “he took over his place” as he was fickle and is on a ferris with his girlfriend. Mizue’s boyfriend quickly arrives at the place, and Kazuya forces both of them to ride the ferris together in order to talk again.

Kazuya hops out of Madoka’s body after that, and Madoka asks him if he’s alright- Kazuya reveals that his true regret was an unfair comment he made towards Mizue, about her being the worst nurse; in reality, her cheering up was all he needed but he lashed out unfairly and then never had the chance to mend things.

Sachi calls Madoka and asks him if she should go on with the banner-plan- Kazuya doesn’t mind if they don’t go with the original plan, but Madoka encourages him to show the banner, as it has his heartfelt message.

The banner reads “You are the best nurse ever” and when Mizue sees this, she cries over it while revealing who Kazuya was to her boyfriend- her boyfriend understands how important her job is to her, and asks her to wait for him as he will come back to her even if years pass, and they patch things up.

Kazuya is happy with the outcome and ready to go, thanking both Sachi and Madoka. After he flies over, Madoka nearly collapses due to a fever he picked lately and Sachi asks him why he wouldn’t rest- he says that they had a job to do, and Sachi tells him that he did well. Madoka reminds her about the date-deal, but he decides to withdraw his proposal as he’s still new in all that, and wants to learn slowly. Sachi replies that he wouldn’t accept his proposal anyway, since she already likes someone- Nabeshima, that is.



Reflection Corner :

omukae desu ep02 0100086

Well, good for you Madoka- you finally did exhibit some emotion other than looking stern and serious all the time! While Sachi was unsure of what to do with the banner, as was Kazuya, Madoka stepped in with determination to unveil that beautiful banner-message.

“The characteristic of  a rocket, is moving forward in a straight line; if you’re hesitant, you won’t obtain results.”

He’s slowly taking steps into becoming more aware of others’ feelings and not trying to rationalize anything, so his resolve in keeping the part-time job in the end, made sense. It also made sense, that he’d give up trying to “pursue” Sachi because of Nabeshima’s comment about being compatible instead of doing that out of truly liking her.  (well, we all know that this “giving up” won’t last for long but w/e!)

omukae desu ep02 0100085

Speaking of Nabeshima, OF COURSE Sachi would like him, duh! Her comment about “love being about obstacles” made me chuckle a bit because..girl, that’s no obstacle, he’s from a FREAKING OTHER DIMENSION lool. She did compliment Madoka in the end, though, so that’s a good sign that she appreciated his effort and she can start working together with a more amicable approach.

omukae desu ep02 0100087

Her sudden outburst regarding Madoka’s remark about her not having the ability to be possessed was out of the blue though- did she also have that “gift” but somehow lost it or did she feel like she was being useless at that moment? Maybe there’s something more there, we’ll see.

The case ended up in a very sweet note, as the banner message was short and to the point- Kazuya realized how very harsh and untrue his comment to Mizue was, and fixed it with revealing his true feelings, which also allowed for the situation between her and her boyfriend to get fixed.

Another one hopped in, happily, to the shinigami-motor-car-bike-whatever, all’s right with the world then!

Onwards to episode 3!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to carameltz


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