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Love Song Episode 2

Love Song Ep 2 Synopsis : An open mic event gives the opportunity to Sakura and Kohei to work closer together.

Recap – Summary :

Kohei speaks with a patient, who tells him about past stories and how honesty can lead to happiness. Later at night, he visits his friend’s bar where he finds out that he holds a stage open for amateur and even pro bands to sing/play at the place- Natsuki wonders if Sakura would be interested in that but Kohei is unsure as that might be too early for her but their conversation is cut short when  one of his old music pals ends up arguing with a band that’s playing there at the moment.

Sakura visits Soraichi in his cooking school, but in an effort to show off, he messes up the kitchen and he is being yelled at. Later at his place, he asks Sakura if they patched things up with Mami, and she says that they seem to be doing fine. She then asks Soraichi to borrow his guitar as she needs it for a few days.

The next day, Sakura meets Kohei at work and she is reluctant to smoke in front of him- Kohei assures her that he doesn’t mind it and she explains that smoking helps her with the stuttering. Kohei jokes that this sounds like a Showa-era superstition and they both laugh. He then encourages her to go to Natsuki again for a session, and Sakura agrees when he tells her that he will accompany her there.

Sakura is excited that she’s gonna go out with him and texts Mami who’s packing up some of her things to sell with Soraichi’s help.

While on the bus together, Sakura’s stomach is growling and Kohei thinks they should eat before they visit Natsuki; he orders seaweed soba for himself, and tells Sakura to order anything she wants as it is his treat. Sakura struggles to order what she wants, and she ends up ordering the same with Kohei as the most convenient choice since a rushed customer was waiting for her to finish. Upon noticing the scene, Kohei asks her if that is what she truly wanted; Sakura tells him that she originally wanted to order croquettes and cutlet soba and he repeats her words in the same manner, concluding that her order would have taken 7 seconds.  If she can find the courage to “use” those 7 seconds, that simple action might change her whole world.

After they finish their meal, they head to Natsuki’s office- she asks Sakura to write a sort of parody song with lyrics from the events she encountered the whole day, and Sakura writes about the meal she had with Kohei and his 7 seconds advice. She then sings what she wrote aloud, with Kohei’s guitar help as Natsuki plays the piano, and they all have fun together.

Natsuki talks to Sakura about the open stage and encourages her to sing there with Kohei’s help- Sakura doesn’t seem to oppose the idea but Kohei doesn’t share the same sentiments and says that since the session is over he’s heading home.

Sakura gives him his jacket back that he lent her previously as it was cold, before she enters the bus to go home herself; at the last minute though, she decides to run after him though and she stumbles upon him, both of them falling down. She tells Kohei that she really wants to sing and wants him by her side, but Kohei replies that this is just not possible- she shouldn’t worry though, as he can introduce her to a guitarist that is much better than he is.

Natsuki scolds Kohei for being so negative, and not helping Sakura to sing, but Kohei tries to excuse himself, saying that a finer guitarist would do a better job; Natsuki is not having it, and says that it is because of his fear of reliving the past. She shows Kohei the text that Sakura sent her earlier, thanking her for all her hard work but she can now do things on her own, and says that both in her sister’s and Sakura’s case he proved to be useless.

Soraichi is called to the main office and meets a woman who tells him that he postponed again his payment about the school fees and that isn’t allowed anymore, but he replies that he’s gonna pay it soon.

Sakura gets home and talks things with Mami, who seems to understand why she would react that way- she’d feel lonely afterall and that makes sense, as Sakura is happy that Mami knows, but jokingly brushes off her comments and tells her that she can make it on her own from now on. After Mami “knocks her out” in Street Fighter, she says she’s going to the bathroom but collapses and looks like she’s suffering from bleeding.

Sakura rushes to her and tries to call emergency but she can’t get her words out at all- Soraichi doesn’t pick up her call either, since he is with the office woman who seems to have taken a liking at him and Sakura tries to call Kohei but he doesn’t pick up the phone either, as he’s having a bath and she sends him a text instead. Sakura then tries to get the neighbors to help to no avail as Natsuki informs Kohei that his phone was ringing.

Kohei sees the message and heads to the hospital immediately where Sakura is revealed to have taken Mami successfully after some time, where the doctor informs them that what Mami went through, sometimes happens in the early stages and she and the baby are fine.

Sakura tells Kohei that she is useless and couldn’t do a thing, but before Kohei is able to reply she runs away and vents her frustrations into Soraichi’s guitar in the middle of the bridge while Kohei visits his friend’s bar and listens to the band that was there the other day, and their songs’ lyrics strike a chord within him.

The next day, Kohei “meets” Sakura at her working spot and tries to chit chat with her about how he’s able to decipher people by a look at their shoes, but his guesses are completely wrong. Sakura chuckles at his words, and Kohei asks her what do his shoes tell about him, and she “guesses” that it’s a coward’s shoes with a black heart. Kohei doesn’t seem fazed by her words and asks her to go on, at which point Sakura wonders why he’s there- Kohei gives her the open stage flyer along with an encouraging message of finding the 7 seconds anew, hinting that he will be her guitarist. After he gets up from that spot his shirt is full of grease, and Sakura can’t help but laugh aloud at that.

They soon start practicing together, and Kohei teaches her how to properly hold the guitar and the basic chords- meanwhile Mami and her soon to be husband pray for their health, as Soraichi sees the woman office again at his school waving at him. Natsuki is glad to find one of Kohei’s old guitar picks lying around the apartment.

Sakura and Kohei keep practicing together, and he “sees” Haruno through her singing as Sakura is happy to be spending time with him again.


Reflection Corner :

love song ep02 ラヴソング 0100011

Seven seconds of courage, huh? Well, that was pretty sound advice Kohei! Too bad you, yourself, CUT THE WINGS OF COURAGE from that precious cigar-angel (loool my new nick for Sakura) when you turned her down after she took your advice and ran out from the bus like hell to ask you to accompany her with your guitar!

“You worry too much, about the people staring at you, don’t you? That’s because you’re young. I think when you reach my age, you gradually become bolder and don’t worry about that as much. But if you could get your courage up, for just those seven seconds, then your world would change.”

But well, fear is not something that discriminates between “teacher” and “student” afterall- actually, it was rather ironic that the “teacher” seemed to be much more scared than the “student” despite his wise tutoring. Sakura found the strength to reach out to Kohei and ask him directly for his help, while he reverted back to his non-music shell.

love song ep02 ラヴソング 0100012

His waking up call through that band (they ROCKEEEED!) when he realized that he has nothing to fear, as it’s just music that he loves, came at the right time since Sakura needs him by her side to get on the stage- and likewise, he needs her too.

don't be sad my precious cigar angel <3

don’t be sad precious cigar angel <3

The scene where Sakura felt completely helpless when Mami collapsed and she couldn’t get help herself quickly (ASSHOLE PEOPLE btw for shoving her aside) was such a cruel reminder to her she’s still far from where she wants to be- it’s good that she released that anger and despair though, despite putting down herself prior to that. (when she said she’s useless I was like ;__;)

love song ep02 ラヴソング 0100015

So, taking a small step forward with honesty (loved how the ending tied with the nonchalant conversation with the patient in the beginning and how being honest with yourself is always helpful in the long haul) can do wonders and how happy both of them were in the end, doing what they actually feel happy doing? Playing guitar and singing.

love song ep02 ラヴソング 0100016

Even though, Sakura can get all smiley by simply looking at Kohei’s face. Okay, it’s obvious she has a crush on him; it’s like that crush you get when you admire a teacher of yours that happens to be both eloquent and handsome? Something like that, I gather.

I doubt the show would go for the romance-angle between them, since it seems they’re aiming for a Pygmalion-guidance relationship between the two, BUT….I wouldn’t mind it. Like, let me make it clear- I’m not shipping them, I just want to see both of them all smiley and grinny-faces and if that happens in the end, so be it.

lol why is Kohei so happy to put the capo on the guitar?

lol why is Kohei so happy to put the capo on the guitar?

But I don’t think it will; they’re perfectly fine where they are now, anyway. Two comrades in life walking together those 500 miles of finding themselves and healing their broken souls.

Onwards to episode 3 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to heiwasubs

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  1. sakura's buddy
    April 21, 2016 at 2:16 am — Reply

    I really love the song.
    Sakura’s “honto wa, honto wa, honto wa, honto wa~” keep replaying in my head!

    • April 21, 2016 at 2:21 am — Reply

      lmao I WAS THINKING the same- and it’s so easy to sing, like “REALLY” it is :ppp

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