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Descendants of the Sun Episode 12 Recap

“The lies you tell aren’t the ones i can complain or quarrel about.
Your lies involve someone’s life or death,
Politics and diplomacy
And a whole nation’s future.
You told jokes to cover up what you couldn’t tell me.
You will go on telling jokes to avoid
Telling me the things i shouldn’t know.
And i won’t believe you.
Eventually we’ll run out of things to say.
I just want to talk about how i got angry
Because someone took two parking spots.
I want to talk about how i can’t decide what to eat for lunch
Or how i am frustrated because of a late parcel.
Those are the kind of mundane things i want to talk about.
I can’t talk about such things to a person who shields others from bullets.
I am just wondering if you are someone i can deal with.”


Dae Young had noticed that something wasn’t right concerning Shi Jin’s absence while Shi Jin was on his way to Argus’ hideout. He had decided to use the last card and the Arab security guard would send him the helicopter he needed for the “date.”

Once Myeong Joo woke up she found Dae Young by her side and he was glad to find out that she was feeling better, but soon enough she noticed that he was in his black uniform. He informed her that Mo Yeon was missing and that Shi Jin was trying to rescue her. He would never leave him all alone in such a dangerous mission and he decided to open his present at that point. He kissed her forehead and handed her over his dog tag. All she wanted from him was to come back safe and his smile soothed her worries a bit.

Dae Young informed Woo Geun and the other two soldiers on the dangers of their unauthorized operation and they decided to proceed without any second thoughts. After taking their equipment it was a one-way road.

Shi Jin entered Argus’ territory and started taking his men out of the picture one after the other. He found the children from the village and urged them to remain silent. After the money had been transferred Argus would wait a bit to see if Shi Jin would comply to the rules Argus had set. After taking the diamonds and everything he needed from the safe he ordered his men to exterminate the children since they were no longer needed.

Shi Jin managed to take care of them except for one who took a child as a hostage. Once Shi Jin left down his weapon Dae Young and his men arrived and saved Shi Jin! Two of the soldiers would protect the children while Dae Young and Woo Geun would backup Shi Jin.

The minister wasn’t pleased with everything going on with the unauthorized mission and demanded explanations from commander Yoon who protected his soldiers and their sense of honor to the fullest. He didn’t find anything wrong in the overall operation since his soldiers were always ready to give their life in order to protect their homeland. At that point, the life of a Korean citizen was in danger and his soldiers were considering Mo Yeon’s life a part of the national security they had to protect at all costs. Commander Yoon was intending to take full responsibility since it was about an honorable cause.

Gi Beom had brought everything Ye Hwa had prepared for Myeong Joo to eat in order to feel even better, but soon enough Ja Ae, Sang Hyun and Min Ji wanted to know if Mo Yeon would return safe. Myeong Joo reassured them that everything would be fine since the soldiers would save her by any means necessary, but she didn’t reveal more since they wouldn’t like to know.

Shi Jin launched the operation and while the helicopter was arriving he finally met Argus, his men and Mo Yeon. Shi Jin urged Argus to set Mo Yeon free since the helicopter was almost there and he had secured his escape route, but Argus wasn’t willing to cooperate. Once Shi Jin noticed that Mo Yeon had been hurt he got enraged and ordered his men to proceed with the mission, but soon enough he became aware of the bomb they had placed around her and changed the plan. Woo Geun managed to identify the bomb and while they were talking Argus asked Mo Yeon to tell him what they were talking about. The moment she told him that they were talking about the weather he aimed at her and Shi Jin shot his gun away. He ordered Argus to stop scaring and touching her and definitely prevent himself from talking to her. He wanted Argus to take him instead of Mo Yeon, but he couldn’t comply. The moment Shi Jin and Woo Geun noticed the wireless transmitter he was apologetic towards her for being late and urged her to stand still. Once he shot the transmitter all hell broke loose and Argus and Shi Jin managed to save Mo Yeon.

Mo Yeon was shocked by everything that had happened, but Shi Jin urged her to start staring at him and reassured her that Woo Geun would disarm the bomb at all costs since he had mastered that field of knowledge. 30 seconds before the end they were able to take the bomb off Mo Yeon but Woo Geun wasn’t able to stop the detonator and threw the bomb out of the window. After the bomb exploded Argus shot at them and Shi Jin became a shield and took the bullet for Mo Yeon. He closed her eyes with his hand to prevent her from witnessing everything that would happen and put an end to Argus’ life with tears in his eyes.

Inside the helicopter, Shi Jin informed commander Yoon that everything went more than fine. The only reward Shi Jin would acquire would be to not get punished even though he was ready to receive any punishment.

The minister was well aware that there would be many economic and diplomatic complications, but he knew that he could put all the blame on commander Yoon. However, the president himself arrived and he was fully informed on what had happened. All that mattered to him was that the hostage and the soldiers were safe. Commander Yoon would take full responsibility but the president wasn’t willing to punish him because he had done the right thing. Everything that was deriving from the overall mission would be taken care of by the president himself and he was thankful towards commander Yoon. The president bowed towards him and commander Yoon saluted him.

Myeong Joo heard the helicopter arriving and started running to fall in Dae Young’s embrace! She was so glad seeing him back safe and sound and caressing his face to be certain that she wasn’t dreaming was essential. Shi Jin couldn’t hold back his tears as he was burning his picture with Argus and Mo Yeon was witnessing the moment.

Ja Ae, Min Ji and Sang Hyun were seeing a gunshot wound for the first time and while Ja Ae was taking care of her wound Sang Hyun wanted Mo Yeon to bite a pen and drink vodka, just like in the movies! Ja Ae brought him back to reality and Mo Yeon lost herself in tears.

The next morning, Min Ji, Ja Ae and another member of the medical team were vividly participating in the running soldiers’ shouts and Sang Hyun couldn’t accept it! He complained to Dae Young for having to see something like that every day but Dae Young couldn’t take him seriously and continued running with the soldiers!

Mo Yeon wanted to find out how Fatima was, but she needed Shi Jin to reassure her that everything he was saying was the truth since he had lied to her about the children from the village. She wanted him to tell her every time he had lied to her and he recalled the wound she had treated the first time they had met, the moment he had told her that he had found himself in a car accident and the time he sent her to Daniel and Ye Hwa’s store pretending that he would head back to the camp. He told her that he hadn’t lied again and she pointed out that his lies weren’t the ones that would make her complain or start a fight, they were always related to one’s life or death, his duty towards his country, etc.

Mo Yeon pointed out that he kept joking all the time in order to cover up everything he couldn’t tell her and that’s how she believed that things would keep flowing. Eventually, they would run out of things to talk about and she wanted to keep talking to him about all these simple daily things that happen in her life. Shi Jin urged her to start doing so since everything she had to say was of major importance to him. Even though she could put her trust in that, she couldn’t talk about all these things to someone like him who was shielding other people from bullets. Shi Jin wondered if she wanted to break up with him, but all she wanted was to know was if he was someone she could deal with. While Mo Yeon was leaving she kept recalling Argus’ words.

Argus’ body would be sent to the US and the US Special Forces team’s captain informed Shi Jin that many people would have to write thousands of reports thanks to him, but he shouldn’t be apologetic since reports are always more than welcome than losing their lives. Shi Jin was thankful towards the captain for not reporting him at some point. The truth was that he had reported him, but he delayed it a bit and Shi Jin was able to save his own men from any problems that would have occurred. Before leaving, Shi Jin thought that Argus looked so lonely at that point, without honor and country to serve. Even if they would never meet again, the US captain urged him to be well and stay alive.

Mo Yeon informed everyone that the patients would return to Korean two days before the medical team would leave. Everyone had started realizing that the medical team’s duty was almost over in Uruk and Sang Hyun wasn’t as excited as he thought he would be and the same applied to pretty much everyone.

The medical team would perform their final round in Uruk and Mo Yeon was glad that Myeong Joo was far better and pointed out that she was a real soldier! Right before leaving, Myeong Joo offered her own medical advice concerning Mo Yeon’s injury!

Mo Yeon informed Young Soo that he may have been over the worse, but he almost killed many people. She informed him that he would be deported to Korea with the hope that he would pay for his crimes, but all he was caring about were his diamonds. Mo Yeon told him that they had handed over to the Americans and he would never see them again!

Min Jae was the healthiest of all, but once Gi Beom brought Chi Hoon’s test’s results he wanted to tell him the good news himself. He informed him that all of them would return to Korea and Chi Hoon was so glad that he wouldn’t die! Min Jae’s nerve-wracking attitude was back for a while, but at the end of the day he was glad that both of them were alive!

The child visited Chi Hoon anew to find out that he was no longer ill. Chi Hoon had bought for him a pair of sneakers in order to wear them in the future, but all the child wanted was a goat! They wouldn’t understand one another and Chi Hoon kept “conversing” with him while the child kept asking for a goat!

Mo Yeon was recalling the moment Shi Jin took the bullet for her and his question if she wanted to break up with him. The night Shi Jin was crying while burning his picture with Argus he wasn’t left all alone. Just like he had done inside Argus’ hideout, it was Mo Yeon’s turn to cover his eyes with her hand and urged him to erase that incident from his mind as well.

Mo Yeon couldn’t hold back her tears either and soon enough she met Shi Jin. She wanted him to make some coffee and once he appeared with coffee for both of them she initiated a hug and pleasantly surprised him! She informed him on Myeong Joo’s better condition, as for herself, Mo Yeon pointed out that she wanted to tie her hair but she couldn’t find an elastic band. She was willing to start talking to him about all these small things from that moment and on and that she was willing to try to cope with him. She urged him to try coping with her chatting moments as well. Mo Yeon wanted him to promise that he would grant her the right to worry about him and urged him to start telling her every time he would have to do something that would worry her instead of leaving her in the darkness worrying all alone by herself.

He wouldn’t have to be direct, every time he would say that he would have to go to the department store it would mean that he would partake in a dangerous mission. Shi Jin nodded positively, but Mo Yeon had one more question. Which one he would choose, her or his country? He replied that it was her for now and even though she wasn’t willing to ask him twice she asked him what he would say later on. Of course, Shi Jin would choose Mo Yeon once again since his country doesn’t get jealous and has faith in him! Mo Yeon couldn’t believe that Shi Jin was a person who had his country as his in-laws and it was Shi Jin’s turn to take her in his embrace and promise that he would never let her worry about what was concerning her the most. Soon enough, seriousness started surrendering and cuteness started blossoming!

Myeong Joo told Dae Young that she wanted to eat some chicken soup now that she was feeling better and she was even craving to drink some somek! She was adoring the fact that all the things she liked in life were starting from “s,” including Seo Dae Young! She placed his dog tag around his neck and told him that she loved him!

Shi Jin and Dae Young didn’t want to let Gi Beom cook because they want to do their best in order to please the women they loved after everything they went through!

Everything was flowing well and they were actually enjoying their chicken soup, but soon enough Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo started quarreling about the past and the man that had fueled the fire between them back in the days; Min Yun Gi! Shi Jin and Dae Young’s mood was ruined now that everything had started coming to the surface and they left while trying to figure out how they could harm Yun Gi!

Myeong Joo couldn’t believe that both of them did such a big mistake in front of the men they loved, but she urged Mo Yeon to worry about herself since Myeong Joo had found herself at the verge of dying and she was certain that Dae Young would forgive her!

Mo Yeon went to Shi Jin and pretended to be ill but he didn’t believe her and started teasing her about Yun Gi because she was looking damn fine! He was pretending that he didn’t want to talk to her and she used her own weapon! Mo Yeon started calling Yun Gi on the phone and Shi Jin disarmed her like he had done in the past, but this time Mo Yeon was able to catch her phone before him!

She laid emphasis on the fact that she liked the best man in the world, Shi Jin, and reminded him that they had ruined three cars and they had fallen into the water from a cliff together, but they had also fought the virus together and she even had a gunshot wound because of him! Mo Yeon kept liking him all along the way for being honorable and handsome without being a coward. Shi Jin couldn’t object to anything she had said and he was all ears to everything she had to say! Mo Yeon would like Ye Hwa and Daniel to become Fatima’s guardians, but Shi Jin had someone else in mind even though Mo Yeon wouldn’t like her!

Shi Jin informed Valentine that Fatima was the girl she had helped them save and she had chosen her as her guardian because he was trusting the ones that were bringing him luck! He was thankful towards her for everything and Mo Yeon urged Fatima to keep listening to Valentine. Mo Yeon wanted Fatima to write letters to her or simply call her but she didn’t want to, but once Valentine urged her to be polite she was thankful towards Mo Yeon and she would like her to be safe! Mo Yeon would like Fatima to remain in touch with her and she could easily tell that Fatima had meant everything she had just said!

Shi Jin and Mo Yeon went to Arachova (Αράχωβα) once again and the first thing Mo Yeon would like to do once she’d return to Korea would be a hot bath and Shi Jin would like to watch that! Mo Yeon agreed to watch a movie with him, something that would seem quite ordinary after everything they had gone through in Uruk. Shi Jin urged her to neither go to a hotel with the hospital director nor cheat on him with Yun Gi. Eeventually, the rock from Navagio (Ναυάγιο) beach found itself in Mo Yeon’s hands! Shi Jin pointed out that it was her chance to find out if the urban legend following that rock would work and after taking her hand in his the moment for a kiss had arrived while the bell was ringing!


The next morning the usual suspects were staring at the running soldiers, but a surprise was awaiting to reveal itself! Sang Hyun had joined them in their shirtless quest and they couldn’t believe it! Sang Hyun fired his bullets at Ja Ae while passing by and once the conversation became dating-oriented Ja Ae went back inside! Mo Yeon pointed out that Ja Ae and Sang Hyun were the middle-aged version of high school sweethearts even though Min Ji couldn’t possibly tell what she was talking about!

At the sound of the siren everyone paid their respects to the victims of the earthquake and later on the moment for all the necessary photos before leaving Uruk behind had arrived!

Mo Yeon and Ja Ae were going to work and they were missing their running doves and the fact that the medicube was so close to them whereas their workplace was far from their houses! Chi Hoon, Min Ji and eventually Sang Hyun joined them and it was already feeling like their first day at work!

~ Thoughts ~


Rating 33% four episodes before the end is quite an achievement for a weekday drama during 2016 and Descendants of the Sun keeps breaking its records one after the other with every passing episode without fear, but with passion! The 12th episode was an ongoing farewell to everything our main and secondary figures experienced in Uruk and it was bringing closure to many aspects of the drama so far; one way or another.


A sense of darkness had started veiling Shi Jin and Mo Yeon right when happiness was dawning in Myeong Joo and Dae Young’s lives anew. Dae Young would never neglect his duties as a soldier and a friend and he could only form a team in black uniforms that would aid Shi Jin in his solitary and dangerous mission. Leaving his dog tag in Myeong Joo’s loving hands and kissing her on the forehead was one of their most beautiful scenes. His gentle smile was the humble reassurance that he would come back safe, without this meaning that her concerns would cease existing until she would see him after the mission had reached completion.


Commander Yoon lived up to my expectation the moment he had a face to face confrontation with the minister who had only diplomacy and the complications that were deriving from the overall mission in mind. He wasn’t caring about the danger a Korean citizen had found herself in and he was considering Mo Yeon as necessary collateral damage in order for the nation to keep flourishing. Commander Yoon protected his soldiers’ honor and decided to take full responsibility for everything going on since they were fighting for the right cause simply because a Korean citizen’s life was something more than worth fighting for.


Dae Young and his men arrived right on time and brought Shi Jin back in the “game.” The more he was witnessing Mo Yeon’s condition and Argus’ inhumane treatment the more enraged he was becoming, but he kept delivering all the necessary messages that he wasn’t intending to stand still in case something further was about to happen to Mo Yeon. His caring attitude never surrendered and urged Mo Yeon to put her trust in him no matter what was about to follow. He didn’t only take care of the bomb transmitter, he also kept encouraging her while Woo Geun was trying to disarm the bomb and eventually shielded her from Argus’ bullet by putting his life on the line for Mo Yeon’s survival. The moment he was taking Argus out of the picture his tears were devastating, but even then he kept taking Mo Yeon into consideration while preventing her from seeing something that would scar her even deeper.


The fact that the president praised commander Yoon and his soldiers’ efforts in order to save a Korean citizen along with the fact that he would take care of everything else on his own Americanized Descendants of the Sun a bit (more), it was too idealistic to be true, but okay! That was a side note, what is of major importance is our couple’s nighttime. Myeong Joo rushed to find out if Dae Young was okay and found herself in his embrace while caressing his face to feel that he was real. Shi Jin was losing himself in tears while burning his photo with Argus and Mo Yeon covered his eyes to prevent him from witnessing the ashes of his memories in order for him to start forgetting.


It was an incident that traumatized both Shi Jin and Mo Yeon, but there was no other way for Shi Jin to bring a closure to that chapter and Mo Yeon found herself in a different type of a life-threatening situation than the one at the edge of the cliff; the shock was immense. Everything they went through left its own imprint on their lives and all they could do was to move on, but not without making things a bit more specific and crystal clear in their relationship.


Mo Yeon and Shi Jin have found themselves in many meaningful quarrels, but this conversation was probably the most meaningful of all, mainly on Mo Yeon’s behalf. She could understand the nature of his lies and she couldn’t get enraged at him since they were a part of what he was doing. However, Mo Yeon was longing for a normal relationship and she wanted to cherish it with Shi Jin, but a big part of his life was classified and he was trying to progress things by joking all the time in order to fulfill his own talking part. Mo Yeon wanted to talk to him about pretty much everything, all these daily things that happen in her life from the most meaningless to the most meaningful, but the silence on his behalf and the fact that what he was doing was dangerous (she had palpable proof from her own experiences) were making her more thoughtful.


Could Shi Jin offer her a relationship abiding in the sphere of normality with all the beautiful characteristics they had already treasured? She hadn’t given up on him, but she wanted more precise words on Shi Jin’s behalf and not an easy question such as “do you want to break up with me?” That question was a big letdown, especially when we’re talking about such a sharp person as Shi Jin, but it was depicting his own confusion in front of the wall that was preventing him from treasuring a normal relationship by Mo Yeon’s side. Everything they had shared and the bonds they had forged were stronger. On top of that, Mo Yeon could easily tell that Argus’ death had left its own impact upon Shi Jin who couldn’t progress things on his own and she took the lead during their second conversation once again.


She offered more pragmatic examples on what she was craving for in their relationship and she could accept Shi Jin’s nature as a soldier. All she wanted from him was to grant her the right to worry about him without being unable to tell whether he was partaking in a dangerous mission or not. Rather than guessing, a form of truth that wouldn’t invest on details but would let her know that he could be in danger was essential and his smile became a part of his face anew along with their playful attitude. They’ve been through a lot and no matter how different their personalities may appear, they have become an inseparable part of one another and they sort things out their own way.


The adorable conversation between Myeong Joo and Dae Young concerning everything she loved that was starting from “s” led to a scene that was supposed to please the girls through the chicken soup Dae Young and Shi Jin had prepared with love. However, it was resembling the scene with the parcel, but it was Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo’s turn to find themselves in the awkward position of a misunderstanding! Everything concerning Min Yun Gi came to the surface and Dae Young and Shi Jin’s overall attempt was ruined in a blink of an eye since their main goal in life had become to find an exemplary way to punish Yun Gi! Myeong Joo would find her way out of this mess simply because she was still recovering after almost passing away, but Mo Yeon would give Shi Jin a chance to act hard to get since her plan to pretend that she was ill didn’t flourish! Opening up her heart in a more straight forward way evened up the emotional and expressive score!


Leaving Fatima under Valentine’s care and cherishing a beautiful kiss with Shi Jin at Arachova (Αράχωβα) before her departure were all parts of the ongoing farewell the 12th episode was. We have yet to find out if both of them will return to Navagio (Ναυάγιο) beach now that the rock is in Mo Yeon’s hands for her to find out if it will live up to the promise’s expectations. The doves of Uruk paraded in front of our powerful fangirling trio one last time, but it was Sang Hyun’s turn to catch Ja Ae’s attention even more in his own hilarious way! Honoring the victims of the earthquake at the sound of the siren and taking pictures that would remind everyone of the time they spent in Uruk was the most proper closure for our medical team that would soon find themselves in the reality they had left behind, a reality that would feel so foreign to them after being far away from home for some time now!


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