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Descendants of the Sun Episode 11 Recap

“If the nation is indifferent to a single person’s death,
That seems more problematic.
I am not sure which nation you serve,
But i will serve my nation.”


After finding out that Myeong Joo had been infected by the M3 virus Dae Young couldn’t hold back and he entered the quarantine area. He took Myeong Joo in his embrace and he couldn’t let her go while being unable to hold back his tears. Myeong Joo had already started feeling afraid, but since he didn’t intend to leave she ordered him both as a soldier and a doctor to leave the quarantine area and be in separate quarantine until they would find out whether he had been infected or not.

Mo Yeon drew blood from Dae Young and tried to put him at ease by saying that Myeong Joo had a strong immune system, something that would eventually help her after minimizing the possibilities of passing away.

However, she revealed the truth to Shi Jin by telling him that a strong immune system could lead to other complications, but she promised to do her best in this battle against the M3 virus in an attempt to save Myeong Joo’s life.

Mo Yeon was informing the medical team on everything going on and the way things would change at the medicube and the camp and the same applied to Shi Jin who made his soldiers aware of the dangers they could face, but he didn’t set aside the strength they would have to show in these difficult times.

Ja Ae was drawing blood from Sang Hyun in order to find out whether he had been infected or not and he was intending to play video games since he was in isolation and he didn’t have anything else to do. He had always admired the way she was drawing blood and Ja Ae assumed that he had caught a cold and that his condition wasn’t more serious. She asked him to call her if he would feel worse and Sang Hyun asked her if he could call her if he was missing her as well! Ja Ae simply told him that she would be there for him before something like that would happen!

While Dae Young was in isolation Shi Jin couldn’t leave him all alone and kept talking to him from the other side of the wall. Dae Young was overly worried about Myeong Joo and kept asking about her, but the time for Shi Jin to pay him back had arrived and gave him a walkie talkie to talk to her directly.

Dae Young wanted to know how she was feeling and if she was eating, but the answer could be only one. She was missing him and she wanted to hear the same thing on his behalf. The answer to her like-minded questions was that he was missing her and Myeong Joo couldn’t hold back her tears and reminded him that he had resembled her to a ghost on their second date because of the dress she was wearing. Even the thought of passing away and becoming a ghost was tormenting her and Dae Young pointed out that she looked like the angel she had always been from the first time he met her. She could see his most affectionate side now that she was ill, but after their conversation reached the end she couldn’t stop thinking that either a ghost or an angel, they were both related to the realm of the dead.

Daniel informed Mo Yeon that he would be there tomorrow with more medication while at the same time Shi Jin was reporting to Byung Soo on the latest information he had acquired along with the fact that the patient zero had been found. Byung Soo was keeping his distance from Shi Jin who made clear that neither Myeong Joo nor the other patients would get transferred to another hospital since the medicube had been prepared and a transfer could made the whole situation more complicated.

Back in Korea, everyone found out about the M3 virus incident in Uruk. Ji Soo couldn’t reach Mo Yeon on the phone and another doctor couldn’t reach Sang Hyun either. Hee Eun called her mother-in-law and shortly after she arrived at the hospital and ordered the hospital director to bring back her son by tomorrow if he didn’t want to lose his position!

Sang Hyun wanted Ji Soo to scan and send him M3 virus oriented information he couldn’t find online and he started his own research. Gi Beom and Min Jae became aware that he was preparing himself for his own fight on the medical fields as a doctor and left him alone to keep working at it.

Myeong Joo informed Min Jae that the diamonds had been found inside Young Soo’s stomach and he was astonished the moment she told him that they were worth about 2 million dollars. Eventually, he wondered if all that money were enough for him to put his life in danger in the first place.

Shi Jin visited Mo Yeon and informed her that they would have the blood test results by tomorrow afternoon. Soon enough, he wanted to know her blood type and an aegyo attack started on her behalf while she was pointing out that it could be his ideal type, beauty or a doll! He could only surrender and she pointed out that she wanted to make him feel better just like he had already done countless times in the past! She would have to win her battle in order for him to be at ease and he asked her anew about her blood type with Mo Yeon laying emphasis on the fact that it was the type that would keep her locked in his heart! Shi Jin could only surrender anew and urged her to leave.

Mo Yeon was trying to find out if the children had been infected, but soon enough there was another power outage and Young Soo couldn’t breathe without the ventilator. Chi Hoon got on top of him while Myeong Joo was helping him to breathe and the moment she injected him with some medicine Young Soo bit Chi Hoon. Without caring if he had been infected he kept pumping his chest until his condition would stabilize.

Mo Yeon was treating his wound and drew some blood to get tested. Gi Beom and Min Jae had witnessed his efforts in fear and after Mo Yeon praised his medical skills it was Min Jae’s turn to acknowledge him as a doctor. Chi Hoon was losing himself in tears of happiness and he bade farewell all the negativity while Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo couldn’t understand what was going on.

He was ready to call his loved ones and the first one he called was Hee Eun. He sounded weird but happy in the beginning, but the moment he reminded her how much he loved her she could finally tell that he was the man she had loved and all of her fears had surrendered even though he didn’t know whether he had been infected or not.

Daniel would transfer the children to the UN camp and shortly after Mo Yeon was informed by Min Ji that nobody else had been infected by the virus.

Dae Young could only be as close as he could to Myeong Joo to find out that she was sleeping. Shi Jin pointed out that there are rare occasions in which the patients don’t show any symptoms and Dae Young was hoping that such a rare woman as Myeong Joo would be just like those patients. Shi Jin started talking about how helpful he was in preventing any further infection in Uruk and that some state officials wanted to thank him in person, but Dae Young wouldn’t paying attention to anything he had to say since he was losing himself in his own thoughts while staring at Myeong Joo.

Shortly after they were informed that there was an incident at the cafeteria and they would have to head towards there. Myeong Joo woke up to find out that he sight had started becoming weaker.


Argus and his men were there and he was ironic towards Shi Jin who urged him to stick to the point since he wasn’t there to get tested. Argus wanted to talk to Young Soo, but Shi Jin would never let him do that. Once he put his hand under his jacket the soldiers pointed their guns at him, but Argus wanted to leave some medication that could help Young Soo recover since they had to talk about many things.

Shi Jin and Dae Young could easily tell that Argus was keeping an eye on everything going on and they should be more cautious from that moment and on. Ja Ae found out that Argus was the man who wanted to harm Fatima and Mo Yeon told her to visit Sang Hyun.

Sang Hyun pointed out that he had taken into consideration all of the M3 virus’ symptoms and he had reached the assumption that he had caught a cold. Ja Ae reassured him that it was a cold and hugged him after telling him how worried she was about him! Once she realized what she had done she started leaving, but Sang Hyun wrist-grabbed her and took her in his embrace! She was regretting hugging him first and Sang Hyun gave her something he had written on a piece of paper. He had found a possible treatment by using cefotaxime after reading carefully all of the annual M3 virus reports and Ja Ae had already informed Daniel what they needed! After Ja Ae left Mo Yeon found out that Sang Hyun was playing hard to get, but she also informed him that Ja Ae was overly worried about him!

Myeong Joo called her father on the phone and she couldn’t believe that he hadn’t called her after finding out about her condition. Commander Yoon pointed out that he couldn’t do anything about her, neither as a father nor a commander, and he was waiting for her to call him first. She reassured him that she would fight back in an attempt to get fully treated and she had two favors to ask. She wanted her father to forgive her for threatening him that he would lose her as a daughter and a soldier. The second favor was to let Dae Young stay in the army. She had overheard their conversation, but she pretended to not know anything since she was happy being by Dae Young’s side. He was glad hearing the second favor since she was sounding like the Myeong Joo he knew and he urged her to get well soon. Shortly after she collapsed.

Argus’ men stole the mini truck with the medication and soon enough he called Shi Jin on the phone to inform him that he wanted the diamonds in order to give him back the truck with the medication.

Shi Jin gave the diamonds to Argus’ underling and Daniel left with the truck, but Dae Young couldn’t hold back and beat him up! Once the rest of Argus’ men pointed their weapons at them Shi Jin and Dae Young’s comrades appeared and everything reached the end.

Myeong Joo’s temperature was very high and they had to put her in a bathtub filled with ice cubes while at the same time Ye Hwa was working on medication deriving from oriental medicine that could possibly lower Myeong Joo’s temperature. Mo Yeon had found out that the local police had arrested Fatima for selling medicine in the black market and she tried to protect her, but she was unable to do so. She eventually had to follow them at the police station.

Daniel arrived and Myeong Joo received the medication she needed. Dae Young didn’t leave her side and once her fever started falling he took her out of the bathtub to place her on her bed.

Shi Jin found out that Mo Yeon was nowhere to be found and started searching for her. He found Fatima on the street and ran towards her, but she got shot and Argus’ men appeared along with Mo Yeon who was their hostage. Argus arrived as well and Shi Jin asked him what he wanted in order to negotiate. Argus knew that they would take him out of the picture once the weapon smuggling would be complete and he demanded a way out of Uruk in order to free Mo Yeon. Shi Jin promised to kill him with his own hands and after Argus left Shi Jin kept staring at the car with Mo Yeon leaving and the same applied to her as well.

Inside the car, Argus informed Mo Yeon that she would be the perfect way to spend his last night in Uruk. Shi Jin called her through the walkie talkie and kept talking in Korean since he didn’t want Argus to understand what he was saying. He urged Mo Yeon to remain strong until he would save her. He promised that he would be there soon and told her not to worry since she knew how good he was at his job. Argus told Shi Jin that he was looking forward to seeing him and then he threw the walking talkie out of the car.

Shi Jin was intending to save Mo Yeon at all costs, but Byung Soo didn’t intend to let him do things the way he wanted to since he would complicate things. The minister of foreign affairs and national security called Byung Soo on the phone and Shi Jin pointed out that it was an abduction, but the minister ordered Shi Jin to be on standby since the overall incident was at a national level. Shi Jin pointed out that he didn’t know which nation the minister was serving from the moment he didn’t care about a citizen’s death and he informed him that he would serve his own nation at all costs.

The soldiers weren’t letting Shi Jin leave with the car and he was intending to break the gates, but he received a phone call from commander Yoon who was giving him 3 hours to do anything he wanted to, but neither as a captain of his team nor a soldier of the Korean army.

Shi Jin was relieved finding out through the walkie talkie that Myeong Joo was gradually getting better, but he was apologetic towards Dae Young for not seeing him before leaving. Shi Jin visited the bar and got all the weapons he needed for his mission.

Mo Yeon was talking to Argus in Korean and he hit her with his gun. He pointed the gun at her and he reminded her that he had told her how dangerous life could be around Shi Jin. He advised her to put an end to their relationship since Shi Jin was a man of many secrets and he was disappearing from time to time, but someday he would never return since something bad would have happened to him. Mo Yeon kept talking to him in Korean since she wasn’t caring about anything he had to say.

Dae Young was trying to contact Shi Jin but he was unable to do so and through his conversation with Woo Geun along with the fact that Shi Jin’s uniform, dog tag and equipment were inside his room he could easily tell that things were dangerous.


Shi Jin called the security guard of the Arab patient Mo Yeon had saved and he wanted to use the second card they had acquired back then. He wanted him to send a helicopter since a “date” would take place.


~ Thoughts ~


Right after the 10th episode’s 31.6%, Descendants of the Sun managed to raise its ratings a bit more by achieving 31.9% with the 11th episode! I already wonder which will be its final peak after its final episode airs and if, somehow, it manages to reach 40% it will remind of the good old glorious days when weekday dramas were that strong, not that 31.9% isn’t majestic, on the contrary! Just like the previous one had engaging amounts of feels, the 11th episode managed to bring more feels and further heartache to the surface along with its own redeeming and gracious aspects.


Song Joong Ki, Jin Goo, Kim Ji Won (she owned a big part of the episode with her interpretation) and Song Hye Kyo poured heart and soul in their roles throughout the episode, but without this meaning that many of our secondary figures weren’t marvelous as well; because they were! Dae Young’s devastation the moment he took Myeong Joo in his embrace to veil her with love while she was suddenly realizing the forthcoming threat that was growing on the inside was heartrending. He wanted to be there at all costs by putting his life on the line just to be with her while she wanted to stay away from him because she wouldn’t want him to go through the same torment. Their mutual love and caring never fails to amaze me and they are one of the most amazing and adorable couples of 2016 so far.


Shi Jin’s payback time had arrived and Dae Young’s conversation with Myeong Joo through the walkie talkie almost cracked my feel-o-meter. Dae Young’s restrained but apparent feelings for her made their appearance through a big bang of fear; the fear of losing her. It’s not like he wasn’t adoring her before and it’s not like there weren’t obstacles between them, but this time he set everything aside and offered a soulful testimony. The answer to any question would had been “i miss you” even if they had asked one another thousands of different questions and Myeong Joo losing herself in tears was a heartrending sight. As a doctor, she knew that things were bound to become more complicated, even to a lethal extent, and the fear of passing away was there. Dae Young isn’t good with words, but resembling her to the angel she had always been in his life wasn’t really helpful even though he was trying to reach her with the best and most beautiful intentions.


Preventing an epidemic outbreak was essential and everyone worked hard to stop the M3 virus from spreading all over Uruk while saving the infected patients had become a war against time. The omnipresent fear didn’t overshadow the growing strength and the human relations that, after having been tested, started forging deeper and more sincere bonds. Ja Ae’s feelings started coming out of the cave to embrace the modest and often awkward but honest sunlight whereas Sang Hyun was maintaining his quirky self while doing his best to find a potential cure and without neglecting his own feelings! He became more playfully straightforward and i really can’t wait to witness a kiss between this wonderful couple!


Right before the blood tests would come out, Shi Jin’s meeting with Mo Yeon was adorable. Mo Yeon was preserving her own temperament to the fullest and she was throwing her arrows of love towards Shi Jin one after the other! And he was caught off guard, but he certainly loved it as much as i did and probably a bit more since they are a drama couple! Despite their different personalities, they attract one another in their own magnetic way and they are there for one another in their hour of need with Shi Jin intensifying his humorous vibes and Mo Yeon empowering her confidence and launching her charming missiles!


Chi Hoon found the release he was searching for, but not for the sake of it. He wanted to save Young Soo’s life at all costs, he could neither afford to lose another patient nor run away and putting his life on the line even at the cost of getting infected was proving his internal magnanimity as a doctor with his own fragile side. Chi Hoon being acknowledged as a doctor made Onew present one of the happiest and ever-expanding crying faces ever! The first outburst was a blissful explosion of completion in the making since his real path had just started revealing itself and the second one was there to release all the negativity that kept nurturing itself for some episodes now. Calling Hee Eun on the phone and expressing his love in such a loud and clear way was a humble coronation of his efforts and everything he went through. On a side note, Young Soo just die, please!


Talking about phone calls, Myeong Joo’s conversation with her father possessed its own dynamics. It was the first time her father was feeling so weak since he was unable to do anything about his daughter, but the fear of losing his daughter and the hope for her to get well were there. He was already breaking apart on the inside and his military training prevented him from bringing it to the surface for his daughter’s sake. Myeong Joo losing herself in tears was enough, he couldn’t afford to add more pain in her cracked world at that point. Forgiving her for her overall attitude was the easiest thing he could do, but what gave him more strength was the fact that her demanding (always with love towards Dae Young) self came to the surface which was pretty much the Myeong Joo he knew. Something tells that he will start seeing things differently from now on and you have to adore the fact that Myeong Joo was thinking of Dae Young’s well-being in her condition.


Argus kept making things difficult for pretty much everyone at the camp, especially by putting in further danger Myeong Joo’s life now that her condition had started deteriorating in a fast forward pace. Everything seemed to be flowing well now that Myeong Joo had started feeling better, but the danger hadn’t surrendered. Dae Young and Myeong Joo’s growing bliss and rising hope was becoming a part of their own microcosm as Mo Yeon’s life was in danger and Shi Jin was intending to progress things on his own without letting anyone else find out about what he was up to. He didn’t want to overburden Dae Young now that happiness was becoming a part of his life anew and he would never leave Mo Yeon at the “mercy” of Argus.


One thing you have to love about these two, Shi Jin and Dae Young, is that they would always put their lives on the line for their loved ones even if they would have to disobey orders, but without betraying their country since their loved ones were citizens of their country! Shi Jin taught a lesson to the minister and set sail on his own violent yet liberating quest. Shi Jin’s determination and Mo Yeon’s trust in him despite her arch shock and ever-expanding fear transformed into a core filled with longing (to see Shi Jin) and courage. Things are bound to get even more dangerous during the 12th episode and even if things will become even more heartrending i deeply hope that all the pain will start surrendering from a point and on in order for both our couples to rejoice the way they deserve to. Come forth, 12th episode!


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