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Watashi wo Hanasanaide Episode 10 / Series Finale

Never Let Me Go Ep 10 Synopsis : A day before his third operation, Tomo and Kyoko meet with Tatsuko-sensei.

Recap – Summary :

Tomo learns of his third operation and seems to be apathetic, something that Kyoko discusses with Kouta later, who tells her that maybe that is because Tomo doesn’t think he has a reason to have been glad to be born in the first place.

While Kyoko thinks of Kouta’s words, she visits Tomo to talk about the tests he has to take before the operation, and Tomo replies that he doesn’t mind whichever day it might be, as he has nothing to do; he tells Kyoko that she should stop living there as he wants to be alone sometimes, and she should go back to being a “normal carer” to him.

The next day, Kyoko finds that Tomo is not in his room and has put all of his drawings into a garbage bag- she searches for him in the lounge where he tells her that if she’s done cleaning, he should return to his room. Later, he finds that Kyoko hasn’t thrown away any of his drawings but put them back in place, something that infuriates him and starts ripping everything apart. Kyoko wonders why he would do that, as he has worked so hard for it, but Tomo states that all this reminds him of his futile efforts and pain him that much more. He is becoming more miserable day by day and asks Kyoko to stop being together anymore, as he will only become worse and won’t be any good to her. Upon hearing that, Kyoko starts picking up his stuff to throw away but leaves the football ball for him before she leaves.

Emiko talks with Yamazaki and tells him that she won’t accept another donation, as there’s no need for that- she mentions how a lot of elderly people have been practicing the same and wonders if that is the beginning of the end for the donation system.

Kyoko is notified about Tomo’s health deteriorating, since he stopped taking his meds- she’s scolded by a superior for not taking care of him ahead of the operation.

She later asks Tomo, why he would do that and if that was his way of rejecting the donation. Tomo is not sure himself why he did that- maybe because he wants the end to come sooner. Kyoko tells him that she wants to be with him until the end, whenever that may be.

On her way home, Kyoko meets Tatsuko, and the next day she relays to Tomo that Tatsuko invited them to go and watch a football game- to her surprise Tomo accepts, and they leave to meet Tatsuko, despite breaking the rules in order to do so.

Tatsuko is happy to see Tomo after so long, and he seems to share her feelings; he asks her if she’s now supervising football games, but Tatsuko replies that she’s actually a writer now but when she can, she helps out any way she can.

They sit to watch the game, and they notice that one man is calling his son, Hiroki, to pick up his pace and is cheering him on; Tatsuko reveals that the man named his son, Hiroki, to commemorate the kid that saved his own life by giving a heart donation; the kid that saved the man was no other than their classmate Hiroki. Tatsuko comments how when she heard that the man named his son Hiroki, in order to never forget to whom he owes that he’s alive, she felt a relief knowing that people appreciate their efforts. She thanks Tomo for being born while Tomo concludes that the world is really big just as he had told him once, and understands her words and then he reaches out to Kyoko, taking her hand.

In the hospital room, Tomo talks about how Tatsuko must have suffered with them, not knowing how to help them- Kyoko asks him if this is why he reminded her of the world being big, and Tomo says that it was because at that moment he realized that one of his dreams came true; being with her, that is. He says that like an idiot he forgot about that lately, but his biggest wish was to see her together again after they got separated in the cottage and share his last moments together.

In that regard, he’s happy that he was born, and he’s happy that he was able to meet her; Kyoko is moved by his words, and asks him to never let her go, staying together the night before Tomo’s operation.

The next day, Tomo undergoes the operation with a positive attitude as Kyoko watches, and he eventually passes away. Kyoko drives around until she finally “releases” his football ball under the bridge and urges Tomo to go on.

After a year has passed, Kouta is the last person Kyoko had to take care of- she puts his glasses into the treasure box of hers, which is now full of her friends’ stuff. She wonders why the donation notif hasn’t arrived to her yet, and decides to take a trip to Nozomigasaki.

She meets Emiko there, who asks her if she’s looking for something, since that is what the place is famous for; Kyoko asks her why they were given a treasure box, to which Emiko replies that it was something that couldn’t be taken away from them, like their bodies would. They would store away their memories and go on living with them. Emiko’s carer comes at that moment, and Emiko comments how she’s old now and can’t do things on her own at all. She can’t even donate if she wanted to, and wonders what was the reason she was born. She thanks Kyoko and invites her to come at her place some day.

Kyoko thinks to herself how they’re all the same, and it all comes down to knowing why you were born or not. She leaves her treasure box aside and goes into the sea, seemingly to let herself drown, but Tomo’s football ball is washed up at that moment, stopping at her feet. Kyoko takes this as a sign to go on, and comments how she will take it day by day, as she has done so far.


Reflection Corner :

watashi wo hanasanaide dramajjang ep1000044

“We were born, carrying an empty treasure box. We go on, while packing it day by day, until the end…tomorrow.”

So..Miwa died, Tomo died, Manami died, Tama-chan died, Emiko-sensei is gonna die and the list is never-ending! But, that’s how life is- you are born and then you die; (no shiz!) and if you’re lucky enough, somewhere in between you make memories that keep you going on when things going tough. The fact that you loved and you were loved once, has got to mean something.

And this is why when Kyoko resigned to her fate in the end, nearly killing herself I was like “wait, WHUT?” like- didn’t you learn anything Kyoko??! But thankfully, the power of the universe fixed that momentarily lapse of judgement.

Nozomigasaki you did at least one thing right!

Nozomigasaki you did at least one thing right!

That moment caught me by surprise, since Kyoko seemed to have understood that she lived a full life (the moment where she couldn’t close her treasure box was very telling) but I guess I can get how she felt there was nothing else to live for, since her most important people died and she would be soon caught in a never-ending cycle of donations. But still, life goes on. (SOREDEMO IKITE YUKU anyone? ; p There should be a meta moment where Kyoko is watching Sakamoto’s masterpiece hahaha. jk jk)

watashi wo hanasanaide dramajjang ep1000041

I liked the last shot and the emphasis on the “tomorrow”-part, as possibly being the end, and yet, maybe not. If you can hold on to just one more day, then you have the chance to find something that will force you to hold on to one more and then one more, and so on.

watashi wo hanasanaide dramajjang ep1000027

Tomo’s anger and quitting attitude in the first part of the episode made sense, since he was hit with a truth he have tried so hard to cast aside from his mind, and has put so much effort into proving it wrong. He eventually realized that, his wishes might live through another person (great moment with Tatsuko-sensei right there) and his dream of being together with Kyoko came true, so in the end, he went to the angels-neighborhood with a smile on his face, just like Miwa did.

watashi wo hanasanaide dramajjang ep1000046

where are you noooow cause I’m thinking of youuuuu

Speaking of Miwa, I have to admit (never thought I’d say that about her lool) since she died in episode 8 I have been missing her quite a lot; I realized that, in the last two episodes which felt a tad slower than usual.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed 09+10 but something was amiss. Miwa was the firecracker in both Kyoko and Tomo’s reserved nature and she made stuff happen, damn she did. (yeah, mean stuff many a times, but still!)

watashi wo hanasanaide dramajjang ep1000048

The main three leads did a very good job; don’t get me started on Ayase, she’s one of my ultimate biases, so you will never see me saying anything bad about her lol- but, with performances such as this one, she proves she’s one of the best out there. Haruma also came through some difficult scenes but ultimately the stealer has got to be Mizukawa Asami who made you sympathize with her, hate her, forgive her and in the end miss her so much you wish she could come back. (well, granted she did have the most intriguing character to delve into!)

The music was also very good (the main instrumental theme is simply brilliant), decorating the darkening and gloomy atmosphere, which was also highlighted from the grainy picture.

watashi wo hanasanaide dramajjang ep1000049

Overall, it was a decent series; yes, there was room for improvement (particularly some pacing issues and at times there was a bit more focus on the “love triangle” than needed) but it was succesful in delivering its message that I can sum it up, in one of my favorite quotes by Tennessee Williams :

“When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone.”

Even in a depressing world with limited of time, love is not unknown and it might be the only thing that will save us in the end.

watashi wo hanasanaide dramajjang ep1000050

Farewell but not goodbye Watashi wo Hanasanaide, I will remember you every time I light up my cigarette amidst the crowd in the square. (wait, I haven’t smoked still highschool though? oh w/e!)

Overall Grade : 9,08/10

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to menimienaimono

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"There's nothing greater in life than loving another; it leads to love for your fellow people, your country..and the whole world."

I'm pretty outgoing from what I've been told; unless, you bad-mouth Ayase. Or Gakky. Or Ueto. Or Tori. Or Masaki. Or Kame. Hmmm, the or-thing is actually endless! You get the gist of it, right? ; p


  1. don
    June 25, 2017 at 6:33 am — Reply

    Just finished episode 8 and was balling like a baby during Miwa’s last moments and I’m a guy! . this episode was a VERY tough watch.

    Enjoying your recaps.
    plan on watching 9 and 10 tomorrow. hoping for the best expecting the worst, ample kleenex ready at hand

    • June 25, 2017 at 12:46 pm — Reply

      ah, episode 8 takes me back!

      Hoping for the best, expecting the worst is the best approach. (generally speaking haha)

  2. Don
    June 25, 2017 at 8:43 pm — Reply

    well I’m late to the party on this as your reviews were last year, but as stated finished 9 and 10 today, as someone whose wife past away way too early in her life these super sad J-Dramas become almost unwatchable at times but I’m so drawn to them.

    Do you think Madame or Emiko had enough pull that Kyoko’s donation card was marked as a mistake when she got it in a earlier episode? along the lines that her artwork was so good (book-cover,etc.) that one of them was watching over her as she (Kyoko) had more to offer in living than donating.

    I’ve really come to enjoy Asami Kizukawa over the last few months in different dramas and comedy shows, along with Karina and Satomi Ishihara, my current top 3

    over all another enjoyable-tear jerker.
    Thanks for your in depth reviews

    • June 25, 2017 at 11:16 pm — Reply

      Ah, is that right? I’m sorry for you loss. I do agree that jdrama series have a particular way of causing some real sad feelings to the audience; I suppose that’s a testament on how good they can be.

      She is a great actress, she pulled off Miwa’s complexity very well!

      You’re welcome 😀

  3. January 2, 2018 at 6:41 am — Reply

    I still can’t help but to hate Miwa, after all she’s the one who broke my Tomk-Kyoko ship!! I hate her when she’s crying and ask people to ‘understand me’ like WHUUTTTT GURLLL SERIOUSLY. I cursed her hard. But then I guess kudos to the actress, she has successfully made a great antagonist -but lovable and forgivable- that is amazing!

    Seriously I am so heart broken now, this drama is so tear-jerking, I am so angry at the humans in this drama, sigh. I want to complain about everything they had done. No one is on ‘lifestock’ side.. I am so depressed.. hul..

    • January 3, 2018 at 12:54 pm — Reply

      Indeed, it was a pretty depressing drama, ah.

      Yes, Mizukawa did an amazing job in portraying Miwa, probably the MVP of the drama!

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