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Vampire Detective Episode 1 Recap

“The night is a life of its own.
The energy the darkness releases
Is stronger than the power of light
And at times, it is provocative.
Like that, the darkness penetrates us deep within our skin.
Motivated by our endless pleasure and greed,
It clenches and shakes our hearts
And we’re unable to refuse it.”


1st Case – The Night Life


Yoon San was on top of a building while at the same time another scene of him beating up a gang in his own maneuvering way was taking place. In the meantime, he was unveiling his thoughts on the nightly vibes and the temptations that lurk in the dark.

We go back in the past, five years ago and during a martial arts competition Yoon San was almost victorious, but he didn’t succeed in it. The vibes between Yoon San and Tae Woo were still playful, but soon enough they would have to meet the dean along with Yoo Jin. They had put on their uniforms and the moment to see the dean had arrived. He wanted them to partake in a secret mission by becoming a part of a criminal organization as undercover agents.

Yoon San freed Yoo Jin and after a short fight with the security guards all three of them managed to escape by car. Yoo Jin was concerned about how things would flow now that their mission had failed, but Yoon San was overly concerned about her. Yoo Jin decided to shoot him and left along with Tae Woo while Yoon San bleeding on the ground. However, seconds later the car exploded and Yoon San was losing himself in pain and tears.

Back at the present, Yoon San was exercising but he wasn’t living up to his expectations when he started speeding up and medication was essential since his wound was still tormenting him. Goo Hyung urged him to prevent himself from exercising since the doctor was overly negative about it. He didn’t believe Yoon San, but he reassured Goo Hyung that he had already taken his medication!

Goo Hyung couldn’t believe that Yoon San would go out dressed that way and he took care of everything he should wear even though it wasn’t an easy task! Now they were ready to leave and Goo Hyung’s voice was indicating that they were high-class private investigators!

Goo Hyung was taking photos while Yoon San was relaxing, but the woman noticed them and they had to leave. Goo Hyung was overly ecstatic about his photos, but Hyung Sa called him on the phone and wanted to meet them right away. He was devouring his burgers and Goo Hyung pointed out that he was taking care of his uncle’s house while he was abroad. Hyung Sa wanted them to work on the case of a 45-year-old woman whose cause of death was suffocation while her bedroom and front door were locked without any signs of someone breaking in. Nothing was missing from her house and her husband was the one to find the body after returning from a trip.

Inside her house, Yoon San was imagining how the crime took place and judging from the candles he could easily tell that there was a power outage when the woman passed away. While staring at the suspects’ profiles he thought that the culprit was a woman wearing glasses who was also a regular smoker. He made a vivid presentation of everything that may had happened and how the purse with the keys were found inside the woman’s bedroom, but he couldn’t decipher why that woman had killed her friend and he left that task to Hyung Sa!

On their way back home Yoon San could tell that someone was inside the house and he was right, Gyeo Wool was there drinking some expensive wine! She didn’t remain at that, she was examining the house enraging Goo Hyung even more, but he couldn’t even recall who she was! She was a pickpocket thief in the past, but now she was entering the world of financial fraud!

She wanted them to investigate Gyu Min, her boyfriend, since he was going out every night, but when he was coming back home his clothes were filled with blood. Goo Hyung thought that it was something natural since he was specializing in blood research, but that wasn’t the case anymore since he had quit his job at the hospital. One night she had followed him to find out that he had met a strange woman who was wearing a necklace.

She had taken a picture of them and showed it to the investigators, but once Yoon San witnessed the necklace he recalled that it was the same as the one Yoo Jin was wearing and started losing the world underneath his feet. Goo Hyung couldn’t trust her, but Yoon San accepted the job.

Late at night Yoon San was losing himself in his own thoughts and later on he started working alongside Goo Hyung who wasn’t pleased with the overall cost of the job, especially since Yoon San intended to work on it for free. Yoon San asked him if he ever wanted to protect someone and all he wanted to protect was himself and his pride, but soon enough Gyeo Wool appeared with food and coffee and everything changed!

Giu Min left the house and our team started following him. Gyeo Wool didn’t enter the club since her boyfriend could recognize her. Goo Hyung was overly excited with the overall ambiance and Yoon San would have to continue with the mission on his own! Inside the kitchen, Yoon San found himself in trouble, but Goo Hyung arrived and the taser did the talking! Giu Min appeared and he shut down the electricity, but Yoon San and Goo Hyung electrocuted the rest of the gang and had to run away while following Giu Min.

Yoon San’s wound had started deteriorating and he had to take his medication while the rest of the team were trying to catch Giu Min. Goo Hyung was knocked down, but even though Yoon San saved him he wasn’t able to protect himself. Gyeo Wool’s presence saved them and Giu Min left after urging her to stay away from him.

Yoon San was recalling the moment Yoo Jin shot him and once he regained consciousness he was already in Se Ra’s safe hands! Goo Hyung was once again enamored by Se Ra’s presence and the “doctor” reminded Yoo San x3 that he shouldn’t run and that he should take his medication if wanted to stay alive!

All our team had figured out for now was that Gyu Min’s real girlfriend was missing and that he had ran away while being involved with a gang. Gyeo Wool revealed the truth, she was Gyu Min’s sister who was concerned about him and she was keeping it a secret since her brother was saving lives whereas her life was filled with illegal actions. Gyu Min had raised her up all alone by himself after their parents passed away and she was intending to do anything to protect him while still feeling embarrassed for not living up to his expectations. Yoon San wanted her to prevent herself from lying if she wanted to keep helping her with the overall investigation.

Yoon San found a card which led them back at the bar! They pretended to be food safety office inspectors and they started searching around. The kitchen wasn’t living up to a kitchen’s expectations, but Yoon San used the card he had found and managed to unlock the room from which Gyu Min had come out.

Inside the office, Yoon San used the card anew and gained access to the files of the computer, but he couldn’t tell what they were about. Gyeo Wool informed them that the gang had arrived and Goo Hyung copied the files. Behind the wall, Yoon San found an illegal blood bank.

At the same time, Gyu Min had noticed that Yeon Joo wasn’t drinking the blood he had gathered for her. Even though it would safe her life, she was against it because other people would have to die in order for her to survive. Yeon Joo opened up the curtains and Gyu Min was hurt by the sunlight while trying to protect her. Gyu Min kept working on his research that would help his girlfriend as welland he recalled that Yeon Joo had become a vampire from a patient who was a vampire as well.

The gang arrived and Yoon San and Goo Hyung would be in trouble, but Gyeo Wool threatened to set them all on fire if they wouldn’t let them go! Yoon San threw the lighter, but the gang noticed that what was on the floor was only water. Our team managed to escape in a quirky way while rewarding some of the gang members with pain!

The woman with the necklace behind the gang became aware that Yoon San and Goo Hyung had entered the forbidden areas, but the gang boss would have to resolve things silently on his own. The gang boss unleashed his wrath upon the cleaner and even bit him. At that point, everything was pointing towards Gyu Min’s direction.

Yoon San couldn’t decipher the meaning behind the Helper file and Gyeo Wool pointed out that Gyu Min and others like him were providing the illegal organization with blood. Goo Hyung wanted to inform the police, but Yoo San didn’t want to do so because of Gyeo Wool. Yoon San was curious of what they would find at the end of the tunnel, but once Gyeo Wool returned with food he didn’t reveal anything.

They were intending to visit Yeon Joo’s house in the countryside and the gang boss started following them. Gyeo Wool would wait out of the house to inform them on anything suspicious and Yoon San and Goo Hyung would enter the house. Gyu Min attacked both of them and took control of the situation. He informed them that he was doing everything for someone he loved and urged them to keep his sister of this, but once Yoon San brought to the surface the Helper file Gyu Min could sense the danger approaching. He informed them that he was working on a new blood strain for the illegal organization, but once he mentioned the shady woman behind everything Yoon San wanted to know more about the woman with the sun-shaped pendant.

Gyu Min was about to talk,but Yeon Joo appeared. They were about to put an end to everything, but the gang boss had captured Gyeo Wool and started threatening Gyu Min that he would kill his sister if he wouldn’t bring him the USB and the blood strain.

Yeon Joo was ready to end it all since she had received all the love she ever wanted from Gyu Mi even though he wanted to sacrifice himself for her. Yeon Joo ran into the sunlight and attacked the gang boss and set him on fire while Yoon San was protecting Gyeo Wool from the bullets, but he ended up getting shot.

Yeon Joo dissolved into ashes in front of Gyu Min’s eyes. Yoon San was hallucinating and thought that he was staring at Yoo Jin, but it was Gyu Min who injected him with the form of blood he had invented and the transformation began while he was recalling beautiful moments by Yoo Jin’s side. Gyu Min was apologetic towards his sister and decided to follow Yeon Joo by vanishing in the sunlight as well.


~ Thoughts ~


The long anticipated Vampire Detective is finally here and its pilot episode reached 1.092 in terms of ratings. In my book, it’s a good beginning for a cable channel drama and i hope that things will get even better, but my only expectations are with the drama itself! Right before watching the first episode of Vampire Detective i managed to finish the first season of Vampire Prosecutor thanks to a friend’s recommendation and something tells me that i am going to watch the second season as well while waiting for the 2nd episode to air! There are certain like-minded vibes, but i am not here to talk about Vampire Prosecutor since Vampire Detective intends to walk upon its own pathway in the realms of humor, feels and darkness and the first signs are really positive! Lee Joon’s renowned “bitch please” facial expression is back and… aren’t these three already adorable together?!


It’s true that i wanted to watch Vampire Detective because of Lee Joon. Ever since i met him for the first time in Mr. Back i started diving more into his dramas and movies and he managed to become one of my favorite Korean actors. As for the category of idols turned actors, but also actors in their 20s, he’s definitely my favorite since he’s multi-talented, highly expressive and always infuses a personal and distinctive aura into his roles. On top of that, he doesn’t remain stagnant, he keeps developing himself through competitive roles. Secure roles are for those who can’t take a brave step ahead, Lee Joon keeps challenging himself without fear, but with passion, and i think that Vampire Detective will become another acting medal on his jacket.


Lee Joon was the main reason, but Oh Jung Se is a really good actor who makes me laugh a lot with his natural interpreting skills! His performances on Plus Nine Boys and The Lover were exceptional and i was quite certain that he would forge a strong acting bond with Lee Joon, something we already became aware of during the first episode! As for our lovely young lady, Lee Se Young, i had enjoyed her hysterical interpretation in Trot Lovers and i am more than glad she’s here as well since it will be a good chance for me to witness more of her acting skills. And guess what, i like her character here, she appears quirky, humorous and determined and most and above all, her chemistry with Lee Joon and Oh Jung Se has already started making its appearance and this is only the beginning! These three are bound to do wonders and i will look forward to them, episode by episode! On a side note, isn’t Jei so cute?!

So, what have we got here? Yoon San went through a lot of changes the last 5 years! It isn’t easy getting shot by the woman you love and then witnessing her and your friend getting devoured by the flames with you being unable to do anything about it. The wound keeps echoing through Yoon San’s physical condition which isn’t at its finest whereas at the same time the nightmarish memories and a sense of desolate longing haven’t ceased existing. Just like his life changed drastically five years ago, at the present a new and more pragmatic transformation started taking place and i am referring to the end of the episode. There are vampires in the world of Vampire Detective, but Yoon San has been reborn as a new breed thanks (or not, we have yet to find out!) to Gyu Min’s new blood strain!

This role fits Lee Joon perfectly well, why? Because it implements humor, feels and a dark side Yoon San will have to tame and live with. Lee Joon can be overly hilarious when he wants to, he can break apart when he has to and Gap Dong has left its own impact upon him so the dark side would never be an issue. As for the fight scenes? His dancing skills and fiery temperament which is a part of the way he moves into a scene and makes it his own are strong parameters, but he already delivered all the necessary vibes throughout the first episode’s fight scenes. If there’s someone who can turn a fight choreography into a maneuvering violent dance then Lee Joon is the name you were searching for. Along with the effects and the newly acquired vampire nature of his character everything will become more apparent from the second episode and on.

I loved the thick ambiance the cinematography was evoking (it’s OCN!), but i have to admit that i laughed quite a lot with Yeon Joo as a vampire at times! However, the use of effects is pretty good and i liked the way she dissolved into ashes along with Gyu Min after the cracks of light started corroding their skin! And the narrations pretty much owned! I also enjoyed the way the story-progressing and crime-solving flashbacks appeared during the first episode. They were delivering all the necessary vibes of what to expect up to an extent and some things i am highly looking forward to is how Yoon San managed to survive back then and if there was a deeper conspiracy behind the events that took place, how he met Goo Hyung and the reasons why they became a team, Gyeo Wool becoming an essential part of the team in order to avenge her brother, Yoon San’s struggle at the first post-transformation stages when he will start learning how to live with it and his ongoing internal collision the closer he will be getting to the woman with the sun-shaped pendant. Sharpen your teeth, brighten your iris; a Vampire Detective has been born!


“The world continues to change
And i am changing along with it.
The feeling of this nice breeze,
While standing on the blade of a knife.
Whatever is waiting for me at the end of the tunnel,
Will it be a blessing?
Or will it be a curse?”


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. studiocafebleu
    March 30, 2016 at 12:20 pm — Reply

    yay! so glad you’re recapping this one! 🙂 i loved it as well, and marathoned gap dong recently to see more of lee joon’s dark side. he’s amazing and i also like the trio here. it was a really promising first episode & i can’t wait for #2!

    • March 31, 2016 at 3:36 am — Reply

      And so glad you’re watching it and unveiled your thoughts for one more time!! 🙂 I guess you loved Gap Dong, right? Lee Joon’s interpretation was a masterpiece in that drama! The trio will offer us feels and laughter and the vibes are already here, can’t even imagine how awesome then can get together in the forthcoming episodes! 😀

      • studiocafebleu
        March 31, 2016 at 10:58 am — Reply

        i did really like gap dong! im a big fan of sung dong il & yoon sang hyun too; so very satisfying watch 🙂 i was surprised to find a newbie yoon gyun sang in there too! (now pretty much known as moohyul lol)
        the site looks great btw but i thought i’d feedback some stuff you might not know…the posts don’t show up on wordpress apps (on my phone). they are in the feed, but you cant read the posts. also, the comments arent working with the feed on the browser version (wordpress, firefox, PC, windows 10) though you can read them when on dramajjang.com. there aren’t any notifications of comment replies on the wp browser either. laster-ly, dramajjang still doesn’t recognize im a subscriber and all my posts await moderation.
        it really does look fab tho! keep on keeping on kwon! 🙂

        • April 4, 2016 at 1:46 pm — Reply

          So glad you liked Gap Dong!!! Yoon Sang Hyun and Sung Dong Il were a pretty strong combo, both of them had their very own temperament when they want to make you laugh! XD
          Thank you so much!! I think that WP-oriented thingies don’t work like they used to (such as notifications) because we’re no longer in WP but in Hostgator, but we will check everything you mentioned and thank you sooo much for doing so!! We’ll also check that moderation thingie, it seems to be putting everyone in moderation even though they have posted and have been approved once :O Migrating the blog is such an ongoing process >.> I am glad that you like the way it looks, thank you so much!! 🙂

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