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Descendants of the Sun Episode 9 Recap

“You do your job as a doctor; let him live.
If we have to kill someone, i will do my job.”


Mo Yeon chose the music and Daniel’s method had the desired outcome. Everyone was in a brighter mood and Mo Yeon was glad witnessing it, but the message she had recorded while she was at the edge of the cliff start echoing pretty much everywhere and she started running in order to get her cellphone! Back then, she was eagerly waiting for Shi Jin to appear and save her. She wasn’t sure if she would make it until then, but he would be the first one finding out that she had passed away. Since she thought that she was going to die she was regretting not confessing her feelings to the wonderful man that had kissed her. Mo yeon ran away after getting her cellphone! After Daniel said that music could really change everything Shi Jin could only agree as he was right at the center of that change!

He left through the window leaving Daniel speechless and while Mo Yeon was about to leave the building Shi Jin appeared right in front of her! Mo Yeon’s awkwardness was reaching new peaks, but Shi Jin was glad that she had publicly broadcasted her feelings even if it was a mistake in the first place! He couldn’t believe that she wanted to open up her heart while she was about to die, but now that she was alive she wasn’t proceeding in a like-minded way! He wasn’t intending to let her go until she’d tell him if she was meaning everything that was on the recording and since she couldn’t leave Mo Yeon promised to tell him everything as soon as he would put an end to his wrist-grab. The moment he did so Mo Yeon managed to escape the building!

Sang Hyun could easily tell that even in desperate moments such as an earthquake people were finding the time to love one another and even kiss! Since Mo Yeon and Shi Jin could do so then Sang Hyun and Ja Ae could kiss while working, but then he brought up his secret file and Ja Ae got enraged while urging him to delete it right away! The soldiers had bet on whether the voice of the woman on the recording was Mo Yeon’s or not and since they had found out the answer they were wondering if they should start referring to her as their sister-in-law. Woo Geun pointed out that it wasn’t definitive, but he wasn’t pleased with anything going on because he didn’t like Mo Yeon. She was a doctor making her own money, but she was unaware of what they were doing, something that could cause major cracks in her relationship with Shi Jin in the future. After Woo Geun left the other two soldiers pointed out that his wife was resembling Mo Yeon!

There was a meeting taking place and Mo Yeon was desperately trying to prevent everyone from talking about her and Shi Jin, but she was unable to do so! Shi Jin confessing his feelings in the first place and the fact that their relationship began the moment Mo Yeon’s confession made it to the surface were the center of the conversation. Even Mo Yeon was getting confused while talking!

Min Jae didn’t want Chi Hoon as his doctor and Sang Hyun pointed out that he couldn’t change doctors anytime he wanted to. Even though he wasn’t at his finest and his arms were shaking Chi Hoon checked Min Jae’s blood pressure and made sure that everything was fine.

Mo Yeon was trying to hide from the soldiers, but Myeong Joo arrived. Mo Yeon wanted to know her thoughts on the fact that her boyfriend was a soldier, but Myeong Joo pointed out that even though Dae Young was partaking in dangerous missions all the time she wasn’t worried about what he was doing. What was worrying her was the fact that they were mainly apart, but now that they were together she had nothing to be afraid of despite the fact that a natural disaster had occurred.

Shi Jin was holding the rock from Navagio beach and Myeong Joo informed him on Mo Yeon’s question, but if he wanted to find out what Myeong Joo had answered he should ask Mo Yeon directly. She took his rock and while she was leaving she fell on Dae Young and she pointed out that she could be friendly with another man if she wanted to, but she wasn’t pleased with the fact that he had ran away from her! Shi Jin thought that they wanted to pass a hot night together and he started teasing them, but Myeong Joo told him that all she wanted was a hug and Dae Young holding her hand. She gave the rock back to Shi Jin and urged him to throw it at Dae Young!

Mo Yeon, Min Ji and Ja Ae were losing themselves in the pleasure of the moment while witnessing the running soldiers and Mo Yeon pointed out that they looked like Uruk’s doves! She had to attend a meeting, but she wasn’t in a rush. However, the moment Min Ji told her that Shi Jin was nearby Mo Yeon started running and had to pass through the soldiers in utter awkwardness! Ja Ae was curious if it would be fine kissing someone while working but Min Ji couldn’t offer an answer!

Mo Yeon thought that the danger had passed, but Shi Jin was right behind her by the window. He couldn’t believe that she kept avoiding him and Shi Jin pointed out that she shouldn’t feel embarrassed just because he had found out that she liked him. He was glad that he was a part of her will and Mo Yeon pointed out that it wasn’t what he thought it was and kept trying to tell him that it wasn’t her on the recording. Shi Jin made sure she’d understand that he was liking her even more and kept complimenting her, but he also urged her to meet him in ten minutes since they would attend the same meeting.

Dae Young noticed what was going on and their conversation reached the end. While Mo Yeon was leaving she found Myeong Joo who opened the window to notice Dae Young’s face. Gi Beom was studying about the GED exam, but he found out that Ye Hwa didn’t have an oriental doctor’s license. Performing acupuncture was something she had learned from her father and she urged Gi Beom to remain silent if he didn’t want her to harm him. She told him that she was of Goryeo descent and that was the reason why her accent was a bit different.

Mo Yeon was expecting the meeting to be different, but everyone was more pleasant than expected. Shi Jin pointed out that such meetings take place during emergencies and being humorous was essential. Mo Yeon thought that Shi Jin was like that as well since he keeps joking when things get awry, but Shi Jin pointed out that being overly serious in serious situations makes things more difficult. Shi Jin wanted to know how many boyfriends Mo Yeon had in the past and she was curious why men keep asking such questions, but once Shi Jin wanted to know who had asked her something like this before they stepped on a mine!

Since they couldn’t contact anyone they would have to get out of there on their own. Mo Yeon would simply have to follow him, step by step, while Shi Jin would find all the mines. He kept joking and Mo Yeon thought that being humorous in times like these was an attempt to encourage himself, but Shi Jin pointed out that he wanted to make her feel at ease! He would like their relationship to be a melodrama, but it was turning into a blockbuster. Since Mo Yeon had already ruined two cars it was Shi Jin’s turn to ruin her lipstick and made a warning sign. Mo Yeon added a skull in order to lay more emphasis for those who didn’t know English!

They would have to return to the camp on foot, but it would take lots of time or even more since it was depending on their pace. Shi Jin wanted to make things more interesting by walking hand in hand with her, but Mo Yeon couldn’t comply. She kept telling him that she wasn’t her on the recording and Shi Jin couldn’t believe how different she was before and after the natural disaster, but also so different in the morning and in the afternoon. She was pretty in the morning, but awfully pretty in the afternoon and he made Mo Yeon think that he had dated lots of women! Even though he kept denying it and pointed out that if he said yes women would get angry at him while if he said no they wouldn’t believe him he actually betrayed the truth by making Mo Yeon ask him who were the women who had gotten angry at him! A passing truck didn’t stop for them and Shi Jin told Mo Yeon that locals weren’t finding her pretty. Another car passed by and while Shi Jin was ready to carjack it, but the driver stopped and took them with him.

Shi Jin would like to know Myeong Joo’s answer to Mo Yeon’s question and she couldn’t believe that Myeong Joo had told him everything. Mo Yeon told him that Myeong Joo was worried about Dae Young when they weren’t together and Shi Jin wanted to know if Mo Yeon’s name was on the list. She laid emphasis on the fact that she was staying in Uruk because of him in order to spend more time with him and she was curious if Shi Jin would like her to apologize now that she had confessed her feelings. Shi Jin initiated the first kiss, but eventually Mo Yeon followed his pace and took charge of the second one!

Back at the camp, Shi Jin would head towards the barracks and Mo Yeon would check on her patients. Sang Hyun and Ja Ae noticed that things were progressing fast for them after witnessing the straw on their hair and while she wanted to make them break them up he wanted to beat them up! Suddenly, Ja Ae’s target changed and she wanted beat Sang Hyun up!

Argus caught Young Soo while he was trying to leave and Young Soo handed him over the safe with the diamonds. Argus could easily kill him since in times of war and natural disaster nobody notices a corpse, but he was intending to keep using him for now.

Young Soo went at the medicube pretending to be hurt in order to be able to get on the plane that would head towards Korea. Ja Ae and Myeong Joo could easily tell that his health was fine and he started threatening them. The moment he raised his hand Dae Young grabbed him and threw him on the ground outside of the medicube. He could turn him into a patient in many ways and it would be a pleasure, but Chi Hoon appeared and he was willing to give his position to Young Soo.

The next morning Young Soo was already on the bus that would go to the airport and Chi Hoon was nowhere to be found. Sang Hyun managed to find him later on and he could notice that nothing was fine. He tried to brighten his mood by pointing out how many kilos Hee Eun had acquired during her pregnancy,  but he would also want to find out what was going on between Chi Hoon and Min Jae. Chi Hoon had traveled to a land far away and returning back would make him feel like running away from his quest to become a proper doctor. Getting help from others was also making him feel like running away and he was intending to work things out on his own. If he won’t be able to do so he intends to tell everything to Sang Hyun and ask for his help. Young Soo was at the airport but once he noticed Argus’ men he hid. Argus found out that they couldn’t find him and he was informed that he wasn’t on board either. The diamonds weren’t inside the safe because Young Soo had devoured them and Argus was intending to tear him apart the moment he would find him. Of course, the local police would help him and Argus would send a girl as a gift to colonel Amang.

Shi Jin was staring at Mo Yeon through his sniper and Dae Young informed him that he had checked everyone’s weapons. Shi Jin reassured him that his own was fine as well, but Dae Young could easily tell that the gun may had been fine but the gunman wasn’t at his finest! Even though Shi Jin’s target was too pretty the overall ambiance was ruined the moment they found out that commander Yoon would arrive the next afternoon. The mood was like-minded the moment Myeong Joo found out that her father would be there!

Shi Jin informed everyone that they should clean up pretty much everything and make the overall place look perfect for the commander’s arrival! Everyone was working hard except for Shi Jin who was simply inspecting them!

The commander would have to attend a UN meeting and he wouldn’t visit the camp. Myeong Joo and Dae Young were already on their way to meet commander Yoon who would also like to see Shi Jin and Mo Yeon. Everyone was waiting for the commander’s arrival and there was awkwardness in the air, but Dae Young reassured Myeong Joo that everything would be fine and that she shouldn’t worry about him. Shi Jin kept teasing Mo Yeon, but once the commander arrived everyone saluted him, including Mo Yeon who did so in her own way. She eventually tried to hide it, but Shi Jin was pleased with her overall reactions.

Commander Yoon wanted to meet Shi Jin, Mo Yeon, Dae Young and Myeong Joo in private before the meeting would take place. Commander Yoon praised Mo Yeon’s decisions and skills that profited their country and he acknowledged that she would had been a fine soldier had she chosen that pathway! The moment for her to leave had arrived and commander Yoon asked Shi Jin if he was a friend or a foe. He had asked him as a father and Shi Jin was sincere with him. Myeong Joo was just a beloved colleague to him and nothing more.

On his way out, Shi Jin informed Mo Yeon that he was no longer under commander Yoon’s favor and that he had ceased beingr his potential son-in-law. He asked Mo Yeon if she was fine with him being a man with a history, but she was wondering if everything would be fine concerning Dae Young and Myeong Joo. Shi Jin pointed out that difficult tasks had always been a part of Dae Young’s life.

Myeong Joo informed her father that she was still liking Dae Young, but once he asked Dae Young the same thing Myeong Joo tried to protect him. Dae Young’s answer was positive even he had promised to give her up. He asked Dae Young again and Myeong Joo put her arm around his own, but Dae Young decided to hold her hand in front of her father. He was willing to hold on to her hand at all costs, but if her father would transfer him anew Dae Young wouldn’t disobey his orders. Commander Yoon wanted to talk to Dae Young in private and Dae Young reassured Myeong Joo that everything would be fine.

All commander Yoon ever wanted was to become a commander and be respected by his daughter who was also a soldier, but it was feeling like he had failed in both aspects since his orders were unjust towards Dae Young and his daughter wasn’t respecting him. At that point, he was willing to let Dae Young date Myeong Joo and he would have their marriage in his mind, but he didn’t want a sergeant major as his son-in-law. He wanted Dae Young to quit being a soldier in order to work for the company from Myeong Joo’s mother’s side. Dae Young would have to think about it until his overseas discharge would be over in order to become a man who would let go of Myeong Joo’s hand or a man who would be worthy of her hand.

Shi Jin was filling up the car with gas while Mo Yeon was thinking about him and Myeong Joo. She was curious why he never dater her since everything was indicating that he should have since she wasn’t lacking in anything! Shi Jin asked her if he should date anyone who’s good-looking and coming from a good family and Mo Yeon got her answer that he was considering her pretty! He could easily notice that she was jealous and once she kept talking and talking he kissed her in order to shut her mouth in a sexy way! Shi Jin kissed her anew and he pointed out that he had already filled up the car! The moment he went to pay he found out that a child had stolen some medicine, but Mo Yeon noticed that he had measles and they should head towards the place the child was living.

Dae Young informed Myeong Joo on almost everything he had discussed with her father and she couldn’t believe that it was real! If she wanted to step back from their relationship it would be her last chance, but that would never be the case. Dae Young told her that he had been ordered to date her and Myeong Joo was intending to call her father on the phone in order to decipher whether he was lying or not. However, Dae Young was losing himself in his own thoughts after she left.

Shi Jin informed the barracks that he had arrived at a village and ordered them to track down his location. Woo Geun pointed out that there wasn’t anything on the map at that location and Dae Young told him to ask Daniel. Mo Yeon witnessed that many children had been infected by measles, but they didn’t get any answers.

The girl in the red dress pointed out that they wouldn’t get any food for three days if they were talking to strangers. The girl told them that it would be better for the children to die than to keep living there since the boys enter a gang and the girls become victims of human trafficking once they grow up. Her turn had arrived, but she was intending to cooperate if they would take her out of there. Daniel informed Dae Young and the others on the atrocities taking place at the Haunted Village and soon enough he called Shi Jin to inform him on the situation there. Shi Jin noticed Argus inside a car and he had to head back to the village after urging Dae Young to get there as soon as possible.

Mo Yeon informed Argus on the situation and she wanted to take the children to the medicube, but he told her that she was too beautiful to be doing something as good as this. Shi Jin urged Mo Yeon to stay behind him, but Shi Jin didn’t intend to shake hands with Argus. He informed Mo Yeon that Argus was private Ryan and Argus recalled seeing her while leaving the funeral. Argus thought that he was having the advantage, but the girl in the red dress shot him. The girl ran behind Shi Jin and Argu’s men pointed their guns at them. The girl wanted Mo Yeon to leave Argus to die whereas he was urging her to save him by reminding her of her oath. Argus wanted to kill the girl and Mo Yeon wasn’t intending to save his life, but Shi Jin urged her to help him live. She should do her job as a doctor, but if they’d have to kill someone it would be Shi Jin’s turn to do his job.

~ Thoughts ~


Ho ho ho, Santa Claus isn’t coming to town, but along with the majestic and kind of expected 30.4% it started raining kisses and feels as well! I have to admit that I liked the one day per episode presentation lately because it was laying emphasis on everything going on in the wake of the earthquake and it was offering a more pragmatic consistency and continuity in Descendants of the Sun’s world. Bidding farewell the deceased of the natural disaster announced the end of the latest episodes’ development motive and the moment for the drama to focus on our two main couples’ love lives to a wider extent had arrived!


Mo Yeon’s indirect confession through her recording could only make Shi Jin even more straightforward when it comes to his feelings! All he ever needed was a sign that Mo Yeon liked him and he could only focus more on the siege of heart’s palace! Being a soldier has it pros when it comes to a relationship and Shi Jin prove it the moment he left the building through the window in order to appear right in front of Mo Yeon who was trying to escape, not only from Shi Jin, but also from herself since she kept denying that it was her in the recording!


The recording became the camp’s big news since pretty much everyone heard it through the loudspeakers and Mo Yeon’s awkwardness kept reaching higher peaks, just like the ratings of the drama! However, she had an insightful conversation with Myeong Joo the moment Mo Yeon asked her how she was feeling when her boyfriend was a soldier. Being a part of the military, Myeong Joo wasn’t concerned about the dangers Dae Young had to go through when it comes to his missions. It was all about being unable to see him, but now that she was with him she had nothing to be afraid even if things weren’t progressing between them the way she wanted to. She was practically telling Mo Yeon to cherish the moments she shares with Shi Jin no matter how dangerous the life of a soldier may be. Mo Yeon was seeing Shi Jin more than Myeong Joo was by Dae Young’s side, the difference was that Mo Yeon was inexperienced when it comes to a soldier’s life.


The differences, but also the similarities, between the two couples possess their own dynamics and make both couples more intriguing in the process. The same applies to the humor concerning Dae Young’s “betrayal” for not being affectionate towards Myeong Joo and Shi Jin making fun of our lovey pigeons, but also the friendly yet quirky sense of solidarity, especially between Myeong Joo and Shi Jin when it comes to the people they love! Needless to talk about the bromance, it’s always strong!


When it comes to secondary figures, they have their own distinctive groove. Min Ji, Ja Ae and Mo Yeon (not a secondary figure, apparently) are the holy trinity of fangirling every time they stare at the soldiers running, but apart from that, Min Ji and Dae Ae are a strong duet as well through their fangirling explosions when it comes to Shi Jin’s co-player. He’s no other than Daniel who keeps fueling Sang Hyun’s quirky and hilariously eruptive methods every time he tries to get closer to Ja Ae! All of them are an even further humorous addition to the drama’s vibes and then come the feels and the nerve-wracking moments!


I would have loved it had Dae Young made Young Soo look like a patient or experiment on him in various ways. He deserves it and i can’t wait for him to fall in Argus’ hands now that he didn’t meet his expectations for one more time and tricked him. Argus is a son of a beach too, but i wouldn’t care less if a son of a beach took a son of a peach out of the picture. Young Soo was lucky enough to get Chi Hoon’s seat on the plane (even if he didn’t get on board and hid like a worm), a good man’s devastation was a rotten watermelon’s temporary bliss. I don’t know what’s Min Jae’s issue with Chi Hoon, but he’s certainly overreacting. Chi Hoon was the one who found him and got hurt in the first place while trying to save him. Even when he couldn’t save him, he informed others to do so. Let’s not forget that Chi Hoon is a doctor and not a soldier (yet), he doesn’t have any further training when it comes to rescuing others. What devastates him is the fact that he couldn’t be there for Min Jae even though there was a certain distance between them and he chose to run away. The reason why he wanted to stay in Uruk was to become someone his wife and child would be proud of and he can’t bear to talk to Hee Eun on the phone for now. If he went there as a junior doctor, he wants to return to Korea twice the doctor he was. It’s a fight against himself and he will need comrades like Sang Hyun by his side.


The ongoing and kind of growing awkwardness on Mo Yeon’s behalf was always being accompanied by Shi Jin’s longing and more direct complimenting attitude that started being fueled even more after her feelings came to the surface. They say that everything happens for a reason and everything was happening for Shi Jin and Mo Yeon to get closer together! Almost every second throughout the 9th episode was minimizing the distance between their lips until it finally happened! Even a deus ex machina put a mine on their way for Shi Jin to maintain his humorous aspect to the fullest while Mo Yeon was carefully following his footsteps!


They certainly have been in relationships with other men and women respectively, they are in their 30s and their words prove it even though they were trying to hide it from one another. Shi Jin with that temperament couldn’t had been a common drama male lead that had been single for 30+ years and Mo Yeon has her own austere charm, she wouldn’t had been living solely for science for 30+ years. Everything was gradually leading them at the back of the mini truck with the sunset on the horizon awaiting for their lips to entwine.


Descendants of the Sun? Probably. Mo Yeon confessing that she was there because she was craving for Shi Jin’s presence in her life? Definitely! The ice had already started melting between them and Mo Yeon’s own spring started glowing the moment she initiated the second kiss. On a side note, who stalks the woman he loves with his sniper? Shi Jin! Now that’s something intriguing and kind of innovative dare i say. Korean dramas never fail to amaze with new stalking patterns, they constantly turn something creepy when it comes to real life into a form of art on screen!


The arrival of commander Yoon declared the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. His interactions with each and every one of them were filled with sincerity. Shi Jin was honest with him and put an end to his ideal hallucinations and Myeong Joo reminded him once and for all that her feelings for Dae Young hadn’t surrendered, not at all. Shi Jin was also sincere towards Mo Yeon. Along with his feelings for her, he pointed out that he was no longer a potential son-in-law and that he was a man with his own background when it comes to relationships. Shi Jin passed the soccer ball to Dae Young and the moment he held Myeong Joo’s hand in front of her father was a grand declaration of love.


Dae Young couldn’t take it any longer. Running away from the woman he loved was too stressful for both of them and it was depriving them of the mutual joys they were craving to cherish by one another’s side. Like a man, he took the situation in his own hands along with the hand of Myeong Joo and made sure the commander would understand that he didn’t intend to keep surrendering. Now that his crystal castle (Shi Jin marrying Myeong Joo) had collapsed, commander Yoon could finally see that he was neither a righteous commander nor a respected father and he was intending to pace with our couple’s flow, but prestige kept being of major importance to him. Something tells me that it’s related to an inferiority complex on commander Yoon’s behalf. The fact that his wife’s side leads a renowned company makes me believe that he became a commander through connections related to his wife. He can’t accept a soldier of a lower rank by Myeong Joo’s side and he intends to gradually turn him into a successful businessman or something.

Myeong Joo’s happiness was immense and it felt as if she was daydreaming, but even if their sun had already started rising, the same applied to the shade it was creating on Dae Young’s face. He loves military life and it would be an immense sacrifice. This is where his friends are, this is where the woman he loves is, this is where he inspires (Gi Beom for example) and torments (tens or hundreds of soldiers that hold a grudge against him!) people, this is where the memories of the life he wants to remember are. I am eager to find out, will he sacrifice an essential part of himself or he will give his own fights to remain inside the military without having to lose Myeong Joo?


Mo Yeon masterfully elicited the information she wanted, the fact that Shi Jin was considering Myeong Joo a pretty woman among other characteristics (and of course she is, Kim Ji Won is irresistibly adorable!), but her jealousy was rewarded by Shi Jin’s sniper kisses and we eventually found ourselves in the unavoidable and dangerous Mo Yeon and Argus crossroad. The drama also addresses serious and inhumane issues such as human trafficking and child exploitation in regions that are suffering from war and other abhorrent conditions. She found out that Argus was private Ryan and Shi Jin protected her with his own life anew, along with the girl that shot Argus. It was the first time Mo Yeon was considering setting aside her medical oath because she knew that both the girl and other children would keep suffering in case Argus survived, but Shi Jin reminded her of their distinctive roles in Uruk. Mo Yeon should keep saving lives whereas Shi Jin would do what he had to in case someone had to depart from this world. Shi Jin knew that Mo Yeon’s world would collapse if she had let him die while she could have saved him and he prevented her from crossing that terrifying line. Alright, the time to enter the world of the 10th episode has arrived!


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