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Please Love The Useless Me Episode 10 / Series Finale

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Ep 10 Synopsis : Michiko finally reveals her true feelings to Ayumu.

Recap – Summary :

Michiko is dissatisfied with her situation as she’s right back where she started, homeless, boyfriendless and penniless- on top of that, her birthday is coming soon. Her mood is lifted however, when she sees her favorite cooking program ad, and promises to cheer up if only for that.

She receives good news from her boss, who promotes her to chief status, as her product suggestion got picked up for commercialization, and everyone is happy for her.

Michiko later meets with Akira, who’s not surprised that Ayumu and Haruko might be together and then comments on her matchmaking prospects, saying she will take a different “creative” approach!

Ayumu cooks for Haruko her favorite meal, but she reveals that it was his brother’s favorite meal- Haruko remembers how Ayumu used to like tennis, and they both wonder what Michiko’s reaction to that would be. Ayumu says that Michiko hasn’t contacted him since she left and she has probably found something to focus her attention, as Michiko is indeed attending the cook program and she’s surprised to find Kadoma in there.

Kadoma asks Michiko if she’s working so hard lately to get over Daichi but Michiko changes the subject and asks her what kind of person her boyfriend is; Kadoma replies that is someone who appreciates all of her aspects, and Michiko thinks if there’s such a person for her.

Ayumu calls her and orders her to pick her stuff from his place otherwise he will throw them out but when Michiko shows up, it’s revealed that there was a birthday party planned for her.

Michiko is touched by everyone’s greetings, and then tells Ayumu how she became a Shunin herself; Ayumu advises her on what to do and what to avoid; a delivery comes from Koida who has sent a cake along with a card that explains to Ayumu he will be living with his grandma. Torii asks Ayumu if he’s fine with it, and Ayumu replies that as long as his grandma is happy, then he’s okay with it. Michiko reveals the poem card that was also enclosed, that reads about what is love.

Later at her new apartment, Michiko thinks how great her birthday was, and hopes to have much more many like this, as she also receives a text wishing her well for her day from Daichi.

Haruko recalls a moment with Ayumu’s brother and later she thanks Daichi for his hard work that helped her save her shop, while Daichi tells her that she also helped promote their product better.

Ayumu gives Shibata permission to leave Himawari earlier so she can attend Daichi’s product event; Daichi invites her to dinner, where he reiterates his wish to get together again, but Michiko tells him that while dating him would fill her loneliness it wouldn’t be genuine and then lists all the lies she had told him, as Daichi laughs at her “swinder” one.

On her way home, Michiko feels like someone is watching her- meanwhile, Daichi sees a dejected Akira on the streets, ready to buy a crystal ball and prevents her from getting scammed; he gets her home and is ready to leave when Akira stops him.

The next day, Michiko greets Daichi who seems completely embarrassed for some reason- Michiko doesn’t understand why that is, but goes on about her day; after doing overtime again, she’s on her way home when she voices her thoughts about wanting to have dinner- the man who had been following her the other night, starts talking to her, saying he will take her out of dinner. Michiko tells him to stop but when he insists she runs quickly in her apartment, she locks her door and calls Ayumu for help.

Ayumu runs to her side as fast as he can, and when Michiko opens to him, he hugs her and tells her it’s okay- he scolds her later though, telling her she should have headed to the closest police station first, but Michiko argues that she was really scared to do that.

Ayumu decides to stay the night with her so she’s not scared but Michiko says that Haruko will be waiting for him; Ayumu takes her hand, and replies that Haruko won’t wait for him anymore- it’s revealed that earlier, Ayumu finally let go of Haruko after confessing that he had feelings for her for a long time, but now he has changed. He’s ready to tell something to Michiko, but she finds she has fallen asleep while he was talking.

The next day, Ayumu makes breakfast to Michiko (from her nearly expired food!) and then takes her to the police station, to file a report against the stalker- Ayumu goes as far to “threaten” the policeman to do properly his job!

Later, Michiko meets with Akira who reveals to her that she slept with Daichi and is sorry about that, but Michiko doesn’t mind it; she asks Akira if she will pursue that further, but Akira replies that she probably won’t, since Daichi won’t want that either.

Daichi is embarrassed to find Michiko learned about what went down with him and Akira, but Michiko reassures him that she’s alright with that; Daichi explains that they were caught on the moment, but blurts out that he actually liked what happened, as Akira was pretty good!

In Himawari, Terii wonders if Michiko will be fine on her own, and Ayumu replies that she won’t have any problems; he calls her a bit later however, and he’s getting worried that she doesn’t reply.

Meanwhile, Akira and Daichi meet in the bar and try to clear the air between them; Akira says that it’s okay if he forgets what happened, but Daichi says that she doesn’t want to forget, much to her surprise. She comments that he’s like a puppy but Daichi says that he can also be a hound, if needed; he then makes a comparison between offense and defense and they end up finding common ground in their liking towards basketball and promise to meet soon to play together.

Ayumu is still worried that Michiko doesn’t pick up her phone and rushes to her apartment, but nobody replies- he then receives a call from Terii who tells him Michiko is in danger, and he immediately goes back to Himawari, where he finds Michiko; he hugs her before she realizes that she’s fine as the tearoom gang is happy for their accomplishment to get them alone.

Ayumu asks Michiko why her cellphone was shut, and she reveals that the sound of her mobile scared a cat away that she was talking to at the time; she then goes on about how despite having come so far and living independently, after moving out from Himawari, her loneliness has become much heavier than before. Her time spent there with him, made her realize that relying on him was actually good for her, and asks Ayumu if he can love her the way she is; Ayumu replies that he already does and they eventually kiss.

Later, while they’re cooking together, Ayumu tells Michiko that Koida and his grandma will open a Himawari n.2 and Michiko is happy for them; Ayumu delivers his usual omelette to her, having written useless on top of it, as Michiko acts like she’s insulted by that. Ayumu grabs a bite much to her dismay as it is her omelette, but he insists that he can do that again, since he was the one that cooked it- they soon engage in a battle of who’s gonna eat the omelette first!



Reflection Corner :

dame na watashi ni koishite kudasai dramajjang ep 10 0100062

“Please, love the useless me” right, Michiko? Haha, of course she’d blurt that out! Though, she did come a long way from her “useless”-days, I found that sarcastic line quite spot on, since don’t we all want someone to appreciate the non-cool parts of us?

dame na watashi ni koishite kudasai dramajjang ep 10 0100064

I’ve got to say, that Ayumu’s feelings did feel a bit rushed (actually, the finale felt a tad rushed in general) but in a way it made sense, as he did start to see Michiko in a romantic light, since his visit to her parents.

dame na watashi ni koishite kudasai dramajjang ep 10 0100066

Despite him acting (as usual!) annoyed with her, reprimanding her like usual etc etc, there was a slight change in his behavior after the temple escapades; (maybe the drama could make use of an additional episode to flesh that out more) the confirmation point for Ayumu must have been when he realized that he was truly worried about her, running around like a madman to make sure she’s alright.

dame na watashi ni koishite kudasai dramajjang ep 10 0100069

Himawari-gang team did pull an assholish move (I hate these kind of shenanigans, I had something similar happened to me once and I LOST TEN FLIPPING YEARS OF MY LIFE !)  to scare Ayumu out of his mind to force him to come back to Himawari for Michiko, but the result was rewarding and I can’t hold it against them, I love those guys!

dame na watashi ni koishite kudasai dramajjang ep 10 0100067

I loved the last scene between Michiko and Ayumu, as it was so them; her being all over her food and Ayumu finding a way to funnily-irritate her as they both were fighting over the Dame Rice, haha. I liked how domestic they seemed to be and how the final shot between them had to do with food, which is something not to be taken lightly; you usually cook for people you care about (well, and customers if you have a restaurant lol) so I liked that angle in the end!

dame na watashi ni koishite kudasai dramajjang ep 10 0100070


Akira’s “I will get you out of your repentance-phase!” mixed with Daichi’s expression had me rolling!

So she brought her A-game, and Daichi couldn’t hide that he loved that, even going as far as confessing that to Michiko, since he couldn’t hold it in, haha!

dame na watashi ni koishite kudasai dramajjang ep 10 0100071

I wish they have had more time together (really Damekoi, one more episode would do wonders!) but I’ve gotta take what I can take, right? Their interaction in the bar where they both shared their liking towards basketball could very well set the foundation for something good between them, so I’m all content with them!

Haruko also got closure, by realizing that she wants to fall in love again, and somewhere along the line, she will move on.

dame na watashi ni koishite kudasai dramajjang ep 10 0100074

So in the end, Michiko improved from her starting point, and got more self-confident and independent  while Ayumu finally let go of his long-time crush and understood his brother’s intentions; not bad Shunin and Shunin n.2!

Overall Grade (objectively) – 7,27/10

Shunin OTP (+Panther OTP lol) Grade8,11/10

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to furritsubs

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I'm pretty outgoing from what I've been told; unless, you bad-mouth Ayase. Or Gakky. Or Ueto. Or Tori. Or Masaki. Or Kame. Hmmm, the or-thing is actually endless! You get the gist of it, right? ; p


  1. May 1, 2016 at 7:33 pm — Reply

    I finished it Kipzizzy!! It was a decent drama, not perfect, not the best but enjoyable. My thoughts were very similar to yours overall. For a long time Ayumu was very hard to read; then all the sudden BOOM! He liked her. It was like a switch, but they could have been a little bit more clear about the sudden revelation. I will reveal though.. Fujioka Dean was my main reason for watching 😮 … and I really like him with glasses :p They suit him and his stern yet caring personality. Now I just need to wait patiently for him in Full Metal Alchemist which I’m totally looking forward to but also scared for. I hope they do it justice….. One of my all time fave animes.

    Now in regards to the CRACKSHIP lol! They were truly amazing haha. I would have liked to have seen more of them together as well…. But at least it happened and it was awesome. It’s always nice when second leads don’t end up all alone.

    I think Haruko was desperately clinging onto the past and that’s why in a moment of fear she held Ayumu back last episode. Now she can let go and move on.

    Great recaps Kipzizz. Much appreciated.

    • May 1, 2016 at 9:09 pm — Reply

      INNACURACY, you called me kipzizzy in the beginning but kipzizz in the end (;ppp)
      Yes, obviously I agree since you agreed first with me hehe, so nothing to add there!

      • May 1, 2016 at 11:57 pm — Reply

        Lol!!!! I can’t call you both??!! 🙂 Don’t make me chose 😮 I want to stick with Kippzizzy, but I may slip from time to time. 🙂

  2. May 2, 2016 at 12:01 am — Reply

    Oh great… now I misspelled “Kipzizzy” (above). XD

  3. Evie
    May 16, 2016 at 3:02 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the recaps!!! Saw some subs that I felt were not very accurate so I went searching ard for a clearer picture. Still didn’t know why Haruko held him back!. Hoping that there would be a SP coming soon!more of ayumu and michiko. Fangirling over Dean Fujioka, he looks good in specs <33.

    • May 16, 2016 at 3:14 pm — Reply

      Yeah, it was weird but she felt confused as she explained in the finale and since everything ended up well ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL! : p

      (he does!)

  4. yukari
    September 4, 2016 at 1:13 am — Reply

    I finally manage to finish this. Not that’s it’s bad, but I was not in shoujo mood (ok, this is josei). Plus Kyoko Fukada is hit and miss for me (still haven’t watch 5ji kara because Yamapi).

    I don’t think that Ayumu’s romantic feeling toward Michiko is rushed. Since the beginning he kind of showing that he has special feeling to her with the typical “bullying the girl you like”. He just don’t realise it (or it’s his pride).
    Somehow I get de ja vu feeling of Hotaru-Buchou mixed with Nodame-Chiaki in their dynamics, especially with Michiko calling him Shunin . Which make me wonder, what happen if we swap Hotaru and Michiko? I’m sure Buchou will be happy but Hotaru-Shunin will turn to disaster, with his super perfectionist and her antic, it will be super hilarious and fun to watch.

    • September 4, 2016 at 1:45 am — Reply

      Yeah, it was okay; it’s not like it was in the list of my favs, but for a chilly watch, it was alright.

      Hmmm, I wouldn’t say that Ayumu bullied Michiko though? He pointed out her mistakes (her MANY mistakes, at that lol) and was a bit tough-love-ish, but he was never upright mean or harsh to her.

      Interesting swap right there :p

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