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Please Love The Useless Me Episode 9

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Ep 9 Synopsis : Ayumu and Michiko help Haruko to deal with a huge problem.

Recap – Summary :

Ayumu tells Michiko that she can’t possibly think of marrying him seriously, and she replies that it might have been the atmosphere of going back home and him being so good in front of her parents that pushed her to do that; Ayumu argues that of course he would seem like the perfect fiancée since he faked it, but Michiko insists that despite that, she would like to try it- she even gives him a 500 yen coin to compensate him for the travelling costs and something as a token of good will, but Ayumu states that it would be impossible for them to marry.

On their way back, the tearoom team  welcomes them back with a pizza that Koida made; Michiko recites the events that took place in her temple-home, and everyone agrees that having  a fake fiancée is lots of work, and she should get one for real.

Terii asks Ayumu if he had a good time, and Ayumu admits that Michiko’s family was really nice and even reminded him of his own; Terii comments on his smile upon remembering that, and Ayumu says that he can’t help but smile around Michiko’s silliness.

The next day, Michiko and Ayumu have their usual breakfast, and she comments yet again about how she would make an ideal bride now that he has gotten used to his routine; Ayumu doesn’t take her seriously and tells her to stop slacking off and focus on returning him the money he lent her.

At her workplace, Michiko’s product design made it to the final round and is likely to be picked up, while her co-workers mention that Daichi is also working hard after their breakup.

Daichi congratulates Michiko on her success and apologizes for the inconvenience he must have caused with his apparent visit to her parents, but Michiko says that Ayumu helped her with that.

Later, Akira and Michiko drink out, and Akira laughs at Michiko’s fail plan to marry Ayumu; however, she thinks that Michiko should try and make a move on him, but Michiko misunderstands her words (“eating!”) and ends up getting drunk and bites Ayumu’s hands. Ayumu is annoyed but he takes care of her during the night when she passes out from being drunk, until she wakes up and scolds her for biting him so hard.

The next day, Akira notices Ayumu’s wound, and he says that Michiko bit him for some reason; Akira laughs at Michiko not understanding what she actually meant, but tells Ayumu that since Michiko moved to Himawari, he has been more cheerful than usual; Ayumu pretends to ignore her, but Akira states that she has joined a matchmaking agency, and he doesn’t have to lie for her sake, now that she has moved on.

While returning from her work, Michiko notices a couple holding hands, and she understands that she needs to date first with Ayumu, and go with the “right order”.

While they’re eating, she rehearses her words in her mind, and when she’s ready she touches Ayumu’s hand but before she’s able to propose a date to him, Haruko calls him and Ayumu orders Michiko to close the shop for him since he has to leave immediately.

Michiko waits the whole night for him but Ayumu arrives early in the morning; he’s happy to see Michiko waiting for him and when he smiles at Eigo, Michiko realizes that she’s indeed in love with him; she offers to make him an omelette (which Ayumu rates as forgivable!) and Ayumu says that Haruka’s shop might be closed down, since a big deal didn’t go through as planned. Michiko wishes she could help, but Ayumu states that she shouldn’t worry about that too.

Haruko visits Himawari later, and tells Ayumu that her shop will close the next days since she didn’t get good news from the bank and later collapses; Ayumu takes care of her, and takes her hand as Haruko asks for his brother’s name while on high fever, while Michiko watches how worried Ayumu is.

The next day, Michiko and Ayumu tell Haruko to rest and they will take care of everything; Ayumu replies to her calls while Michiko asks Terii to bring some of the flowers from Haruko’s shop and try and sell them in pots in Himawari, something that sounds like a good idea to Ayumu while Haruko thanks both of them for their efforts.

Michiko talks with Daichi at work about the upcoming project, and she finds a way to present a vase-flower product that will also help Haruko showcase some of her flowers in the event.

Daichi visits Himawari to tell Haruko about the product, and Haruko thanks both him and Michiko for their efforts.

Later, Haruko opens up to Michiko about having decided to live alone and make it on her own, but she is now causes so much trouble for everyone; Michiko replies that it is not bad to rely to someone as there are people who enjoy being relied on.

Daichi finishes his coffee but before he leaves, he asks Ayumu if he has noticed that Michiko likes him; Ayumu doesn’t reply and Daichi says that he should do something about it, otherwise it be cruel for Michiko to continue like this. He pays for the coffee and leaves, while Michiko comments how he shouldn’t have done that, since she said she would treat him.

Daichi is out drinking and thinks how he shouldn’t have said the things he did to Ayumu, when he notices Akira complaining about her matchmaking prospects; they soon meet eyes and she comments on how he’s Michiko’s ex boyfriends that liked regular panties!

Michiko wanders around Himawari thinking the moments she has shared with Ayumu and the moments she has seen Ayumu together with Haruko and decides to pack her things and leave space for them.

Before she steps out, she tells Ayumu that Haruko is sound asleep and he thanks her for all her help. Michiko is reluctant at first but end up telling Ayumu that she thinks he’s a weakling; if he likes Haruko he should tell her right now, as there’s no better time than now. She then says that she will head out for a bit but Ayumu understands she wants to depart; he tells her that the omelette she made for him cheered him up but before he’s able to say anything else, Haruko appears.

Upon seeing them together, Michiko thanks Ayumu for taking her under his care and walks out. Ayumu thinks it for a while and decides to follow her but Haruko holds him back.

Michiko looks at Himawari one last time and comments to herself that she is happy that Ayumu appreciated her omelette before she leaves.


Reflection Corner :

First of all, let me talk about my crackship that I have had on the back of my mind since the lingerie episode (lol). Is it possible that Akira and Daichi will end up together? I’D LOVE THAT. I feel like they would be a good match; she’s feisty and he’s reserved so yeah, I’m on that crackship like burning!


On to Michiko now, I felt like despite her silly attitude in the beginning (wouldn’t be Michiko if she wouldn’t fall into that blurt-out-without-thinking category!) she showed her development in this episode. Despite her heartache of seeing Ayumu with Haruko, she did her best she could in order to help her (and in very inventive ways too!) and didn’t act bitter or anything; on the contrary, she (mistakenly, but whatever, it is what she thought at the moment was true) resolved to leaving Himawari, in order to give space to Ayumu and Haruko.


Her outburst towards Ayumu in the end (I must have laughed a good 10 mins with her sissy remark and Ayumu’s expression!) showed that she really cares for his happiness and before she left Himawari, her comment about being content with cheering up Shunin with her omelette showcased the selflessness of her character.


Ayumu must have come to a realization of his own in the end, as he was ready to follow Michiko but ahhh? Why did Haruko stop him? She never showed any signs of liking him? I don’t get it. If anything, I thought she was rooting for him and Michiko.


Oh well, the finale is ahead so onwards to episode 10!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to furritsubs

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  1. May 1, 2016 at 1:49 pm — Reply

    I’m glad Ayumu was prepared to follow her, but what’s taken him so long? I like him but he’s a bit of an odd one. I get confused with how much he was in denial with his feelings. I don’t get why Haruko stopped him either. It really surprised me.

    Akira and Daichi would make the best couple ever! What a contrast in personalities, but I think they would really complement each other nicely.

    Last episode, here I come 🙂 I hope they wrap it up nicely.

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