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Descendants of the Sun Episode 7 Recap

“I really missed you, but no matter what i did i couldn’t stop thinking about you.
I tried to exhaust myself, i tried very hard to forget,
I drank and did everything i could, but i still missed you a lot.
Was this something you thought you would never hear?
Then you should think on it. This time, i am serious.”


Shi Jin and his team were trying to figure out if anyone was alive underneath the ruins while at the same time the employee and the manager were trying to make them notice them. Once they heard them Shi Jin and Dae Young started working on a plan but Young Soo was always interfering in order to make them head towards his office. He couldn’t tell them it was about the diamonds and he was laying emphasis on the importance of some papers he had to find. He was disorganizing the rescuing team’s progress and Shi Jin ordered his men to take him out of there.

Ja Ae needed a car to transfer a patient to the medicube but they couldn’t contact anyone. Daniel had arrived and Gi Beom gave them the walkie talkies he had brought. Mo Yeon was deeply thankful and he gave the order to open the surgery room in order for Daniel to operate on a patient. Shi Jin was overhearing their conversation and he was glad that everything was flowing well.

The soldiers’ plan was successful and they could enter the power plant. They saved a few employees and once they became aware that the manager was trapped underneath the ruins it was Shi Jin’s turn to dive deeper.

Myeong Joo was losing a patient and Mo Yeon’s fists helped him hang in there for now, but he had to undergo surgery. Myeong Joo was negative since he could get infected but Mo Yeon made her understand that they din’t have the privilege of an operation room at that point.

Gi Beom wanted to be helpful in any way he could, but he was being an obstacle in the overall attempts of the nurses and doctors.

Chi Hoon had found a wounded woman and wanted to use anesthesia in order to help her in the least painful way. She was overly negative and threw away the syringe, but soon enough she made Chi Hoon understand that she was pregnant and he would have to help her without anesthesia even though it would hurt a lot.

A reporter wanted to work on interviews but Gi Beom couldn’t help him and Ja Ae didn’t have the time to do so. Sang Hyun was negative as well, but if they would transfer him to the hospital he was willing to do the interview!

Mo Yeon wouldn’t partake in the surgery and Myeong Joo would have to do it alone with the help of Min Ji. On top of that, Gi Beom had found a way to be of great help since his blood type was AB!

Underneath the ruins, Mo Yeon’s presence made the manager’s mood brighter, but things weren’t as hopeful as they appeared to be. Shi Jin informed her that the moment they’d save one of them the other one would pass away due to the accident site’s formation. Mo Yeon would like to save both of them but it wasn’t possible. They didn’t have much time, but Shi Jin gave her ten minutes in order to be able to make a decision even though it would be hard for her.

Young Soo appeared in front of Shi Jin trying to make him head towards his office. Shi Jin wasn’t intending to cooperate because people’s lives were above anything else and Young Soo was pretending to be a patriot! Of course, it didn’t work and Shi Jin urged him to get out of his sight no matter how much Young Soo was threatening him. At that point, concrete and a pump started falling and Shi Jin protected Young Soo with his body. Young Soo was scared to death and shortly after he noticed that Shi Jin had been wounded in order to save his life.

The manager had understood what was going on and he urged Mo Yeon to save the other employee who was a father of three children. The manager had worked hard throughout the years and he had earned enough money for his family. At that point, he was glad that he could stare at the sky through the ruins.

Gi Beom was glad that he was of major help in their attempt to save the patient’s life and he would like to inform Dae Young later on, but Myeong Joo pointed out that she was first in line!

Ye Hwa had made the reporters donate blood, but in exchange she would help them work on many interviews afterwards! All of them wanted to interview Daniel because he was experienced when it comes to natural disasters, but he also had the looks! Their overall approach enraged Ye Hwa!

While walking amid the ruins, the floor collapsed and Dae Young fell into a hole. Gi Beom and Myeong Joo got informed on what was going on through the walkie talkie, but even though she was losing the world underneath her feet she was intending to continue the operation. The moment they heard Dae Young’s voice stating that he was fine all of them could feel at ease.

Mo Yeon was devastated as it was tough for her to make a decision. She would like to know what Shi Jin would have done in her place, but she was the doctor and she had to choose which one she would save. Shi Jin urged her to weigh both patients’ conditions in order to choose the one who would probably survive. They managed to save the patient with the steel beam on the right part of his chest and Mo Yeon would be the leading figure of the surgery in order to make sure that he’d survive.

Shi Jin placed the manager’s pocket with his family’s picture in the manager’s hands and saluted him for the last time.

Myeong Joo had saved the patient and she was thankful towards Gi Beom for his precious help. Both of them were relieved and they saluted one another.

Byung Soo arrived with additional troops and he praised Shi Jin’s team’s work. They could finally get some rest for now and while they were at the back of the truck Dae Young kept staring at Myeong Joo who was losing herself in her own thoughts.

Shi Jin’s father went to meet commander Yoon who informed him on everything going on. The moment he found out that his son was fine Shi Jin’s father stated that he was just doing what a soldier should do under these circumstances. Shi Jin’s father became aware that commander Yoon was glad that Shi Jin and Myeong Joo were together there, but he also found out that the commander was praisinig Shi Jin to the extent of willing to help him become a general someday.

The hospital director informed everyone that the members of the medical team were safe and sound, but they wouldn’t be able to communicate with them. Chi Hoon’s mother who had invested in the launching of the satellite made sure that the director would help her communicate with her son! Hee Eun’s pregnancy had progressed and she was glad to find out that Chi Hoon was safe. The moment she informed Ji Soo that her mother-in-law was the owner of the hospital’s land Ji Soo made sure to remind Hee Eun of their friendly relationship!

Chi Hoon was devastated since his patient had passed away, but Sang Hyun informed him that the patient who was undergoing surgery was alive for now. Sang Hyun was about to smoke and asked Chi Hoon if he was alright, but none of them could understand the meaning of such a question under these circumstances. Chi Hoon wanted to smoke as well but Sang Hyun prevented him since doctors shouldn’t smoke!

Inside the medicube everyone was running around like crazy and Young Soo was causing a ruckus. He pretended that he wasn’t feeling well in order to find a bed to get some rest. Ja Ae sent away Min Ji and she would take care of him! She made sure that he would leave and he started threatening her, as always!

Dae Young and Shi Jin had noticed that they were running out of food and they would have to use their combat ration as wisely as possible, but the waitress arrived and brought them sandwiches for their hard work! Since the food was for about a hundred people they would eventually return the favor by buying drinks for about a hundred people. Of course, the drinks would be on Dae Young since Shi Jin’s salary had been reduced! Shi Jin informed everyone and they were losing themselves in the magic of the moment while resting and eating! Shi Jin urged them to keep sitting since they were exhausted and pointed out that their families had been informed that everyone was fine. He let them know that they would be able to communicate through video calls with their families once the telecommunications would be restored, as for now, they would have to empty their minds and rest well since tomorrow would be another tough day.

Myeong Joo met Dae Young and she toweled his face. She was curious if he returned on his own or because of her father’s orders. Dae Young pointed out that a good commander must always send the best of his troops in situations like these and Myeong Joo couldn’t understand why Dae Young was taking her father’s side. She informed him that she wasn’t feeling well and he told her to contact her father who was worrying about her. Myeong Joo would like to know how Dae Young would feel if he knew she wasn’t alright and the answer was that he would have regretted all these times that he had ran away from her. She couldn’t believe that he was standing still now that he knew she wasn’t feeling well and Dae Young took her in his embrace while Myeong Joo couldn’t hold back her tears.

Jae Ae was sterilizing the surgery equipment, but Sang Hyun was intending to do it for her! Since he wasn’t married, if something were to happen to him he gave her his laptop password in order for her to erase his naughty folder! She couldn’t believe what she had just heard and Ja Ae was losing her mind while trying to convince Sang Hyun to erase it immediately!

The patient who had been pierced by the steel beam hadn’t regained consciousness yet. The patient that was operated on by Myeong Joo was already getting better and the pregnant woman was resting while Chi Hoon was playing some music through his cellphone for the baby to remain calm. Mo Yeon pointed out that he wasn’t only a great doctor, but also a wonderful father! Mo Yeon returned the shoes the patient had given her and she was deeply helpful for his help.

18 people had passed away and 41 had been injured and Mo Yeon lit a candle for the deceased. While witnessing everything going on around her she couldn’t hold back her tears as she was recalling how life used to be there before the earthquake. Shi Jin was witnessing her emotional breakdown but one of the soldiers reminded him that his shoulder had been hurt.

Mo Yeon was intending to stitch his wound and she informed him that she was fine. He wondered how could she have answered to the question that was already in his mind, but she had heard his thoughts loud and clear. He was thankful that Mo Yeon was there fighting with them and she was thankful as well. She was already aware that Shi Jin didn’t intend to sound mean earlier and she pointed out that doctors see more people dying in their career than a soldier holding a gun. Shi Jin would like her to be well, wholeheartedly, and she urged him to keep doing what he’s good at instead of trying to comfort her. She reminded him how good he was at making jokes and this was what she needed the most. Shi Jin laid emphasis on how beautiful she was and even though he couldn’t see her face at that point he had already seen it before and nothing would have changed. She could only agree and Shi Jin told her that it was just a joke and pointed out how much he had missed her since he couldn’t stop thinking of her. No matter how hard he tried she wouldn’t leave his mind and if she ever thought that these words would never come out of his mouth then she should start reconsidering since he was serious about everything he had uttered.


~ Thoughts ~


It doesn’t matter if the ratings decreased by 0.2%, the 7th episode’s 28.3% is more than magnificent and Descendants of the Sun doesn’t intend to surrender, on the contrary! It keeps building its own empire and the fact that it had been pre-produced gave the drama the opportunity to work on more demanding scenes and the CGI/effects in an exemplary way. Descendants of the Sun certainly descends from the sun and bears its own light through the cinematography/photography, the acting, the chemistry, the interactions and the storyline even though it’s still shaping up while becoming more specific at the same time.


Throughout the episode’s duration we were witnessing everyone’s efforts and struggle to save as many lives as possible at the power plant’s ruins and surrounding area, but also at the medicube. Both the soldiers and the medical team were pouring heart and soul no matter how devastating some decisions would be. The 7th episode was the 6th one’s natural continuation and a humble ode to the drama’s humanitarian aspects. Helping people after a natural disaster is one of the few characteristics of the military i approve and i was glad seeing Shi Jin, Dae Young and their men in action when weapons are no longer needed, only helping hands and rescuing equipment. Sadly, natural disasters bring people closer together even though a more humane approach on pretty much everything should be a given, but if through destruction people can be reborn in a more humane way it could be a lesson learned. After all, there are more things that unite us and all these factors that are supposed to separate us are feeble excuses and serve other purposes.


Chi Hoon’s devastation after having a lost a patient in front of his very eyes, but also the moment he treated the pregnant woman, Mo Yeon’s necessary but heartrending decision to save only one of the two patients, Shi Jin’s devotion to human life under dire circumstances and evenhanded approach on Young Soo by saving his life even though he was being an ongoing inhumane pain in the grass, Myeong Joo and Mo Yeon’s operations, Gi Beom donating blood even though he was wounded, Shi Jin saluting the deceased power plant manager who didn’t only sacrifice himself to save his employee’s life, he had also given his helmet to Lee Yi Kyung’s character moments before the earthquake would strike, Dae Young falling into a hole while trying to find survivors among the ruins and everyone’s efforts were living up to any personal expectations. The 7th episode was all about the day after from the early morning light up to late at night and it was visualizing all of our character’s great mood swings on the thin red line between life and death. If only Young Soo could really shut up or just vanish from the surface of the earth…


Just like daytime was filled with everyone’s efforts through solidarity, the 7th episode’s nighttime was depicting our characters’ bare souls. Shi Jin encouraging his soldiers in the most sincere way, Myeong Joo losing herself in Dae Young’s embrace after her honest confession that she wasn’t feeling well and his deep regrets for running away from her so many times, the humble delight after the first positive signs on the patients’ health made their appearance, Sang Hyun strengthening Chi Hoon and brightening Ja Ae’s mood and everything we witnessed were emotionally fortified aspects of the episode’s flow during its second half.


Mo Yeon imagining how everything would be at the power plant that morning had the earthquake not occurred was a heartbreaking imaginary “oasis” in reality’s bleakness and Shi Jin ignoring his wound for too long was proving how focused he was in saving others’ lives; unconditionally. The episode’s last scene was probably one of the most beautiful of the drama so far when it comes to one of Descendants of the Sun’s major ships. Communicating even when one of them doesn’t bring to the surface his/her question proves how meaningful their interactions had been so far and that the moments they had been apart while keeping one another’s presence in their conscious world had already started constructing their mutual path.

Mo Yeon urging him to bring forth his humorous aspects in her hour of need while treating his wound and Shi Jin opening up his heart after brightening up her mood were heartfelt moments. Mo Yeon became aware of Shi Jin’s efforts to forget about her while she was regretting not confessing her feelings during the previous episode. There was no way she would escape from the corridors of his heart no matter how hard he tried and Shi Jin’s sincerity of emotion progresses in a straight forward and right as rain (not Rain) way. The chasm between them lessens and the distance gets minimized, one step at a time! Song Joong Ki’s tranquility while joking or confessing his feelings and Song Hye Kyo’s warm smile and stillness were simply adorable throughout the scene! Time to enter the 8th episode’s world and find out what Mo Yeon has to say!


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  1. studiocafebleu
    March 21, 2016 at 4:31 pm — Reply

    i’ve missed your recaps kwon! ^^ i’ve caught up with you on DotS, and loved your take on it all. i’m really loving this series so far and the annoyances are quite small….i find it interesting that in a way, the two main couples have similar problems in reverse. she resists, he resists. they are both doomed, but they resist anyways. haha.
    mo yeon has, admittedly; gotten on my nerves a bit though i do like her character. i think the writer perhaps stretches things into credulity with her attitudes here and there especially with her tendency to be so judgemental. and she can be quite cold; which i think doctors have to have this sort of steel but isn’t appealing when it’s transferred to love relationships, especially in the face of sjk in this character, where it falls into the unbelievable category…haha
    there’s just no way lol ^^
    really enjoying jae ae & sang hyun too; she’s so cool & strong and he’s so funny and obvious. they are both quite layered & deep characters and it will be good to see what develops there together & independently in the story.
    dr daniel is a good mystery; and the many secondary characters are interesting and well drawn! i’m impressed by chi yoon and really what a great job he’s doing in this role! i always love to see an idol kick over the traces of expectation and fly. not all of them can act certainly but talent is talent and i think anyone who criticizes his performance here is an idiot! ^^
    and dae young, ah what can i say. he’s awesome and this episode was rewarding 🙂

    • March 21, 2016 at 10:57 pm — Reply

      Gomawoyo! ^-^ Still trying to find my good old tempo, but i’m not in a rush to be honest, pressuring myself will make it feel like an obligation while it should be some sort of pleasure! 😀 Probably later on tonight i will finish the 8th ep recap and i am quite curious of what the second half will bring to us! Yush, one of the main annoyances is Young Soo for me, can’t stand him, i knew he would be a piece of $hit from the very first moment he appeared! XD Yush, both couples are so different yet so much alike and i like how Shi Jin is the male equivalent of Myeong Joo and vice versa in the female aspect! I like Mo Yeon’s character, how serious she was as a doctor and then how coldblooded she became because her efforts weren’t working, but now she’s rediscovering her humanitarian side while trying to decipher even more the person behind the uniform (which apparently kills people during some missions as a soldier, but also saves people during the natural disaster). I think that the fact that he could leave anytime without being able to openly talk about he was doing was a bit mind-twisting for her, i mean, it’s natural for couples to talk how was their day at work, Shi Jin would be like “i can’t tell you, oops, phone call, i have to leave, i’ll see you in one month” etc XD
      Aye, Ja Ae and Sang Hyun are a strong combo! Love the actress behind Ja Ae, she’s got something quirky and attractive at the same time! The drama has intriguing secondary figures that unveil a part of themselves step by step! Ye Hwa and Min Ji <3 To be honest, Onew was a decent smiling flower boy to my eyes until the natural disaster occurred, but that's when he started showing more aspects and made me enjoy his acting through his devastation. Chi Hoon and Sang Hyun are a strong combo, they always make me laugh whether it's a serious or non-serious scene XD
      Dae Young deserves all the honest feels in the world! Piss off, commander Yoon!

  2. Jaseza
    March 23, 2016 at 2:12 am — Reply

    Thank for the recap..

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