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Watashi wo Hanasanaide Episode 9

Never Let Me Go Ep 9 Synopsis : Kyoko and Tomo track down Emiko-sensei in hopes of getting the extension granted.

Recap – Summary :

Kyoko is looking at Tomo’s old drawings and he gives her the letter Tatsuko-sensei sent once, insinuating that the drawings might have a way of giving someone an extension; Kyoko wishes that this is true, and she says she will try to track down Emiko, through the address Miwa gave her once. Tomo is happy to hear that, and promises he will keep drawing, while asking Kyoko to move together in the room with him.

Upon checking the address, Kyoko finds out that Emiko had left that house a long time ago; Tomo wonders if they should give up then, but Kyoko remembers Miwa’s words and is determined to find as much as she can – from asking neighbors if they know anything about Emiko’s new address to try to track down old drawings from Yoko Institute students, in hopes of finding something.

The days pass by, and Kyoko is near at her limit from all the running around and from her duties as carer, and takes it out on Tomo, when she finds out he has neglected taking his medication, due to his drawing-constantly. She tells him she will head to her apartment for the night, as Tomo nods that he understands.

The next day, Tomo borrows a book from the library that has instructions on how to find people’s whereabouts- Kyoko realizes that it is her drawing in the cover, and asks the publisher to give her info on whoever it was that provided that picture for them.

Kyoko tells Tomo she hopes that her message to Madame got through, and he tries to cheer her up by telling her she did everything she could; she asks to draw her expression, as it’s the only thing that he can do now.

After a few days, Kyoko receives a letter from Madame, who has given them the address Emiko-sensei resides now; Tomo is ecstatic with the news, and wonders which of his drawings should he carry with him, so Emiko is impressed the most.

On their way there, Tomo comments that it’s funny that Emiko is living in Nozomigasaki- Kyoko comments that she must have moved there after Yoko ceased to exist and Tomo wonders if the extension period stopped with its disbandment. Kyoko says that she wrote about the extension clearly in the letter, and if it didn’t exist, they would have told them already.

They soon arrive at Emiko’s mansion where Madame leads them in. Emiko recognizes them, as she remembers them since they were kids and Tomo quickly finds the chance to show her all his drawings, noting how bad he used to be in drawing.

Emiko is impressed and touched by his convey of love through the art as she understands she clearly treasures Kyoko, while Kyoko remarks that Tomo taught her to be more optimistic and how they need each other. They both ask her to be granted an extension, but Emiko replies that she can’t give them one- that is, because that extension never existed in the first place.

She tells them about her origins, and how she was a clone herself, as her father was a famous scientist that helped develop cloning from its early stages. After he died and inherited his money, she found Yoko and wanted to give a proper education and teach them to develop their own personality, as much as they could.

Tomo wonders why did they push them to draw so much and Emiko tells him that Madame acted as a medium between politicians and higher ups that would pick the best drawings and keep footing the bill to Yoko, as the students would grow up and have more privileges than others- such as being a carer for a longer time than ordinary ones.

Kyoko states that the art did expose their real soul though, as that wasn’t just a motto, and cites Miwa as an example; Emiko says that humans don’t care if they have souls or not, as their original goal was to cure them from diseases and it’s pointless to talk about having a soul or not- nobody will care to listen to them. In the end, maybe Yoko’s protection was to give them as many days as they could, and that’s just what it was.

Tomo urges Kyoko to leave, as they have no reason to be there anymore, and while they put their drawings back in the box, Kyoko asks Madame why she was crying the day she saw her dancing as a kid; Madame replies, that maybe it was because she hoped that she had achieved a great warmth and hoped to never let that go.

On their way back, Tomo says they at least got an explanation of everything that was going on; Kyoko tries to make him feel better, reminding him of his own words about having a dream being enough, and while it didn’t go as they hoped it would, it was still fun.

Tomo is silent for a few seconds, and then gets out of the car, screaming and punching a bar as Kyoko tries to calm him down. Tomo can only whisper how he can’t handle it anymore, and Kyoko understands his words, and hugs him tightly as they both cry.

The next day, Kyoko receives Tomo’s last surgery file.


Reflection Corner :


This show keeps on ripping our hearts out or what? How many more ways can you invent to continue doing that Watashi wo Hanasanaide, HOW MANY?!

Kyoko and Tomo co-operating together to realize the dream of extension, equipped with Miwa’s words and encouragement and truly believing they had a real shot at it but the theme of “things don’t work out, do they?” is running rampage in this drama!


Ah, the absolute resignation in the end; poor Tomo, he couldn’t hold back all the anger, exasperation,  pain, and he broke down completely. I felt Haruma held his own and did a great job of portraying how much it hurts when you abandon hope.


The buildup for the ending scene was absolutely amazing- Kyoko reciting Tomo’s words about having a dream being enough and him trying to maintain a happy expression looking at the mirror-window; except, sometimes when that dream is all you have left and had worked so much for it, only to be crushed down like this, can send you off to the deep end.

Well, Emiko-sensei wasn’t that bad afterall. She tried to make the best out of a hopeless situation, and in a way she did achieve what she set out to do.

The Yoko students understood what it meant to have a soul, and no matter how much pain  and heartache their realization caused, in the end it’s better to have experienced and let go, rather than having not knowing the feeling at all.


So the finale will be Tomo’s last days before the final surgery and Kyoko taking her position in the donation front I suppose, huh? Well, all good (SAD!) things must come to an end, so onwards to episode 10 then!


p.s Nozomigasaki YOU DIDN’T LIVE UP TO YOUR NAME, NOBODY FOUND SHIZ THERE. And here Kyoko and Tomo were so exciteeeeed (yet again!) about it. ;_;

Disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to menimienaimono @ LJ

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  1. Ana
    March 18, 2016 at 7:41 am — Reply

    No spoilers, but I’ve seen the actual movie so I know where this is going. The Japanese version is great and I’m enjoying the acting in them!

    • March 18, 2016 at 11:08 am — Reply

      I haven’t watched the movie yet (which is weird now that I think about it lol, because I’ve watched most of Keira’s movies) but I was planning to read the book as I already know the author from a previous work but NOW I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN HANDLE IT haha

      anyways, obviously there’s not gonna be a /happy/ ending judging from the preview, but I’m all for it- I just want to see Kyoko and Tomo smile one more time, just like Miwa did before her time came.

  2. Ida Leung
    April 10, 2016 at 3:12 am — Reply

    A great story, well worth revisiting.

  3. January 2, 2018 at 6:30 am — Reply

    I really don’t know how to convey this sad and angry feeling, like.. they really are meant to be sacrificed since the day they born, everyone from the outside world is accepting that.

    I don’t want to think that their efforts, Manami, the rebels are all don’t affect any humans’ hearts 😭 I’m just so fuckin sad..

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