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Please Love The Useless Me Episode 7

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Ep 7 Synopsis : Michiko’s sudden realization leads her to take an important decision about her engagement to Daichi.

Recap – Summary :

Michiko tells Akira about Daichi proposing to her, and Akira seems to be more excited than she is. The next day, Michiko meets with Daichi who has prepared a schedule about everything concerning the upcoming wedding, and asks her to get married within the next three months. Michiko thinks it’s a bit rushed, but she accepts his proposal.

She later visits Ayumu’s shop to have a free meal, and she starts talking about how she will be married soon and all that; Ayumu and Kazuo don’t seem to take her words seriously, but Michiko notes how she got an engagement ring the other night. Kazuo seems surprised by that, as is Ayumu but he congratulates her.

Michiko checks wedding magazines, but Akira is in a sad mood since she thinks that her dream of getting married is now impossible. She gives advise to Michiko on what to do in the next three months before she gets married, and urges her to “do the match” with Daichi since she can’t get married without checking that!

The next morning, Daichi asks Michiko if she has informed her parents so they can meet, and Michiko says she will do it soon- she later calls her mom to talk about that, and her mom thinks that Michiko is joking.

She visits yet again Ayumu’s tearoom to have another free meal, and while Ayumu acts like he’s annoyed by her, he ends up making a meal for both of them; after spatting about all sort of things (who will make the better housewife!), Ayumu sincerely wishes her to be happy, and Michiko is touched by his words.

The next day, Daichi takes Michiko to show her the places he has ticked on his schedule for the upcoming marriage, with the last stop being the wedding dress store, where Michiko can’t fit in in her ideal dress, as she has eaten so much meat before! After they’re done for the day, she thinks that this is the night she will spend together with Daichi, but he receives a call to go to the hospital as his father needs him.

Michiko receives a call from Haruka, who has invited her to eat meat together in a restaurant nearby- Michiko thanks her for thinking about her, and Haruka notices she has a ring on her hand. She is surprised that she’s engaged, as she always thought that she liked Ayumu but Michiko denies that. Michiko then asks Haruka, if she ever plans to fall in love with someone else, but Haruka tells her that no matter who she meets, he will always be the number 2 in her heart, after Ayumu’s brother.

Later in Akira’s apartment, Michiko finds her reading a book of how to get back together with your ex-boyfriend, and Akira admits that she hasn’t still forgotten about Ayumu; Michiko tells her that she might have once said that she will be rooting for Ayumu and Haruka, but now  that she knows that Ayumu will never be number 1 in Haruka’s heart, she hopes that Akira will be the one to make him happy; Ayumu should be someone’s number 1 afterall. Akira chuckles, as she thinks that this is not cheering up for her per se, but for Ayumu’s happiness.

The following day, Ayumu seems to be sick but refuses to get some rest, something that angers Michiko who grabs his glasses and leaves.

She later goes to work, and since nobody else feels like it, she accepts to check the stock in a warehouse that is far away and it’s cold- the warehouse carer, tells Michiko to inform him when she’s done checking the stuff in there.

Akira visits Ayumu and gives him back his glasses that Michiko took from him- he invites her to stay and make her something to eat and they start talking about old times. Ayumu admits that he did love her once and it’s his fault for not making her happy, as Akira tells him that she treasures the time they had spent together.

Meanwhile, Daichi visits the warehouse and helps Michiko, but while they’re on a break the carer thinks that Michiko finished her job, and locks the warehouse after Michiko and Daichi returned to finish the products listing.

Since there’s no call service, they have to wait for the janitor to come back, and Ayumu gives his coat to Michiko, so she won’t get colder; he encourages her to think about nice things, but Michiko can only think of times she had spent with Ayumu. She realizes her feelings for him, and feels bad that she has these thoughts while she’s with Daichi.

The janitor soon arrives and gets them out together, as Daichi tells Michiko he has to go to the hospital again- Michiko heads to Ayumu’s tearoom, but she doesn’t get inside as she sees Haruka is already there with Ayumu. She returns back to the apartment, where she consoles Akira who got closure with Ayumu once and for all.

The next day, Michiko asks Daichi to meet after their work is done, as she wants to talk to him about something; she returns the ring to him , and tells him that she can’t marry him. Daichi understands that it was too sudden, and confesses that he was in a rush to give his parents a grandchildren, as their health is deteriorating. He asks Michiko to keep dating, but she tells him that she can’t do that either.

Daichi understands that she has feelings for Ayumu and Michiko admits that she realized it recently and it’s one-sided from her part; still, she was happy that a person like him would fall for her. Daichi hugs her and asks her to start again as friends.

Michiko goes to Ayumu’s tearoom which is basically closed at that time, but Ayumu offers her the last order for the day; she confesses that she broke off the engagement, and it is his fault but she won’t cite the reason, and Ayumu doesn’t ask for it; he only remarks that even if she’s that sad, she has a big appetite, and Michiko smiles saying that it’s because he made it that she’s able to do so.

When she returns to the apartment later, she tells Akira that she broke off the engagement and Akira replies that they need to party to forget, but she has to move out first much to Michiko’s surprise.


Reflection Corner :

mahhh precious babieeees! <3

mahhh precious babieeees! <3

With all the talks about number 1 this episode, I got reminded of Okitegami lol.


So Michiko’s number 1 is Ayumu huh? Well, SURPRISE! (not) It took her a long time to realize that (and an almost wedding!) but she’s there, finally. Even though, I think Michiko knew something was wrong with Daichi, as she wasn’t /that/excited with the marriage prospect, but couldn’t put her finger on it- well,  now she knows what’s wrong (or what should be right) so hopefully she tells Ayumu how she feels.


I feel that Akira realized that Michiko has fallen for Ayumu (hence her asking to move out in the end, it doesn’t make any other sense) and that Ayumu has taken also a liking to Michiko, unknowingly; when he started talking about how weird it is for Michiko to be such a lover meat even though she came from a temple and so on, her expression was quite telling.


Daichi’s motives FINALLY make sense now! He was desperate to give his parents a grandchild- it was good that he came clean in the end, even though he got himself in his own trap and actually started to care for Michiko. Their breakup scene was pretty decent, I must say. They reached a mutual understanding, so that was nice to see.

The preview for the next episode will reveal Michiko’s parents and the temple (now I also get 5-ji Kara memories lool, what is with the previous fall season self?!!) and seems like Ayumu will step in to save the day? Since Michiko had informed her parents she was gonna introduce them to her “man”.

Onwards to episode 8 then!

Disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to furritsubs

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  1. March 19, 2016 at 1:46 am — Reply

    Hey there, “DRAMAJJANG!”

    I appreciate how you actually made a review for Episode 7 of
    “Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai”
    [Please Love the Useless Me]

    I saw the post as I was surfing the net and I found that you gave a link to my livejournal account. Not everyone does that HAHA 😀 ^___^//
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      Hey back at you!
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        It’s okay HAHAHA ^___^

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        Also, I’m almost finish with the subs for episode 8. I might be able to upload it later this afternoon 😀

        Thanks to you too 😀 Links are actually a great help because it makes the site more visible and easy to access.

        Great job :))

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          Well, you have a very distinctive name for the subs, FURRIT haha, so it makes sense the search engines recognize you immediately!

          Ah that’s great, can’t wait to see the temple episode- thanks for your hard work as always! ; )

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            HAHAHA 😀 It was actually a pun of my name which my friend combined with “subs” and that’t how it came to be haha 😀

            Anyway, I read your review about episode 10, and we share the same remarks HAHA 😀

            To you too, thanks for your hard work ^___^//

          • March 28, 2016 at 11:32 am

            lol it sounds pretty cool!

            Thank you, thank me! ; )

            (I hope you liked the crackship as well, hahaha, that was my fav part in the finale!)

  2. Cham201
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    Thank you very much! Been wanting to say thank you since episode 1 but your previous website was a bit difficult to maneuver. Great job! Nice episodes and enjoyable series. Looking forward to the recaps of all episodes. Especially episode 8 and 10!

    • March 19, 2016 at 11:59 am — Reply

      You’re very welcome!
      And yes, it’s fun and light so hopefully the 3 remaining episodes will point to the obvious outcome- Ayumu and Michiko together! (DUH) ; p

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    You guys are great! I hope this site gets tons of traffic and a
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