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Descendants of the Sun Episode 5 Recap

“Let me ask you a question, it’s about that kiss.
What should i do about it?
Should i apologize or confess my love?”


After finding a way to drink, Shi Jin kissed Mo Yeon who was taken by surprise! Shi Jin tried to proceed with yet another kiss, but Mo Yeon decided to surrender and left with the bottle of wine. Mo Yeon was recalling his conversation with Shi Jin who was feeling quite uneasy as well.

Daniel returned home and Ye Hwa’s arch fear transformed into happiness, but not for too long since their colleague, Chen Gang, had passed away.

The solar power sector provides Uruk with eco-friendly energy through Haesung Group’s facilities and the Haesung Hospital’s medical team became aware of everything going on! Uruk Electric Power Corporation’s chief manager introduced himself, Jin Young Soo, but nobody really wanted to talk to him!


Chi Hoon informed Mo Yeon that the kid they were treating had left, but he had left behind a painting indicating that he had returned back home. The moment Shi Jin appeared Mo Yeon recalled their kiss and things became a bit awkward for her, but he knew how to reach the child’s village!

There was awkwardness between Mo Yeon and Shi Jin inside the car and she didn’t want to talk about last night’s kiss until she would short things out in her mind. However, Shi Jin wouldn’t like her to feel bad about what had happened since he had finally kissed her after hesitating for too long.

Mo Yeon gave all the medicine the child needed and his mother was thankful whereas Shi Jin became aware of the fact that Mo Yeon had a pretty strong memory, but she wouldn’t like him to unveil his quirky thoughts on it!

Myeong Joo was impressed by the supplies the dispatched troops were receiving, but once Byung Soo became more playful Myeong Joo managed to escape thanks to a phone call!

A soldier was reporting back Dae Young’s full schedule, but he became aware of what was going on and Myeong Joo was jealous that he established eye contact with him! Dae Young ordered him to end the phone call, but Myeong Joo was glad that she was able to hear his voice!

Shi Jin and Mo Yeon were eating, but she could easily notice the familiarity on the waitress’ behalf. Shi Jin informed her that Dae Young was the one who was a regular there! Mo Yeon would treat him this time, but she wanted Shi Jin to tell her why he became a soldier and the answer was because someone had to be a soldier. Mo Yeon thought that it was out of patriotism due to his love for his country and its people. Shi Jin unveiled his own thoughts on what patriotism is from saving children, beauties and the elderly to preventing students from smoking and eventually never betraying his beliefs even if someone was pointing his gun at him. He was well aware that Mo Yeon wasn’t enjoying the fact that he was a soldier and Shi Jin asked her if it would had been easier for her had he been the son of a rich family, but that would never be the case either and Shi Jin added the handsome parameter and made Mo Yeon smile!

Shi Jin noticed the dude who was smuggling weapons, but he protected Mo Yeon since he didn’t them to see her face and sent her towards the internet café she had visited the other time in order to rent a car and return to the camp.

Ye Hwa wasn’t there, but Mo Yeon got to meet Daniel whose bright attitude and doctor profession kind of excited Mo Yeon! While she was about to get the car key Shi Jin shot a tire after pointing the gun at the guy who was smuggling weapons. The moment he did that both of them pointed their guns at him and more people with guns appeared along with Shi Jin’s ex-captain, Argus!

Mo Yeon stayed for some tea and wanted to find out more about Shi Jin. Daniel pointed out that he was usually meeting Shi Jin in places where death was reigning supreme. Back in the days, Shi Jin had been captured and was getting interrogated, but he wasn’t revealing anything. Eventually, his comrades saved him and he wasn’t intending to leave until they would save the delta team captain, Argus. While they were about to leave his comrade got shot by a sniper in front of his very eyes and left his last breath in his embrace.

Argus informed Shi Jin that he simply had to change his “profession,” but not many things had changed since it was still about guns, but this time he was making money. This would be the last time he would warn him and Argus urged him to start minding his own business, but Shi Jin’s turn to warn Argus had arrived and told him to stay away from him if he didn’t want to pay the price. Mo Yeon didn’t want to find out more, but she didn’t reply back if everything she had heard was enough to understand Shi Jin or stay away from him.

She was trying to make a phone call while driving and Mo Yeon had a near-death interaction with a truck of doom that brought her at the edge of a cliff. She managed to reach her phone and informed Shi Jin on everything going on while she was being overran by fear. She recorded a final message revealing her love towards her mother, but she was also being apologetic and informing her on what she should do. She also instructed Ji Soo to get back the money she had deposited for the clinic building.

While she was losing herself in tears Shi Jin entered the car and once she opened the windows she informed her that they should let the car fall, but he promised that he would save her! He hit the airbags to open up and made the car fall, but he eventually managed to help her reach the shore.

After Shi Jin performed CPR Mo Yeon regained consciousness and she couldn’t believe that he had actually proceeded with his plan to fall with the car into the sea! He started joking since he had left her alone and found herself in that dangerous situation but she urged him to stop doing so since she couldn’t afford to laugh!

Back at the camp, he gave her his jacket while Mo Yeon was somewhere between awkwardness and quirky rage!

Young Soo had found himself in a dangerous situation, but he showed Argus some diamonds and the next delivery would have to take place in a week’s time otherwise he would end up dead.

The manager was scolding Lee Yi Kyung’s character, but once Young Soo arrived they pretended that everything was fine. However, they noticed that his driver was missing but he couldn’t tell them that he had ended up dead! Lee Yi Kyung’s character noticed that Young Soo’s leg was had blood on it.

Mo Yeon recalled the gunfire and Shi Jin brought her some coffee. She called him a pervert and he tried to guess her underwear’s color, but it wasn’t black, it was dark blue and he already knew it! Mo Yeon could finally read through the lines that the story about saving private Ryan wasn’t far away from the truth and she asked Shi Jin if he was able to save him. Shi Jin recalled the story and the one the sniper wanted to take out of the picture was no other than Shi Jin, but his comrade happened to be in the bullet’s way. The answer was positive, but at the present he was regretting saving Argus. Mo Yeon could easily tell that Shi Jin had lied the moment he sent her off and that the gunfire was related to him, but everything going on was just making things more complicated in her mind.

The lights went off for a while and he informed her that he would scream in case she did something weird, but even when she was apologetic towards him for saving her life Shi Jin would still scream and she reassured him that she wouldn’t do anything! Shi Jin’s overall attitude made Mo Yeon think that there must had been many women in his life, but he pointed out that even though he’s a funny guy the only people she could witness around him were boring men! Shi Jin was jealous the moment Mo Yeon pointed out that she lives for staring at the soldiers’ muscles, it was something that made him wonder why he had saved her life!

The next morning Shi Jin had recovered the car and Daniel was devastated staring at it in that condition even though Shi Jin was reassuring Mo Yeon that Daniel would take care of everything! Shi Jin got some walkie talkies for the medical team, as for the car, Mo Yeon wouldn’t have to compensate him for now since Daniel would have to repair it first!

Shi Jin was explaining to Mo Yeon how to use the walkie talkie! His codename was Big Boss, but she hadn’t decided her own and Shi Jin started teasing her the moment he said that she could use Beauty despite not being one, but resembling a beauty! Myeong Joo arrived and pointed out that she was there to marry Shi Jin who urged her to stop joking! Mo Yeon would leave and Myeong Joo urged her to leave their past behind, but Mo Yeon didn’t shake hands with her and she didn’t intend to forget about the past!

Shi Jin and Myeong Joo’s conversation was playful while both of them were trying to avoid one another’s questions. At the same time Mo Yeon was trying to overhear their conversation with the stethoscope, but Chi Hoon ruined her plans!

Shi Jin’s returning date had changed in order for him to be able to attend his father’s discharge ceremony and Myeong Joo could easily tell that her father takes good care of Shi Jin! Shi Jin reminded her that it was thanks to him that they didn’t get married and he made Myeong Joo joke around that he could actually become her father’s son-in-law! He apologized and tried to bring Dae Young in the game by calling him since he always answers his calls, but that wasn’t the case this time!

Dae Young was training a special forces team the absolute command attack (marching forward)/defense (no surrender)/stand-by (no movement) in his own challenging way! He informed all of them that orders come before one’s life in the military.

Dae Young informed commander Yoon that once the training would be over he would pick up the finest soldiers and he found out that Shi Jin would be placed in the ministry of defense in order to acquire further experience and connections. Even though Dae Young was agreeing with Myeong Joo on commander Yoon’s unjust transfer order he was willing to lose this fight for Myeong Joo’s sake. He could acknowledge that commander Yoon was straight forward and sincere for his daughter’s sake and since he would never approve of him Dae Young had given up for Myeong Joo’s well-being.

Dae Young was recalling beautiful memories he had shared with Myeong Joo while her words through her letter were echoing in his mind. She was apologetic for arriving in Uruk even though she knew that hew father would transfer him in order to keep them apart, but she couldn’t help it but give it a shot. She was regretting the fact that she was being apologetic for not holding his hands, not taking him in her embrace enough and for still loving him. She’d wish that he would never have to read that letter since that would mean that they would be together in Uruk. In the meantime, Myeong Joo was calling him on the phone, but Dae Young never answered.

Chi Hoon needed some answers since he would have to join the military soon and Myeong Joo informed him that he would hold a gun since doctors are soldiers too but he would also be able to treat enemy soldiers in case of a war since army doctors are doctors too. Myeong Joo thought that he was flirting with her, but Chi Hoon didn’t only point out that he was just curious about the dual nature of an army doctor, he also said that she wasn’t that attractive and Mo Yeon praised his judgement! Myeong Joo was making fun of the hospital’s pompous approach even though the medical team would leave in a few days, but Mo Yeon pointed out that the medicube would be donated to the UN after their departure. Myeong Joo left and Mo Yeon thought that she had won, but Chi Hoon couldn’t possibly tell in what way she had emerged victorious!

Mo Yeon and the medical team were working on a few details and soon enough Ja Ae’s voice as Miss B made its appearance through the walkie talkie as she wanted to know more information about the lunch menu! Mo Yeon’s codename had become Beauty and once Shi Jin appeared he made the overall ambiance more quirky and caught Mo Yeon off guard! Mo Yeon was jealous and pointed out that his fiancé, Myeong Joo, wouldn’t be pleased with him talking to her and she decided to leave!

Sang Hyun thought that something was going on between Mo Yeon and Shi Jin since it was resembling the type of relationship he shares with Ja Ae who pointed out that only regrets were lying between them! Ye Hwa was urging Daniel to give up repairing the car, but he didn’t intend to do so! She pointed out that she was finding him sexier when he was holding a surgical knife, but he pointed out that her words were more Asian-oriented while Westerners love it more when a man is holding a spanner. Eventually, he made the car turn to life again!

Chi Hoon and Sang Hyun were using the walkie talkies while pretending to be on the battlefield, but Ja Ae annihilated Sang Hyun in the end! In the meantime, Shi Jin was overhearing their conversation while Beauty was pretending to be a singer and as Shi Jin was holding the rock from Navagio her song was echoing differently in his ears.

The next morning Shi Jin was at the minefield. Later on, a farewell party would take place since Shi Jin would have to leave and Mo Yeon lost the world underneath her feet.

She was overhearing the military channel and once she started talking on the walkie talkie Shi Jin went to meet her. Mo Yeon wasn’t pleased with the fact that she was the last one to find out,  but Shi Jin reminded her that she had ran away the moment he wanted to talk to her about it. She would have liked him to run after her just like he put his life on the line to save Argus and since she was pissed off Shi Jin thought that she was letting have the upper hand. She had a different opinion and he asked her if everything in her mind was still complicated, but he never received an answer. Shi Jin didn’t know what to do concerning their kiss; apologize or confess his feelings for her?

~ Thoughts ~


Descendants of the Sun’s ratings are soaring even more with every passing episode and the 5th one reached 27.4% in the drama’s solitary path consisting of great and even greater peaks. I have to admit that, after my arch enthusiasm, the kiss scene was less majestic than i expected it to be and too stereotypical drama-wise. It was one of these countless kisses we’ve witnessed in the world of South Korean dramas since the dawn of their time. Shi Jin was craving for more whereas Mo Yeon looked as if she was being kissed for the first time in her life, it’s nothing new. However, i will be forgiving this time since everything’s too complicated in Mo Yeon’s mind concerning Shi Jin’s dual nature with Mo Yeon losing herself somewhere between the fact that he’s a soldier and his human nature whereas Shi Jin becomes even more straight forward as episodes pass by.


It’s all part of the game and i love witnessing the ongoing hide and seek and push and pull development of their relationship as we have a collision between their professions that opposes the chemistry their characters possess as human beings. It’s not really a problem when it comes to Shi Jin, but it is to Mo Yeon. The more she gets to know Shi Jin the more her internal struggle gets magnified and i am eager to find out when and if they will walk upon a mutual path with all the necessary changes through intersections they will have to go through. Their moments of jealousy are quirky and adorable! Mo Yeon was utterly jealous the moment she witnessed the waitress’ friendly attitude towards Shi Jin and the same applied to Myeong Joo’s marriage jokes, but it’s not like Shi Jin was unaffected by Mo Yeon stating that she was living for staring towards other soldiers’ muscles!


I will set aside the reference to patriotism with militaristic shades as they can corrupt people’s minds with even darker “beliefs” and actions inside or outside one’s borders. And i definitely disagree with Shi Jin saying that “someone has to be a soldier,” this world doesn’t need soldiers, it needs people, we’ve already seen what soldiers do when warfare does the talking. Oh well. Shi Jin’s always protective towards Mo Yeon, he didn’t only keep her safe from the tension in the making the moment he witnessed the weapon smugglers, he also put his life on the line in order to save her when she was at the edge of the cliff. This drama knows how to create pompous scenes!


He may had appeared certain that both of them would be safe, but nobody could guarantee that both of them would make it out alive. Deciding to be with her no matter what was proving the grandeur of feelings! His jokes are already renowned by now, but they leave their own impact whenever things get or were awry since he brightens the overall ambiance in his own way! On a side note, Mo Yeon’s devastation inside the car before Shi Jin arrived was immense. Song Hye Kyo was simply perfect in her emotional breakdown moments before the end or salvation would come her way.


However, she wasn’t the only one whose world collapsed for a while. The moment Shi Jin found out that Argus had become a weapon smuggler scarred him deeply. He could have left him behind back in the days, but even though he had been tortured he saved him by any means necessary even at the cost of nearly losing his life since the sniper was aiming at him, but he eventually lost a comrade that was in the bullet’s way. Shi Jin honors his comrades, both the living and the fallen ones, but the pathway Argus had chosen to walk upon was making him regret his decision in the past since it was making Shi Jin’s wound from his comrade’s utmost sacrifice bleed with bitterness.


Myeong Joo is the female equivalent of Shi Jin! She’s straight forward in her own way when it comes to her feelings, but she’s also quirky and humorous and her attitude resembles the one of Shi Jin when it comes to hilarious push and pull interactions! Both of them have their own weapons of mass destruction when it comes to one another! Myeong Joo can pressure him in a quirky way by bringing forth her father’s plans for both of them while Shi Jin is too close to Dae Young which automatically can bring her closer to Dae Young anytime of the day even in an indirect way!


The more i get to witness Dae Young and Myeong Joo the more i feel for them and i want them to end up together! There’s so much beauty in their past, but there’s so much pain in their ongoing present. Their back to back flashbacks and current reality bring both comfort and feel-evoking discomfort respectively! I strictly oppose commander Yoon’s abuse of power and the way he enforces his point of view on how he envisions Myeong Joo’s well-being, but Dae Young surrendering is just a glimpse of his love for Myeong Joo. It may appear as noble idiocy, but inside the military an order remains an order and on top of that, he doesn’t want to become an obstacle in Myeong Joo’s world no matter how much they dearly love one another.


Myeong Joo’s letter was heartfelt as well. She’s well aware of everything going on and she’d wish it would had been a letter without a recipient since that would mean they would be together in Uruk even though Dae Young would treat her as a superior with their conversations ending with him saluting her. His presence would had been there and he wouldn’t have to read how much she’d been missing him and how much she’d been regretting not feeling him close to her while they were together as she was unaware of what would follow. She pretty much knows that she puts him in a difficult position every time she tries to get closer to him, but it’s beyond her powers. While Myeong Joo is sincere to Dae Young, he’s sincere towards her father and his own feelings no matter how hurtful it may be for both of them since fueling the flames of love would never be an option, at least for now.


Through Daniel and eventually through her ongoing interactions with Shi Jin, Mo Yeon gets to know him better, but the fact that Shi Jin would soon return to Korea fell like a meteor on her feelings. Shi Jin wasn’t feeling well that he would leave her behind while Mo Yeon couldn’t afford to see him leaving and she didn’t expect herself to be the last one to find out. It was one of the many misunderstandings taking place between them and they are the outcome of their push and pull interactions with Shi Jin trying to get closer to her whereas Mo Yeon keeps him at a welcome distance no matter how much she’d like to proceed towards him. The 5th episode left us with a question on Shi Jin’s behalf and it was always related to Mo Yeon’s internal collision. He had finally mustered up the courage to kiss her, should he confess his love for her or he should apologize? I am eager to find out the answer although i doubt there will be an immediate one! However, this doesn’t lessen the desire to keep watching Descendants of the Sun and its playful yet heartrending emotional crossroads!


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