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Come Back Ajusshi Episode 7 Recap

Come Back Mister Ep 7 Synopsis : With Maya’s help, Hae Joon recovers a very important piece of evidence the night he died.

Recap – Summary :

Ji Hoon reveals to Hae Joon that he’s the one that has been covering the truth coming out for Young Soo, since he doesn’t trust him or the Chairman not to take advantage of the situation; Hae Joon is surprised to hear that and angrily punches him, saying that even if he believed that Young Soo committed suicide he shouldn’t be meddling like that while Ji Hoon replies that it doesn’t matter if he did or if he didn’t- the result it the same, as Da Hye was left behind alone because of him.

Yi Yeon picks up her son from the kindergarten where the paparazzi are waiting for her outside and cause a scene and later Jae Kook scolds her for that; Yi Yeon fights back at his words but he threatens her that soon she will find out what he has truly planned for her.

Yi Yeon visits Gi Tak’s place and remembers the first time they met together when they were young, (where she misunderstood him twice; once for thinking that he picked her butt but it was his boxing gloves, and the other when she thought he was following her!).

She makes a meal for herself and “cheers” with Gi Tak’s favorite cup, only to break down and cry afterwards, while Hong Nan listens to her from outside; Hong Nan leaves the place and Seung Jae sees her but she nods to him to stay inside the car and not follow her.

She then goes to meet Hae Joon in the sauna, where he determinedly asks her to take down Jae Kook together (much to Maya’s dismay who is unsure if that is revenge or not and thus if it abides by the rules!) and Hong Nan says they will definitely do it.

Suk Chul finds out that Yi Yeon ran away from home and orders his men to search for her; he makes his way to Gi Tak’s apartment where the lights are off again and he has a deja vu with a ghost again, only this time Yi Yeon quickly lets him know that she’s real! Suk Chul tells Yi Yeon that Hong Nan has ambitious plans of her own and she’s not interested to clean up only her messes.

Hong Nan and Hae Joon prepare for the fashion show, and find themselves rejoicing in the sight of the dressing room- Hong Nan is confident she can seduce Yoo Hyuk. Meanwhile, Maya follows them both as she senses they will cause trouble but finds herself distracted with all the available accessories there!

While the staff is preparing everything for the show, Da Hye sees that Ji Hoon is hurt and asks him if it was Baek that did it; Ji Hoon says he got himself hurt at work and he checked with Baek and his story was clean. Da Hye thinks there’s more to it and wants to check again but Ji Hoon is negative and tells her she should stop.

The rehearsal starts and Yoo Hyuk is doing a great job until Maya, dressed as an angel, makes her way into the runway, “pushing aside” the others, but nobody can see her except Hong Nan who laughs at the situation.

It’s time for Hong Nan and Hae Joon to rehearse and everything goes okay, until Hae Joon doesn’t leave the runway, staring intently at Da Hye; at that time, a helicam malfunctions (caused by Maya) causing flashes and Hae Joon recounts the time he died watching the fireworks; he remembers that the last thing he saw, wasn’t a bird before he fell, but a helicam and it might have recorded him back then.

He runs to find footage of that day, and explains the situation to Hong Nan, who reassures him that she has friends on the industry and she might be able to find what he’s looking for.

Secretary Wan informs Jae Kook about Hong Nan being the manager of Yi Yeon and he wonders why she would report that to him; she says that she’s aware the Chairman will be replaced soon, and she’s looking forward to the battle between the two sons.

Yi Yeon recalls what Suk Chul told her about Hong Nan having her own ambitions as she looks at the footage of her kissing Hae Joon in SunJin store, while Seung Jae brings her stuff to stay in Gi Tak’s apartment.

Hong Nan manages to get Yoo Hyuk’s attention who wants to meet her after the fashion show is over.

Yi Yeon visits the dressing room and asks Hong Nan what is she really trying to do; Hong Nan says that her goal is Jae Kook, otherwise her brother won’t be able to rest in peace. Yi Yeon asks her if she thinks she’s the one to blame for Gi Tak’s death but Hong Nan orders her to leave as she wants to prepare for the show.

Hae Joon gets in contact with Hong Nan’s acquintances, and checks to see if the footage that was captured that day in SunJin roof has any proof.

Jae Kook comes across Yoo Hyuk in the bathroom, and is discontent with him for asking bonus pay, and he later informs his man, to bring Yoo Hyuk to him after the show is over, so he can “pay him” properly for daring to ask for more money. Jegil, who is supposedly working there, hears that and calls someone to inform them.

Hong Nan isn’t happy with the pink color she’s wearing (the fashion designer insists it’s coral pink though!) and wants to get on with the show quickly. Jae Kook visits the dressing room before the show starts, and the fashion designer compliments him on his outfit, asking him to walk on the runway as well.

The fashion show begins, and after a while, Hong Nan and Jae Kook walk together side by side, as Seung Tae and Yi Yeon watch; Seung Tae is surprised to see them together, but Yi Yeon tells him that Hong Nan is there for revenge despite her not saying much about it. She orders him to keep an eye on her and not to let her hurt at any cost, before she leaves.

Hong Nan sees Suk Chul arriving, and quickly makes her way out of the show (tripping Jae Kook in the way). She meets with Yoo Hyuk in the garage but they’re soon interrupted by Suk Chul who orders his men to go after Yoo Hyuk.

Both Yoo Hyuk and Hong Nan run away, while Seung Jae follows them; Yoo Hyuk orders driver to go faster as he’s in real danger, and then tells Hong Nan that Suk Chul had assaulted him again in the past, thus confirming her theory.

Hae Joon finally finds the right footage he was looking for all along, while Hong Nan and Yoo Hyuk are captured by Suk-Chul.

Da Hye is cleaning after the show is over, and Ji Hoon approaches her and apologizes to her for his behavior earlier; he then tells he’s also sorry about 9 years ago, and asks her to start again now that Young Soo is dead. Da Hye pretends she didn’t listen to his words, but Ji Hoon grabs her hand and insists; Jae Hoon arrives, and tells him to let her go immediately. He tells Da Hye that he will keep his promise about finding out the truth of what happened to her husband, and asks her to follow him if she wants to know the truth. Da Hye complies as she wants to know and follows him, leaving Ji Hoon behind.

Yoo Hyuk tells Suk Chul that he can’t get rid of him after he has done so much for Jae Kook and him, pretending to be Yi Yeon’s lover and all that, but Suk Chul orders his men to  dispose of him; Seung Jae arrives in time, and fights all them on his own- he asks Suk Chool to spare his “sister” but he gets hit on the back as Hong Nan shouts his name.

Hae Joon walks Da Hye home, and asks her to trust him a bit more, as he will soon have all the pieces together and will be able to reveal the truth to her. He waves goodnight to her, and Da Hye is reminded of the way Young Soo used to do that.

Yoo Hyuk pleads to be spared and asks Suk Chool to call Jae Kook and talk with him; Suk Chool is revealed to be Jegil in disguise afterall, and has recorded all the things Yoo Hyuk fessed up about his connection to Jae Kook. Jegil scolds one of his “men” for hitting up Seung Jae for real, but now they have everything they need.

The next day, in SunJin’s conference room, the outcome of the fashion show is discussed, but the video being put to analyze that, is actually footage of Young Soo a bit before he died; Hae Joon exposes everyone’s deeds that contributed to Young Soo dying that day, and blames the company for covering up their corruption by masking Yoong Soo’s death as a suicide.

Hae Joon calls for Da Hye to come to the conference room, where he tells her the truth about what happened; she’s shocked to learn that and runs away as Ji Hoon tries to follow her. Hae Joon yells at him to stop and asks what he should for him and everyone else that made a profit out of covering Young Soo’s death. He threatens he will expose them to public, while Jae Kook replies that he will consider apologize and compensate the family.

Hae Joon finds Da Hye who is angry for using her dead husband to get more power in the store, but Hae Joon  says that this is not why he did it; he asks her if she feels relieved now that she knows it wasn’t a suicide but she replies that it doesn’t feel like that at all.

Maya is being scolded for giving a hint to Hae Joon as the real Hae Joon is seen passing his days in the island hunting down food with his pilot.


Reflection Corner :


“How much was that profit that you gained, for burying the truth? Was it as valuable as the tears of his family and the child who lost her father? Was it so important that all of you abandoned  all of your morals?”

Yeees, Hae Joon, much better! As much as his jealousy might have been “cute” to watch, he needed to step up and do what he originally came to do; clear his name and put his family’s mind at ease.


Obviously, Da Hye was in shock after learning the truth, so it will take some time to digest the truth, but it was a step forward both for her and Hae Joon who was determined to start fighting back with a proper plan.

I was surprised to see Ji Hoon being that much of an asshole; I thought he was just pining for his lost relationship with Da Hye but he has a very ugly side.

BADASSEEEEEEES are back in town!

BADASSEEEEEEES are back in town!

Hong Nan, Jegil and Seung Jae = epic OT3! That was a comeback, and the GiTak-family, is starting to gather again anew, slowly but surely! It’s nice to see the guys trusting Hong Nan’s instincts the way they would trust Gi Tak.


It was also great to see Yi Yeon trust Hong Nan despite Suk Chul’s words, and knows that she’s by her side and is trying to do right by her and Gi Tak. (adorable flashback btw, hahaha how embarrassing!)


Can I get Maya’s job after I die, Lord, someone?! Loved her little meddling and how she had fun playing along while giving a very important hint to Hae Joon.

Onwards to episode 8 then!

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