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Kaito Yamaneko Episode 9

Kaitou Tantei Yamaneko Ep 9 Synopsis : Yamaneko’s past is revealed along with his connection to Tenmei, Sekimoto and Hideo.

Recap – Summary :

Hideo shoots Yamaneko on the side one last time, and then he leaves the house unaware that Anri is tracking his moves.

Mao can’t restore the video footage and after hearing the last gunshot, she wants to run and help her comrades but Rikako stops her, telling her the only thing they can do now is run away as the police is drawing on all of them.

Sakura orders a few men to follow behind the WildCat van, and she makes her way inside Tenmei’s house; she finds Yamaneko bleeding on the floor but he’s somehow alive.  Yamaneko tells her that Hideo shot him and if she wants to know more, she won’t take him to a hospital but treat him on her own.

Inui is trying to get a confession from Sekimoto but he’s not willing to talk, while Hideo calls Rikako and informs her that Yamaneko got shot but he doesn’t know anything more as he ran away and is residing in a hotel. He says he will meet her soon to tell her more; he later talks with Tenmei through his laptop, who orders him to finish off Yamaneko’s friends, and Yamaneko himself if he’s not dead within the next days.

Yamaneko is revealed to be recovering in Sakura’s apartment; upon her return to her place, she finds a file that was sent from Hideo and has info on Yamaneko’s origins. The story goes back 20 years ago, where a few Western countries planned to train Japanese spies for their agenda; for that reason, they co-operated with Yuuki  Tenmei who gathered children with no family to search for them. After making the shortlist of kids with exceptional potential, Yamaneko started training from the age of 8.

Sekimoto gave him the Bushido book before he went to the training camp and asked him to meet again after he was able to understand what the book was about; the camp was a tough place for kids, and some of them were discarded along the way. After some time, Yamaneko was able to decipher a message Sekimoto had left him in the last page of the book, and after a few years he met him again, where Sekimoto revealed to him that Yuuki had plans for him from the beginning- that is, to become a double agent and help Japan regain its rightful place.

However, after a few years, Yuuki betrayed Yamaneko as he was suspected of being a double agent from other countries and decided to cut him loose- Yamaneko was supposed to die in a mission he had to carry out in Philippines following Sekimoto’s orders. After a while he came to Japan to avenge Yuuki and Sekimoto, but Sekimoto managed to convince him that Yuuki was running rogue and he didn’t have the best interest for Japan anymore. They striked a deal to get the country back from him, before he had a chance to destroy it further.

The next day, Sakura talks with Sekimoto and wants to know what kind of person Yamaneko really is; she seems to understand that Yamaneko is looking out for his country and tries to fix it as much as he can.

She later has a similar conversation with Inui, who concludes that while Yamaneko may have good intentions, he’s still a thief; in a way, he carries a lot of burden, and arresting him would be the best option for everyone.

Hideo visits Sakura’s apartment and asks Yamaneko if he has any last message to deliver to Mao and Rikako, but Yamaneko is unconscious- Hideo remarks that it’s a shame and goes to the WildCat bar.

There, he reveals that he’s the Chameleon much to Rikako and Mao’s shock; he confesses to killing Honoda and Tatsuro and how he shot Yamaneko. Rikako asks him why he would go to the trouble of becoming their friend instead of killing them all from the beginning. Hideo says that his method of killing includes wanting to get to know his targets, as he relishes inflicting them pain after having spent time with them; his time with Yamaneko and them was real and he quite enjoyed it, but in the end he’s an assassin. Meanwhile, Yamaneko wakes up and wants to go to the WildCat bar, but Sakura finds him a bit before he collapses.

Hideo admits that he had another reason to get close to Yamaneko, as they were in the training camp once, before they were separated; the fact that Yamaneko completed his training made him jealous a bit all this time. Mao argues that he must have felt something in all the time they spent together as friends, and how Yamaneko put his faith in him; Hideo acknowledges the great time they had, but he has to follow his orders.

He ties both Rikako and Mao and sets the bar on fire- Mao manages to untie herself first, and Rikako orders her to run away, but Mao helps her instead. The fire has grown bigger though, and Rikako tells Mao that she became her core after she joined the team, and apologizes for not being able to help her more. They both hug tightly as the fire seems to spread out in the whole place.

Sakura informs Yamaneko that the WildCat burned down completely, as he looks utterly dejected.

The next day, Hideo watches the news about the fire that burned down the WildCat bar and how there were two burned bodies retrieved but when he’s ready to exit the hotel Anri finds him out.

Yamaneko helps Sekimoto escape, and with the help of Kyoubukai members who wear wildcat-masks, they manage to divert attention from them and run away. Sakura finds Yamaneko on the roof before he’s able to follow Sekimoto and jump down on the van, and orders him to surrender otherwise she will shoot; she quickly realizes that her gun has no bullets. Yamaneko thanks her for her help and jumps on the van, where the driver is revealed to be Mao’s old schoolmate.

Anri asks Hideo if he was the one to kill her sister, as Hideo remembers a girl they were in the training camp with, that kept saying she wanted to go back to her sister. He remarks that it was a shame she threw away the training she got only to return back to her place, and admits that he was the one to kill her.

Before Anri shoots him though, Hideo manages to immobilize her quickly, and he shoots her.  He then receives a call from Tenmei that Yamaneko helped Sekimoto escape, and he promises he will take care of the situation once and for all.

Anri looks at the lucky bracelet Tatsuro gave her once, remarking how it’s not lucky at all, before she whispers her last dying words; “Yamaneko, I’m counting on you.”

Yamaneko tells Sekimoto that Hideo is the Chameleon, and the final battle is ahead of them.


Reflection Corner :


Two thoughts that were running in my head after the episode ended –




So, Yamaneko did wear the ketchup vest and Hideo knew about it; does this mean, in a way he wanted him to survive (the only real shot was the last one) so he could get more pleasure of killing him later? Or was it possibly the friendly instincts kicked in and couldn’t kill him if he tried? Hmm, guess we will find out for sure in the finale.


“Imagine you had a flower you grew very carefully; you give water to it everyday, talk to it everyday, you love it like a child. When this flower comes into full bloom, you crush it. For me, that is bliss.”

Narimiya did such a good job of switching from adorable, fluffy reporter-Hideo to evil-crying-Freeman! His speech about how titillating killing is for him, especially after having savoured the relationship with his potential target, was nothing short of a brilliant sociopathic murderer.


I REFUSE to believe that Mao and Rikako are dead. Just.. no freaking way. I bet Anri saved them, after having tracked down Hideo’s movements, and got them out on time or something. The dead bodies were just…idk, insert smth here, I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT OKAY.

Those two need more time to polish their mama-daughter relationship, so my mind has kicked out the possibility they died like this. Just, no. (Rikako’s line “you became my core” was epic btw, befitting of a worthy death and I think she might have sacrificed herself and actually got Mao out, but NO. THEY ARE BOTH ALIVE OKAY, I’m pushing aside the negativity from my mind)


I loved the conversation Sakura and Inui had. They seem to understand that Yamaneko is not a malicious thief; in a way, he’s the opposite. But, just like Yamaneko has a mission, they also have a role to fullfil- they are police, afterall, and can make no exceptions.


Yamaneko’s past was finally revealed and it was confirmed that Yuuki betrayed him and left him for dead. He does care deeply for his country, as it’s the only thing he had to hold on to all the years he was alone, so him going after the ones that could potentially hurt Japan’s “core”, makes more sense now.

But he’s not alone anymore; Yamaneko’s two last flashes after he got shot for real, was Hideo and Mao- does this mean he will be able to save Hideo (as much as he can be “saved” now) and honor the promise he gave to Mao long ago? I sure hope so!

I’m buzzing about the finale, onwards to episode 10 then!


Disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to youkaisubs @ LJ

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  1. Maria Zenon
    March 16, 2016 at 5:16 pm — Reply

    I too refuse to believe that mao n rikako are dead!!
    Can’t wait for the nxt epd

    • March 16, 2016 at 6:01 pm — Reply

      If they died /that/way I would be devastated beyond words and overall Yamaneko would leave a bitter taste in my mouth; I refuse to believe that, so hopefully the finale will have yet another twist. (because srsly, that would suck balls- the only comfort is, they died together but FFFFckthat.)

  2. March 17, 2016 at 4:43 pm — Reply

    Right there with you. I totally REFUSE to accept any deaths when Stray cat team is concerned.
    I believe 100% that they both are alive. Thinking Sakura helped them on Yamaneko’s orders.
    I need ep10 now!!!

    • March 17, 2016 at 5:29 pm — Reply

      Yep, Sakura, Anri IDK SOMEONE. I don’t mind when characters die, but there has to be a meaning you know; I would be all up for it, if Mao or Rikako died protecting Yamaneko, taking a bullet for him or smth but DIE ALL ALONE BURNED DOWN ALIVE FFFFFFno

      Me too, Saturday can’t come soon!

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