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Love That Makes You Cry Episode 8

Synopsis : Oto is unsure whether to accept Ibuki’s proposal while her feelings for Ren seem to resurface again.

Recap – Summary :

Kiho is having a conversation with Oto, about love being a necessity of life, much like food and clothing; she says that in the end love becomes a place to come home to and she hopes that Ren will find a person to love like that one day, before she advises Oto to accept Ibuki’s proposal.

Ren chit chats happily with his colleagues while Oto is also having fun at her work, due to a proposal that took place. Ren is officially welcomed back by everyone, who cheer him on for finding his way back.

On their way home, Ren and Oto meet each other in the bus, and they talk about how their day at work went, both eager to let each other know of the trivial stuff they learned.

Ren invites Oto to stay and talk with him some more, after she’s done checking up on Sasuke; he tells her about how he wants to help Konatsu realize her dream of becoming a fashion designer, since she had some bad experiences five years ago. Oto thinks they’re together, but Ren corrects her, stating they’re only friends. He then asks her if she remembers the piano bar they went once years ago, and he invites her to go again. Oto says that a lot of things have changed the past years, and reveals to him that she has been dating Ibuki, and he recently proposed to her. Ren is surprised to hear that, but he congratulates her- Oto says it’s still too soon for that, as she hasn’t accepted it yet.

Konatsu meets some old acquaintances who recently opened up a clothes brand; she is in a foul mood after having learned that, and Haruta tells her to stop relying on Ren to pay her tuition anymore, as she doesn’t take it as seriously as others. Konatsu gets angry at his words and shuts herself into her room.

Ren returns later and asks Haruta what happened- Haruta tells him that he should stop helping Konatsu out of oblibation since she doesn’t plan on becoming a fashion designer; Ren disagrees but Konatsu admits that herself, and tells Ren to stop helping her anymore.

She then asks Haruta to go for bowling, and he confesses his feelings for her, saying that he’s happy that she now knows.

Oto stays behind to spend the night accompanying a woman who shows signs of dementia when Ibuki visits her at her work. She asks him what were the early signs with Sonoda-san, the woman he used to take care of but Ibuki doesn’t seem to remember that woman at all. He then gives Oto a dress to wear for her meeting with her dad, as Oto is not really happy with the way things progress so fast. Ibuki says he understands how she might be uneasy but there had to be a big step in the relationship, and hopes she considers his offer.

The next day, Ren meets Oto in the bus stop and tells her to visit Sasuke again; he then leaves for work, where Jouji gives him a cake for his birthday while Oto prepares to meet Ibuki’s father; Ibuki tells Oto to be at ease, and he will handle the conversation.

Ibuki answers his father’s questions about Oto, until his father orders him to bring him a bag from his car; while Ibuki is out, his father asks Oto how much of what Ibuki said about her was true. Oto tells him the truth about where she came from, and how many part-time jobs she had to work before she got accepted in the caring center. Ibuki’s father says he will do the favor of “accepting” her despite coming from a poor background.

After the meeting is over, Oto leaves Ibuki’s house before he has a chance to talk with her; he searches for her in Shizue’s place, where Ren answers the door. He tells him that Oto has switched her phone and she is not in her apartment while Ren seems worried about her as well.

Oto visits the woman who has suffers from dementia, and she confuses her with someone from her family from old times; the woman asks Oto what kind of man she would fall in love with, while Oto seems unsure.

On her way home, she finds Ren waiting for her- he asks her if she’s truly happy with her life right now but Oto runs away. Before Ren is able to leave though, she invites him to her apartment. She asks him if he had anything to eat, and Ren shows the cake he received at work for his birthday. While Oto changes, Ren finds the canned peach he gave her years ago.

While eating the cake, they tell each other about the foods they like, which then extends to things they like in general; Oto offers Ren to draw him a portrait as a birthday gift. While she draws, she tells Ren that she won a prize in a local contest that wasn’t of use to her since it related to a TV set she didn’t own, so she changed that with the n.2 prize, something helpful for drying her clothes. Everyone told her that she should have sold the first prize instead of exchanging it, but she didn’t feel like it- Ren agrees with her choice, as he would have done the same and Oto is glad to hear that someone thinks like she does.

She reveals to Ren her fear of choosing wrongly in general, and how that would affect the number of people decreasing in her life; Ren tells her that no matter how many wrong choices she might make, he will always be there for her. He then goes on about how lately she’s the only thing on his mind no matter what he does; Oto is touched by his words, and recounts a story of her childhood, after her mother had died and she was waiting outside the cremation center; she recalls how beautiful was the sky that day, something she never told anyone up until that point and confesses to Ren that he’s on her mind all the time as well. Ren tells her she loves her, but before she has a chance to reply, Ibuki enters the apartment.


Reflection Corner :


So this episode confirmed, yet again, that Ren and Oto share an unbreakable bond; after five years of radio silence, they can still “revert” to their old habits of being excited to tell each other about their days and what trivial things they learned at work. (lol, I had no idea giraffes sleep so little!)

It’s just like what Kiho said in the beginning of the episode, that goes back to what Oto’s mother told her once; love is like returning home. And at the end of the day, Oto and Ren are the happiest when they see each other.


“Before I realized, it was evening. Not long before, the color of the sky had changed. It was a somewhat scary sky. It seemed high, it seemed low. It looked orange, it looked pink. Gentle, lonely- it was like that. It was really beautiful. Because it was at that time, maybe I was looking at it differently, but it was really beautiful. All this time, I’ve wanted to talk about the sky I saw that day. Even if I told someone, I felt they wouldn’t understand. Thinking they wouldn’t understand, I didn’t talk about it. But it was really beautiful!”


The last scene where Oto revealed to Ren  her “contradicting secret” that only he would get, was quite significant; the woman in the caring center asked her what kind of man she would fall for and Oto answered that for herself- a man, she could reveal that secret she kept since she was a child. And not only did Ren understood what she meant, he actually told her he loved her all the more for it. (mah otpppppp!)


And if that wasn’t enough to persuade Oto to say NOTHANKS! to the proposal, Ibuki’s behavior has been unsettling as of late; I actually kind of get him, since his dream of his father finally acknowledging him came true, and he’s trying to put all of his eggs in one basket in fear of losing them, but that way he’s driving Oto further away; him not being able to remember the moments he and Oto shared with Sonoda-san years ago, because his mind is all over the place lately, was a big put off; the other big put off, was his father “accepting” Oto. (lol, was Oto supposed to be flattered by his words or?!)


Ibuki, you’re on dangerous ground pal, you are. Better get a grip of yourself; just like Konatsu did, with Haruta’s tough love help, but he actually seems to genuinely like her, so while I’m not really that into them as characters or a couple, I think they would make a good fit.

So, Ren loves Oto and Oto loves Ren; what else is there to discuss? Get together already guys, before another 5 years pass and we have to go through that rollercoaster of emotions again!


Onwards to episode 9 then, the penultimate one!

Disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to sanashi @ DA

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  1. maxn
    March 17, 2016 at 12:31 pm — Reply

    I agree Oto has to break up with Ibuki and get together with Ren. Eevryone will be sad otherwise.

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      It’s a love that will make everyone cry afterall, hahaha! ; p

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