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Come Back Ajusshi Episode 5 Recap

Come Back Mister Ep 5 Synopsis : Hong Nan helps Yi Yeon get back to acting, while Hae Joon is surprised to find out Ji Hoon’s connection with Da Hye.

Recap – Summary :

Ji Hoon reveals that Young Soo paid the expensive necklace he bought for his wife, through 10 months installments, but Sang Sik still insists that Young Soo took a bribe and he fooled even him.  Hae Joon says they have no proof, and Ji Hoon notices how Da Hye is shaken and asks to stop the meeting for now, as it’s disrespectful to the family of the deceased.

Ji Hoon comforts Da Hye as Hae Joon looks from afar, when Jae Kook mocks him for being naive, as nobody cares about a regular’s worker suicide story or not but go on to earn a living.

Yi Yeon accepts a minor role, much to the director’s surprise who thought she would give it up- he tells her he has to use the bathroom as a dressing room, though.

Hae Joon wants to talk to Da Hye but she doesn’t want to, as she thinks that his speech in the conference room had to do only with the insurance money rather than caring about what happened to Young Soo.

Yi Yeon is shooting a scene with her “rival”, Joo Yeon, who tries to ridicule her- she tells her that Jae Kook will discard her and will end up like her, and then breaks down in the toilet bathroom. Hong Nan finds her there and tries to lift her spirits up, while Seung Jae blocks anyone from getting in the bathroom, giving them both space.

With Hong Nan’s advice (and a failed attempt at make up!), Yi Yeon returns to the shooting scene, where she’s being pushed by Joo Yeon but ends up succeeding – Hong Nan is happy she pulled through and promises to treat her.

Hae Joon finds Da Hye alone and insists on talking with her, but she runs away from him, and ends up on the roof where Young Soo “committed suicide”- Hae Joon takes her to that very spot, and asks her to face her fears, and go against the people who cover that. Da Hye only wants to know why Young Soo would kill himself. Hae Joon promises he will soon answer that for her, and gives her the necklace.

Jegil is angry to see Seung Jae back in the restaurant, but makes up with him quickly; Seung Jae asks if there’s anything to eat for him, Yi Yeon and Hong Nan and he cooks for them a quick dish that everybody dislikes (except Yi Yeon who is so angry she could eat a shoe!)

Hong Nan takes matters into her hands and cooks a delicious meal, just like old times, much to Seung Jae and Jegil’s surprise. Hong Nan gives the usual advice of “boiling it lightly” and then suddenly remembers reciting that line, just before she saw Young Soo and his wife visiting the restaurant that night.

Da Hye finds a letter inside the necklace box, where Young Soo apologizes for any inconvenience he has caused, but is trying hard to work for their family, and wants to be a man that she and their daughter can be proud of.

Hae Joon calls Da Hye outside, and wants to give her a few designer outfits that his “friend” didn’t like, and he wouldn’t want to throw away- he dreams in his mind that Da Hye opens up to him and they hug, but the reality is different as Da Hye returns the clothes to him, as she doesn’t want to add to the debt.

Jegil tells Hong Nan about Da Hye visiting the restaurant the night her husband died, with another man.

Hong Nan informs Hae Joon of that development, as he sees Ji Hoon parking outside his car where Da Hye is waiting for him. He dreams of running to them and punching Ji Hoon, yelling betrayal but in reality he collapses at the revelation.

Director Bong calls Yi Yeon and asks her to meet at the request of Director Goo, the one that worked with her in the beginning of her career, who wants to give her a lead role- Hong Nan thinks he’s a con artist, but Goo says that he watched Yi Yeon enduring that shooting scene earlier, and wants to make her a star again. Hong Nan believes him and asks him to take care of Yi Yeon who is ecstatic at the news.

Hae Joon wants to jump from the bridge but Hong Nan saves him- he tells her that his wife and Ji Hoon probably have been together before he got married to her and wants to return back. Upon that request, Maya appears in front of them, and asks him if she wants to grant him that wish, but Hong Nan drives her away.

Later in his apartment, Hae Joon thinks how Ji Hoon had overreacted, when he announced his marriage to Da Hye, and believes that they were definitely going back together, and he was the guy that Da Hye used to like, before they started dating. Hong Nan adds salt to his wounds, before their conversation is interrupted short after they realize that Maya is still around and is eating their food!

Da Hye thinks back to her meeting prior to Ji Hoon, where she tells him about the letter Young Soo wrote for her that day, and how he couldn’t possibly kill himself after that- Ji Hoon agrees but tells her to stop thinking about all that, as that will hurt her family in the end.

The next day, Hae Joon gets angry when he sees that Da Hye and Ji Hoon communicate from afar, and he ridicules her outfit in front of everyone- he regrets it after, recounting how Jae Kook did the same thing to him once, but thinks how she had hurt him and doesn’t take anything back.

In the conference room, Hae Joon is upset towards Ji Hoon and makes that clear, something that indirectly picks Chairman’s interest, who let him handle the upcoming fashion show Jae Kook had organized and Ji Hoon will supervise.

In his office, Hae Joon asks Ji Hoon what is his relationship with Da Hye, after Ji Hoon accuses him of lingering around Da Hye for no  good reason- Hae Joon says the reason he does that, is because of Young Soo and how he believes he never killed himself, and wants to compensate the family. Ji Hoon shares the same sentiment, and says that there was something once between him and Da Hye but he never betrayed Young Soo.

Yi Yeon announces to Suk Chul how she got a  lead role in a drama of her own, and he can stop being her “manager” since he does nothing for her; after she gets enough money, she will pay back Jae Kook and break her contract with his agency.

She then tells Hong Nan she will hire her as her manager, and Hong Nan agrees as long as she gets accommodation and food.

Da Hye bumps across Hae Joon who drops some stuff she was carrying; he initially tries to help her but then stops and orders  Ji Hoon to follow him, blocking him from helping her himself.

Da Hye gathers Young Soo’s last remaining stuff, and recounts the time they were happy, “disputing” over his candy bars that he used to eat at work, instead of food because of his busy program.

In the security room, Ji Hoon tells Hae Joon that the camera that was supposed to record Young Soo that day, was broken and couldn’t retrieve it- at that time, the security calls Da Hye’s department because Da Hye was sitting down for 3 minutes, something that is forbidden and she gets scolded for that. Hae Joon feels bad for her, but his anger is once again getting to him and he later makes it difficult for her as she’s trying to exit the store, blocking the door repeatedly to her!

Yi Yeon wants to stop “using” all of Jae Kook’s stuff in her house, and labels them accordingly- she also labels Seung Jae, as he is in Na’s payroll but he replies that until he stops being paid, he will stay there with her, as Hong Nan tries to light the situation.

The next days pass by with Hong Nan and Yi Yeon running and doing work out sessions together, as Hae Joon is trying to come up with ways to retrieve the recording of that day, along with planning for the upcoming show with Ji Hoon.

Hong Nan is hungry but finds nothing but cucumbers in the fridge- Yi Yeon approaches her and tells her that she “had always known who she” was before leaning for a kiss but then stops, and says how she can’t get into the “role” having a girl on opposite of her and goes back to sleep.

Hong Nan recounts what happened to Hae Joon and how the last days have been a handful for her, and she will never understand women! She then scolds him for being a bully to Da Hye as the situation must be really difficult for her already.


The following morning, Da Hye checks Young Soo’s phone and sees a text that says something about a “package delivered” while Hae Joon spots a camera in a nearby building that could have recorded something, and with Ji Hoon’s help, he tracks down the tape of that day and he sends it for proper retrieving.

Da Hye is distracted at work, but while Hae Joon lectures her, he tells him to shut it and she leaves as she has some business to attend to.

She finds an isolated place, and copies the number on her phone but before she’s able to call, she hears some co-workers spread rumours about Young Soo’s ghost appearing sometimes in the lounge- Hae Joon appears and yells at them from afar spreading ridiculous rumours and they leave. Da Hye is ready to leave as well, but Hae Joon stops her asking her why she’s not getting angry upon hearing rumours like those; Da Hye replies that she’s angry, but she’s angry mostly at him, since he promised her he would tell her what happened to her husband, and wonders if she did anything wrong.

Hae Joon tells her that her contemplating whether her husband killed himself is wrong already as that implies she didn’t know him at all, and that is the reason he hates her now.


Reflection Corner :


Hong Nan is carrying the torch of this show! I keep loving her more and more each episode.

The way she can switch from being caring and supportive towards both Yi Yeon and her “teammates” to bring forth the tough and brash layer of bringing down any obstacles is amazing.

I liked how at ease she seemed to be while cooking and how everything came back to her like not a single day has passed, since she was giving the “boil it lightly!” advice. Her similarities with Gi Tak come on surface more and more though, so I wonder who will be the one to “uncover” her identity first.


I thought Yi Yeon figured out something, from Hong Nan scratching her butt in typical Gi-Tak-fashion, (lol)  but it was just a rehearsal for a scene. (or maybe?!) Hong Nan’s expression afterwards was hilarious though! (Yeon Seo is great in this role, for real!)

Hae Joon showed his jealousy colors this time, and damn was he acting like an angry teenager!


I felt like he should have trusted more his wife and his friend, but I can get how that hugging-image might have messed up with his mind.

Despite that, he still made progress on acquiring useful info in relevance with his “suicide” so hopefully this is the first step on clearing his name, and can put Da Hye’s mind at ease, because boy does she need it.


Onwards to episode 6 then!



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