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Watashi Wo Hanasanaide Episode 8

Never Let Me Go Ep 8 Synopsis : Miwa opens up to Kyoko before her difficult operation takes place.

Recap – Summary :

Kyoko wonders whatever happened to Yoko, and Tomo thinks that it became a “regular school” such as the one his carer told him to, where kids don’t get proper education but have to learn many things on their own.

Since they can’t access the school, they search around for a place to sit but Miwa nearly collapses and Kyoko thinks they should head back; Miwa doesn’t want to, and Tomo tells Kyoko that she would think like Miwa if she had started the donations herself, persuading her to find a spot where they can settle down before they return.

Miwa notices that the food Kyoko brought was the one in the menu for Yoko’s anniversary foundation; this prompts everyone to talk about old times, and they wonder what was the purpose of keeping treasure boxes, as Miwa admits she threw her box away that time. Kyoko and Tomo both still have kept theirs, and upon seeing how they chat together happily, Miwa says she wants to walk a bit on her own, in an effort to give them some space.

After having wandered for a bit, she pulls out the thing she had designed and wonder if she should leave it somewhere around, but is soon captured by a Yoko security guard, who later alerts Kyoko of that.

Tomo and Kyoko are being guided to the room where Miwa is, and on their way, they realize how much things have changed in there, encountering kids that barely talk or have fun.

The headmaster asks Kyoko if she’s Miwa’s carer and she confirms that, showing both their Ids, but when Tomo is asked and cannot provide an ID, Kyoko covers for him, stating she brought him along because it was Miwa’s last wish, and takes the responsibility.

The headmaster urges them all to return immediately, but before they exit the institute, Kyoko encounters a kid that looks exactly like she did, when she was young; she asks her name, but the kid is unable to speak.

Miwa says that the kid was nothing like Kyoko, but Kyoko replies that they share the same roots and she feel grateful to Yoko now that she didn’t turn up like this, something Tomo agrees with.

Before Tomo returns to the center he thanks Miwa for coming up with the idea to meet together but before he bids goodbye to her, Miwa confesses that she never truly liked him, and she only got together with him as that would prevent Kyoko for doing so. She says she didn’t want to be left alone and apologizes for that- she then gives Tomo the address of Emiko-sensei, and urge both him and Kyoko to apply for the extension.

On their way back, Miwa tells Kyoko that after she left the cottage, Tomo didn’t stop drawing and she felt like if there was an extension, he should have a chance after working so hard; Kyoko hopes the rumour is true and then asks Miwa if she has any other wish, to which Miwa replies she wants Kyoko to stay with her in her room, until the operation day.

Emiko sensei is seen in her office, checking a picture of what seems to be her child, which looks exactly like her.

The days pass by with Kyoko and Miwa spending time together having fun while Tomo is focused on drawing something- Katou asks Kyoko if she’s having fun these days, and she admits that she does, but it is kind of sad how it had to be only now that this happened.

Kyoko asks Miwa what happened to the sculpture she was gonna make, but Miwa replies that she threw it away as it wasn’t anything worthy; she then asks Kyoko if she had kept the old drawings from their art classroom days, and Kyoko says she has some of them stored in her treasure box. Miwa asks her to see the treasure box, as the last thing before she has the surgery.

A sad Kyoko gathers all the stuff in the treasure box as Miwa’s operation day arrives; on their way to the hospital, Kyoko puts the Never Let Me Go cd to play and Miwa hums its rhythm aloud; Kyoko jokingly comments she sucks at humming something that makes them both laugh.

Kyoko reveals to Miwa all the stuff she has in her treasure box, as they both remember their childhood days together through them; Kyoko tells Miwa that she was surprised to find that most of her stuff in there, belonged to her- Miwa seems touched by that and goes on to confess how she always wanted to be like Kyoko and take her good traits. But since she never managed to do that, she thought that keeping her by her side forever, would give her the strength she needed.

She never needed a treasure box, since her treasure couldn’t fit there, but before she’s able to finish her sentence the nurses come to get her; Kyoko pleads with them to give her one last moment and tries to calm down Miwa who is visibly shaken but Miwa is taken away immediately.

Miwa screams Kyoko’s name on her way to the operation room, and Kyoko rushes to her side, trying to comfort her by saying that she’s doing a great task on saving someone’s else life right now;  she needs to fulfill her role as “angel” and she should do it with pride, as she will be watching her from afar.

Kyoko watches Miwa’s operation reciting in her mind Emiko’s words about their task, and shortly after Miwa dies.

The next day, while Kyoko cleans Miwa’s vacant room now, someone from the staff brings her Miwa’s trash and asks her to arrange them properly; Kyoko finds Miwa’s last art piece and she slowly pieces it back together; it is revealed to be two hands holding each other, as Kyoko thinks about Miwa’s bad traits but her kind soul was revealed through the sculpture.

Tomo’s carer informs him that Kyoko accepted his request to become his new carer, as Tomo says that he never liked drawing, but he’s happy he can now draw, as he looks upon his drawing of Miwa and Kyoko as children sleeping next to each other- he thinks back to what Miwa told him about getting an extension as he looks to the address she gave him.

The next day, Kyoko arrives at Tomo’s center; they hug as Kyoko tells him that everything up until that point led her there,  and they end up sleeping together.

Kyoko is determined to get the extension and spend more time together with Tomo, while Emiko sensei is seen burning the photo of her daughter.


Reflection Corner :

“If you were there, if I could be like this, I was calm; just that, made me feel like I could be stronger. That treasure box, I didn’t need it. Because my treasure, wouldn’t fit in a box.”


Ahhh, this episode takes the saddest crown which says a lot, considering it is Watashi wo Hanasanaide!

Miwa finally let her honest feelings come out and it was heartbreaking to think that she had so much love to give, and waited until the final moment to reveal all of it; she was quite a handful, but like I have stated already in previous recaps, I just couldn’t bring myself to hate her or resent her because it was obvious that all of her petty malice came from her insecurities and inner doubt. She needed Kyoko in her life so desperately, that she had to resort to nasty measures to accomplish that, and it was only until the end, she figured out that her way of loving Kyoko wasn’t right.


She needed to apologize for her actions though, and she did that- and then some. Her last effort to bring Kyoko and Tomo was commendable (and successful at that) and I couldn’t help but think “Miwaaaaa, why did you wait so freaking late to fix things? I want ALL of you to be happy and dance in Never Let Me Go’s rhyyyythm.” (even though you “suck at it! ;p)


Speaking of Never Let Me Go.. that scene where Miwa was holding on to Kyoko for dear life, reciting that line, and then flipping out only for Kyoko to come to her aid and calm her down, was an absolute emotional mare!

But whether Kyoko believed or not in her own speech (I’m not sure if she really did or it was a way to console Miwa in her last moments- I get the sense she did believe it though, and was grateful in a way towards Yoko, seeing as Miwa, Tomo and her got the chance to experience things, unlike those kids they met) her words got through Miwa, who ended up leaving this world with a serene expression on her face; her last days were filled with happiness, knowing that Kyoko was right beside her.


Kyoko and Tomo getting together was a great scene, but honestly,  I was so drained from Miwa’s scenes prior that I could only silently think of a “yay everyone’s efforts didn’t go in vain”…but did they? Does this extension even exist?


Either way, Kyoko and Tomo will get to spend their last days together, so that is an accomplishment of its own.

So, goodbye to Miwa that managed to redeem herself (wonderful portrayal by Asami!) and moved Tomo, Kyoko and us in tears! It’s long , long goodbye..



Well, one down, two to go! (that applies to episodes and for our trioooo ; __;) Onwards to episode 9 then!

Disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to menimienaiono @ LJ


ETA – sorry for the non comments section guys in this entry guys- it was the first post I did when we transferred and I messed up somewhere and disabled the comments permanently for this entry, shiiiiz. oh well.

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