Dramajjang 2.0 successfully launched! (well, sort of…!)


Dramajjang 2.0 launch!

(lol I don’t know why I got Misato’s “Evangelion 02 lauuuuunch!” on my mind while I was writing the entry title)

Anyways, dramajjang is back guys! We’re still not 100% ready yet, as we have to add some finishing touches here and there (you’re gonna encounter some slight alterations in the coming days, header change&sidebar changes etc) and modify some pages (check the new about page! That one is all ready and pretty and stuff!) but we’re ready to start posting again. (we need to enable comments though, so we’ll get back to that in the next hours as well!)

Without further ado, I’m off to post my Watashi wo Hanasanaide + Itsukoi recap, so I can get back to catching up properly with my weekly coverage schedule the next couple days.

Kwon is gonna post his own recaps soon, after he’s done getting some sleep as he spent half day yesterday transferring all the files on the new site and he was sleep-dizzy all day.

Hanakimi is still on hiatus, but might post something soon as well.

Thanks for the support and for being patient everyone! ; )

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