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Descendants of the Sun Episode 2 Recap

“I think we are bumping into each other as we pass by.”


Mo Yeon and Shi Jin’s first date didn’t blossom since he had to leave. Shortly after, Mo Yeon had a conversation with Sang Hyun about Special Forces’ nature and if one gets shot by a gun or picked up by a helicopter quite often, but he reassured her that things like that don’t happen in the Korean army.


Shi Jin, Dae Young and their team were transferred to Afghanistan where they had to save two hostages. The Korean and US teams were practicing, but one of Shi Jin’s men made a mistake that would put them in grave danger had the mission been real.

The US team leader was enraged and insulted the Korean team. Soon enough a combat erupted between Shi Jin and the US team captain in order to decipher one another’s skills. The US captain was stronger whereas Shi Jin was faster with his own maneuvering attacks, but they got separated in order to focus on the mission.

Mo Yeon was having a conversation with Ji Soo and she was certain that she would become a professor at the hospital after having worked so hard. It would be her third attempt, but Eun Ji appeared and ruined her mood. Eun Ji may not be a skillful surgeon, but she has connections!

Inside the operating room, Eun Ji informed Mo Yeon that she would be in charge of the surgery and Mo Yeon would be her assistant. She kept doing mistakes one after the other and the patient was in danger, but thanks to Mo Yeon the surgery was successful and the patient survived. In the meantime, the Korean and the US teams were trying to save the hostages and Shi Jin’s team didn’t only rescue them, but he also protected the US team from getting harmed by a trap.


Hee Eun is pregnant and she informed Mo Yeon that Chi Hoon had proposed to her. She was so happy showing her ring to Mo Yeon, but soon enough Chi Hoon appeared and pretended that he had to talk about something patient-related with Mo Yeon! He had lost his ring, but he eventually found it and he could be happy anew.

Mo Yeon was having a conversation with Ji Soo who pointed out that Hee Eun could have gotten pregnant somewhere inside the hospital, making Mo Yeon think of the hospital’s erotic side! Mo Yeon was staring at Shi Jin’s x-ray since it was the only “picture” of him in her possession and everything she had witnessed so far was making her think that he could be a spy.


Mo Yeon was heading back home to get ready for her date with Shi Jin, but he was already outside of the hospital waiting for her! She was feeling quite awkward because she didn’t want him to see her in that condition, but she eventually let him drive her back home in order for her to get ready.


Mo Yeon would wash her hair and Shi Jin would order some food, but while she was at it the water got cut off. She pretended that she had washed her hair, but Shi Jin had already seen the water cut-off notice and he could easily tell why she needed the water from the fridge.


Mo Yeon was already aware of Shi Jin’s teasing spirit, but she eventually let him know that she was thinking of him and the same applied to him! She was thankful towards him for being gentle upon her when it comes to the hair-washing incident, but he eventually teased her anew!

Watching a movie together was the next phase of their date. Mo Yeon’s favorite part of being at the cinema was right before the lights are turned off, but Shi Jin pointed out that he was experiencing the most exciting moment of his life with a beautiful lady by his side right before the lights going off! An age-oriented conversation started taking place and Mo Yeon pointed out that she was older than him. Their playful attitude was ruined by a phone call and Shi Jin had to return to the camp. He was apologetic for having to leave and promised that everything would be fine the next time. Mo Yeon wasn’t at her finest and she intended to watch the movie on her own, but she received a phone call too and headed towards the hospital.

Eun Ji was the one who got chosen for the position and Mo Yeon’s colleagues were enraged at the fact that connections over skill did the talking.

Mo Yeon demanded explanations from her professor since she couldn’t accept the fact that she didn’t earn the position she deserved, but he made sure she’d understand that he didn’t have any obligation to pass her and that his decision was definitive. EunJi arrived and informed Mo Yeon that she’d replace her on a TV show since Eun Ji wanted to celebrate/ Eun Ji kept boasting about her position while Mo Yeon didn’t earn anything and a catfight erupted! Soon enough, Mo Yeon’s colleagues separated them.


Later on that night Mo Yeon kept trying to learn her parts for the program while she was losing herself in tears.


Shi Jin’s team got informed by General Yoon that the moment for their 8-month “holiday” had arrived and the destination was Urk. Two weeks off would be enough for all of them to meet their loved ones.



Shi Jin couldn’t reach Mo Yeon on the phone and Ja Ae pointed toward the TV screen and he became aware of what was going on. He was entranced by her beauty and Mo Yeon had already started dominating the program!

He was waiting for her outside of her house and they went out. Shi Jin was apologetic for leaving in the middle of their previous date, but he couldn’t reveal anything about what he does and where he goes to. Being unable to have a proper conversation about what he really does was an issue Mo Yeon couldn’t overcome. However, judging from his gunshot wound was proving that he doesn’t only get shot, but he also shoots at others. Mo Yeon laid emphasis on the fact that she fights for life inside an operating room whereas Shi Jin protects others through death. Shi Jin pointed out that he’s just a soldier following orders. All along the way, he’s also lost comrades, but he keeps protecting people his own way while preserving peace and freedom for the people of his country. Mo Yeon believes that every life is sacred and it’s above any value and ideology. Shi Jin didn’t live up to her expectations and they parted ways in a civilized way.

Shi Jin and Dae Young were taking a shower, but both of them avoided to answer on whether they met Mo Yeon and Myung Joo respectively!

Shi Jin’s team has reached its destination, Urk! While Shi Jin was relaxing one of his men found a missile on the ground, but Shi Jin didn’t want to follow the procedures even at the cost of taking full responsibility! Byung Soo scolded Shi Jin who put the blame on Dae Young who didn’t prevent him from doing something he wasn’t supposed to! Running and running and running was their punishment and even their men were making fun of them!

Mo Yeon was building her own empire on screen, but while being at the hospital she would have to cope with her VIP patients’ quirky issues! Mo Yeon bought some food in order to treat her colleagues and Sang Hyun kept praising her. He eventually revealed that he was the one who had left a positive comment for her! Eun Ji wasn’t pleased with the love Mo Yeon was receiving and there was tension between them. Mo Yeon pointed out that Eun Ji was utterly useless and definitely not a skillful doctor whereas Mo Yeon was busy all the time!

She went at the hospital’s helipad and kept recalling the moment Shi Jin left along with their conversation inside her living room. She had calculated pretty much everything in order for the candle to make her look prettier and she had pointed out that she looked pretty even in her surgical gown! At the present, Mo Yeon had no time to keep an eye on her looks.

Gi Beom had enlisted in the army and he was digging a drain, but he was too slow in Shi Jin’s eyes! The moment he tried to show him how to do it the shovel broke and his hand got hurt. That was the moment Shi Jin realized who he really was after Gi Beom wrote on his hand his own diagnosis!

At the bar, Shi Jin and Gi Beom were enjoying the presence of a woman, but once Ye Hwa arrived and received a gun they got scared to death! Shi Jin disarmed her, but once he divided the pistol in different parts she could finally get it back and leave. The barwoman informed Dae Young and Shi Jin that they wouldn’t find anything about Ye Hwa from her since they were neither selling women nor information at the bar.

Mo Yeon was having a conversation with her colleagues and once the chairman arrived he informed her that they would dine together later on. Everyone was excited on how things would turn out, but once Mo Yeon arrived at his apartment everything became more apparent and unpleasant at the same time. He wanted to spend the night with her and he was straight forward about it, but Mo Yeon was straight forward as well and she ended up hitting him with her bag!

Mo Yeon was concerned about what would happen to her and Ji Soo couldn’t necessarily comfort her. The chairman wanted to form an Urk volunteering team, but he had decided to send Mo Yeon and her colleagues!

Shi Jin was already aware of Mo Yeon’s forthcoming arrival and he pointed out to Dae Young that they keep bumping into each other while passing by.

Mo Yeon and her colleagues had arrived at Urk’s international airport and once the chairman called on the phone Mo Yeon laid emphasis on the fact that she had her own connections as well. Once everything’s over she intends to throw her resignation letter on his face.

The helicopter arrived and Mo Yeon didn’t expect to see Shi Jin there, but he passed her by as if she wasn’t there.


~ Thoughts ~


The second episode was the harbinger of what would follow as it brought our main couple closer together yet apart while everything was still in the making. It was a conflict of ideals and beliefs that put a temporary halt to what was blooming. It wouldn’t have the time to breathe anyway since Shi Jin would find himself at the 8-month “holiday” and Mo Yeon would be too busy building her connections as the hospital’s public figure when it comes to the TV program and her VIP patients. Witnessing my darling, Jeon Soo Jin, made my heart bigger by one centimeter!

It was the episode in which one of the most ill-natured forms of self-advancement made its appearance with Eun Ji shamelessly stealing Mo Yeon’s position. It’s always about connections and it didn’t really matter that Eun Ji would never have the skills to become doctor. It was more than apparent during the surgery and if Mo Yeon wasn’t there the patient could have passed away. Mo Yeon’s hard work throughout the years didn’t bring the outcome she was craving for and all this injustice was the reason why she laid emphasis on strengthening her image and leaving behind the operating room.


Shi Jin hadn’t changed, he was the same straight forward and quirky guy we had witnessed during the first episode. He was steadily diving into Mo Yeon’s world to eventually accept the differences between them, something that would make them walk upon their own pathways. However, in the world of dramas there’s something that is as common as falling asleep and waking up, the fated crossroads! Soon enough, Mo Yeon and Shi Jin would meet anew, but at the international airport of Uruk this time, after Mo Yeon maintained her integrity and tasted just a glimpse of power abuse on the disgusting chairman’s behalf.

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