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Kaito Yamaneko Episode 7

Kaitou Tantei Yamaneko Ep 7 Synopsis : Yamaneko uncovers the truth of who’s behind Ouroboros.

Recap – Summary :

Inui is desperately trying to find where Hideo is hiding so he can uncover Yamaneko while Hideo is at WildCat n.2 bar, (as Yamaneko points out!) the backup location, in case of emergency.

Rikako asks Yamaneko to reveal what was his plan, and he tells of the trap he set for Kenichiro, which revealed that he might be possibly behind Ouroboros, as he’s gaining from Serpent and Kyoubukai fighting each other. Shugo enters the new bar, complaining he was left out but says that Kenichiro might not be the leader behind Ouroboros, as he was threatened by them when he decided to open a casino, but someone much worse than him.

Yamaneko meets Shugo and wants to know exactly what is going on between him, Kenichiro and Tenmei- Shugo reveals that he and Kenichiro go way back, since he was a bodyguard for Tenmei, and Kenichiro was his secretary. They had to part ways 20 years ago, citing this as the date that Yamaneko’s fate was decided. Yamaneko wants to know more, but Shugo says that he can’t reveal everything yet, but his interests lie on the same side.

Inui asks Sakura to relay a message to Hideo, that he’s on hold of a footage, that shows Ouroboros killing the Kyoubukai member that could clear his name and wants to meet, but Yamaneko fears that it might be a trap.

Hideo meets Sakura (in a flashy outfit Yamaneko picked for him, as he thought it’d be less ricky to stand out from the crowd rather than go ordinary!) and he tells her that he had to escape so he could buy time to prove his innocence. Sakura wishes he trusted her more and asks him if he’s connected to Yamaneko; Hideo promises they will have a talk about it someday, as Inui appears and goes after Hideo.

Sakura bumps into an old woman, so Inui catches Hideo all alone, but he manages to escape after Sakura fires a warning shot in the air. Inui isn’t happy she helped Hideo, and tells her that he isn’t an ordinary man as she thinks, revealing the transmitter he put on him while they were struggling.

Hideo and Mao are disappointed that Inui didn’t fall for the transmitter, but Yamaneko reveals that when he bumped into Sakura as an old woman prior, he successfully put his own transmitter to her bag.

Shugo asks Kenichiro what his true goal is, and Kenichiro says he wants to become a “savior” and devote his life to his country; Shugo remarks that the Kyoubukai and Serpent fighting each other, would eventually affect many aspects of people’s daily lives and a “savior” is the one that would benefit the most.

Akamatsu manages to escape and gives Yamaneko all the Ouroboros data she acquired through Kenichiro’s computer, which happens to coincide with the info Inui has.

Yamaneko orders an unhappy Hideo to act as bait for Ouroboros yet again (but with some fascinating new “weapons” in his disposal!) and when Hideo is captured, he confirms that Ouroboros has 5 executives that carry our the murders, ordered from a higher up.

Sakura finds out about Hideo being in danger through Yamaneko’s transmitter in her bag, but she’s nearly captured herself before Inui saves both her and Hideo.

Akamatsu obtains the fund Ouroboros has hidden while Yamaneko pays a visit to Kenichiro, who’s revealed he’s wathing through a camera what is going on in the Ouroboros hideout.

Yamaneko had already figured out that Kenichiro was behind Ouroboros, in order to divide Kyoubukai and Serpent so he could establish the casino, and if this plan failed, he would “seize” Ouroboros himself, and be seen as a savior that prevented Tokyo from being a hostage to an outlaw team.

Kenichiro admits to it, adding that people of Japan have lost their way and he will be the one to lead them back in the righteous path, unaware that Yamaneko is broadcasting him live with the help of Mao and a hidden camera. (that pixelates his face of course!)

Outrage sparks between the citizens who demand an apology from Kenichiro and feel betrayed by him, while Kenichiro insists his way is right but ends up taking a poison pill to kill himself; Yamaneko has replaced the pill however, and tells Kenichiro that if his way is right, he should live enough to prove it.

Shugo arrives a bit later and takes Kenichiro with him, before he’s officially arrested to give one last drive before they head to the station; Kenichiro wonders if his method was wrong and if his life is now all but over, as Shugo urges him to live no matter what, but indirectly gives him a gun which Kenichiro kills himself with.

The next day, the media are covering Kenichiro’s death while Hideo returns to the WildCat agency, a free man now; he tells Rikako he had help from Shugo who later came to be on suspension because Kenichiro committed suicide in his car.

Mao and Yamaneko head to Hosoda’s old factory to find out what lies in the underground passage- Yamaneko tells Mao not to follow him, but wait for him outside as he makes his way into a seemingly empty room. He finds a Marufuku gold coin on the floor, and moments later Tenmei appears in front of him.


Reflection Corner :


Well, this episode laid down the foundation for the impending final battle against Tenmei.


And now, I’m (yet again) confused again with Kenichiro’s role? BRO WHERE DOES YOUR ALLIANCE LIE?! I’m getting whiplash every week with that character lool. He seemed to look out for Kenichiro, only to indirectly give him the last push to kill himself. He seemed to look out for Yamaneko only to lie to him about his true connection with Tenmei. (?) Is he planning to take Tenmei down on his own? Does he want to be his new henchman? Ugh, I don’t get it.


Kenichiro fell a victim of his own ambition; he might have had “good” intentions, (well, not really) but you know what they say about good intentions and paving the road to hell, huh? He got corrupted with greed, both money and power-wise and ended up paying the ultimate price.

“They want a world, in which they can live and smile; for those who want to create a country, shouldn’t that be the core?”


Yamaneko’s core question came back again, (well, it never went away haha) and this time it included his hope to see the people of his country smile and live with their heads up high.  Man, I love this character so much; he can be a bastard at times, but he’s an honorable bastard!


Also, it’s still nice to see how he can be affectionate to his comrades, through subtle gestures, such as not letting Mao join him in the underground passage, because he wasn’t sure if it was dangerous- these kind of subtleties get me right in the teammate-feels!

Tenmei appearing like an enemy in Tenchu from behind was sort of expected, but it was still a bit scary; he does have the final boss vibe!

There’s still lot to uncover about Yamaneko’s past (what did happen 20 yrs ago and where was Yamaneko held hostage a few years back?) but we’re getting into the final episodes, so there will be answers coming our way and I can’t wait. Yamaneko team shall be victorious!


Onwards to episode 8 then!


disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to youkaisubs @ LJ

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  1. March 4, 2016 at 11:50 pm — Reply

    Thank you for your recaps. It takes awhile for me to find the episodes subbed and my Japanese is not good enough to catch all the fun lines. I do love Yamaneko even though he can be such a jerk. He is, at heart, a good guy and I can’t wait to find out what happened to him in the past.

    • March 5, 2016 at 12:02 am — Reply

      Youkai subs are pretty consistent in their subbing, (usually a day before the new episode airs) you should visit the link I always add at the end of my entries.

      He’s a pleasure to watch, yeah; I can’t wait to see flashbacks as well, the past will get revealed in the next episodes, so I’m eagerly anticipating!

  2. kws
    March 14, 2016 at 10:39 am — Reply

    good episode!

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