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Come Back Ajusshi Episode 4 Recap


Come Back Mister Ep 4 Synopsis : Hae Joon seems to adjust to his new life better than Hong Nan, who meets a few difficulties and is having second thoughts about coming back.

Recap – Summary :

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Hae Joon asks Han Na if she’s okay, and when she nods positively, she tells her to stand up then, as this is what her father used to say. Hong Nan, calls the number she had memorized and confirms her hypothesis as one of Jae Kook’s men picks up from the other line.

Han Na tells Hae Joon that her father would never commit suicide and leave her behind, and there’s no way he would spend money on something if he planned something like this. Hae Joon is secretly proud of his daughter’s thinking when Da Hye enters the office and is angry at her daughter for being there instead of school- Hae Joon protects Han Na from her mother outburst, and Da Hye apologizes to her daughter crying, as Han Na does the same.

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Hae Joon finds himself in the roof where is soon joined by Hong Nan who’s happy that she confirmed Jae Kook is the culprit; Hae Joon recites the moment he took his last breath, and wonders if he was sad, hurt and angry as he can’t recall what he felt. Hong Nan is sure that those were the feelings he experienced, since she experienced the same. Hae Joon promises he will find out the truth, so his wife and daughter won’t have to go through trouble again.

Hae Joon gives a ride to Da Hye and Han Na and helps Han Na who has fallen asleep back in her room; before he leaves, he asks her if she believes that Young Soo committed suicide, but she replies it doesn’t matter what she thinks, since Young Soo is dead one way or the other.

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Hong Nan wants to spend the night in Yi Yeon’s house but Seung Jae won’t let her; he’s taken aback when she embarrasses him, as she tells him that he knows of his circumcision in the school but then tells him that Gi Tak trusted him with his life, more than anyone else.

Suk Chul scolds Yi Yeon for her actions in SunJin and she accuses him of working for Jae Kook; he doesn’t deny that, and he informs her that it’s him that he’s indirectly paying for everything she has left right now, and she should Jae Kook full custody of their son, all while revealing to her Jae Kook’s involvement in Gi Tak’s death. Hong Nan interrupts their conversation, and when she sees Suk Chul she gets angry, but Seung Jae covers for her, introducing her to Suk Chul as his sister, who is willing to work there as an errand girl.

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Suk Chul leaves the house after advising Yi Yeon to accept a role in an adult movie to pay back her debt while she’s left dejected; she attempts to drink from a whiskey bottle but Hong Nan stops her and urges her to be stronger. Yi Yeon thanks her for everything but asks her to leave and never meet again, as she wants to forget everything that had to do with Gi Tak.

Hong Nan is startled at her words, and Yi Yeon smashes her glass on the wall, ordering Hong Nan to leave. Seung Jae tries to approach Hong Nan before she leaves, but she waves for him not to, and thinks that she shouldn’t have come back afterall.

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Hae Joon meets Chairman Cha as his “son”, and he’s ordered to increase the sales within the next two months; Jae Kook tells Hae Joon that he will never be accepted as a legitimate heir and he should go back to States, but Hae Joon replies that he’s gonna try this best, and he will leave only if he fails.

Hong Nan is down after Yi Yeon threw her out of the house and wonders why she even came back, while thinking to return- Maya appears on the cellphone screen but Hong Nan says that she’s not ready to return afterall, and she should stop monitoring her 24/7!

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She goes back to the restaurant’s old roof and reminisces about the good old times with the gang and then enters into the old apartment but her visit is cut short as Suk Chul makes his way there. He brags to Gi Tak about how far he’s come, until the electricity goes out, and Hong Nan finds the chance to escape under the guise of a ghost!

Seung Jae appears, and tells Hong Nan that she should keep out of trouble, and he won’t be able to save her every time; Hong Nan is happy that Seung Jae has her back but her expression of gratitude makes him feel uneasy!

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They visit Gi Tak’s “grave” which is next to a tree, as Seung Jae explains that Gi Tak didn’t have an immediate family to hold a memorial for him; he implies that he should have been with him the day he died, but Hong Nan replies that it’s a relief he wasn’t, since he could have been hurt. Seung Jae reveals that he’s gonna avenge Gi Tak and waits for the right moment to do that.

Hae Joon meets his new place that’s full of comforts and is excited, when Hong Nan calls him, informing him she has no place to sleep for the night.

She takes shelter in Hae Joon’s place, and recites to him how Yi Yeon wants to erase Gi Tak from her mind, but at least Seung Jae hasn’t forgotten him. She ends up passing out on the floor as Hae Joon tries to wake her up.

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The next morning, Hong Nan walks around the house naked much to Hae Joon’s surprise!

Hae Joon gets into his new office, as a line of female workers follow him around, wondering who is the lucky woman to be assigned as his secretary; Hae Joon gets back at Sang Sik’s horrible behavior from old times, by making him bring him coffee repeatedly when Hong Nan arrives- Sang Sik informs Jae Kook that Hae Joon brought a woman to the office and they have been going out together for some time.

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Hae Joon takes Hong Nan to the store Da Hye works, and asks for her help to pick some clothes for his friend- Hong Nan isn’t happy with the clothes but complies to Hae Joon’s requests (despite him being ready not to pay when he heard the price!) who later tries to teach her to be elegant but to no avail. Hong Nan notes that she has seen Da Hye before though, but can’t recall where.

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Yi Yeon visits the producer that was supposed to do a movie with her, but he reveals to her that he can’t give her any role, since the investor, Sunjin group, doesn’t want her in any upcoming projects; the director of the movie calls Yi Yeon, and seems to want to give her an opportunity though.

In the Sunjin conference room, Hae Joon announces he plans to get to the bottom of what happened with Young Soo, as he doesn’t want the store to be associated with a man who took bribes and committed suicide, so they have to get to the truth soon.

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Hae Joon shows a video of the people who saw Young Soo that day- the Lucia president, the taxi driver and the SunJin guard of that day. The first two attested that Young Soo couldn’t have killed himself that day, while the guard didn’t want anything to add but it’s revealed that he quit his job the next day. (and with Hong Nan’s help, Hae Joon confirms that the rooftop camera was smashed and that is why there was no footage of what happened)

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Hae Joon reveals Young Soo’s physical examination, recounting all the hard work Young Soo did on his own that resulted in a very bad health, all that while Da Hye listens as she had entered the room to bring beverages to the staff- he blames the company for overworking him and asks for a compensation for his family.

Jae Kook replies that if there was any sign of the company indirectly driving Young Soo to his death, then his wife wouldn’t work there; he directly asks Da Hye if she thinks the company killed her husband who is trembling at everything she had heard.

Hae Joon (the original) is still on the island, and tries to help the man with him, who wakes up and asks Hae Joon who he is.


Reflection Corner :


By the way, was the world we lived in so lovely?


Ahhh, the appreciation that comes after you have lost something…and ended up dead! I found their convo on the roof quite telling, because all the hurt and frustration does hit you like a newfound clarity, usually when it’s too late, sadly.


I like how we see the ajusshi-s again, even in tiny fragments like this- it’s nice to keep it balanced in needed moments such as this one.


(and of course they had to be present again, when Young Soo/Hae Joon was teaching Hong Nan/Gi Tak how to be “an elegant lady!”)


I’m here for Seung Jae and Hong Nan bonding! It was obvious that he was faithful to his boss and he only faked to be Suk Chul’s lackey, but still to see the confirmation upon Gi Tak’s grave was great.


I feel like Seung Jae might be the first to find out that Hong Nan = Gi Tak, possibly when he starts to develop some sort of liking towards her and Hong Nan will have to reveal her identity (does this mean Gi Tak will return to heaven for rule violation?!) but there’s still a long way for that.


Jae Kook continues to be an asshole,  but now he is asshole level 90 that he shoved a little girl on the side! Hae Joon/Young Soo took a step this episode to expose the dirty deeds of the company, but I’m afraid that Da Hye doesn’t have much of a say but to agree with him, so Hae Joon will have to take more drastic measures.


The upside part, is he has a great companion with him, as Hong Nan/Gi Tak is ready to help him take him down! (that is, when she doesn’t walk around naked in the apartment!)

Onwards to episode 5 then!

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    the rooftop scene was so poignant! your screencap of it was my favorite line. i really love all of the ajusshis scenes.
    i delayed starting this one for personal reasons but i’m so glad i gave it a shot….love it to pieces and it’s so well constructed for all it’s craziness with the characters!
    i think it’s interesting that both of the struggling survivor women have champions to their left they don’t know about….Seung Jae for Yi Yeon, and Young Soo’s former assistant (i don’t recall his name but hopefully you know who i’m talking about) for Da Hye. i foresee some bittersweetness down the road.

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