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Watashi Wo Hanasanaide Episode 7

Never Let Me Go Ep 7 Synopsis : Miwa asks Kyoko to return back to Yoko for one last time, and sends a letter to Tomo to join them as well.

Recap – Summary :

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Tama asks Kyoko if she will become Tomo’s carer but Kyoko tells her that she is Miwa’s carer and things have been going well for them lately; Tama is happy to hear that and asks Kyoko to become her own carer when she starts the donations herself.

Kyoko finds a donor-notification but it is proven to be a false alarm; this prompts her to think about what to do with the time she has left and how she would want to leave this world, while Tomo is still waiting for a new carer to be appointed to him.

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Kyoko brings Miwa some drawing tools and materials, since Miwa wants to make something; she asks Kyoko to return the dvd she watched the other day, but Kyoko finds the CD that Tomo gave her inside the dvd case, and wonders what is Miwa up to.

Tomo is notified that a carer is there for him, and he thinks that it is Kyoko but is let down to find out it isn’t.

Kyoko talks with Katou, one of the donors she’s taking care of, about her situation with Miwa and the CD. He tells her that maybe Miwa is trying to let her know indirectly about the bad things she did, now that her time is running out, and he understands that as he’s in a similar position.

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The next day, Kyoko learns that Miwa will have to undergo 3 surgeries simultaneously; this essentially means that her body won’t be able to withstand longer, but to her surprise Miwa is not angry by the news, but rather seems resigned to her fate.

Upon seeing that, Kyoko wants to talk about the CD as she thinks Miwa intended for that- Miwa replies that this is one thing she returned to her but is not up for conversing more and heads to the cafeteria where she thinks that will have to hurry.

Tomo talks with his new carer, and finds out that she was in a school that kids had to learn basic things on their own, unlike Yoko where they were taught all those.

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Miwa tells Kyoko that she wants to go back to Yoko along with her and Tomo- Kyoko notes that Yoko is now demolished. Miwa knows that but she wants to go one last time there and tells  Kyoko that she should grant that wish for her, since she’s her carer.

Kyoko manages to get permission for Miwa to have an outing before she gets into surgery and Miwa writers a letter to Tomo, to tell of her plan but the letter arrives at a bad time, when Tomo is struggling with his condition and it gets left behind.

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After a few days, Miwa is done with all her check-ups and examinations but hasn’t received a letter back from Tomo. Kyoko says that he might have not gotten a permission to get an outing and that is why he didn’t reply, but Miwa replies that a lot of things happened after Kyoko left the cottage and maybe he doesn’t want to see her anymore. Kyoko doesn’t think that Tomo is someone to keep a grudge as Miwa tells Kyoko that she was the one that knew Tomo the best afterall.

A few moments later, Kyoko receives a letter by Tomo’s carer, who explains the situation and how Tomo couldn’t write because he had some problems but he wants to meet both of them. There’s not a date in the letter, but Kyoko finds there’s a drawing inside the letter with seemingly the three of them sitting around a table laughing; the drawing has a date mark which means Tomo will be waiting for them at the time he had signed, as Miwa is touched by his drawing.

The next day, Kyoko talks with Katou and how she didn’t expect for Miwa to cry for another person, and that she might actually have changed. Katou asks her if she’s gonna meet Tomo and Kyoko says that she will. He wishes her good luck before he has to go for surgery.

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On their way to Tomo’s center, Miwa reveals to Kyoko that shortly after she left, Tomo and her broke up. She goes on about how he never took an interest in anyone else, but only to Hana who he met in the caring center after years, and she might have taught him how to draw that good. Miwa remarks how Hana and Kyoko were similar in many ways, while Kyoko thinks that people in generally are similar when it comes down to it.

Miwa confesses that she wanted to anger Kyoko many times, as a result of her feeling angry most of the time, and that would put them in equal terms- Kyoko admits that she was angry with her a lot as Miwa seems relieved that their feelings are in the open now.

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After they arrive on center, Tomo immediately gets in the car and urges Kyoko to drive away, as he didn’t get permission to go out but he’s being helped by his friends there. Miwa says that breaking the rules might cost him, but he amusingly replies that the rules are meant to be broken, while Kyoko recites a similar line he said as a kid, remarking that he hasn’t changed afterall.

On their way to Yoko, they have fun in the car remembering the old times, as Kyoko narrates how they felt at the time that they would find something beautiful in Yoko’s old location- however, when they arrive they notice how Yoko is still there, but looks like a prison now.


Reflection Corner :


This was probably the slowest episode (in terms of pace) of all, but I guess it was necessary to give emphasis on the trio’s inner feelings, now that everyone’s time is limited- much more than ever.

I guess you could say, that it was a healing episode- and what do you know, it was Miwa who took the initiative to provide the opportunity for everyone’s emotional cleansing! (that means death flag alert level 99!)


She was the one to orchestrate things as usual, but this time it wasn’t a some petty jealousy scheme but a genuine effort to fix things and make the most of the time she has with Kyoko, along with an effort to mend things with Tomo as well. (and furthermore give Kyoko and Tomo time to patch things up too)

“In our whole lives while we go aimlessly wandering, our last day may come in a blink.”


Miwa’s epiphany might have come a tad too late and I guess “Too little, too late” could be in order here, but don’t we all do that? We only go after what we really want, when push comes to shove! WHY DO WE DO THAT <–that goes on the file with life’s greatest unanswered questions!


Tomo became quite the little artist after Kyoko left. Does this mean he never lost his hope of holding on to the Yoko rumour or maybe he actually started to enjoy drawing?


(this is TRULY a vintage pic! the 3 of them laughing, WHAAAT)

Either way, the sketch was very touching, and it kind of came true- even if it was for a little while, the three of them were happy being around each other. (even if it was inside a car instead of a coffee table lool, but actually the convos taking place on a roadtrip are the most memorable, aren’t they? ROADTRIP ftw!)

So, did Yoko Institute morph into the jail that it always has been or what?


The impending doom of the series is drawing closer, so let us hope that the healing emotional process will become complete before all’s taken away.

Onwards to episode 8 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to menimienamino @ LJ

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