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Moorim School Episode 14 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“All of our problems are within ourselves.
The answer you’re looking for will definitely be inside of you.”


Moo Song kept recalling Shi Woo’s words and everything was gradually falling into place. Chae Yoon wanted to meet Moo Song in order to find out what had happened 18 years ago and he asked Luna to find Bong San for him.


Shi Woo informed Soon Deok over the phone that the students would eventually return to Moorim Institute and he kept urging her to stop worrying. He pointed out that sooner or later Seon Ah would feel better, as for Soon Deok, even though she was losing herself in her own thoughts she pretended that she was fine. She kept recalling Bang Deok’s words and kept reassuring Shi Woo that everything was fine while he was eagerly waiting for her return after being there for her father.

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Chi Ang was recalling the moment Soon Deok revealed that Wang Hao’s right hand man and Luna were the ones that had kidnapped her. His mother called him on the phone and he reassured her that he was fine, but Chi Ang asked her if she was trusting Wang Hao. Even though he didn’t know how to feel and express emotions, Chi Ang’s mother laid emphasis on the fact that he would always be his father no matter what and pointed out that Wang Hao loved Chi Ang in his own way. All Chi Ang’s mother wanted for her son was for him to be happy and he kept reassuring her that he was fine.

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Sang Man, Nadet and Dong Goo returned to Moorim Institute and Shi Woo greeted them! All of them were so happy to be back and Shi Woo was thankful for their return! Shannon ran away from her family, Nadet’s father thought that he was studying in Paris and Jenny was eager to put an end to Shannon’s hunger! The teachers were happy to see that the students were back while Yeob Jung was keeping an eye on them and informed Beop Gong right away. The time for him to start progressing his own plans had arrived.

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Seon Ah was lying in utter darkness inside her room, but Chi Ang let the light come in. Chi Ang had realized that Seon Ah was in a worse emotional state than him and he pointed out that even though he didn’t intend to forgive his own father, he had no other choice but to trust him because he was the one and only father in his life. All Chi Ang wanted to do for the time being was to open up the curtains for her, but he intended to help her move forward, one step at a time and he apologized on his father’s behalf.

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The students were informed them that the sense of freedom they were cherishing up to that moment would come to an end since Moo Song was no longer Moorim Institute’s dean. Kim Sook Yi would be the new martial arts professor and she directly accused Moo Song’s teaching methods for the failed competition. Learning how to defend themselves, but also becoming stronger, would be of major importance and the classes would follow one pathway; survival of the fittest. Only Yeob Jung applauded her speech while the rest of the students were left speechless.

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Daniel, Dae Ho and Yoo Di’s classes and liberties had been diminished and they couldn’t accept the sudden turn of events, but Beop Gong pointed out that they could leave anytime if they didn’t like the changes.

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Wang Hao’s right hand man ordered Luna to prevent Chae Yoon from meeting Moo Song at all costs, but she could let him meet Bong San since he wasn’t in contact with the child. Wang Hao’s right hand man was with the man Moo Song had met and told him that the child had been sent for adoption in the US, but he hadn’t told that to Moo Song.


Sook Yi informed Beop Gong that she had searched everywhere, but she was unable to find the Chintamani key. Beop Gong didn’t let her search inside the dormitories or Seon Ah’s room since Moo Song would never put Seon Ah’s life in danger and he kept trying to figure out what Moo Song’s plan could be.


Shi Woo informed Seon Ah on the forthcoming classes and the essence of the new professors. He urged her to start attending the classes and he unveiled his concerns now that Soon Deok wasn’t there and Chi Ang’s mind was lost in thoughts.


Soon Deok tried to talk about Moorim Institute with her father, but he decided to sleep right away instead of having a conversation with her. She wanted to ask him if Moorim Institute was related to losing his sight, but she told him to share his burden with her if it was too unbearable.

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Chi Ang was holding the butterfly pendant in his hand and as he kept recalling his post-confession promise to Soon Deok, but he decided to throw it away.


Shi Woo was at the bell tower armory and he was missing Soon Deok, but he was recalling her encouraging words and the fact that she would be by his side no matter what. Memories they shared were everywhere, but she was no longer there and recalling her leaving Moorim Institute made him want to be with her no matter what.


On his way out Shi Woo met Chi Ang who wanted to offer Soon Deok a comfortable life without worries. He pointed out that meeting Shi Woo and liking Soon Deok felt like a dream in the beginning, but if he left Moorim Institute behind everything would eventually remain in the dream world. Chi Ang pointed out that Shi Woo would return to his stardom status sooner or later and he was eager to find out if there was a place that would welcome and make Soon Deok happy in that world.

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Bang Deok had bought some abalone for Bong San and Soon Deok informed her that she had started working again. Soon Deok impressed her boss with her new chicken recipe while in the meantime Shi Woo was getting informed that Soon Deok was at work. By the moment he arrived there she was delivering food, but once he left Soon Deok arrived and she got informed by her boss that Shi Woo was searching for her. Shi Woo kept searching around for her and he noticed the store from which she had bought the music notebook for him. He kept recalling the moment he kissed her and he could acknowledge at the present how much he was missing her. His answer to Chi Ang had been that Soon Deok was more than real and definitely not a dream to him. She didn’t need to find a place in his world because she was already his whole world.

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Soon Deok arrived and both of them were so happy to see one another! He could only take her in his embrace without caring if anyone would recognize him. They went at a less crowded street and Shi Woo warmed her hands. He witnessed his pendant around her neck but he didn’t want it back since he wanted it to protect Soon Deok and not himself. He put his scarf around her neck and both of them confessed how much they had missed one another. Of course, the scene would never reach completion without their beautiful and gentle kisses!

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Beop Gong pointed out that Chi Ang had impressed him with his skills and urged him to keep visiting him whenever he wanted to since he was his most precious student. Chi Ang wanted to find out more about the Chintamani and Beop Gong laid emphasis on the fact that it could grant him the greatest power in the world. The person who seeks power will be given power in the most natural way and he reminded Chi Ang that his father was a powerful man. He pointed out that it wasn’t bad trying to possess something he desired whereas not doing anything would lead him to apathy.

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Shi Woo was enjoying Soon Deok’s chicken recipe and she had started realizing that things had gotten way too serious inside Moorim Institute after Beop Gong became the dean. Shi Woo pointed out that it was feeling like the Sang Hae Group had taken over Moorim Institute and Soon Deok laid emphasis on the fact that if Chi Ang started thinking differently then things were bound to get more troublesome. Shi Woo could tell that Soon Deok wasn’t at her finest, but she reassured him that everything was fine. He was glad that he was able to get out of Moorim Institute and it felt like a date, but Soon Deok thought it was more like two spies meeting one another. Shi Woo promised that later on they’d visit the amusement park and other places she’d like to see with him!

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Chi Ang was practicing and Shi Woo kept recalling their conversation regarding Wang Hao’s intentions. At this point, Shi Woo wanted to find out what Chi Ang was thinking but there was no specific answer. Chi Ang had started attending Moorim Institute because of his mother and Soon Deok but at that point Soon Deok was caring only about Shi Woo. Chi Ang pointed out that if he acquired the Chintamani then he’d gain everything he ever wanted and even though he was way too confused he was quite certain that Wang Hao would find his way towards what he was after. He believed that he was exactly like his father in that aspect, but Shi Woo laid emphasis on the fact that the Chi Ang he had met was quite different because he cared about the people around him.

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Sook Yi intends to turn Moorim Institute’s students into powerful and fierce warriors that would never give up and teaching them a lesson the Spartan way felt essential! Fear is a decisive factor in combat and it overran Sang Man the moment she used her sword close to him, but Shi Woo stood still even when her sword was close to his neck. In order to feel real tension and fear, the students will start practicing with real weapons while fighting for their lives in an attempt to learn the real meaning of victory.

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Beop Gong invaded Seon Ah’s room and pretended that he was worried about her. She was straight forward and mentioned the Chintamani key, but he was quite certain that Moo Song wouldn’t have left it with her. She started throwing things around but the Chintamani key was nowhere to be found, something that made him think that Moo Song could have taken it with him. He pointed out that just like he had changed the same applied to her as well and repeated all the lies Seon Ah had heard about Moo Song. He infused more uncertainty and fear in her life and urged her to cooperate before things would become more dangerous even though it wasn’t her fault in the first place.

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Yeob Jung demonstrated his technique with the sword and Sook Yi praised him, but nobody else wanted to partake in the training and Shi Woo pointed out that they weren’t ready to use real weapons. It would be easy for anyone of them to harm one another with a sword, but they would never do so because they are friends. The word “friend” was quite mellow for her taste and Sook Yi reminded everyone that fake swords and the essence of friendship would no longer be a part of Moorim Institute’s training.

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Beop Gong informed Wang Hao’s right hand man that the Chintamani key was either inside Moorim Institute or in Moo Song’s possession. Beop Gong urged him to use Chae Yoon in order to find out the answers they were searching for. If Chae Yoon arrives at Moorim Institute and finds out that Seon Ah is his daughter is something that will benefit them since Chae Yoon will start suspecting Moo Song as Juk Poong.


Moo Song had already noticed that he was being followed and he hid from the men who were after him.


Shi Woo found out that Seon Ah’s room was a mess and Seon Ah was erupting because of the sadness Chintamani had brought in her life. She’d wish she could just disappear, but she had nowhere to go to. Shi Woo was feeling the same way until she told him to start attending Moorim Institute. At the present, it was Shi Woo’s turn to urge her to stay and he used Moo Song’s words. Just like everyone’s problems are inside them, that’s where the answers are as well.

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Soon Deok was holding Shi Woo’s pendant whereas Chi Ang was recalling his conversations with Shi Woo and his father. Chi Ang demanded from Wang Hao’s right hand man to find a way for him to meet his father at all costs.

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Sook Yi wanted to punish the students that hadn’t returned after the competition was over and Beop Gong was positive on kicking them out. Dae Ho and the other teachers were overly negative on everything going on and Dae Ho requested some time for Soon Deok and the other students, especially after taking into consideration everyone’s circumstances as their teachers. Dae Ho pointed out that the students were no longer safe during classes, but Beop Gong reminded him that violence erupted when safety was Moorim Institute’s main characteristic.


Shi Woo got informed on everything going on and he promised to bring back Soon Deok before it would be too late. Shi Woo made Dae Ho aware of the fact that he knew everything and that the Chintamani key was being protected by Moorim Institute and not by Moo Song himself. Dae Ho urged him to stop worrying since the Chintamani key was broken into three pieces. Shi Woo became aware of the fact that Moo Song could had been searching for the boy in order to protect the last piece of the Chintamani key.

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Moo Song met that man again, but he couldn’t possibly tell whether Chae Yoon was alive or not. However, he knew that Wang Hao’s men were searching for the boy and Moo Song found out that Bong San could know something. Luna informed Chae Yoon that she would take him to Moorim Institute in order to meet his daughter. She also filled his world with lies and told him that Moo Song was behind everything 18 years ago and that he had left Moorim Institute after everything had been revealed.

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Shi Woo and Chi Ang were fighting one another and Shi Woo informed him that he didn’t intend to step back from any challenge no matter who the opponent would be, but without neglecting his own tactic. Chi Ang kept reminding him that he was just like his father and that he intended to get what he wanted by any means necessary. The fight was almost balanced with Shi Woo being a bit fiercer, but in the end both of them kicked one another on the floor. Shi Woo pointed out that he intended to protect the Chintamani key at all costs.

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Soon Deok was sleepless inside her room. Chi Ang left Moorim Institute in order to figure out what he should do. Shi Woo was pretending to be asleep and hoped that he’d return.

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Bang Deok wanted Bong San to reveal the whole truth to Soon Deok, but he didn’t want to cooperate for now even though he became aware that his daughter wasn’t at her finest lately.


Chi Ang visited Soon Deok and both of them pretended to be fine. He informed her that he had to go somewhere and she asked him if he’d return. Chi Ang was thinking that if he’d come back he would probably make things more difficult in Soon Deok, Shi Woo and Seon Ah’s lives since they could end up becoming enemies. In case he was leaving because of her, Soon Deok urged him to stay. Chi Ang was thinking that this could be the last time seeing her.

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Shi Woo was at Chi Ang’s bed while recalling a wide variety of their common memories and he couldn’t hold back his tears.


Before leaving, Chi Ang hugged Soon Deok since it would fill him with all the warmth he needed at that point while Shi Woo was losing himself in tears.

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~ Thoughts ~


The 14th episode opened up with reassuring vibes towards loved ones that everything was fine when nothing really was and two palpable examples have to be Soon Deok towards Shi Woo and Chi Ang towards his mother. Moorim Institute was no longer preserving everything it kept nurturing for the last 18 years and we became aware of Moo Song and Beop Gong’s diametrically opposed approaches.


The drastic changes transformed Moorim Institute from a blooming garden of solidarity and equality into the monarchy of a lunatic old man trying to build a chessboard while hunting high and low for potential pawns by strengthening their weaknesses and deconstructing their last lines of defense in the their hour of need (mainly Chi Ang, unsuccessfully Seon Ah). The next step was to gradually weaken Moo Song’s righteous teachers and bringing new ones that would empower him while at the same time he was intending to expel the students that hadn’t returned in order to accept new ones that would resemble Yeob Jung.


Sook Yi was the vehicle that would start bringing to life Beop Gong’s sickening visions. Her overall approach was an attempt to control the students by fear and disperse their bonds in order to start nurturing an ill-natured form of competitiveness where the strongest one survives. In this maelstrom of disharmony through which Moorim Institute was being taken far away from its original nature which was based on good sportsmanship, Shi Woo would become the integrative figure by being there for everyone while trying to bring them closer anew.


Shi Woo would be by Seon Ah’s side without imposing his caring attitude on her after Chi Ang brought light into her life anew, but he would also try to figure out Chi Ang’s intentions after sensing potential negative vibes. Shi Woo made clear that he would never step back in case Chi Ang made the wrong decision, but he also realized his own feelings for Soon Deok to the utmost level. What was a dream for Chi Ang, it was reality for Shi Woo and what was a possessive hide and seek on Chi Ang’s behalf, it was a straight forward demonstration of feelings and beliefs for Shi Woo. Soon Deok had no place in Shi Woo’s world simply because she was his whole world whereas Chi Ang was trying to enforce her presence in a world she never belonged in.


Soon Deok and Shi Woo’s relationship progresses in the most natural way and their gentle kiss was the icing on their mutual feelings’ cake after missing one another in these difficult times for Moorim Institute. Chi Ang has no place between, only beside them, as a friend, or facing them, as an enemy fueled by his own obsessions and misguided mind. I really can’t believe he always ends up listening to the wrong people or even the right ones with a sense of noble idiocy. The second reference is about his mother and no, just because Wang Hao is his biological father it doesn’t mean that he’s actually a father and it saddens me to know that she has that point of view, especially after everything she and her son went through under his father’s devoid of emotion approach.


The fact that Wang Hao was his father no matter what distorted the picture in Chi Ang’s mind, Beop Gong’s words made the overall scenery even more blurry. In the absence of an actual paternal figure, Beop Gong led Chi Ang to the direction he wanted to by reminding him that his attitude was resembling Wang Hao’s in many aspects. All he had to do was to start resembling him in terms of power as well by chasing after it until he would acquire it. Everything was pointing towards the Chintamani key that would unlock the door of owning Soon Deok as a trophy, but without earning her heart.


However, the internal collision was too strong for him to ignore it in order to walk upon the pathway others were paving for him. Leaving everyone and everything behind while in search of answers was essential. Shi Woo made one last attempt by reminding him that he was different from his father because he was caring about people around him, but he also made clear that he wouldn’t step back in case Chi Ang would be devoured by his demons. Chi Ang seeing Soon Deok for one more time felt like he was trying to battle his one-sided and obsessive desire head on. Vanishing once and for all from their lives is not the way, or at least i think so. The real bet will be on whether he will return as a friend or a foe, co-determining the overall outcome not only for himself, but also for the people who mean something to him.


Judging from the preview, i hope that Moo Song won’t pass away and i can only look forward to his meeting with Chae Yoon after 18 years! Soon Deok will find out the truth about his father’s past, Seon Ah and Shi Woo will try to find the Chintamani together, Chae Yoon will search for his two children inside Moorim Institute and Chi Ang will find out that the pendant Shi Woo had placed around Soon Deok’s neck was one of the Chintamani key parts. Why was Soon Deok apologetic towards Shi Woo? Did she lose the pendant or someone took it away from her? Or could it be an apology on her father’s behalf for leaving him in the forest back in the days? Let’s remain patient, we’re only one week away from the end and let’s hope that it will be rewarding for all of our main figures while the shady forces will pay the price of their actions! I want to find the Chintamani in order to grant me the power to watch all the dramas i have in my ever-expanding plan-to-watch list!


The 14th episode rated only 2.8%, but it brought the storyline at the point it deserved right before the last airing’s week’s arrival. Everything is so close yet so far away until the circumstances and the characters will place the pieces of the puzzle at the right coordinates. Some emotional maps became more specific, some others were struggling in uncertainty and dismay whereas all of them were standing in front of the locked gates of truth. Not only each and every figure’s personal truth, but also the mutual one that will strengthen the bonds they kept forging throughout the drama, the bonds that were shaken by the ongoing obstacles and the bonds craving to redefine themselves or break apart once and for all.


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