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“Knowing, understanding and accepting the truth are different things.”


Wang Hao revealed that Moo Song had killed his best friend’s family and took Seon Ah (Chae Young) with him in order to have access to the Chintamani key. He directly accused Moo Song of being the leading figure of Juk Poong, but Moo Song could only be positive on the fact that Seon Ah was Chae Yoon’s daughter. Shi Woo wanted to know if he had committed all these crimes in order to acquire the Chintamani key, but Moo Song was remaining silent while in his thoughts he was admitting everything. Wang Hao wanted to know where the Chintamani key was, but Moo Song pointed out that he didn’t have it. It was something that made Wang Hao pressure him even more by wanting to directly ask Seon Ah if she had ever seen the key.


The competition had been canceled and the attendants were disappointed. Beop Gong and Wang Hao were pleased by the flow of events and they were eagerly waiting to see Moo Song’s reactions. Their assumptions that the school would close down had already started turning to life as the parents were leaving along with their children who were Moorim Institute’s students.


Chi Ang, Shi Woo and Soon Deok were at the bell tower armory and Chi Ang recalled a very specific excerpt from his conversation with Moo Song that could actually make him look guilty if not interpreted well. Soon Deok couldn’t believe that Moo Song would ever do such a thing and Shi Woo pointed out that Moo Song was blaming himself because he couldn’t protect Chae Yoon in the past. Chi Ang was hoping that everything was a misunderstanding on his father’s behalf, but the fact that Seon Ah wasn’t Moo Song’s biological daughter was the only truth they were holding in their hands for now. While trying to figure out what to do Seo Ah arrived and she had overheard everything.

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Everyone was accusing Moo Song, but he pointed out that Moorim Institute’s competitions were flowing perfectly well for the last 18 years, but only this time an incident occurred. The latest competition was open to outsiders because one of his students had been kidnapped because of the Chintamani key, but he also wanted to reveal the figures behind Juk Poong and put an end to it once and for all. Most of the students have left along with their parents, but among those who stayed at Moorim Institute some of them were looking forward to acquiring the Chintamani key while trying to chase away Moo Song.


Wang Hao pointed out that he could be among the major Juk Poong suspects, but he laid emphasis on the fact that kidnapping Seon Ah wasn’t to find the Chintamani key since he wanted to confirm that she was Chae Yoon’s daughter. Wang Hao directly accused Moo Song of being the main figure behind Juk Poong, but Moo Song said that all he ever did was to protect Seon Ah. Moo Song had already started thinking that Wang Hao was supporting Moorim Institute in order to reach the Chintamani key. Even though Moo Song tried to convince the chairman of Moorim Association to not shut down the school he was unable to do so, but once he chose to leave his position in order for Moorim Institute to keep working things started to change.


Seon Ah had started losing the world underneath her feet after finding out that Moo Song wasn’t her father, but the one who had killed her family and had taken her with him in order to acquire the Chintamani key. No matter how much her friends tried to calm her down until Moo Song would reveal everything they were unable to succeed in it.

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Dae Ho informed everyone that Yeob Poong had been transferred to the hospital, but he also became aware of the fact that most of the students were taken back home by their parents. Yoo Di laid emphasis on the fact that even the parents were aware of the rumor that Moo Song had killed someone and things were becoming more complicated.

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Soon Deok was thinking of all the information they had gathered up to that moment while Seon Ah was recalling the fire incident. Shi Woo tried to enter their room, but witnessing Seon Ah in that condition prevented him from proceeding any further.

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Soon Deok pointed out that leaving Seon Ah alone with her thoughts for a while was essential and Shi Woo urged Soon Deok to go to her father who must had been worried about her. Shi Woo reassured her that he would be there for Seon Ah and that she shouldn’t worry about her, but Soon Deok was already disheartened by the fact that she was unable to present Moorim Institute’s very soul and essence to her father in order to change his mind. She made Shi Woo aware of the chance of never returning to Moorim Institute, but he was quite certain that she’d come back.

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Bang Deok was trying to calm down Bong San and once Soon Deok arrived they started heading back home while Shi Woo was watching them leave. Inside the empty competition hall Shi Woo could understand how serious the situation was. He overheard the chairman saying that Beop Gong would be in charge of Moorim Institute until he would find a suitable replacement for Moo Song.

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Wang Hao ordered his right hand man to follow Moo Song after leaving Moorim Institute and Luna informed him that Chae Yoon was unaware of what was going on since he was focused on recovering, but soon enough they would need him.


Shi Woo couldn’t believe that Moo Song would leave Moorim Institute while at the same time Chi Ang’s mother wasn’t pleased with the fact that Wang Hao wanted Chi Ang to stay at Moorim Institute.

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Chi Ang met his father who praised him for playing his own part in everything going on. Even though it was the first time Wang Hao was complimenting his son, the timing didn’t feel right since everything was collapsing around them. All Wang Hao wanted from him was to stay at Moorim Institute, but Chi Ang couldn’t decipher what was going on. Wang Hao laid emphasis on the fact that Chi Ang was his heir and that everything going on was for his own good, so he should pace with his father’s plan. In his thoughts, Chi Ang could see that Wang Hao never worried about him and never tried to protect him the way a father does.


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Moo Song was inside Seon Ah’s room and wanted to talk to her, but she pretended that she was exhausted and wanted to talk to him another day. Eventually she started breaking apart and all she wanted to know from him was that everything she had heard could never be the truth. She couldn’t hold back her tears as everything she believed in had turned into lies. Seon Ah wanted to know if he had murdered her parents, but Moo Song could only be apologetic towards her. Seon Ah left her room in tears and Moo Song couldn’t prevent his own tears from falling.

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Chi Ang was losing himself in tears while in the meantime Dae Ho was trying to convince Moo Song to stay at Moorim Institute. Moo Song could only be thankful towards Dae Ho for believing in him, but he had to leave since this was his chance to do things he was unable to while he was Moorim Institute’s dean. As for the Chintamani key, he was quite certain that the ones after it would never be able to find it.

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Shi Woo was trying to convince Seon Ah to not let Moo Song leave, but he was unable to do so.


Moo Song recalled the day Beop Gong had arrived at Moorim Institute 18 years ago and even though many people were suspicious of him Beop Gong had told him that evil forces can never defeat the righteous ones since good always prevails. Moo Song urged him to remember these words, but Beop Gong laid emphasis on the fact that one can’t always tell the difference between good and evil.


Seon Ah appeared and informed Moo Song that she never wanted to see him again since he was the one who had killed her biological father and kept deceiving her all this time.


Outside of Moorim Institute, Moo Song recalled his recent interactions and Shi Woo urged him to stay at Moorim Institute for Seon Ah’s sake. He asked from Shi Woo to give Seon Ah the photo he was keeping inside his office. Shi Woo recalled that the man in the picture was the one he had met and he was well aware that Seon Ah’s father was alive at that point. Chae Yoon was recalling that man’s words and meeting Bong San had become a necessity.

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Soon Deok’s father was having a nightmare while recalling the dreadful past along with Shi Woo’s words that were pointing towards the direction that he was the child Bong San had left inside the forest. Bong San was apologetic while crying in his sleep and Soon Deok was holding his hand trying to comfort him.

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Shi Woo showed the picture to Seon Ah but she wasn’t in the mood for anything. Shi Woo would like her to put her trust in Moo Song who had told Shi Woo that the house was already on fire when he had arrived there, Chae Yoon’s wife was already dead and the boy was nowhere to be found. However, he didn’t say anything because he didn’t want everyone to find out that Seon Ah was Chae Yoon’s daughter because her life would be in danger. Moo Song informed him that Seon Ah had never seen the Chintamani key and since it wasn’t with her she wouldn’t find herself in danger. Moo Song was leaving in order to protect Seon Ah and his students and he reassured Shi Woo that he would return, but Seon Ah didn’t want to hear anything Shi Woo had to say on Moo Song’s behalf. Before leaving, Shi Woo pointed out that her biological father wasn’t dead since he had met him.

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The nighttime wasn’t easy on Chi Ang either, but Shi Woo couldn’t console him just like he couldn’t comfort Seon Ah since knowing, understanding and accepting the truth were completely different things and all answers were hiding behind locked doors.

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Choi Ho was concerned about Moorim Institute since things had drastically changed and it was partially his fault. Yeob Jung never replied back.


Choi Ho informed Shi Woo on the competition’s background and the fact that Sang Hae Group was involved, but Shi Woo pointed out that Chi Ang was unaware of everything going on. Choi Ho was apologetic, but Shi Woo laid emphasis on the fact that he didn’t use the knife to a wider extent since he thought of Chi Ang as a friend. Shi Woo reassured him that Moo Song would definitely return and all they had to do was to protect Moorim Institute in his absence.

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Wang Hao’s right hand man reassured Baek Ji that everything going on was about the company and Chi Ang’s well-being, but if something happens to Chi Ang she won’t stand still. Chi Ang was recalling his father’s words and started wondering if Wang Hao had sent him there to help him find the Chintamani key.


Soon Deok and Bang Deok were by Bong San’s side and he urged her to stay away from Moorim Institute at all costs. Bang Deok informed Soon Deok that his father being blind could be related to Moorim Institute and things became a bit more complicated.

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Shi Woo was playing the piano while Chi Ang was unable to figure out what he should do. Seon Ah was losing herself in tears, Soon Deok was trying to set aside Bang Deok’s assumptions and Shi Woo unavoidably started breaking apart.

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Beop Gong informed everyone that Moo Song had to leave in order for the school to survive, but the teachers couldn’t believe that the most essential figure of Moorim Institute was kicked out. Now that Moo Song had left Beop Gong informed the teachers that many changes were on their way and he indirectly told them to leave Moorim Institute behind. Yoo Di was enraged with everything going on, but Dae Ho pointed out that his first goal would be to bring the students back. As for Daniel and Yoo Di, they should go on with their classes as if nothing happened.

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Shi Woo made breakfast for Seon Ah, but she was lost in her memories. She opened up a box with the dolls Moo Song had given her when she was little. She had named them after her own and her brother’s name and Moo Song had reassured her that these dolls would absorb her nightmares and bad memories and once they would hide them they’d take her fears. She was still thinking of Moo Song as her father.


Moo Song was thinking of the past and he couldn’t stop thinking that if he had reached the flaming house earlier many things would had been different. Beop Gong was talking on the phone and he pointed out that he hadn’t found anything, but he wasn’t in a hurry since he was enjoying his position as Moorim Institute’s dean!


Moo Song met a man but he couldn’t find more information on the other child, but finding Seon Ah’s brother would make him atone for the past. The man informed him on the rumor that Chae Yoon could actually be alive. Chi Ang had realized that the one who had actually stabbed him that night was no other than his own father. Shi Woo was recalling Wang Hao and Moo Song’s words that were presenting two different perspectives of the same story and he was ready to uncover the whole truth no matter how harmful or ugly it would be.


Beop Gong could expel Yeob Jung anytime, but he had decided to keep him at Moorim Institute for his own reasons.


Shi Woo wanted to find out Wang Hao’s intentions since he was directly involved in everything that had happened along the way, but Chi Ang wanted to know what Shi Woo would do if that was really the case. Shi Woo pointed out that Wang Hao could be after the Chintamani key and everything became more apparent in Chi Ang’s eyes. However, he warned Shi Woo that Wang Hao always finds a way to acquire everything he wants to by any means necessary. He couldn’t help Shi Woo to a wider extent when it comes to the answers he was searching for, but he urged him to be careful.

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~ Thoughts ~


The 13th episode rated the same as the 12th one, 3.2%. Nothing seems to be changing even though Moorim School approaches the end and i have to admit that it must had been a miracle it wasn’t cut down even more after the number of episodes got reduced to 16 from 20. Alright, back to the episode’s flow! It was an intriguing one as it was paving the way for Moorim School’s final events. Seemingly, it may not have possessed the same tension we had witnessed in other episodes as it was laying emphasis on the characters’ internal worlds and/or ambitions. However, each and every figure was boiling on the inside, something that was being filtered through their devastating tears, sardonic laughter, shattered tranquility or scheming smiles.


Through uncertainty, threats and mistrust, the shady forces managed to ostracize Moo Song from his brainchild, Moorim Institute. He’d sacrifice himself anytime for the school’s well-being which was always enclosing Seon Ah and his students’ lives and now that he was bound to leave everything behind he had finally found the chance to work on further plans he couldn’t progress as Moorim Institute’s dean. Everything that happened may had appeared as a severe defeat. However, Moo Song’s ongoing decisions may had been nurturing victory’s contours in utter secrecy, even at the cost of harming people he dearly loved and getting hurt himself in order for all of them to be free of the shades that kept surrounding them.


We all know that Wang Hao and Beop Gong are villainous figures, but at this point i have started believing the same about Moorim Association’s chairman. I couldn’t neglect his smirk the moment Moo Song decided to resign and maybe, just maybe, he had orchestrated everything since the beginning by making Chae Yoon doubt Moo Song’s integrity. Dividing Moorim School’s purest forces back then would be the easiest way for Juk Poong to hunt them down one after the other in order to acquire the Chintamani key.


They had almost succeeded until Moo Song and Bong San arrived. The seal was keeping many figures out of Moorim Institute for 18 years and at the present all masks are bound to fall. Beop Gong’s arrival at Moorim Institute 18 years ago could had been related to the Chintamani key and that could had been the reason why he had tried to acquire Moo Song’s trust in his darkest hour while patiently waiting for the right timing to strike back. These are personal assumptions, so don’t take them for granted, only time shall tell and in a week’s time we’ll get to know everything.


Shi Woo put his trust in Moo Song and he could easily notice that it was only guilt on Moo Song’s behalf that was making him feel responsible for everything that happened in the past as he was unable to help Chae Yoon to a wider extent. Seon Ah lost the world underneath her feet and she was trying to believe that everything she had heard was nothing more than the nightmare equivalent of daydreaming. All she needed was Moo Song’s confirmation that she hadn’t been living in a lie all this time. He could have revealed everything, but he had to protect Seon Ah from finding out more (especially when it comes to the Chintamani) and the further harm was unavoidable.


Even then, he maintained his paternal love towards her to the fullest despite the fact that his silence was making the chasm and the pain between them even deeper. Moorim Institute and Moo Song had been an inseparable part of Seon Ah’s life, it’s the place where she lived her whole life and Moo Song was a part of all her memories. Everything she knew was lying shattered on the floor and feeling deceived was more than natural. Shin Hyun Joon was silently breaking apart like a gentleman, everything was carved on his stare!


Soon Deok was disheartened because she was unable to convince her father on everything Moorim Institute truly stands for and she decided to follow his lead while knowing that it would put an end to everything that was making her happy. She would also become aware of the fact that Moorim Institute could actually be related to her father losing his sight. All of our figures lost something precious that night, including Shi Woo who was unable to protect his loved ones, but Chi Ang’s pain was as intolerable as Seon Ah’s.


Chi Ang had realized that he was nothing else but a pawn on his father’s chessboard and even though Wang Hao praised him for the first time he could finally tell that it wasn’t flowing from his heart, but from his ambitions that were gradually reaching completion. The absence of paternal love was always there, the real devastation was the moment Chi Ang realized that everything precious he had sacrificed along the way (love, friendship, comradeship) in order to acquire his father’s love was in vain. Just like Seon Ah felt that she was living in a lie all this time, Chi Ang was chasing after a lie as well and the clatter the moment everything collapsed was more than they could bear. It was our characters’ longest night and only their tears were moving the clock’s hands on their way to the dawn.


The only person Moo Song could trust was Shi Woo who became aware of the whole truth, but even though he didn’t want to overburden Seon Ah even more he felt the urge to tell her everything. Finding out that her biological father was still alive was an emotional boost she needed, but even though she was breaking apart she couldn’t erase Moo Song from her life and the memory flashback was utterly beautiful. Seon Ah had gone through very traumatic events at such a young age and he tried to encapsulate all of her nightmares and fears inside these dolls he had offered her. Despite being such a little child, you have to love the purity of emotion that made her name the two dolls after herself and her brother in order to chase away Shi Woo’s fears as well, wherever he was. In her eyes, Moo Song was still a loving father to her no matter how deceived and devastated she was feeling.


Knowing, understanding and accepting the truth, these are the three stages Shi Woo and his friends will have to go through. Some of them are already in pain and in a manner of speaking, Shi Woo feels like a tragic figure at this point. He’s unaware of what lies ahead when it comes to his past and he will have to filter a greater amount of information than the others; channeling the pain won’t be too easy. The end of the 13th episode revived the bromance that had blossomed during the drama’s first half! Chi Ang was eager to help Shi Woo as much as he could, but his major concern was to protect Shi Woo from harm by making him aware of his father’s ruthless personality to a wider extent. Chi Ang’s heart’s cogwheels have started rotating in a humane way as things are bound to darken even more.


Moo Song and Chae Yoon’s meeting doesn’t feel that far away since both of them are searching for the boy that survived the incident back in the days. Bong San will probably be the crossroad where they’ll meet again whereas at the same time Beop Gong will bring people he can trust inside Moorim Institute. Did i see correctly in the preview? Was the new teacher’s role performed by Kil Hae Yeon (Heard It Through the Grapevine, Sassy Go Go)?! Will Yeob Jung betray Moo Song and his classmates or he will act to be pacing with Beop Gong’s flow in order to remain inside Moorim Institute until everything returns back to normal? One thing is for certain, our main figures will keep discovering themselves and they will reach further realizations about themselves during the 14th episode, one week before the end!


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