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Love That Makes You Cry Episode 6

Itsuka Kono Koi wo Omoidashite Kitto Naite Shimau Ep 6 Synopsis : It’s been 5 years after the night that everything came out in the open, and everyone has moved on with their lives.

Recap – Summary :

Oto dreams of her mother and spending time together in the playground, and she recites how she is now the same age, 27, as when her mother died. She has gotten used to Tokyo, and is still working in the nursing home, having acquired her nursery certificate. She still keeps in contact with Granny Shizue and takes care of Sasuke.

In one of her visits there, she comes across Kihoko, as it’s revealed that they haven’t met at all since that night. Kihoko tells Oto that she quit her old job and is now working in a design firm. She has been meeting someone for a year now, and she asks Oto if she has a boyfriend- Oto replies that she has been going out with Ibuki and Kihoko is surprised she isn’t with Ren.

Oto says that she hasn’t seen Ren since that night, as Kyoko notes that it is the same for her. She wonders if they should give him a call now, but after Kihoko calls, she finds out that Ren has switched numbers. She tells Oto that while she’s now happy, she finds herself every once in a while searching Ren’s name on the search engine, as Oto later is ready to do too, but she stops.

The next day, in the nursery home the manager there, asks Ibuki who now works in the main office, if their home is gonna be sold as another institute in the same branch but Ibuki replies he doesn’t have authority over something like that.

Ibuki dines with Oto and he has secretly planned to propose to her, but his plan is interrupted after Oto tells him that she got a call from her ol coworker Funakawa, who wants to consult him about over-working and he promises her that he will try to talk to the higher ups about it.

Oto thanks him and Ibuki says that he will be needing a favor from her in return- to go with him to a 10 yrs anniversary party of the office. Oto is pouty at first but Ibuki persuades her.

The next day, Oto comes across a truck that belongs to Ren’s moving company and decides to check for him there; the manager tells her that Ren quit 5 yrs ago and tells her to ask Jouji as he might know something more- Jouji gives Oto Ren’s card who seems to be working for a recruiting company now.

Ren and Haruta locate two young men that are in debt and in need of money and have them sign a contract with low wages; a man that seems to be working for a shady company hiring similar people in need, gives Haruta and Ren their share for their business.

Ibuki meets with his brother, who tells him that their father has been tearing down companies to make profit, and asks him to join him to overthrow him from his president position.

Ren cooks in his apartment-office for himself and seemingly another person while Oto takes care of Shizue’s flowers and later gets prepared for the anniversary party she’s supposed to attend with Ibuki- he calls her and tells her that he will be late and Oto decides to visit Ren’s place in the meantime.

After going to the address the card read, she sees it’s a recluse place and she eventually leaves. On her way back, she sees Ren from afar and calls him out twice before he turns to see her in surprise. Meanwhile, Ibuki’s father calls him in his office and asks him to become his successor.

Ren leads Oto to his place, and she mentions how it has been a while since they met- she tries to make small talk but Ren is silent at her words. He asks her if she needs something, and Oto replies that she doesn’t need anything in particular. He shows her the exit but at that time the windows are smashed from a rock as both of them take shelter behind the counter.

After the situation calms down, Oto tells Ren that she only wanted to see him and make sure that he’s alright- she asks him to quit his dangerous job, but Ren tells her that he wouldn’t understand because they’re very different now.

After Oto leaves, Konatsu comes out from a room and she has a panic attack and Ren takes care of her- Haruta later asks Ren if he’s fine with taking care Konatsu for the rest of his life atoning for something he caused, as Ren only replies about the food he’s gonna cook.

Ibuki apologizes to Oto about not making it in time, but she tells him that she doesn’t mind. He hugs her and he tells her that he’s glad his father talked to him properly for once, as Oto is happy for him. Ibuki then asks Oto to marry him, who seems taken aback from his proposal.


Reflection Corner :


So 5 years have passed since that infamous night and the most important things are these :

Oto has a Prada bag and Jouji was the one to teach Usain Bolt how to run, what do you know?! But the most important things is Ren doesn’t identify himself as Mr Mover anymore! ;___;

lol srsly now, 5 years later find our heroes in different directions and very much changed (or maybe not that much changed afterall?)


Oto becoming an item with Ibuki was bound to happen, especially given how things were shaped after Konatsu fessed up- it’s obvious that Oto has this innate connection with Ren and probably she will always ache for that understanding, but I feel like she’s a good match with Ibuki since he gets her to laugh and is so supporting and honest.

Her expression when he asked her to marry him wasn’t that of a happy girl though, but maybe it caught her by surprise. (though that shot of that canned fruit doesn’t help much either, symbol of her love towards Ren and all but…shouldn’t that one stink the whole fucking place? IT’S BEEN NEARLY 7YRS, for crying out loud, THROW IT AWAY OTO. But lol, srsly now, given the focus that canned fruit has gotten so far, I guess the throwing-away scene will be shown sometimes in later episodes, when Oto decides to give in or give up on her love. One or the other!)


Mr Mover…what am I gonna do with you now that I can’t call you Mr Mover?! For Ren to become someone who takes advantage of people with no money, something horrible must have happened; like, you sort of expect this from Haruta (he’s no angel lol) but Ren..that quake must have had grave consequences both for his grandpa and Konatsu.

There was this scene where he shut the door to her face (he has an affinity for that!) last episode after she came to visit him, so I assume something bad must have happened to her when she was out all alone.


Kihoko seems to have found happiness so that is nice to see; credit to her for backing down from Ren when she realized he wasn’t in love with her and went on with her life.

very much related question cap!

very much related question cap!

So what’s it gonna be Love That Makes You Cry? Will there be heartbreak for Ibuki? Will Konatsu get over her trauma? Will the canned fruit reach infinity heights? Will Ren go back to being Mr Mover? Will there be a freaking happy day for a change?

“Love is a place to return to; after losing a home or losing a job, it’s a place to return to for someone who has nowhere left to go.”


I leave you with mama-daughter happy cap, (KILLING SCENE, especially followed by Oto’s narration that she has no memory of her getting ahead of her mother and yet her mom is not in front of her anymore ;_;) onwards to episode 7 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to Sanashi @ DA

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  1. Ally
    February 28, 2016 at 5:22 pm — Reply

    Do you know the reason behind Konatsu’s trauma?

    • February 28, 2016 at 7:09 pm — Reply

      Unless I’m writer of the drama secretly, I don’t think so lol

      It has to do with Ren though- possibly something he indirectly caused?? We’ll see in the next episode (s) I suppose!

  2. March 2, 2016 at 1:43 pm — Reply

    Whatever happens, I want Oto & Ibuki to come out of this whole mess with their hearts in the right place. They are good people & I really hope that doesn’t change till the end.
    Haruta & Konatsu can go off wherever they want & just leave Ren alone. Am not liking how they are still influencing the poor boy in some ways.

    • aiko
      March 2, 2016 at 3:25 pm — Reply

      i hope they wont turn Ibuki into a bad person in order for Ren and Oto to get together. i’m having a real 2nd lead syndrome in this drama. my ship is destined to to sink from the beginning *sigh*

  3. bee
    March 12, 2016 at 7:37 pm — Reply

    @AMYSTICLADY: +1 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I agree “I want Oto & Ibuki to come out of this whole mess with their hearts in the right place. They are good people & I really hope that doesn’t change till the end”. I can’t say it better 🙂 Though I have soft spot for Kiho and basically if there’s a NEED for anyone to go down (or die, but please no) I just hope it won’t be these three (I feel a little strange that I can’t warm up to Ren as much as I wanted to). Having said that, I do still hope for the best for everyone and still believe Konatsu and Haruta (I didn’t expect they have this big of roles in Ren’s life) can change for the better.

    @KIPZIZZ: Thank you 😉

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