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Come Back Ajusshi Episode 2 Recap


Come Back Mister Ep 2 Synopsis : Yoong Soo and Gi Tak return back to the living to find there are changes everywhere- and that includes themselves too!

Recap – Summary :

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Maya, the woman who gave the tickets to Gi Tak and Young Soo to board the train, informs them that since they asked to go back, they will be given the chance; she warns them that if they break the rules the punishment will be severe though and they should think it through carefully.

Young Soo is determined to go back to mend things with his family, while Gi Tak can’t stand the thought of Yi Yeon being unhappy, and decides to sign the request form as well.

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Young Soo wakes up and is surprised to see himself in another man’s body; he’s ecstatic with the changes, and Maya calls him on the phone to let him know that this appearance is a contrasting figure from what he used to be, and the mix of his ideal type from his subconscious. (Jang Dong Gun + Won Bin!)

Gi Tak is in shock to find out he has taken a woman’s form, as Maya lays down the 3 rules they must never break if they don’t want to be punished- 1. Never reveal their identity 2. Revenge is forbidden 3. Never engage in human affairs.

Gi Tak isn’t happy with the conditions he received in order to come back, but Maya replies that it’d be impossible to return with their original appearances. She then tells both Gi Tak and Young Soo to carry their phones as Re-Life center will be in contact with them and they will be also given allowance, when needed.

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Young Soo heads out and can’t help but admire his self in the mirror, while Gi Tak is struggling to walk with heels; they bump into each other later, as Young Soo again flashes his new self but Gi Tak angrily rushes out.

In the bus, Gi Tak sees that Yi Yeon’s “boyfriend” has been casted in a drama and when people talk down about her she takes her frustration to a man who has been eyeing her for a while.

cbajus0200015 cbajus0200016 cbajus0200019 cbajus0200020

Maya immediately calls him to reprimand him, and tells him to remember to abide by the rules; Gi Tak heads to his restaurant, after a month since he passed away, and finds out that the management has been taken over by a gangster team, and his workers aren’t anywhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, Maya tells Young Soo that the next train for Heaven will depart in two days, which means that he has two months (in Bardo time) to be back, otherwise something horrible will happen.

cbajus0200022 cbajus0200023 cbajus0200024 cbajus0200025

He heads to Sunjin Department Store, where he hears Sang Sik telling a reporter, that his death was ruled a suicide, as he was apparently trying to avoid being charged with bribery and breach of duty. The reporter says that from other people’s statements Young Soo was a hardworking honest man, but Sang Sik replies that he probably made the wrong decision as he couldn’t find another job anywhere else and he also felt sorry for him; at that time, the Chairman gets out of the building, but he doesn’t reply to any of the reporters’ questions, as Young Soo wonders how The Chairman would have betrayed him too.

He makes his way back inside the section he used to work, following the exact routine he used to do, until he notices that his wife works in the new opened Lucia section; they bump into each other, and he calls her “honey” before he quickly fix his words- he wonders how she came to work there, and then thinks back to how unfair he has treated her.

Gi Tak finds out that he went under debt after his death, leaving all his savings to Yi Yeon and threatens the gangsters he will beat them up- he manages to do so in his dream sequence, while in reality he’s taken out from the restaurant, and sees Jegil in the back getting scolded by one of the new employees.

cbajus0200026 cbajus0200027 cbajus0200028 cbajus0200029

He introduces himself to him as Gi Tak’s sister, Hong Nan and Jegil cries, while trying to grope her at the same time; Gi Tak isn’t happy with that and threatens him in his old way, before asking him where Seung Jae is- Jegil replies that he has become a traitor, working under Suk Chul as a bodyguard/manager of Yi Yeon.

cbajus0200030 cbajus0200031 cbajus0200032 cbajus0200033

Yi Yeon is seen at her room, remembering how she signed for Nine Entertainment where Suk Chul is president- he is revealed to be the one that harassed her long ago before Gi Tak saved her, and he seems to hold a grudge against her and her father; she breaks down in her room after recalling that Gi Tak died for her, as Suk Chul is standing outside her room, while Gi Tak is running through the streets possibly heading her way.

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Young Soo is still at Sunjin, when he hears “Fate” by Beethoven which is a cue for a fire breaking out- he tries to warn Da Hye who is baffled at his actions- he asks an employee passing by where the fire broke out but he soon finds out it was a false alarm. Da Hye asks him who he is, but he pretends to get a phone call and after he leaves, Da Hye and the other employees wonder if he’s someone that’s working there after knowing his way around so much.

At the meantime, there’s a conference held in Sunjin where they question who’s gonna be the successor of the Chairman, and if Chairman’s Cha other hidden son will make an appearance; at Cha’s residence, Cha is “scolding” Jae Kook through Secretary Wang’s “psych abilities” for his mismanagement and he doesn’t plan to close down the section he plans to sell soon. He urges him to find a way to turn things around.

cbajus0200039 cbajus0200040 cbajus0200041 cbajus0200042

Sang Sik tells Ji Hoon that Cha’s illegitimate son, Lee Hae Joon is coming from the States to manage Sunjin and there might be a war between Jae Kook and him; they pass by Da Hye and Sang Sik remarks how it’s creeping him out how much she reminds him of Young Soo, and tells Ji Hoon to fire her after some time passes and when that section closes, but Ji Hoon replies he won’t do that.

Young Soo blocks Sang Sik’s way who’s trying to pass him by, and Young Soo makes a scene that he wants to get an apology from him, since he didn’t treat him right but tried to avoid him, otherwise he’d file a complaint; Maya calls him at the time to remind him of the rules, as Young Soo says he hasn’t revealed who he is, something that others pick on, and Sang Sik and Ji Hoo suspect he is Lee Hae Joon.

cbajus0200043 cbajus0200044 cbajus0200045 cbajus0200046

Yi Yeon calls Jae Kook after Seung Jae gives her an envelope with pictures of her and Gi Tak the day he died, and he threatens her that he will leak them and her remaining career will be over, and the custody of Young Chan might turn in his favor; Yi Yeon blames him for Gi Tak’s death and after he hangs up on him she slaps Seung Jae for having betrayed Gi Tak. Seung Jae states that he’s only looking out for himself, and Gi Tak betrayed him and the others first, after he ran to find her that night, without honoring his promise to them that they will always come first.

Gi Tak stops them from arguing further and introduces himself as Han Hong Nan, Gi Tak’s sister that has been living in States for a long time, as Gi Tak wanted to protect her after their mother’s death and him going in and out of jail; both Yi Yeon and Seung Jae aren’t convinced and after Gi Tak fails some of their questions, they’re ready to throw him out; Gi Tak gets their attention though, after asking who was the one that took the pictures that day in the bridge.

cbajus0200048 cbajus0200049 cbajus0200050 cbajus0200051

In Senjin store, Da Hye collapses after seeing  a security guard, as that triggers the memory of finding out Young Soo’s death; she rests a bit in the warehouse where she remembers Young Soo as Ji Hoon gives her a beverage before he leaves to go on with his work. She’s ready to return to her shift, but after someone who’s carrying something runs fast and bumps a bit into her, she stumbles into the upper boxes which are ready to fall on her, before Young Soo protects her.

Maya watches from her “screen” and is bemused by what she is seeing, as the real Lee Hae Joon is on his way to Seoul.

cbajus0200052 cbajus0200053 cbajus0200054 cbajus0200055

Young Soo talks to himself and how he should have said his wife that he loves her more often before they both break out from their awkward position; Da Hye apologizes to him, but Young Soo says it’s alright as Ji Hoon arrives and asks if anything’s wrong. Young Soo says that the boxes should be cleaned before he goes away after Maya calls him, and Ji Hoon thinks that he might be the new store manager.

cbajus0200056 cbajus0200057 cbajus0200058 cbajus0200059

Maya tells Young Soo they have a serious problem as the real Lee Hae Joon is coming back while Hong Nan reveals to Yi Yeon that he talked with Gi Tak before he died, and she knows that she is alone and can’t trust anyone- but this is why she came back.

Maya pulls some strings and Lee Hae Joon’s plane seems to bump into some problems, possibly changing its original course.



Reflection Corner :


(the maestrooooo!)

First of all, what do you have to do to get Maya’s job? It’s a job to die for! (what a lame pun, I know, couldn’t resist! ; p)  She’s the one that’s having a ball with what is happening, and the last scene where she did her machinations in front of a tech screen accompanied by Beethoven’s “Fate” was pretty epic on its own accord!

cbajus0200061 cbajus0200062

So the second episode maintained a touch of humour, what with Young Soo’s constant flaunting of his sculpture body (no lies there!) and Gi Tak trying to engage in fights but falling short due to his voice and new-weak punches; there were also a few touching moments, such as Da Hye recounting the moments with Young Soo and Yi Yeon’s sad backstory, so it’s nice to see that 1st epi mix still being on the right balance.

cbajus0200063 cbajus0200064

Both Rain and Oh Yeon Seo did a great job, as you could feel the spirit of Gi Tak and Young Soo emerging from their mannerisms and quirks (btw I will address both of them with their new appointed names from ep 3)

cbajus0200065 cbajus0200066

There are tons of stuff to be fixed, as Young Soo has to clear his name and correct things with his family, while Gi Tak has to fight for Yi Yeon and get back his own “family” that is scattered all around.

I’m looking forward to see how they’re gonna proceed step by step, because there’s a long way ahead and not much time! (2 months, was it? Gee Maya, be a bit more giving!)


Onwards to episode 3 then!

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    Just finished watching episode 3, Maya is definitely one of my fav characters! I loved the real Gi-Tak more than the “new one”, he was some sort of crazy brute on the outside but a lamb on the inside. So far so good, BTW, love this layout.

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      I mean episode 2 LOL!

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      She is like us, watching a drama unfolding, except it’s heaven there haha


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        So true LOL!!!

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