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“Medical art is, above all things, a humanitarian calling.”


Three North Korean soldiers were keeping two South Korean soldiers as hostages and Shi Jin and Dae Young’s team headed towards the DMZ to save them. The North Korean officer wanted to fight like a real man and soon enough a fierce close combat with knives erupted. Shi Jin got hurt a bit, but he could put an end to the North Korean officer’s life anytime. While the North Koreans thought they had the upper hand the South Korean sniper made sure to deliver his message without even firing a bullet. Shi Jin and Dae Young were safe and the same applied to the hostages whereas the North Koreans had to leave.

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Shi Jin and Dae Young were trying to earn their price, but they had noticed that something was wrong with their guns. Lee Kwang Soo wanted to conceal all suspicion since he thought they knew nothing about weapons, but a thief nearby awakened Shi Jin and Dae Young’s call of duty! After they “shot” him he found himself on the ground and Shi Jin gave him first aid.

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Shi Jin and Dae Young were rewarded with stuffed animals! Dae Young was there with his “girlfriend” and Shi Jin with his “fellow soldier,” but soon enough Dae Young noticed that the thief had stolen his cellphone and he had to get it back at all costs!

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The thief was transferred to the hospital and after he dropped Dae Young’s cellphone Min Ji answered the incoming call and informed Myung Joo that the owner of the cellphone was at the hospital after a motorcycle accident.


Shi Jin had written on the thief’s hand his diagnosis and Mo Yeon who examined him found out that everything was correct! She went to meet her professor but she noticed that the thief had ran away and she brought him back! Even though Mo Yeon and Ja Ae tried to keep him at the hospital he eventually handed over Dae Young’s cellphone to Mo Yeon and decided to leave anew.

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Shi Jin and Dae Young arrived at the hospital to find out that the thief had left, but Mo Yeon was having Dae Young’s cellphone in her possession. However, she didn’t want to cooperate since she thought that they were gangsters!

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Dae Young wanted to find the thief at all costs, but Shi Jin wanted to stay at the hospital because Mo Yeon had impressed him. He pretended to be in pain but he wasn’t convincing enough and he simply had to follow Dae Young!

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They headed towards the parking lot where they found out that the thief and his friend were in trouble because they wanted to leave the gang, but they had to pay the gangsters. Since they didn’t have any money they were getting beaten up. Dae Young decided to help them and told the gangsters that he would give them his wallet in exchange for the thief and his friend’s freedom if they could beat him up, but he emerged victorious after beating them up by simply using his wallet! Soon enough, Shi Jin and Dae Young had to face the whole gang!


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Myung Joo arrived at the hospital thinking that Dae Young was the one who was in a motorcycle accident and she met Mo Yeon who informed her that the patient had ran way.


Apparently, their relationship wasn’t the finest back in the days and Mo Yeon went to complain to Ji Soo who reminded her that Myung Joo had stolen her crush! She got informed on the renowned and complicated love story between Myung Joo and a lower ranking officer.

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Shi Jin, Dae Young and the thief returned to the hospital and Myung Joo wanted to talk to Dae Young in private!


Shi Jin tried to approach Mo Yeon in order to get back his friend’s cellphone, but also to get closer to her. However, she couldn’t believe anything he had to say! She simply had to call the police and once she did Shi Jin “disarmed” her and revealed the whole truth. Of course, she wouldn’t believe him and they started heading towards Myung Joo to identity both Shi Jin and Dae Young.

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Myung Joo was overly worried about Dae Young and she couldn’t stand the fact that he was avoiding her. She was talking to him in a straight forward way while he was talking to her with due respect because of her rank, making things seven more painful for her. Dae Young informed her that he had his own reasons and that they were probably different from the ones she had in mind, but he couldn’t give further explanations for the time being.

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While he was leaving she used her rank and urged him to salute her, but she also ordered him to stay like that until he would pass away. Shi Jin rushed to his friends aid and put him at ease. Even though Myung Joo identified both of them she urged Mo Yeon to report them as runaway soldiers. Alright, Mo Yeon had identified them, but she had yet to prove that they weren’t the ones who had beaten up the thief!


While waiting for the security guard to find the video from the parking lot Mo Yeon got informed that Shi Jin knew Myung Joo because they had gone to the same military academy! There was a playful mood between them and Shi Jin kept teasing her, but she would also keep her distance from him until she would find out that he had nothing to do with the thief’s condition!

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Gi Beom informed Dae Young that he let the gangsters beat him up since it would make things end faster, but Dae Young had noticed that he was into martial arts from the way he was getting beaten up since they first learn to get beaten up before they learn how to attack. Gi Beom informed Ja Ae that he didn’t have any family, but Dae Young had a different opinion!

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Mo Yeon was watching the CCTV footage and she was so excited she was actually living the moment while witnessing Shi Jin punishing the gangsters!

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She was apologetic for the misunderstanding and he urged her to treat his wound! She didn’t believe him at first, but once she witnessed it she took care of it! She could easily notice that it wasn’t a fresh wound and that it opened up while he was fighting. She was curious about how it had happened, but he couldn’t invest in details because his mission was classified and informed her that it had happened during labor. She also noticed an old wound and she could easily tell that it was from a bullet. She had seen such wounds when she was a volunteer in Africa. Shi Jin pointed out that it was a wound he had acquired during the battle of Normandy and Mo Yeon continued his lies by asking him if he had gone there to save private Ryan!

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Their eye contact was magnetic, but she informed him on how to keep taking care of his wound! Even though there was an army clinic Shi Jin wanted to visit the hospital since he wanted her to be his doctor because he needed to keep witnessing Mo Yeon’s beauty! Things had started getting heated up and once he told her that doctors don’t have girlfriends because they are too busy she pointed out that soldiers don’t have girlfriends because they get exhausted due to hard work.

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Shi Jin was trying to pick one among two similar army suites to look handsome for his “appointment” with Mo Yeon! Shi Jin kept uttering that he wanted to recover as soon as possible in order to protect the nation and that was the reason why he wanted to visit the hospital instead of the army clinic, but Dae Young had already noticed that he wanted to go there because of the pretty doctor! One of the soldiers pointed out Myung Joo at the army clinic was also pretty and things started becoming awkward once he started talking about how she had gotten dumped by her previous boyfriend. The other soldiers made him shup up since Dae Young was actually that boyfriend!

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Dae Young followed him in order to pay for Gi Beom’s medical expenses and Shi Jin went to see Mo Yeon right away. Gi Beom was thankful for everything, but also apologetic for taking Dae Young’s cellphone. Dae Young informed him that he left his gang by going to a place they would never find him, implying that he had joined the army.


Shi Jin noticed that Mo Yeon was doing her best to keep a patient alive and helped her in his own way by pushing the gurney.

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Shi Jin was working out until he received a phone call from Mo Yeon. She informed him that she couldn’t see him due to an emergency surgery and he was glad that everything went fine. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow and she eventually agreed to see him right away!

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Shi Jin arrived at the hospital while Mo Yeon was getting pretty for him, but he noticed on the news that two United Nations employees had been abducted. Shortly after, he received a phone call and headed towards the hospital’s rooftop. He informed Mo Yeon and she headed towards his location!

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He was apologetic for having to leave, but he couldn’t invest in further details while the helicopter was almost there! However, he wanted her to promise him that they would meet during the next weekend. After receiving a positive answer he headed towards the helicopter, but before leaving the eye contact was essential!

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After a 7-hour flight Shi Jin, Dae Young and the rest of the team had reached the operation area. Since it was a secret operation Shi Jin would keep the soldiers’ dog tags. They were in Afghanistan and the moment for them to use their parachutes had arrived.

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~ Thoughts ~


-Knock, knock!
-Who’s there?
-Welcome, we’ve been expecting you!
Waiting for Song Hye Kyo to grace my screen with her new drama attempt was the sweetest torment since it’s almost been three years since That Winter, the Wind Blows aired. I bet it was the same for the female audience longing to see Song Joong Ki in a drama once again after he was discharged from the military! The 24th of February, 2016 was D-Day for both of us!


Everything was pointing towards a pompous production since the very beginning and the first episode was an intriguing one. It’s too early to talk about Descendants of the Sun scenario-wise since the first episode was just a glimpse of what is yet to come, but i have to admit that i enjoyed the pilot ride. Not having any expectations concerning the drama’s flow in the first place was a wise decision and throughout the first episode we got to know our main figures’ arch characteristics along with sparse glades in the midst of their still blurry backgrounds.


The chemistry between our righteous doctor, Mo Yeon, and the straight forward captain of a Special Warfare Command unit, Shi Jin, already blooms! Song Hye Kyo’s quirky mistrust transformed into a stream of  flowing cuteness whereas Song Joong Ki’s arch enthusiasm developed into the art of seduction with both of them meeting somewhere in the middle. However, nothing is easy in the world of Korean dramas and right before their first date would take place they had to get separated by the call of duty, but the promise for them to meet anew and progress what was in its birth pangs was there!


Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won shyly unlocked the gates of heavy feels with their characters. Dae Young and Myung Joo used to be a couple, but Dae Young decided to stay away from her for unknown reasons while she longs for his presence in her life. It could be the ranks between them, it could be Dae Young’s gangster background before joining the army in order to start his life anew, it could be a thousand and one reasons keeping him away from her, but i am eager to dive deeper into the world of this couple. And let’s not forget the bromance, you don’t have to be a hunting dog to sense it from kilometers away since the hints are already there! Shi Jin and Dae Young are going to be a powerful combo!


The sense of humor is certainly there, but the fact that it’s a melodrama is bound to minimize the laughter factor and i am emotionally prepared for my dramasochist excursions in the solar system of Descendants of the Sun. Tremendous amounts of pain are always welcome in my drama book as long as they are well-conceived and well-executed, without this meaning that i want to ostracize humor. The cinematography was living up to my expectations and the drama’s demands and i loved the certain warmth that was trespassing the hospital’s clinical ambiance.


The close combat with knives in the beginning was pretty good and i can only look forward to any further action scenes on the battlefield or elsewhere. I also can’t wait to see how the drama will start unveiling its humanitarian aspects through Mo Yeon and the people around her. If there’s an expectation on my behalf then it has to be the contrast between the plague of war and the magnanimity of the very soul and essence of humanity. The storyline will have to prove its worth, as for now, i am all in for the two couples, the one in the making and the one in turmoil!


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for
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    Lol. That ending picture in your recap.

    I’ll also add: I’m almost 100% sure Dae Young didn’t fall out of love with Myung Joo. He’s hiding something. Whether or not it’s a terminal illness or perhaps a fear that he might not survive combat one day, there’s gotta be something he’s hiding.

    But I Myung Joo and Dae Young so much lol.

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      *But I ship Myung Joo and Dae Young so much lol.

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    I had a similar impression of the first episode. I think the couples are going to be really fun to follow, and I personally can’t really even begin to predict how the story is going to unfold. One thing is for sure, with feelings being so clear in just the first episode, the romances will be intese and heightened by war and perhaps and extended separation. This drama I think has a very wide spread appeal for both male and female audiences of various ages. I think they definitely made the right casting choices here.

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    really pleased you’re recapping this one! loved the ep and hope we get lots of action in this one! i wonder if the thief’s going to turn up in the special ops unit! 🙂

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    -Who’s there?
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    I knew your noona love would draw you into recapping this Know Kwon.
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