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“Before we are rivals, you’re the person i love.”


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The Gi Chae Sool technique worked for a while, but eventually Chi Ang’s fist landed on Shi Woo’s face. However, everyone sensed the technique’s vibes. In the meantime, Chae Yoon kept wandering in the forest and he made a falling leaf stand still.

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Tae Ho intended to leave despite the fact that he wanted to see the competition, but it would be something that would keep him at Moorim Institute. Moo Song was thankful for his help and Tae Ho could easily notice that he was keeping an eye on Shi Woo who was still at an early stage of bringing his powers to the surface. If he’ll be able to channel his power properly he may be able to achieve something nobody ever could.


Shi Woo met Tae Ho right before leaving and informed him that Soon Deok was drunk the moment she had said that she wanted to marry him. What Shi woo really wanted to find out was the reason why Tae Ho had left back in the days and the answer was that he had to protect his wife and child. Shi Woo didn’t think that he had ran away, but he had chosen a new path in life. Tae Ho was certain that Shi Woo would be able to protect his loved ones.

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Chi Ang kept practicing with a sword while recalling Shi Woo’s Gi Chae Sool technique and his conversation with Moo Song.

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Soon Deok was treating Shi Woo’s wound and he informed her that Tae Ho had left. Shi Woo was curious why she hadn’t told him that Tae Ho was married and she would prefer it if Shi Woo had also told her about the Gi Chae Sool technique, but he wanted to surprise her after succeeding in it. Soon Deok urged him to not worry too much, but he informed her that Chi Ang was the one who was worrying him the most and he was the reason why he kept practicing hard on Gi Chae Sool. Shi Woo could only hope that nobody would get hurt.

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The students were practicing hard and the teachers rewarded them with food and beverages. Yoo Di was as happy as a parent would be while witnessing her students eating well. Once they started asking the students if their parents would attend the competition things got a bit awkward the moment they asked Chi Ang, Soon Deok and Shi Woo who simply urged his teachers to cheer for him.

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Moo Song was recalling his conversation with Seon Ah and he was probably holding one of the key parts in his hand.


Seon Ah was alone inside the piano room and Moo Song visited her. Once the competition would be over he asked her if she would like to go on a date and the answer was positive.

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The students were having a Chintamani oriented conversation when it comes to their wishes. Shannon would wish to never gain weight again (she was being bullied at school), Dong Goo would like to become a special person (he’s the fourth out of five sons in his family and nobody notices him), Nadet didn’t need wishes since he was good at martial arts and a genius and Jenny would wish to never give up on her dreams, but she wasn’t feeling well since having a wish automatically being granted wasn’t the same as succeeding on her own.


Shi Woo was all alone in his room while staring at Chi Ang’s empty bed. Soon Deok messaged Bang Deok in order to make sure that she would convince her father to attend the competition. Chi Ang was staring at her while recalling his rejected confession. In case he wins at the competition he will be able to live up to his words and try for the last time to be with Soon Deok.

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Moo Song unlocked the seal and Beop Gong was pleased after sensing what had happened. Dae Ho reminded Moo Song that it was him who made Moorim Institute accessible to the public for the first time in its chronicles.

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The day of the competition had arrived and Soon Deok and Seon Ah were ready. Jenny and Shannon were encouraging one another. Nadet, Sang Man and Dong Goo ate something that would probably strengthen them.

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Chi Ang was preparing himself while recalling his words that he wouldn’t mind losing or hurting Shi Woo, Choi Ho kept practicing with his daggers, Shi Woo was getting ready and Yeob Jung was feeling quite uneasy since his older brother would partake in the competition.

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Along with others, Choi Ho arrived at Moorim Institute and Moo Song greeted him. Even though he hadn’t filled the application to partake in the competition, Moo Song showed Choi Ho the applications his classmates had filled for him because they were missing him. Sang Man and Dong Goo were happy to see him again, but he wasn’t in the mood for anything and informed them that he had changed.


Soon Deok was eagerly waiting for her father to arrive and Shi Woo reassured her that everything would be fine. Chi Ang was boiling on the inside due to their interactions, but his mother’s arrival brightened up his mood. Wang Hao’s right hand man was there as well and Shi Woo started recalling something. Shi Woo introduced himself as Chi Ang’s friend, but Chi Ang said that he was his roommate.

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Even so, his mother couldn’t believe that he had made friends since she thought that he would only care about himself. Baek Ji thought that Shi Woo could become a celebrity because of his looks and Shi Woo and Soon Deok couldn’t stop laughing because he was already one! Baek Ji urged Shi Woo to take good care of her son, but once Wang Hao’s right hand man informed Chi Ang that his father had an urgent meeting to attend Soon Deok started recalling his voice.

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Shi Woo placed his pendant around Soon Deok’s neck in order for her to have his lucky charm that had protected him from the fire. Soon Deok didn’t think it was right for her to possess something so precious because they would be rivals at the competition, but Shi Woo laid emphasis on the fact that most and above all she’s the person he loves. He held her hand and they headed towards the competition hall.

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Moo Song informed everyone that opening the competition to the public was to forge a deeper bond of communication and understanding between them and the school and urged everyone participating in the competition to remain true to themselves and work hard no matter what the outcome will be. The 15th Moorim Competition was about to begin!


Shi Woo and Soon Deok were cheering one another, something that didn’t please Chi Ang! Dae Ho informed everyone that the competition would focus on a two on two tournament style and unveiled the competition’s rules.

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The teams would consist of the contestants who picked the same colored balls and Shi Woo’s teammate would be Jenny! Soon Deok and Chi Ang would be on the same team, but he noticed the pendant around her neck and recalled that it belonged to Shi Woo. Shortly after, Soon Deok hid it. Yeob Poong, who was on the same time with Seon Ah, arrived and Yeob Jung wasn’t pleased at all with his presence there!

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Soon Deok and Chi Ang’s combo was a strong one and their team play did wonders! The matches kept going on with the teams consisting of at least one Moorim Institute student emerging victorious, except for Sang Man’s team because the toilet was calling him.

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Shi Woo and Jenny’s team was a strong one as well and their fighting chemistry offered the best fighting scene of the competition up to that moment with her split and his air kick. Shi Woo, Jenny, Chi Ang, Choi Ho, Soon Deok, Seon Ah, Shannon, Nadet and Yeob Jung were the ones to make it to the 8th round and Daniel and Yoo Di were overly excited about it, but Dae Ho reminded them that they should remain fair in their judgement! Everyone was impressed, but the competition ending in a safe way was the most important aspect according to Moo Song and Beop Gong informed him that the real game was about to begin.

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Chae Yoon met someone who had seen what had happened back in the days. He apologized and informed him that the man who had taken one of the children went blind after he got attacked by some Juk Poong members. He reassured him that it wasn’t Moo Song, but Bong San.


Bang Deok and Bong San arrived and Soon Deok was finally happy! She informed Chi Ang that she hadn’t gotten her father’s permission to return to Moorim Institute and doing well at the competition was her goal in order to convince her father. She intends to work hard and even harder since the people she cares about, along with her dream, are inside Moorim Institute. Chi Ang wanted to find out if he was one of the people she cared about. The answer could only be positive and Shi Woo was glad to hear that.

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The quarterfinals were about to begin and Shi Woo and Jenny started fighting the other team. Once again, they emerged victorious and impressed everyone!


Soon Deok reminded Chi Ang that he should remain himself just like Shi Woo was Shi Woo. Having her as a partner would also help him to win!

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Choi Ho was checking his dagger and Sang Man witnessed him. Soon Deok and Chi Ang were fighting hard, but Sang Man informed Dae Ho on Choi Ho’s intentions. Once things got a bit tougher Choi Ho used his dagger and hurt Chi Ang on the face. Choi Ho recalled Wang Hao’s right hand man’s words, but he chose to run away after recalling Moo Song’s thoughts the moment he had returned to Moorim Institute.

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Seon Ah and Yeob Poong’s team emerged victorious over Nadet’s team. Shortly after, Yeob Poong informed her that he wanted to win in order to acquire the Chintamani key. She pointed out that she wouldn’t let someone like him get in his hands something her father had been protecting throughout the years. Yeob Jung’s team won Dong Goo and Shannon’s team and Yeob Jung made sure to deliver the message to his brother!

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A break would take place before proceeding to the final four phase. Shi Woo was thankful towards Bong San for being there since Soon Deok had worked really hard just for him. Bong San asked Shi Woo if he was recalling anything related to his childhood and once Shi Woo informed him that he was left somewhere at a mountain under some leaves everything became more apparent.

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Dae Ho took care of Chi Ang’s wounds and urged him to stop competing in that condition, but he didn’t intend to do so since he wanted to bring everything to an end between himself and Shi Woo.


Moo Song finally met Wang Hao and once they shook hands Moo Song could sense his thirst for blood, but he maintained his gentleness. Wang Hao’s right hand man urged Luna to not fail with the next plan, but once Soon Deok heard their voices and witnessed them she recognized them immediately.

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She informed Chi Ang that these were the ones who had kidnapped her and asked him why they were with his father. Shi Woo demanded further explanations, but Chi Ang didn’t say anything while his conversations with Wang Hao’s right hand man had started making more sense. Shi Woo got enraged, but Chi Ang told him that they would talk about this once the competition would be over.

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Shi Woo and Soon Deok went to the bell tower armory, but she wanted to believe in Chi Ang since he had gotten hurt to save her and Shi Woo agreed.

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The moment for Shi Woo and Chi Ang’s teams to fight one another had arrived while Chi Ang was trying to decipher his father’s motives.

bscap0451 bscap0456bscap0455 bscap0454

Chi Ang and Shi Woo were fighting fiercely and Chi Ang ended up first on the floor and his shoulder was killing him, but he didn’t give up because he couldn’t afford to lose in front of his father.

bscap0461 bscap0460bscap0459 bscap0463 bscap0471bscap0468

Shi Woo found himself in a seemingly weak position and it was Chi Ang’s chance to emerge victorious, but his fist was stopped from Shi Woo’s magical barrier and he eventually found himself out of the stage.

bscap0487 bscap0484bscap0486 bscap0488 bscap0489bscap0490

Chi Ang left and Soon Deok followed him and urged him to take care of his wound. Chi Ang was breaking apart for having been unable to defeat Shi Woo in front of his father, but he had also missed his last chance to earn Soon Deok’s heart. The day he was longing for had arrived, but he ended up losing. He pointed out that Soon Deok couldn’t know how he was feeling on the inside and what was enraging him even more was the fact that Shi Woo was cautious in order not to hurt him even more because of his injury. Chi Ang was apologetic since he didn’t want Soon Deok to witness him that way.

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His mother had overheard their conversation and urged Wang Hao to go to his son. He didn’t want to do so and she was breaking apart in front of him trying to make him understand that Chi Ang was wounded because of both of them.


Chi Ang kept recalling Shi Woo’s Gi Chae Sool technique that defeated him, but Wang Hao went to meet him eventually. Chi Ang wanted to know if his father was related to Soon Deok’s kidnapping and he wanted to find out the reason why he had sent him to Moorim Institute in the first place. Shi Woo and Soon Deok arrived as well and he admitted that he was aware of her kidnapping, but it was Seon Ah he was after and everything that happened with Soon Deok was a misunderstanding.

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Wang Hao pointed out that the seal wasn’t only protecting the school, it was also there to hide Moo Song’s crimes and an 18-year-old secret. Wang Hao informed them on the family that was murdered while protecting the Chintamani key and that Moo Song was the one who had taken Seon Ah with him because she had one of the key parts.

bscap0528bscap0529 bscap0530

Yeob Jung was fighting with his brother who had the upper hand and he was sent there by Beop Gong. Once Yeob Jung regained his territory his brother used his brass knuckles that helped him cause major harm to Yeob Jung. Eventually, Yeob Jung kept hitting his brother fiercely in the face and the teachers had to stop him while Beop Gong, Luna, etc were pleased with everything going on.

bscap0526 bscap0533bscap0539

Wang Hao said that Moo Song had created the seal to hide the girl and the key part and asked Moo Song if everything he had said was correct. Moo Song appeared in front of his surprised students!

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~ Thoughts ~


Moorim School’s 12th episode rated 3.2%, it’s not like it was something good, but it was certainly better than its predecessor’s ratings! Everything begins and ends inside the bell tower armory where our main couple expresses its concerns and feelings. Chi Ang had become Shi Woo’s major concern, the more he was trying to pull him closer the more Chi Ang was pushing himself away. Working on the Gi Chae Sool technique was the only way for Shi Woo to face Chi Ang in a less harmful way during the competition.


The competition would be of major importance for a wide variety of people and for different reasons. Some of them wanted to gain access to the Chintamani for their own shady purposes, some others had seen it as some sort of a game that would help them fulfill their wishes. There were also people whose lives would drastically change after the competition would reach the end. It’s something that happened, but in a different way after the sudden turn of events and their expectations weren’t met for the most part of them.


Talking about expectations: Soon Deok was eager to change her father’s point of view and gain recognition for her hard work. Chi Ang wanted to prove Wang Hao that he was worth of becoming his heir in order to help his mother, but he would also confess his feelings for one last time to Soon Deok for better or for worse and he would put an end to his one-sided power struggle with Shi Woo. Moo Song would reveal the whole truth to Seon Ah and Shi Woo would also get closer to the truth while showing his classmates that uniting their forces for a common cause was something they could achieve without being competitive towards one another in an ill-natured way.


Once again, the bell tower armory and the feels it surrounds paved the way. Right before the competition Shi Woo gave Soon Deok the most precious item in his life. It’s something that relates him to his misty past and has played its own part in him being there where he is at the present. In a manner of speaking, he offered her an essential part of his life and declared his love for her which was above everything and everyone else and the competition would never be enough to harm something so pure.


The longing for loved ones while competing was there. Soon Deok was eagerly waiting to see her father being there for her, Chi Ang wanted his father to be there to witness his “triumph,” but his mother’s presence was comforting him. In a manner of speaking, Chi Ang kind of needed his father to draw all these necessary vibes that would become a part of himself in his attempt to accomplish his goal. Shi Woo simply had Soon Deok nearby and i have to admit that i can’t stand Chi Ang’s constipated approach at pretty much everything that has to do with Soon Deok and Shi Woo’s interactions whether they are straight forward or more indirect! Chill, dude!


I loved Shi Woo and Jenny’s team as they were the healthiest combo of the competition. Their dreams may be different, but they want to accomplish them on their own without anything being offered to them without hard work. It was also to Soon Deok’s honor the fact that she kept trying to cheer up Chi Ang and remind him that he should remain himself without being willingly devoured by Shi Woo’s shadow. Before Wang Hao’s arrival Chi Ang was more into team play, once his father appeared the beast within awakened and he was almost solely focused on bringing Shi Woo to ruin despite the fact that he was physically injured. Choi Ho’s dagger wasn’t that responsible for his injuries, Chi Ang kept overworking himself during the previous days and he had pressured his body way too much.


Wang Hao’s presence brought something else to the surface as well. The vibes that Soon Deok and Shi Woo kept receiving when it comes to her kidnapping became more specific and both of them were at loss for words after they found out that these figures were working for Chi Ang’s father. Chi Ang had started realizing a few things, but he didn’t want to discuss about it before the competition would be over because he wanted to remain focused on winning. Being approved by his father was of major importance and it was one of the many moments he put himself above Soon Deok who was in desperate need of answers. However, Shi Woo and Soon Deok didn’t lose their faith in Chi Ang who had put his life on the line for her back then.


The turning point of the fight was Shi Woo’s Gi Chae Sool technique and the fact that he succeeded in it could also derive from the fact that he had given his precious pendant to Soon Deok. It was about protecting the ones he loved and Chi Ang also was one of these people he wanted to protect. Shattering his sickening “dreams” in the least harmful way (even though he threw him away like a potato sack) was essential in order to bring him back to reality.


Chi Ang was devastated and it felt as if he hadn’t gained anything out of this defeat, but it was something that should have happened the way it did because it was the only way for him to start regaining his humane characteristics. He may appeared to had lost everything, but he gained more than he would ever imagine. His ego was lying shattered on the ground but the moment for him to rise anew from his ashes had arrived.


Wang Hao isn’t a father, he should be devoid of such a title since he doesn’t care about Chi Ang as his son. Chi Ang is just one of the many vehicles that could lead him closer to Chintamani and nothing more. Even if Chi Ang had died he wouldn’t even blink an eye and he would start searching for someone else to put inside Moorim Institute. However, while Chi Ang, Shi Woo and Soon Deok were in search of answers concerning her kidnapping they found themselves in front of falsified information related to the past. Turning Moo Song into a villainous figure and causing confusion among some of his favorite students was just a part of his plan to bring Moorim Institute to ruin in order to get closer to Chintamani.


Wang Hao’s sabotage was successful as the attendants’ opinions will be overly negative and the chairman of Moorim Association will order Moo Song to put an end to Moorim Institute. On a side note, the tension between Yeob Jung and his brother was making Yeob Jung’s personality more understandable as he was struggling for recognition inside his family, but it’s not like it was justifying his attitude despite the overall pressure. Chi Ang and Yeob Jung are like-minded yet so different characters with Yeob Jung lacking the more humane characteristics of Chi Ang and Chi Ang lacking Yeob Jung’s further fierceness and absolute determination that could have helped him accomplish his goal. I won’t hide it, that excuse of a brother needed a good lesson, but it required for Yeob Jung to bring to the surface his worst self and actually become a pawn on someone else’s chessboard.


Based on the preview, the 13th episode is going to be quite intriguing. Chi Ang will inform Shi Woo that if Wang Hao wants something he always finds a way to acquire it. Wang Hao will also urge Chi Ang to stay at Moorim Institute, it’s something that will make Chi Ang erupt since he can’t read through the lines and he can’t tell what his father wants from him. Bong San will feel apologetic towards his daughter, but the fact that Wang Hao’s men know that he was the one who had saved one of Chae Yoon’s children back in the days will put him in danger. Chae Yoon will also attempt to visit him as well.


Soon Deok will feel the need to support her father and she will inform Shi Woo that returning to Moorim Institute may no longer be an option. Seon Ah will find about her friends’ conversation with Wang Hao. Moo Song will probably have to reveal a part of the truth sooner than expected and definitely not in the way he wanted to. Moo Song will ask Shi Woo to give Seon Ah the picture with himself and their parents and Shi Woo will notice that the man who had helped him was the one in the picture. It will probably be an indirect attempt for the two siblings to find themselves one or more steps closer to the truth. I can’t wait to find out how the pieces will keep getting closer together and i hope that nobody will be severely harmed in the process (this applies only to the good ones).


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