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“As you live your life,
There are things you can’t avoid.
It’s something like a colossal fate. “


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Soon Deok’s father informed Moo Song that his daughter would no longer attend Moorim Institute and he was thankful for taking care of her all this time. Moo Song recalled the past when he had first met Soon Deok, two years ago. She had arrived at Moorim Institute by Seon Ah’s side. She had promised to do her best if Moo Song would accept her, something that eventually happened due to her sharp and bright character.

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The future appears bright since Soon Deok never gives up and does everything well. Moo Song laid emphasis on the fact that he was the father of a daughter as well and that he was understanding his concerns, but Soon Deok’s father was overly negative since he didn’t want her daughter to learn how to fight and eventually get involved with Chintamani. The reference to Chintamani made Moo Song thoughtful, but there was nothing he could do to change Soon Deok’s father’s mind.


Shi Woo pointed out that he couldn’t accept the fact that Soon Deok had disappeared after promising that she would stay by his side no matter what and she acknowledged that he must had been worried. Shi Woo informed her that everything would be fine since Moo Song was there. Soon Deok got informed on the forthcoming competition and the fact that the winner would probably become Moorim Institute’s heir, but she was surprised to find out that outsiders would also take part.

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Beop Gong informed Wang Hao’s right hand man on the forthcoming competition and Moo Song’s intentions to find a powerful heir that would protect the key. Beop Gong found out that they had identified the man who had taken the child back in the days, something that would progress things faster than expected.


Soon Deok told Moo Song that her father had gotten blind due to an accident a while after she was born, but she didn’t know anything related to her father and Chintamani. Moo Song and Shi Woo left, but Luna was nearby keeping an eye on the house.

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Wang Hao’s right hand man got informed that the girl Luna had mistook for Seon Ah was the blind man’s daughter and things became a bit more complicated since he thought that the other child was a boy. Shortly after, he met Choi Ho while Chae Yoon was inside the forest thinking of his children.

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Shi Woo returned to Soon Deok’s house and she was surprised to see him there, but he told her that he didn’t intend to return to Moorim Institute on his own, something that made her happy.

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He introduced himself to her father who was overly cautious since Shi Woo’s aura was too powerful. He revealed his intentions to stay there until Soon Deok would return to Moorim Institute, but once he called him father Bong San got enraged and urged him to go back.

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Wang Hao’s right hand man informed Choi Ho that their intentions weren’t for him to win at the competition, but to destroy Moorim Institute that had abandoned him. They intend to turn it into a school nobody would accept and if they succeed in it Choi Ho would feel like the real winner.


Shi Woo didn’t intend to leave without Soon Deok, but even if he wanted to the rain would prevent him. Bang Deok started her own quirky investigation on Shi Woo’s background and Shi Woo revealed that his parents had passed away in a fire making Soon Deok’s father thoughtful.

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Moo Song was wondering whether Shi Woo could be Chae Yoon’s son or not. Soon Deok’s’s father couldn’t sleep and the same applied to Shi Woo. Back then, Bong San had prevented the baby from crying in order not to be found by the men who were after them. At some point he thought that he baby had passed away and he left Shi Woo in the forest. While running away he ran into these men and one of them blinded him with his dagger. Once he woke up, he thought that Shi Woo’s story must had been a coincidence since he was considering the baby dead.

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Soon Deok could never imagine that her father would be overly negative, but Shi Woo reassured her that he would change his mind if he could visit Moorim Institute. Shi Woo found out that her father wanted to leave with her and he took her in his embrace. She made clear that she would return to Moorim Institute no matter what and she was thankful towards Shi Woo.

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Chi Ang was was staring at the butterfly pendant he wanted to give Soon Deok.

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Early in the morning Shi Woo found out that Soon Deok was out of the house as well. He intended to leave without seeing her since he would want to take her with him back to Moorim Institute at all costs and she informed him that she was worried he’d return on his own! They simply had to leave before her father would appear and Shi Woo held her hand.

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Chi Ang was losing himself in his own thoughts.


Bong San was next to Bang Deok who was startled by his presence, but he informed her that Soon Deok had already left. He could foresee that it was because of Shi Woo, as for everything else, he was considering it his own fault.


Chi Ang was out of Moorim Institute’s building and Moo Song found out that he was waiting for Soon Deok and Shi Woo. They weren’t the only ones to arrive though, Tae Ho managed to enter before the seal would close and Soon Deok and Seon Ah were so happy to see him again.

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Shi Woo and Chi Ang were overly jealous once the Tae Ho mentioned that Soon Deok wanted to marry him in the past! Tae Ho didn’t reveal anything concerning his presence there for now, but the rest of the students became aware of him through Nadet’s drone! Eventually they would find out who he was!


Soon Deok and Seon Ah informed Shi Woo and Chi Ang that Tae Ho was Moorim Institute’s ace and winner of Moorim Institute’s martial arts competition. Before acquiring the title of the successor he had left right after the competition was over and once Soon Deok defended Tae Ho’s reputation Shi Woo was jealous anew!

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Tae Ho would like Moo Song to talk to Seon Ah and reveal everything, something he intends to do after the competition is over.


Shi Woo and Chi Ang returned to their room and Chi Ang thought that it was useless bringing Soon Deok back to Moorim Institute. Chi Ang didn’t want her to see the way he is at the present and the same applied to Shi Woo since Chi Ang thought that he wouldn’t like to see him if he knew how he was feeling on the inside.

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The students were practicing and Tae Ho was observing them. Soon, he made almost everyone aware of their weaknesses. The only one he actually praised a bit was Soon Deok whose timing was perfect, but focusing too much on that factor would prevent her from the desired outcome! Chi Ang couldn’t control his strength, Seon Ah needed to become more flexible, but the only one he didn’t mention anything weakness-related was Shi Woo! He’s not there to help them win or overcome their weaknesses, they have to find out the competition’s most important characteristic and if they won’t he will start thinking of partaking in the competition. He would never hand over the successor’s position to a student who couldn’t find out the answer.

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Chi Ang thought that winning should had been the reason behind competing. Soon Deok didn’t know the answer, but she was overly excited at Tae Ho’s approach! Shannon pointed out that Shi Woo’s weakness could actually be the fact that he didn’t have any weakness since Tae Ho didn’t say anything about him.

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Moo Song informed everyone that he would let the parents and members of Moorim Association attend the competition and the reason behind it was to clear any misunderstanding concerning Moorim Institute’s isolation. It was a decision that would benefit the students in the future and Beop Gong was happy about it. However, Moo Song put him in charge of finding out who could be a Juk Poong member among the contestants. Tae Ho noticed that something was wrong concerning Beop Gong who was surprised but eventually agreed.

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Shi Woo threw Soon Deok on the floor while practicing and she noticed that he had gotten stronger even though he thought he hadn’t used much strength. Soon Deok got pissed off since she thought he was going easy on her and tripped him in order to start practicing anew. Tae Ho was witnessing everything going on while recalling Moo Song’s thoughts on Shi Woo’s physical and spiritual growth even though he had been there for a limited period of time. He could only consider his presence there as something fated.

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Seon Ah and Chi Ang were practicing as well and eventually she found herself on the ground, but Tae Ho appeared and saved her from getting hurt. Once again, he reminded Chi Ang that he couldn’t control his strength. Moo Song had informed Tae Ho that Chi Ang was Wang Hao’s son and he was eager to find out whether he’d become a friend or an an enemy of Moorim Institute. Tae Ho thought that Seon Ah wasn’t pressuring Chi Ang because she liked him and things got a bit awkward! Tae Ho had promised Moo Song that he would help the students practice without getting harmed in any way.

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Soon Deok was laying emphasis on the importance of defensive techniques over the offensive ones since they help you predict the next move no matter how big the variety of possible attacks may be. Being offensive may help one climb up the competition’s positions, but it’s exhaustive and being defensive turns the overall attempt into a mind game that saves you from losing energy and helps you win in a much easier way.

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It was something she had learned from Tae Ho and since she was happy talking about him Shi Woo tried to bring to the surface all the necessary vibes by touching her! He could easily notice that she liked Tae Ho and things became a bit awkward on Soon Deok’s behalf, but she tried to remind Shi Woo that he was the one she liked at the present. She was unable to finish her sentence and left, but Shi Woo could understand what she wanted to say and he was glad about it!

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Chi Ang had finally noticed that he was unable to control his strength, but Seon Ah praised him for getting better and better day by day. He wants to use less strength in order to soothe the tension and progress in a lighter way but it was something he couldn’t achieve. Seon Ah pointed out that it may had been related to his heart and not his body.


Soon Deok’s father was disheartened to the extent of not eating anything his daughter had prepared for him, but he could understand how she was feeling at that point.


Soon Deok wasn’t at her finest because she was concerned about her father who hadn’t called. She thought that he was disappointed in her and Seon Ah added that their fathers couldn’t possibly know how hard they were working. All they could do for now was cheer to brighten one another’s mood!

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Shi Woo kept practicing since he couldn’t sleep and Tae Ho arrived as he was curious whether he was born with all these skills or not since he hadn’t been at Moorim Institute for more than two months. Tae Ho was positive that Shi Woo knew the answer to his question and that was his weakness.

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Luna kept training Choi Ho who wasn’t a worthy opponent, but she urged him to start fighting with a dagger if he wants to win since nothing beats the sword in the end.


Beop Gong informed Moo Song that he had found out who could be related to Juk Poong among the contestants. Even so, they would be unable to ban them from the competition. He pointed out that the strongest one will be able to acquire Chintamani and Moo Song informed him that he didn’t intend to ban them anyway and questioned Beop Gong’s faith in Moorim Institute’s students.


Tae Ho was happy that he would be able to taste Soon Deok’s dishes anew and Chi Ang was eager to find out Tae Ho’s secret in winning at pretty much everything back in the days. Tae Ho pointed out that luck played its own part as well, but he didn’t reveal anything else and his playful approach on Soon Deok was making Shi Woo jealous!

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Jenny was practicing and Shannon was astonished by her skills and once it was over she was cheering for her!

bscap0397bscap0399 bscap0398

Everyone was practicing hard, but Seon Ah’s flexibility hadn’t improved and she found herself on the floor while practicing with Soon Deok. Shi Woo was practicing with Chi Ang who thought that he was avoiding a more direct fight.

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Shi Woo was at the bell tower armory and Seon Ah appeared to pick her weapons. However, he couldn’t understand why he possessed such a special power and he couldn’t possibly tell what it was about. Seon Ah thought that it was a part of Gi Chae Sool which was all about one beating his/her opponent by simply using his/her energy without having to touch the opponent. It’s something that requires great amounts of life energy and Shi Woo wondered if he could make his powers come to the surface anew. In the meantime, Chae Yoon was practicing his Gi Chae Sool technique in the woods.

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Chi Ang met Beop Gong who was already informed that his father would attend the competition, but Chi Ang didn’t know anything about. Beop Gong informed him that he should grab that opportunity and gain his father’s recognition at all costs.

bscap0416bscap0417 bscap0418

Shi Woo was practicing with Chi Ang who wasn’t pleased with the fact that Shi Woo wasn’t putting lots of effort in it, but he didn’t want to hurt Chi Ang or anyone else. This was what Shi Woo was after, a technique that wouldn’t harm anyone but it would also make Shi Woo win. Chi Ang thought that Shi Woo was looking down on him and got enraged, but Shi Woo pointed out that he wouldn’t gain anything if he crushed everyone on his way to the top. Chi Ang didn’t mind losing or hurting Shi Woo. Tae Ho was witnessing their conversation and eventually Chi Ang admitted in front of the mirror that he was different from Shi Woo because he believed in power. Through strength, he wants to protect everyone dear to him, Soon Deok and his mother.

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Shi Woo was able to recognize Soon Deok’s presence due to her overall aura and she could easily notice that not everything was fine. They held hands and he unveiled his jealousy, but his playful attitude didn’t let tension appear between them. Shi Woo held Soon Deok close to him and urged her to not get hurt.

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Shi Woo was meditating while the rest of the students were with Tae Ho. Seon Ah, Chi Ang and Yeob Jung thought that they could beat him, but after Seon Ah failed to do so Tae Ho set new rules. Since he could beat Moorim Institute’s top student, if anyone else wanted to fight him then he/she would have to beat Seon Ah first. Yeob Jung wanted to do so right away, but Chi Ang didn’t want to fight with Seon Ah since she was exhausted and it wouldn’t be a fair match.


Tae Ho reminded him how much he wanted to win and beating Seon Ah would make him Moorim Institute’s top student at that point. He would also disqualify her from the competition. Chi Ang said that all of them together were the answer to Tae Ho’s question as they try to become stronger in order to protect someone. However, he didn’t have the time to care about others since he had to emerge victorious. It was something that made Tae Ho wonder how could he ever be able to protect someone far from him when he couldn’t even protect whoever was next to him. In the end, he won’t be able to protect anyone and he will lose himself.

bscap0459bscap0469 bscap0463 bscap0467bscap0468

Shi Woo pointed out that he didn’t want to hurt anyone and he wanted Moo Song to tell him how all of them could win, but it was something he should figure out on his own. Shi Woo mentioned Gi Chae Sool which would be the only way for him to protect something special. Moo Song informed Shi Woo that only one person had mastered that skill, Chae Yoon, so Moo Song thought couldn’t help him with that. Moo Song thought that Chae Yoon was dead, but he was practicing in the woods.

bscap0472bscap0471 bscap0474

Tae Ho thought that he was tough on them, but Soon Deok had a different opinion since she could understand that he wanted them to work together in order to win together, but it wouldn’t be easy. He was jealous because he didn’t have such great friends when he was a Moorim Institute student and that was the reason why he couldn’t become the successor. He urged Seon Ah to trust herself no matter what and he wanted Soon Deok to cheer up.

bscap0480bscap0477 bscap0482

Shi woo was inside the piano room wielding his pendant and thinking that the child inside the flaming house could had been him. Chi Ang was lost in his own thoughts inside his room.


In the morning, Shi Woo kept practicing in order to work on his Gi Chae Sool technique, but he couldn’t achieve anything.


Bang Deok informed Bong San that they were invited to Moorim Competition and they had even sent an invitation in braille just for him.

bscap0492bscap0491 bscap0490

Chi Ang’s mother had received the invitation and she was happy about it, but she didn’t want Chi Ang to pressure himself too much and he reassured her that everything would be fine.


Shi Woo kept practicing and while he thought he had succeeded it was actually Tae Ho the one who made the punch bag stand still! He informed him that if Shi Woo keeps in mind someone and something he wants to protect he may be able to bring that power to the surface.

bscap0498 bscap0500bscap0501 bscap0499

Shi Woo urged Soon Deok to punch him as hard as she could in order for him to try to block her fist, but neither the first nor the second attempt were successful. Soon Deok, Seon Ah and Chi Ang found out that he was trying to use the Gi Chae Sool technique.

bscap0506 bscap0509bscap0510 bscap0511 bscap0525bscap0523 bscap0526

Chi Ang got enraged and he wanted to punch Shi Woo in order to see if he could block it. Shi Woo succeeded in Gi Chae Sool and Chi Ang’s fist never reached him. Everyone was left speechless and even Moo Song sensed his power.

bscap0529 bscap0533bscap0532 bscap0541 bscap0542bscap0544 bscap0545

~ Thoughts ~


Moorim School rated 2.6%, the drama’s worst ratings to date and at this point i am curious if it will find its way slightly upwards now that it’s gradually reaching the end. No matter how bad the ratings may be, Moorim School doesn’t deserve them as it has its own charms and sense of mystery despite its imperfections.


The 11th episode prepared the scenery for Moorim Competition that will define Moorim Institute’s heir and Chintamani protector, but it was also showing which direction our main figures will follow in the near future. It’s not like we couldn’t imagine, but things became even more specific and Tae Ho’s temporary presence was quite insightful as a plot device bringing to the surface everyone’s weaknesses, but also pointing towards the light in his very own indirect way.


Soon Deok’s father being prejudiced towards Moo Song who was praising Soo Deok in a humble yet sincere way was kind of enraging since he kept closing his ears in front of his daughter’s happiness. He kept believing that he was wielding the one and utmost trust, but his Chintamani reference brought Moo Song a bit closer to the truth when it comes to Chae Yoon and Shi Woo eventually delivered all the necessary past-related vibes towards Bong San. The pieces of the puzzle come closer together and all of our figures’ intertwined lives steadily reach the crossroads they should meet upon anew.


Shi Woo kept proving how much he cares about Soon Deok, but he was revealing for one more time how much he was missing her. Shi Woo being persistent made Soon Deok follow him back to Moorim Institute, but he had also convinced her father in his own indirect way to let her “escape” since he could partially set aside his mistaken concerns for his daughter’s well-being. Finding out how he was blinded was painful, but what i am really looking forward to is the reason why his opinion on Moorim Institute and Moo Song was overly negative.


Tae Ho’s appearance wasn’t only insightful, he also brought jealousy with him! It was so hilarious seeing both Chi Ang and Shi Woo losing their mind in front of Soon Deok’s ongoing explosions of happiness throughout the episode because of a third guy! Shi Woo hadn’t shown that side of his to a wider extent, but i have to admit that his jealousy was getting filtered through a healthy and not possessive prism and it was more than apparent through Soon Deok’s approach on him.


Chi Ang’s loneliness through the episode’s first half was immense. He was always losing himself in his own thoughts and after Shi Woo arrived he could actually open up his heart in an indirect way. He was basically ashamed of himself since he had become someone Soon Deok and Shi Woo wouldn’t like to communicate with if they really knew how he was feeling on the inside. There were times i was wondering if he would feel butterflies in his stomach had he eaten the pendant he wanted to give Soon Deok! It’s kind of disheartening to notice that even Chi Ang himself has realized that he has transformed himself into something malevolent, yet he keeps nurturing it without taking into consideration neither the number nor the volume of awakening voices around him.


His uncontrollable power could easily turn him into a senseless killing machine that would do just anything in order to achieve his megalomaniac plan and it was apparent while he was practicing with Seon Ah. If Tae Ho hadn’t appeared right on time he would have hurt her! Every time he practices he remains solely focused on what he wants to achieve and the more he fuels the fire the more heartless he tries to become. Dehumanizing himself is the only way to emerge victorious and it’s something that surfaces even in a subconscious way as we witnessed in his training with Seon Ah.


Just like Seon Ah relies upon offensive techniques, the same applies to Chi Ang whom she had tutored in the past. Soon Deok and eventually Shi Woo work on a defensive model that can counter the opponent’s techniques without feeling exhausted in order to strike back when the timing fees right. While they were practicing we were able to find out that Shi Woo had grown stronger even though he thought he wasn’t putting much strength in his efforts. The more he starts realizing and controlling his abilities the more powerful he becomes and it’s something he steadily becomes aware of.


In addition, the fear of hurting someone becomes greater, but it’s something he wants to avoid and his maturity of character leads him to the harmless yet blocking technique his father had mastered. Shi Woo was bringing these powers to the surface when he or someone he cared about were in grave danger. The 11th episode was his journey in learning how to use that power in an utterly conscious way.


I love how straight forward Shi Woo is towards Soon Deok when it comes to his feelings, but her own approach is adorable as well as she treasures all the moments by his side without totally neglecting the cute awkwardness every time the circumstances would want her to be more direct on her feelings. After all, Shi Woo always deciphers what she wants to convey. Seon Ah isn’t straight forward either, but the hints that she could actually like Chi Ang are there and she always tries to help him in her own way.


Pointing out that he couldn’t control his strength due to heart-related reasons was more than spot on as the abyss that devours his soul transforms itself into a relentless core of ever-expanding force. What is quite sad is the fact that Chi Ang pushes away all the voices of wisdom around him and pays attention to castrated fossils like Beop Gong.


Shi Woo’s only weakness was knowing the answer to the most important characteristic of the competition; working together in order to win together. It was his weakness because it would be difficult to achieve it given the circumstances with self-centered figures like Yeob Jung and Chi Ang around him. Chi Ang knew the answer as well, but he was refusing to see the truth and that’s the moment Tae Ho stood like a mirror in front of him. He forced him to find himself in a situation in which he shouldn’t let emotions restrain his darkened desires, but he prevented himself from taking Seon Ah out of the picture because it would be unfair at that point.


While Chi Ang was trying to step back from what he wanted to achieve, Tae Ho kept pressuring him to see the monster he was nurturing on the inside and the image wasn’t the most pleasing. However, the moment he stared at his reflection in the mirror he surrendered to utter power in order to protect everyone dear to him. I still don’t know why he believes he can protect anyone he cares bout when he can’t even protect himself while going against everyone, whether he cares about him/her or not! I am quite certain that his mother would never approve of what he had been to doing to himself and Soon Deok doesn’t need Chi Ang’s protection. Well, if he could protect her from himself it would be damn fine.


If he can afford to abolish the sense of friendship and comradeship from his life to the extent of hurting his friends the only thing he will gain is pain in the end. The only thing he keeps succeeding in is becoming his own father’s pawn while sacrificing everything dear to him instead of protecting it. Chi Ang becomes more irritating as episodes pass by and i’ve started losing hope in him. In fact, i want Shi Woo to shatter his ill-natured dreams before they turn into even more sickening nightmares.


Shi Woo was able to tame Gi Chae Sool, the harmless technique leading to victory, by the end of the episode. I think that it didn’t work with Soon Deok because she’s someone exceptional in life and wants to protect her whereas she would be never be a threat to him. On the other hand, Chi Ang’s poisoned soul could trigger Gi Chae Sool’s awakening as he’s potentially harmful but also someone Shi Woo wants to protect. Demonstrating just a glimpse of Gi Chae Sool delivered all the necessary vibes of what will follow.


At this point, i don’t know how Choi Ho, that failed martial artist with low self-esteem and inferiority complex, could ever be harmful towards Moorim Institute in any way, but we have yet to find out. It smells like a sabotage is on its way and he won’t really have to demonstrate his non-existent skills. Chi Ang will turn himself into a ferocious fighting machine during the competition, it was something expected. Wang Hao’s people will keep an eye on Bong San and there’s a sense of danger lurking in the air. Shi Woo giving his pendant to Soon Deok could also leave its own impact during the competition. Sook Deok could be in danger if the wrong eyes noticed it, but it could also have the desired outcome in a way we will find out if that will be the case.


All the ravenous people will be present with the most abhorrent one being Wang Hao and i am curious if Chae Yoon will be there too now that Moorim Institute will be open for the students’ families and other members of Moorim Association. The battle of battles between Shi Woo and Chi Ang feels near and i can’t wait for the 12th episode. Gladly enough, we’re only a few hours away from it!


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  1. nicatnight
    February 23, 2016 at 11:00 am — Reply

    It seems the more I like this show the worse the ratings are for it. Which makes me sad. I really don’t understand why the ratings are this bad. For most of the kdramas, one has to suspend disbelief in some form or fashion. Why can’t the Netizens do it for this show and enjoy it for what it is. (Shaking my head)

  2. February 23, 2016 at 12:40 pm — Reply

    very fast recap!! 🙂 i agree with you on all points but i think also that we saw the foreshadowing of our annoying chi angs redemption in this episode! i’ve often thought since the downward spiral of his character; that chi ang would be the decider as far as the fates of moorim institute are concerned. he’s obviously been placed there by his father as a pawn for obtaining the chintamani, using his longing for paternal recognition and mother-protection (ambition, really)…as the carrot & stick.
    the foreshadowing, i think; happened when chi ang refused to fight seon ah. he could have removed her from the competition, became top boy or whatever; and moved forward his professed plan to be on top and win no matter what the cost nor who he hurt. he chose not to, became a proponent of fairness; and sought to protect her from this outcome in general by opposing the idea completely. it’s worth noting that yeob jung; whilst initially pushing to fight her (to be able to fight tae ho)….seemed to back off when the implications were revealed as well.
    so perhaps the moorim squad will prevail as one, eh? not without lives being on the line though, i’ll bet it’s going to be seon ah who’s in danger and chi ang chooses her over his dad! we shall seeee 🙂

    ps. chae yoon’s been hanging out in the woods for days now, in the same suit, through rain & everything! haha :p

    • Diane
      February 26, 2016 at 5:28 am — Reply

      Yup! One for all, and all for one. We get the message.

  3. February 24, 2016 at 11:11 pm — Reply

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