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Kaito Yamaneko Episode 5

Kaitou Tantei Yamaneko Ep 5 Synopsis : Sakura finally learns the truth of what happened to her father.

Recap – Summary :

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Kenichiro is out campaigning for his presidency while Cecilia watches him, promising he will make Japan strong again as the crowd cheers him on.

The police arrive at the publishing company of Imai Shunsuke, Rikako’s ex boyfriend, where he was found dead, and Yamaneko was caught in the camera before his murder; Sakura thinks that Yamaneko killed him but Shugo says it’s not in his style to be caught on camera, and he wouldn’t steal from a publishing company that was going under. Inui says that Yamaneko was probably after the date in his computer, that was completely erased.

In the Wildcat Agency, Hideo is angry at Yamaneko for having been involved with merchandising distribution of himself, as well as the fact he approached Kaito Aiko (he is her fan afterall as Mao points out!) and challenges him not to speak until he allows him to do so- if he manages to do that, he will dance with two chopsticks on his nose in an old folk song. Shugo interrupts their spat, and informs them about the police being after Yamaneko.

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In the video that was recorded in Imai’s company, someone with a Yamaneko mask did enter that day, but as everyone points out it is a different physique than Yamaneko’s, who silently writes on a board that he’s much more handsome than this! Rikako recalls that Imai came to see her last week, and told her to keep a hold on the ring he once gave her, and that he has changed in the last two years- later, she finds the last issue of his magazine that he sent to her, possibly wanting to send her a message before his death.

Sakura is having dinner in a restaurant with her superiors where it’s revealed that everyone in the police force cited her father’s death as accident, in fear of letting the public that Yamaneko does actually kill, and they couldn’t have had that while he’s on the loose.

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Rikako and Mao visit the place where Imai was distributing his magazines, and meet one of his employees who wonder if Rikako was Imai’s ex fiance that had an abortion and then break up with him; Rikako asks him if anything strange was happening lately, and he tells her that Imai was involved in a case, after a policeman had tipped him off for something big, but he never managed to release it to the public- perhaps that is the reason he was killed.

Mao asks Rikako about her breakup with Imai, and Rikako replies that they were both young then and she was impatient; if she had managed to held on then, things might have been different for her and him now.

They later receive a call that the Wildcat Agency has been vandalized, and Rikako’s ring is missing; Yamaneko, who is still not talking but had bought a device that “speaks out” for him, tells them that they can check on the secret camera. Mao sends an enhanced picture to Sekimoto of one of the men that messed up the Agency, and he recognizes him as a wanna be thug of a yakuza group. While he’s finishing his meal accompanied by Kenichiro and heads out, Kenichiro warns him not to betray him.

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Yamaneko and Hideo visit the place of the wannabe thug, and find out that he was ordered to steal Rikako’s ring from a guy called Nishihara- he was reimbursed with drugs as Hideo wonders if Imai was involved in a drugs case.

Back in the Wildcat Agency, after some persuading from a new kimchi flavor,  “silent” Yamaneko reveals that Rikako’s ring under blue light has a cherry blossom engraved in it, which is related to the first page of the last magazine issue Imai sent her- they find a link to a site there, while the man who was working under Imai, calls Rikako and lets her know that the policeman that tipped of Imai, was Kirishima Genichirou, Sakura’s father.

The next day, Hideo informs Sakura of her father’s involment with Imai, and how the information he gave away, might have been the reason he was killed. Later, Sakura checks on her father’s belongings, as Inui tells her that the bullets that were retrieved from her father’s murder place, and the ones he was shot were different. Shugo interrupts them, telling them Yamaneko have been caught by Morita’s team.

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Rikako and Hideo discover the password in Imai’s page with Yamaneko’s help through his device- Sakura and Inui arrive at the thug’s place where he’s found dead as Sakura recalls that it’s a similar scenario to her father’s; after Hideo calls her to tell her that her father had leaked information to Imai about policemen seling drugs in the black market, she catches one of Morita’s men, Fukuhara, as a suspect for killing her father. Morita manages to calm her down, but it’s revealed that he was also part of the drug ring.

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Meanwhile, Rikako and Hideo are captured by the corrupted policemen, as Sakura soon joins them; Hideo reveals to them Imai’s page, that included everything Kirishima had uncovered that they were being VIP members of a restaurant, managing to switch between normal orders and drug ones. The corrupted cop says they killed Kirishima because he knew too much, while Imai was blackmailing them with the info instead of releasing it, as Rikako doesn’t believe that. Before they’re all killed, Hideo gives a signal to Yamaneko that he “can now talk” through Yamaneko’s transmit lighter, as Yamaneko finally speaks, and says that everyone in the Kitaura police force heard all of what Hideo had exposed up until that point, and the police are on their way there.

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Morita shoots Fukuhara saying that since his name wasn’t mentioned, he will be alone blamed for everything and he can get away; he orders his men to finish off Hideo, Sakura and Rikako before he leaves, but it’s revealed that Yamaneko had already been there, pretending to be one of Morita’s men, and all Hideo had to do in order to be saved, was admit his “defeat” to Yamaneko, as Mao would play the S.O.S recorded track and everything would be in order.

Yamaneko catches Morita before he’s able to get away, and narrates the story of a “man” who trusted his subordinate too much, even after he had uncovered his crimes; instead of arresting him immediately, he chose to reveal the information to another person he trusted, and that “foolish” thing, meant his death. Despite that, he still believed in others and was an honorable man. Yamaneko knocks out Morita, and tells Sakura who had been listening to him all along, that the case is up to her now, as she arrests Morita.

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Sakura later visits the WildCat agency, and asks Rikako why Imai would betray her father like this, and if his death was afterall in vain. Rikako can only apologize to her, as Mao and Yamaneko overhear their conversation from the stairs; Mao says that money changed Imai as Yamaneko recounts that he was present in Kirishima’s last moments, as he was trying to capture him, but eventually ended up being shot by his subordinate.

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Hideo interrupts the sad moment, entering the agency with the chopsticks in his nose and singing the old folklore song as he promised, while everyone bursts out laughing at his antics.

Kenichiro is finally elected Governor of Tokyo; Cecilia enters his office but before she’s able to uncover more through his computer, he stops her.

Shugo and Inei question Morita, but he refuses to say anything more, except that hell is coming, and he shallows a poisonous capsule.


Reflection Corner :

Now this is why I love Yamaneko so much; trust this show to pull at your heartstrings with a heartfelt confession and then laugh your ass off with its ridiculous antics! (and all that in between seconds!)


Sakura and Rikako were the main focus this episode, with a somewhat similar fate; Sakura’s father remained honorable until the end, but he ended up trusting the “wrong” person. Rikako was obviously wondering if her abandoning Imai might have sent him on the wrong side of the tracks, but Imai knew (and told her himself) that he was becoming a criminal himself, and he had changed for the worst; sometimes, it’s just that- misguided trust, sadly.


I liked how Rikako apologized to Sakura in the end, because it was simply the only thing she could have done. I felt like her “sorry” was more a plea to her dead father, that he did the right thing, while her ex fiance was hesitating and chose the easy way out. It was a nice, understanding moment between the two. (and can I say bonus to Nanao for being so good in that scene? She has come a long way from her first days, and it’s nice to see her getting a vastly different role in here than -also brilliant- in Siren, so she can experiment some more. Go Go Nanao!)


Yamaneko and Hideo were like a married couple this episode! I couldn’t stop laughing at their hilarious brawl and how Yamaneko was so serious about it, he even got a device to troll him further! I’ve mentioned this in the previous episodes, but Kame’s expressions are always so spot-on, he’s doing comedy so effortlessly!


The Yamaneko team is slowly becoming like a little family, and it’s great to see them clicking more and more each episode; the WildCat agency is like a kindergarten at days lol

Last but not least, seems like shizz is gonna hit the fan, with Morita warning of an incoming hell, as a possible plan of Tenmei’s.

Can’t wait, bring it on, Yamaneko team ain’t afraid of no Tenmei ghosts!


Onwards to episode 6 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to youkai subs @ LJ

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  1. February 20, 2016 at 6:06 pm — Reply

    Yamaneko is proving to be a lot more fun than I anticipated. It combines serious and humorous very nicely, which isin’t all that easy to achieve.

    I guaffed aloud at Yamaneko and Hideo’s ‘married’ tiff as well. XD Kame is doing really well here, he’s pretty good at comedy. Not that I’ve watched all that many of his dramas.

    As you said… on to ep 6!

    • February 20, 2016 at 6:30 pm — Reply

      Hehe, they read MARRIED- Kame was amazing once again and he carries the main role quite successfully!

      Yep, bring it on! ; )

  2. February 25, 2016 at 11:19 pm — Reply

    Again, thanks for the review. I’m loving Mr. Yamaneko more and more and more. His antics are awesome. I wish the drama has no ending cos I’m gonna be missing it when it ends. Hope for the movie as well!

  3. bee
    March 13, 2016 at 10:22 am — Reply

    I feel you with MAH-TEAM feelings! I was just so happy my initial worries were washed away. I shouldn’t have doubted Yama to begin with…


    when Cecilia mentioned “Chameleon who kills with a smile on his face”… I felt these unsettling feelings about our beloved clumsy but (supposedly) well-meaning Hideo Katsumura (after all Hiroki Narimiya played a pretty scary and effective villain in Bloody Monday — and I said how the show’s start-studded (I felt it’s almost a waste), only now I see why. Narimiya … may not be here ONLY to be clumsy but to have his role create a bigger impact in the later part of the show (perhaps?)).

    “The disloyalty and the alliance-two-timers are TOO many to keep a count” but I honestly think I’ll be able to take a traitor if it’s Cecilia, or even Shugo … but Katsumura? Noooooo T_______T

  4. bee
    March 13, 2016 at 10:25 am — Reply

    I’m sorry for the double posts, KIPZIZZ.. I should’ve focused.. 🙁

    Please, remove it from Ep.5. Thank you and once again sorry for such a bother 🙁

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