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Remember – War Of The Son Episode 20 / Finale Recap

Recap – Summary :

In Ah tells Gyu Man that the original wine opener was found, with his fingerprints on it; Gyu Man brushes that over, and says that it’s a past case and everyone should stop bothering him about it, as he won’t say another word till Moo Seok arrives.

Dong Ho informs Soo Beom of Gyu Man’s arrest- Soo Beom has decided to turn himself in, but wants to see Gyu Man one last time. Nam tells Gyu Man that he was the one to give the order to the chopper to leave, as he was gonna be captured anyway; him and Moo Seok have been working to be able to get him out through some higher ups that have been on Nam’s payroll.

In Ah tells Tak that she plans additional charges on Gyu Man’s trial case, so all his crimes will be revealed, as Tak and Dong Ho gather their own evidence to submit related to President Nam.

Yeo Kyeong plans to leave abroad, but tells her father that she was the one to reveal to the police where her brother was; Nam is unhappy with that, but Yeo Kyeong says that it’s mostly his fault Gyu Man turned out this way and she’s appalled he thinks that he should get away with murdering someone.

Jin Woo gives In Ah a record of Gyu Man’s shady financial accounts, and tells her that Soo Beom will bear witness afterall- In Ah thinks that they need an additional witness, and Jin Woo talks again to Chul Joo, who’s willing to be a witness since Jin Woo kept his promise to him.

Meanwhile, Nam tells undersecretary Jung to find a way for Gyu Man to win the trial; Jung tells him that this will be impossible as all the nation is awaiting Gyu Man’s sentence but Nam threatens him as he has recorded all the money he’s given him.

Soo Beom visits Gyu Man and tells him of his decision to turn himself in- Gyu Man wants him to take back whatever he said in Jae Hyuk’s retrial as he will pay him a huge amount of money but Soo Beom replies that things are ever-changing, and his last advise as a friend to him, is to keep a low profile in there.

Moo Seok informs Nam that there has been a new Judge assigned to Gyu Man’s trial while Gyu Man is ready to head to the court; on his way there, a group of people are gathered against him and a few of them throw him eggs as Gyu Man threatens he will find all of them.

Jin Woo thanks once again In Ah for fighting with him, but she states that she simply did her job as a prosecutor; she will however do her best today for his sake too, as Jin Woo thanks her again.

The trial begins and In Ah is surprised that there’s been a switch on the Judge position; she calls forth Soo Beom but the Judge denies her request, as he agrees with Moo Seok’s objection that Soo Beom had fought with Gyu Man prior to his resign, and could possibly want to hurt him. An angry man from the audience yells at the Judge to do his job well, as the trial takes a break.

During the break, In Ah asks the Judge to consider again her request for Soo Beom but the Judge is negative; Moo Seok tells him to continue taking care of the situation.

As the trial begins anew, In Ah wants to call another witness to testify against Gyu Man, and the Judge allows her to, much in Gyu Man and Moo Seok’s surprise. In Ah looks at Jin Woo as she figures out his plan. It’s revealed that Jin Woo told the Judge he knew of his meeting with undersecretary Jung and Moo Seok the day before, and he should distance himself from the, as Jung is being under bribery investigation, and he should lead a fair trial.

In Ah calls Gwak and he confirms that Gyu Man tried to frame Jin Woo for the murder in Jungson-dong and then he ordered him to kill Jin Woo himself; he says he has regretted siding with Gyu Man and is now repenting. In Ah submit additional statements from Chul Joo and Jae Hyuk’s old doctor that reveal Gyu Man’s wrongdoings. In Ah wants to call Jin Woo as the last witness but Moo Seok objects on grounds that Jin Woo is suffering from Alzheimer disease and his testimony wouldn’t be credible; In Ah explains that Jin Woo is stable and the Judge allows him to testify.

Jin Woo tells about what he uncovered during his 5 years of investigation, and cites all the different crimes that Gyu Man committed, as he thought himself the law, and could do whatever he wanted to. The Judge sentences Gyu Man to death for his many crimes as Gyu Man loses it, blaming the Judge, punching Moo Seok and attempting to attack Jin Woo; the security takes him outside as he yells that he’s the law and nobody will tell him what to do.

Soo Beom tells Seok Gyu that he thought that Gyu Man getting the death penalty would bring him satisfaction after everything he put him through, but he feels bad for him. Seok Gyu says that this is because they were friends at some point, and Soo Beom says that he misses those days.

Ha Young gives a stuffed animal as a thank you gift to Jin Woo and In Ah and tells them that she joined a Theater group, and she will invite them to the upcoming play, as Jin Woo and In Ah are happy for her.

Gyu Man heads to the infirmary as he wants painkillers, ordering the doctor to hurry but the doctor asks the guards to take him out; he come across Gwak who tells him he will pray for his sins as Gyu Man tries to attack him.

Jin Woo visits Gyu Man and tells him this is the last time they meet. Gyu Man mocks him he will forget him soon and die a miserable death a his father did; Jin Woo replies that it’s because of him that the peaceful life he had with his father was disrupted. Gyu Man answers him that it was merely fate, as Jin Woo says that he might be right; and now it is his fate to stay forever in there. Gyu Man orders him not to forget him as he will get out of there and make him pay.

Jin Woo pays a visit to Dong Ho, who asks him how he’s feeling; Jin Woo says he feels surprisingly calm, and Dong Ho promises that he will find the best doctor to monitor his health. Jin Woo asks Dong Ho not to tell him who he is, in case he forgets him, as he has painful memories of him that he would like to forget; he then asks him a favor, to hold onto the dollar-contract they signed as he will need him for something regarding that.

Nam visits his son in the prison, and tells him that Ilho is collapsing because of him; Gyu Man promises his father he can restore the group but he needs to get him out of there, as he’s having a difficult time already. Nam says that he shouldn’t have made him his successor and he’s finished with him, as Gyu Man cries and calls out his father’s name.

Moo Seok gives Nam a report on how Ilho is slowly crumbling down, but he knows of a person that will take care things for them; it’s then revealed, that Moo Seok is ready to abandon Ilho, and wants to give info on Tak to take down Ilho once and for all, in the condition that he will be cleared.

Tak isn’t happy with the idea of letting Moo Seok get away, but Dong Ho tells him that he will catch Moo Seok, after they use his information to destroy Ilho.

The next day, Tak gets a search warrant and orders his men to search Nam’s office and house as he’s suspected of many illegal activities; the tape Mr Ha gave Dong Ho is found, as Dong Ho arrives and tells Nam that he had promised him he would put him to jail alongside with his son.

Gyu Man sits alone in his cell, and thinks back to the day his father appointed him president, and then Dong Ho’s words about how he would be abandoned by Nam eventually if he wasn’t of any use to him, despite being his son. He decides to commit suicide, using his uniform to hang himself as his father is devastated to hear of the news the next day.

The news spread around fast, and Lawyer Song remarks that while Gyu Man was a terrible man, he doesn’t feel happy hear those news, while Director Sa says that Gyu Man chose the easy way out instead of repenting for his sins. Jin Woo silently retreats to his hidden room, accompanied by In Ah, as they both look in his guilty-persons wall, with everyone crossed out.

Moo Seok joins a new law firm, as he’s seen rejecting Nam’s calls.

Tak  arrests President Nam and gives him his condolences for Gyu Man, but hopes that he will pay for both of their sins.

Later, Dong Ho and Tak look at the news of Nam’s arrest, as Dong Ho says they have to catch Moo Seok for everything to be settled right.

Jin Woo tells In Ah that’s he’s gonna quit being an attorney, as he did what he was set out to do- clear his father’s name. He won’t regret his decision, as he needs rest too. In Ah remarks that he has really grown up now, something Jin Woo agrees with, an urges her to stop getting involved in everyone’s businesses now.

In Ah says that if she didn’t do that, they would have never met as Jin Woo agrees; she says that now they will have the time to do everything they couldn’t, including a real date.

In Ah returns at her place, and her mother asks if she’s gonna be able to hanadle Jin Woo; In Ah is positive she will, while her mother jokes she’s very stubborn for her own good.

The next day, Moo Seok is arrested by In Ah in his new law firm building, as Tak gave her all the necessary evidence; she tells him he’s a disgrace to the law profession and his crimes of being an accessory to Ilho would catch up to him eventually.

Jin Woo visits his family’s memorial, and says that it has been a while; he tells his dad that he misses him as Dong Ho arrives at that moment, to pay his respects to his own father. He calls Jin Woo by his name, as Jin Woo doesn’t seem to recognize him- he then tells him that he remembers seeing him a few times there.

Jin Woo says they have a lot in common, as he’s an attorney too; Dong Ho is silent at his words, but before Jin Woo leaves, he asks him what he thinks is the best compliment an attorney can give another one- Dong Ho answers “please represent me” as Jin Woo says that these words came to his mind when he saw him. He tells him goodbye as Dong Ho tries to hold his tears.

Jin Woo burns some of his stuff, including a book that reads memories he wants to forget, as he keeps holding the one that contains the memories he wants to cherish.

In Ah arrives at the law firm the next day, only to find out that Jin Woo’s desk is empty and so is the hidden room, except the staffed animal Ha Young gave them as a gift, along with his pendant ring and a video. Jin Woo tells In Ah that the day she’ll see this video, he might have already lost some parts of his memory; he’s thankful that she showed him in every way she wanted to be with him but thought about it hard, and doesn’t want to be a burden to her anymore- he wants her to live with happy memories instead. He ends the video with a promise that he will never forget her even if his memories die, as In Ah calls out his name crying.

One year passes, and Dong Ho is seen defending a woman in the court- Seok Gyu meets him outside the courtoom and tells him he fought hard for that woman, and he should be pleased with the outcome. Dong Ho says he’s so popular these days, that the woman wanted her to meet her grandaughter!

In Ah arrives, and Seok Gyu asks her if she had any news from Jin Woo; she says she haven’t, but she’s sure that he’s doing alright somewhere, as Dong Ho remarks that it has been a year since Jin Woo disappeared as he didn’t want to be a burden to any of them.

Later, everyone is gathered at Jin Woo’s old firm, Byeonduri and Dong Ho reveals that the payment he received from the woman, was hot potatoes. Director Yeon wonders how they’re gonna pay this month’s rent since Dong Ho hasn’t accepted money, as Sung Ho notes that the fees they take are so minimal it physically hurts him!

Dong Ho says he can’t be a lawyer after money anymore, and thinks back to the moment Jin Woo asked him to keep a hold on the contact they signed, and asked him to take over Byeonduri since he wouldn’t be able to go to trials anymore; he tells Dong Ho that he should be the one to represent the people that don’t have the resources or the way to stand up against the injustice. Dong Ho promised Jin Woo he would honor his wish, as Jin Woo thanked him.

In Ah goes to the place where she and Jin Woo shared a kiss, and finds Jin Woo writing a note on the wishes-tree; she’s happy to see him, as Jin Woo seems to look at her for a moment. He passes by her though, and In Ah can’t help but call him out; Jin Woo wonders if they have met before, but she says that she was wrong, and he reminded her of a person she once knew. After Jin Woo leaves, she reads his card, where Jin Woo says he wishes “that person” happiness and hopes that his lost memories are always with them. In Ah runs after Jin Woo, and asks him if the pendant-ring reminds him of anything, but Jin Woo says it doesn’t, after looking at it for a few seconds. He starts to leave, as In Ah follows him from behind.

Jin Woo’s message is revealed to his law firm comrades- he starts by saying that he was someone with a great memory and that served as his ability and disability at the same time. Because of the memories he had, he was happy and sad at times- however, all the moments he shared with them, will never be forgotten and he thanks everyone for the times they spent together.

As In Ah keeps following Jin Woo, his narration ends with him saying that while his memories maybe he gone, the fact that he existed will not.


Reflection Corner :


So the war is officially over-Ilho’s downfall came with a big echo!


I didn’t expect Gyu Man to commit suicide at all- but if you think about it, the moment his despicable father abandoned him, was the catalyst for Gyu Man’s complete mental breakdown. I did feel sort of sad (well not sad but more like oh noes! /and that is a testament to Nam Goong’s Min amazing acting) when he decided to kill himself; don’t get me wrong, it was satisfying to see him being humiliated and dragged by the public and the law, because he did rape and kill Jung Ah (and all the extra stuff he did) and tried to escape that with everything he got- but he could have chosen the same route Gwak did, or Soo Beom. He could have opted for redemption (for himself and his soul at least) but he was a broken man from the beginning and never came back from the hell he created.

Of course, Nam aided that malfunction in Gyu Man’s heart, by covering every dirty deed he did, but never cared to give him the time of day and reprimand him; his attention to him was limited as he only raised him to be the heir of Ilho. What a rotten, tragic family- thankfully, Yeo Kyeong escaped that fate and did everything she could to atone for her family’s sins.


Unlike Nam and Gyu Man, Dong Ho (well, he never crossed the line unlike those two, but he did do questionable things) took Joo II as a cautionary tale, and he managed to turn his life around, ending up as a lawyer in Jin Woo’s firm; that was his way to go on living, and honor his promise to his father, Joo II and Jin Woo. What a legendary character! (yes, yes, he remains my fav!)

In Ah was relentless as a prosecutor; she got the business done in milliseconds lol. The way she got Moo Seok was amazing, because dear lord, he was like a cockroach, always finding a way to survive.


Regarding her relationship with Jin Woo- well, it was an open ending but I found it symbolic that she was the one in hold of Jin Woo’s “ring pendant”. (get it? HIS HEART!) I feel like their relationship at the end of the finale can be summed up in one of my favorite George Bernard Shaw quotes :

“There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart’s desire. The other is to gain it.”


Gaining your heart’s desire back is difficult but it embraces hope for persisting through the difficulties of life; and just like Jin Woo held the hope that his father would remember him, now In Ah is in his shoes. Some days are gonna be bad,  some days are gonna be better; but she will be there beside him to make sure they spend those days together, if the ending was any indicative of her stubborn nature. (it was!)

(come on, you know he kept a photo of hers in his "to cherish memories" book and he's just acting RIGHT)

(come on, you know he kept a photo of hers in his “to cherish memories” book and he’s just acting RIGHT)

Actually, that Shaw quote applies on Jin Woo’s situation alone too- in a way, you could say he did both these things simultaneously. He did clear his father’s name, the goal of his life, but he eventually forgot the important people to him.


However, the impact he had on “his people”, will live on, as will his quest for justice; afterall, it was a tale of a man fighting for the truth, and as he himself said, the truth won’t speak for itself. But truth is absolute, no matter how much you bend it or try to change it. It’s just, that sometimes, you have to battle more than ordinary to let it shine.


Jin Woo’s return to his old neighborhood to live a quiet and peaceful life, is fitting; maybe one sunny morning, he might remember everyone and they will laugh at the memories. Maybe he won’t- either way, Lawyer Song, Director Yeon, Dong Ho and In Ah will always be by his side silently, and hope that Jin Woo will step inside the Law Firm again someday.

Until then, farewell but not goodbye “Remember”; I have to admit it was a show that kept crushing your hopes and might have been a bit overkill with how everyone was bought and all that, but it told the story it was supposed to tell beautifully.


The war is over, and there’s gotta be only sunny days ahead! ; )

Overall Grade : 9,01/10

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only

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  1. Mark Jamolin
    February 19, 2016 at 5:06 am — Reply

    I lost my every little sh*t in this drama. I will cherish the story for the rest of my life.

  2. February 19, 2016 at 5:09 am — Reply

    I will cherish this series for the rest of my life. Gonna miss poor Jin Woo.

    • February 19, 2016 at 12:45 pm — Reply

      It was a great series, with an admirable main character, (+many others!) it shall be missed!

  3. crazylkim
    February 19, 2016 at 9:06 am — Reply

    very nice comment for the ending ^^
    “There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart’s desire. The other is to gain it.”

    • February 19, 2016 at 12:47 pm — Reply

      The series were stenched in tragedy, but at the end of the road there’s always hope. ; )

  4. February 19, 2016 at 10:44 am — Reply

    thank you for all your recaps!!!! made my thursdays and fridays better!!! ^^

    • February 19, 2016 at 12:48 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome! ; )

  5. Bea
    February 19, 2016 at 7:37 pm — Reply

    I loved this drama. Does anyone know where I can get those 2 monkey stuffed animals that Ha Young gives Jin Woo & In Ah? It’s so adorable. 🙂

    • February 19, 2016 at 7:39 pm — Reply

      I wish I knew, could have gotten one myself lol.

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  7. laelani
    February 20, 2016 at 8:37 pm — Reply


    • February 24, 2016 at 1:26 pm — Reply

      at the columbarium memorial, when DH met Jinwoo, OST#6 is “Cuz I could say i Love you” by Bobby Kim,
      “Sometimes, I’m afraid to open my eyes
      I can’t see the light in this darkness
      I hope that everything will just come to an end
      As I get my tired body up again
      My crumpled up life has just gotten by
      I resented and hated it
      I had late regrets and had dreams
      As I endure this hard day
      A life filled with worries
      I hated everything
      Because there was nothing I could do
      But till the day I faint in the days ahead
      I’m thankful that I can say I love you
      Waiting was always like a sigh to me
      Longing was always in my heart
      Even if I live just one day more, I wish to be with you
      I sing for that miracle to come
      My crumpled up life has just gotten by
      I resented and hated it
      I had late regrets and had dreams
      As I endure this hard day
      A life filled with worries
      I hated everything
      Because there was nothing I could do
      But till the day I faint in the days ahead
      I’m thankful that I can say I love you
      Stay by my side
      Even when I close my eyes
      But till the day I faint in the days ahead
      I’m thankful that I can say I love you”
      (you try to google :

      • February 24, 2016 at 1:28 pm — Reply

        sorry, kipzizz. post the 2 clips without asking for permission, just intended to quote the sites, you may delete as deem fit. Good bye. God bless

        • February 24, 2016 at 2:16 pm — Reply

          Oh it’s fine, they relate to what you said, so all’s right. ; )

    • Xaris
      May 29, 2017 at 12:16 pm — Reply

      Jooyoung – Can you hear me

  8. February 20, 2016 at 11:23 pm — Reply

    know you treasured DH. something i remembered.
    When the last scene he had with DH back at columbarium (family’s urns), the necklace should be then took out to be given her. The memories he treasured with dad, the key object he hold closed to heart to be given her.
    At the columbarium’s discourse with DH, he gave DH his short closure, thus Writernim used that scene, to let DH and us know, while he cannot remembered DH, he gazed and paused at DH, and he remembered the feeling DH gave him. To DH; “Do you know what the best compliment is that an attorney can give to another?…. (“Please represent me”)…. When I saw you, that came to mind.” a memory buried (not really lost) JW, can feel DH and remembered this feelings of trust and warmth and loyalty, thru’ a hyung’s eyes. Writernim is gracious to us and to DH, to gave him that scene to hold on, remembering JW, his dongaeng, who has given him a new family in Song and Yeon and Ahn…. When he called him, “Attorney Park Dong Ho’ is as good as calling him “Hyung-ah”.
    DH, shredded to strips, broken to be build again. Just like IA, the only comfort he will have is, “that came to mind’. The feeling he gave JW will stayed with JW. This feelings of searching and recognised the feels thru the eyes, later was ‘replayed’ during IA’s final scene to link back the infinity link by that ring pendent, her eyes, just like DH’s eyes thru that ring, …. Will flash back another “when I saw you (IA’s loving eyes with gratitude), that came to mind’. Feeling of been loved and someone I used to love, that came to mind.
    your verse, “I learned the real meaning of love, Love is absolute loyalty. People fade, looks fade, but loyalty never fades. You can depend so much on certain people, you can set your watch by them. And that’s love, even if it doesn’t seem very exciting.” “you can depend so much on certain people” applied to DH too, when DH see that, i knew he earned a dongaeng, he will remembered the feels JW gave him there and then at columbarium.
    Remember is not just a thriller, not just a war of 3 sons, or 3 wars … its about remembering what your heart buried, the person that meant something to do, while words and events and looks will not be lost, memories can never be stolen from us, just buried deeper in the mind abyss. it take a look, the feeling will returns.

    • February 24, 2016 at 2:45 pm — Reply

      Yep, what you said; this is why the show is called “Remember” afterall- it’s like a plea to the heard and mind even if everything seems forgotten.

  9. February 20, 2016 at 11:24 pm — Reply

    (a clip to show what i mean)

  10. Vanptc
    February 21, 2016 at 10:56 am — Reply

    “(come on, you know he kept a photo of hers in his “to cherish memories” book and he’s just acting RIGHT”.

    I think so, too! Jin Woo is just acting b/c he doesn’t want to be a burden. But In Ah, with her stubborn nature, will stick her nose in his life again to make sure that they will spend their time together including real dates, and won’t let him go this time. What a beautiful ending!

  11. Auxano
    February 22, 2016 at 11:22 pm — Reply

    Tanks for the recap. Great actors, love them all especially seo jin woo and nam gyu man who is my favourite actually

  12. Auxano
    February 22, 2016 at 11:25 pm — Reply

    Tanks for the recap. Great actors, love them all especially attorney park, seo jin woo and nam gyu man who is my favourite actually

  13. February 26, 2016 at 8:02 am — Reply

    There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart’s desire. The other is to get it. (Shaw)

    To see it in another light, there’s a 3rd tragedy, when one give up hope of attaining that ‘heart-desire’ for fear of getting hurt in the process of finally get what you want and realized it doesn’t give you gratification for your sacrifices, and thus lived in regrets. Will she labored and finally discovered JW can never really remembered her for most of his life. By rejecting the hurt, thus we would not know the euphoria that we would feel from attaining heart-desires finally. The Losing of that ‘want’ to labour for one’s heart-desire, I think that dying of hope is the Third tragedy. No, whether the ends justify the means, the Inah we know (like many real-life caretakers, will never bothered to think whether all sacrifices are worth-it?) Not, when its our loved ones are concerned, we never think & but just get ourselves soiled, bloodied, and wounded. Yes, Inah (& other real lives caretakers) may murmured once a while, but she will not ever allowed herself to choose denial in order to protect herself from hurt. While there are those can chose to retain the pretty image of our loved ones and ran, and our loved Alz patient can chose to keep that pretty image inside us and disappear, that may not be escaping from the second tragedy really. So to speak JW (and other JWs in the world) may turn very unsightly in the final stages, disappointment hit cold that this relationship that will not get her anywhere near whatever other couple enjoyed… so to choose to run to keep the perfect angelic image of JW only?
    Nope, even the stubborn IA will never think twice to run away from the second tragedy of much pains in gaining, after experiencing the one year of excruciating pain in loosing. So stay she shall, from chose to picked and returned the egg-yolked stained necklace, to jumping down buildings, to sitting with the audience as a prosecutor, to a year of carrying that heart-pendent in her pocket waiting to give him… and finally gasps of a hard breathe of air even when JW said he don’t recognized the pendent shown, shown that she chose, holding on the necklace, and not returning, means she will follow on… see?
    Is it worth to ask Inah to labours 99 days of oblivions from JW, and to get that 1 day of short awakening, and a tearful hug? Pains we labored deem as the second tragedy, is nothing when there’s a glimpse of hope at the end of cold tunnel! To InAh (an extraordinary character that defy KDnorms) life without a silver lining is the Mother of all tragedies, that 3rd Tragedies in rejecting that 1 day of profound rapture of him knowing she is his memory, so that she can escape 99 days of being in his oblivion?

    So, if anything, it’s a silver lining tragedy at most. To her, nothing can rob her the blessing of her presence beside him keeping her pledge of her “be your memory” forever, for the simply pleasure of reminding him daily all his past, and remembering “you’re just you”. That sincere confession was what earned her that epic kiss. Who knows, this same unchanged confession again may earn her more memories rekindled, more hugs and kisses, hidden in the ep 21 we believed in. Loved the loyalty, the faith, the selfless strength hidden behind this quiet vow: “It’s okay. I will be your memory.”

  14. Diamond
    March 3, 2016 at 10:49 pm — Reply

    You’re reviews are always nice to read <3
    Thanks for making them ^^

    • March 3, 2016 at 11:04 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much! ; )

  15. Kendra Omali
    April 6, 2016 at 4:03 am — Reply

    I’m just speechless how the plot went all the way. Everything. Not a cliche, neither confusing. This drama is just so dehydrating. I could deeply feel Jin Woo, like seriously, his interaction with his dad is always heartbreaking. Every episode is not a waste. It always has interesting contents. There are some little scenes that seem absurd, but are too little to ruin the great story line. The afflictions of JW stab my eyes and always win my sympathy. He’s the only Korean actor, thus far, that affected me so much, not to mention his river of tears whenever he starts crying. In my opinion, this is one of the best high caliber kdramas I’ve ever seen. Please anyone, tell me Yoo Seung-ho deserves an award for this drama? Anyone! Because IMO, he really does.

    • April 6, 2016 at 7:27 am — Reply

      He’s an amazing actor; I don’t think many would have pulled off this particular role that greatly.

      • Kendra Omali
        April 6, 2016 at 10:20 pm — Reply

        Maybe it’s just me. But every character in this drama fits the role perfectly. I didn’t find anyone annoying for no reason. The story line is solid. Every turn of the episode reveals my questions in mind. Though I’ve no idea about the laws (esp. Korea’s), it still didn’t lead me to confusion. I’m actually doubtful to watch this drama at first. I just gave it a try and expected this to be boring. It turned out otherwise in the end.

        Idk, but Yoo Seung-ho’s subtle acting here is moving and effective. Maybe with the help of other great actors as well, not to mention Jin Woo’s father. 🙂

  16. sarah
    June 1, 2017 at 3:04 pm — Reply

    Wow i cried a lot in this episode.
    The part where Soo Bum talks to Gyu Man. He still cares about his friend eventhough his friend is a psycho. And ouch, the part where Gyu Man says “you think you’re the only one who’s lonely?”

    Gyu Man must’ve been so lonely 🙁 tho it still doesn’t justify his wrongdoings.

    And then his father disowned him and i cried so much because Gyu Man just looks so sad there.

    Then of course the heart wrecking suicide.

    The part where Dong Ho and Jin Woo meet is also extremely sad. Jin woo doesn’t remember Dong Ho and Dong Ho has to pretend to not know him. It just wreck my heart so bad. Dong Ho then cries silently and so was I.

    What is also sad is that Jin Woo smiles so brightly even when his memories are starting to get lost. The video he gives to his friend, why does he smile so wide???

    Finally after 1 year, In Ah and Jin Woo meets again but ofc Jin Woo doesn’t remember her. In Ah stalks him from behind with a smile. She asks about the necklace and when Jin Woo smiles and said “i don’t remember.” I legit cry again. It’s just way too

    S A D

    The voice over by Jin Woo and his quote are really sweet. I’m glad that the ending is an open-ending one.

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