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After protecting Mi Mo from Seul Ah’s mob, they left with Soo Hyuk’s car where silence was reigning supreme as Mi Mo was recalling all these hurtful moments.

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Soo Hyuk took her to her apartment where he unplugged her TV’s cables and shut down her cellphone in order not for Mi Mo to be devoured by the news at least for one day. He brought Ppoppo closer to her, but Mi Mo urged him to not worry about her.

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Hae Joon heard the rumors and since he couldn’t reach Mi Mo on the phone he rushed to her apartment after cancelling all of his appointments.


Soo Hyuk went to the office and demanded explanations from the reporter who published Ah Ni’s article that was never supposed to see the light of day. Once he kept erupting the chief took full responsibility for the article and Soo Hyuk laid emphasis on the harm it caused to an innocent woman. The chief thought it was all due to the bad timing since Seul Ah had miscarried and pointed out that he’s the one who makes the final decisions on what gets published or not. It was something that made Soo Hyuk wonder if the decisions of the reporters who had worked on the article in the first place ever mattered. After Soo Hyuk quit the chief actually enjoyed having been yelled at for the first time by one of his employees!


The moment they touch your sweetheart.

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Inside her apartment, Mi Mo kept recalling the mob’s accusations and soon enough she found herself in Hae Joon’s embrace. Mi Mo thought that she would be fine after some time passed, but Hae Joon pointed out that she should respond to all the lies that had been written about her. She recalled Soo Hyuk’s words to remain detached from everything just for one day and she remained loyal to her arch decision hoping that everything will be solved sooner than expected. Hae Joon being there for her was more than enough and it was the most he could do for her at that point.

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Dong Mi informed Da Jung that someone they were seeing for the first time had taken Mi Mo with him, but Da Jung made a slight reference in her mind. Da Jung urged Dong Mi and Ae Ran to go at Mi Mo’s place.

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Min Woo was returning back home and witnessed Mi Mo leaving with Hae Joon. On his way up he found Dong Mi and Ae Ran outside of Mi Mo’s apartment and informed them that she had just left with a guy! Both of them were trying to figure out with which one of the two she was, but Min Woo told them that he’d like her to be with the cute guy, his father, and not with the good-looking one she left with, Hae Joon. It was the moment Min Woo found out that Hae Joon was Mi Mo’s boyfriend and things became a bit more difficult for his plans.

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Soo Hyuk kept working on an article throughout the night while recalling the incident in order to make things right.


Hae Joon brought Mi Mo something warm to drink, but he also tried to keep her warm and urged her to stare at the sky without thinking about anything else. Mi Mo pointed out that the best thing that ever happened to her was the moment she debuted with Angels, but it’s also the thing she regrets the most. She was glad for the love she had received back in the days, but after the group broke up things were difficult. However, all the hardships she had to go through made her stronger, but even though Angels are in the past people keep remembering her as an ex-member of the group. She’d wish she would just live as the one she is at the present, Han Mi Mo, and not like an ex-member of Angels. She doesn’t feel as strong as she thought she would be, but Hae Joon pointed out that since she’s still standing is something that proves she’s strong enough.

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Hyun Ki was drinking with Soo Hyuk and urged him to prevent himself from proceeding with the article, but wait for a big scandal to come to the surface. He also informed him that if he goes against Seul Ah he will find himself in trouble and he’ll end up getting hurt. Soo Hyuk doesn’t care about himself, all he cares about is Mi Mo and he wouldn’t like to see her getting hurt to a wider extent, but the fact that the article he’s working on is also about her makes things a bit more difficult for him.

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The next morning Mi Mo got informed that things had gotten a bit more troublesome and she had to go out even though Soo Hyuk would like her to stay at home.


Hae Joon tried to avoid Yeon Soo since Mi Mo wasn’t fine about it, but he eventually decided to let her talk to him since she wanted to apologize. Hae Joon hoped that time will heal everything concerning Mi Mo’s current situation and Yeon Soo wondered if Hae Joon liked Mi Mo because she was a member of Angels. The answer was because she makes him smile and she pointed out the one thing he hadn’t realized after dating so many girls, the fact that he knows how to take but he doesn’t know anything about giving. The fact that he likes Mi Mo because she makes him smile automatically places him at the center of the relationship, something that prevents him from understanding Mi Mo’s world. Since he couldn’t understand what she wanted to convey Yeon Soo had to give him an example from her own experience. While Hae Joon was smiling she was rotting on the inside. Yeon Soo could finally feel better, but she also urged Hae Joon to take her words into consideration.

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Mi Mo arrived at the police station and got informed that Brave Wedding had been sued due to fraudulent marriage issues. The woman’s son had sued the company because the papers the man his mother was in love with had brought at Brave Wedding were all forged. That man had deposited money in Brave Wedding’s account and they could end up getting charged with fraud since it could look as if they had been monetized by him. Mi Mo tried to maintain Brave Wedding’s integrity in front of that woman’s son, but while leaving she almost fainted. She intended to prove that the company wasn’t at fault and urged her secretary to keep it a secret from Da Jung. Soo Hyuk was always nearby witnessing what was going on and he started trying to find the couple’s location.

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While walking with her secretary, people kept recognizing and badmouthing Mi Mo to the extent of her thinking that someone wanted to harm her.


Da Jung was outside and she resembled herself to a withering plant. Gun Hak was nearby witnessing her as he was recalling the past. Da Jung had bought couple T-shirts and if didn’t intend to wear the “groom” one she wouldn’t marry him. He decided to wear it and the place would be an amusement park since she was only 22 years old and her life would change after getting married, so there were things she’d like to do with him before walking down the aisle.

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Some of the clients were causing a ruckus at Brave Wedding due to the fraud rumors and it wasn’t easy for Mi Mo to calm things down.


Soo Hyuk had prepared the article and Hyun Ki had found the people he was searching for. All Soo Hyuk needed at this point was the chief’s approval and even though he was thoughtful about it Soo Hyuk reminded him that it was his own fault in the first place. Before publishing anything Soo Hyuk intends to inform him.

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Soo Hyuk found Mi Mo sitting on the bench and put his scarf around her neck. He pointed out that a new article revealing the whole truth would be of major help, but he’d have to reveal everything about Mi Mo and Jung Hoon’s relationship.

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He knelt in front of her and informed her that he had prevented that incident from appearing on the news back then and he still doesn’t feel well about publishing the story because he doesn’t want her to get hurt, but if he doesn’t post the article it will take more time for Mi Mo to clear her name. What scares him the most is that if he doesn’t do anything Mi Mo will keep getting scarred until everything’s forgotten.


He laid emphasis on the fact that the way she feels is the most important factor in the decisions he makes. Mi Mo couldn’t hold back her tears, but it was tough on her because the decision she had to make was about herself. Soo Hyuk tried to reach her face for one more time, but once again, he was unable to do so.

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Inside the elevator Mi Mo almost fainted, but she wasn’t feeling any better inside her apartment either. She kept recalling people’s harsh words and she collapsed on the floor. Hyun Ki informed Soo Hyuk that Brave Wedding would actually get charged for fraud and the only thing they could do was for Soo Hyuk to find that man in Hong Kong.

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He went to her apartment but she would neither open the door nor respond to his calls. Once he heard her phone ringing without her answering his call he could easily understand that something was wrong. He called the building security guard who opened the door and Soo Hyuk found Mi Mo unconscious on the floor.

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She got transferred to the hospital and while the doctors were examining her Soo Hyuk was losing the world underneath his feet.

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Once he tried to get closer to her Hae Joon wrist-grabbed and prevented him from touching Mi Mo’s hand. Hae Joon urged him to leave, but Soo Hyuk had a different opinion and Hae Joon kept trying to keep him away from Mi Mo. Once Soo Hyuk told him that they could fight later, but all he cared about at that point was only Mi Mo he could only surrender.

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Soo Hyuk was by Mi Mo’s side and Hae Joon witnessed the moment. Soo Hyuk was thankful towards her for being well and after he covered her in a better way with the blanket there was that one single heartbeat i absolutely adored!

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Soo Hyuk apologized to Hae Joon and asked him a favor, to take good care of Mi Mo even though he knew that he’d do so anyway. Soo Hyuk was recalling his devastation at the hospital after Soon Soo had passed away and he was losing himself in tears at the hospital’s corridor.

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Hae Joon was by Mi Mo’s side and he was recalling all the recent events with Soo Hyuk and Yeon Soo.


Soo Hyuk left for Hong Kong. Mi Mo woke up to find Hae Joon by her side and he’d prefer it had she talked to him about the suffering she was going through since he didn’t know.

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Hyun Ki informed the chief on Soo Hyuk’s decision to publish the article no matter how hard things may be for him due to Seul Ah’s fans. The article went viral and everyone became aware that Mi Mo was only a victim and the sentiment against her changed. Dong Mi and Ae Ran thought that the reporter did his best with the article and Mi Mo lost herself in tears in her friends’ embrace now that everything had been resolved. Hae Joon also read the article.

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Seul Ah’s fans were out of Masspunch’s building and the war against Soo Hyuk had began. Hyun Ki telling Soo Hyuk to stay for a few more days in Hong Kong felt essential.


Mi Mo was at Brave Wedding and she was recalling her conversation with Min Woo who had informed her that his father was on a trip. Her secretary had found enough information to prove that Brave Wedding wasn’t at fault, all that remained was to prove that everything was legal.

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Conan O’Brien was her next client and he repeated both Soo Hyuk and Hae Joon’s words! He informed Mi Mo that she was his ideal type of a woman and she was feeling quite uneasy about it! Before leaving he pointed out that love overcomes everything and urged her to remain courageous!

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Gun Hak was at the hospital and all the female patients were getting ready for the arrival of a doctor who was all middle-aged women’s sweetheart! The other patient in Da Jung’s room informed her about his enchanting characteristics, but she also pointed out that all ailments come from the heart and that doctor knew how to approach his female patients! Gun Hak recalled Yeon Soo’s words that a woman’s heart keeps beating after mastectomy and that she still needs a man’s loving and caring approach.

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Ae Ran was there to prepare Dong Mi for her first date with Jung Woo. Making her look like an independent but also younger than her age woman and definitely not like his older sister was essential! She took care of pretty much everything and gave Dong Mi her favorite handbag along with some instructions when the paycheck arrives! Dong Bae informed Ae Ran on the house-warming party and took her by surprise!

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Dong Mi was almost flying out of happiness, but she restrained herself since she had to keep Ae Ran’s handbag safe! Once she met Jung Woo he placed his arm around her shoulder and their lunch date began!

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Gun Hak gave Tae Yong a rose for Da Jung, but he asked his son to keep it a secret from her and urged him to remind her how beautiful she is! Tae Yong gave it to her and told her that she’s as beautiful as a flower. Gun Hak was happy witnessing the moment, but once the other patient noticed him he decided to leave.

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Dong Bae and Ae Ran’s employees were waiting for her, but she wanted to talk to him in private! He didn’t want other people to think they got divorced after getting married and he pointed out that it was weird leaving all alone at their place. Dong Bae pointed out that all these women belonged in the past, but Ae Ran couldn’t possibly tell whether she could devote her life to him!

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While her employees thought they were dancing they were actually “fighting” by pushing one another all over the place until they got exhausted! He told her that she had broken his heart while they were dating and that was the reason why he cheated on her. He asked her if she would live with him if he promised to be devoted to her but he didn’t receive an answer for now.

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Mi Mo couldn’t reach Soo Hyuk on the phone and called at Masspunch to find out from Hyun Ki when he’d return. Hyun Ki welcomed Soo Hyuk back, but he didn’t know what the outcome of his journey would be.

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So Yeon visited Mi Mo and informed her that she didn’t know her escape would play its own part in everything that happened lately. She was leading a life full of money but it was devoid of love and her children weren’t enough to fill in the void. The man he had met through Mi Mo was utterly sincere concerning his debt, but her children thought that he was after her for money. She was behind the forged documents in order to chase away her children’s fears and ran away with him after registering their marriage. Mi Mo pointed out that the most important thing in one’s life is one’s happiness. If she’s happy then everyone around her will be happy and she urged So Yeon to do as she desires. Before leaving she informed her that Soo Hyuk’s heartfelt approach had convinced them to come back and clear her name.

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A manager was directly accusing Soo Hyuk for his article that caused many contract terminations and threatened that he would ruin his life once and for all. Once Soo Hyuk left the building Seul Ah’s mob attacked him the same way it did with Mi Mo, but he stood still to receive their hate. Mi Mo was witnessing the moment and tried to run to his aid, but Hyun Ki prevented her since it would make things worse. Soo Hyuk would never want her to find herself in this hateful torrent anew.

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Mi Mo was crying her heart out at the bench while recalling Soo Hyuk’s confession and caring attitude, moments they shared together and everything he recently went through because of her.


Soo Hyuk arrived and their common thoughts on the sense of timing between them from each one’s perspective started echoing.

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~ Thoughts ~


Mi Mo remains Soo Hyuk’s number one priority on pretty much everything and he always takes her feelings and concerns into consideration before proceeding with anything. Εven if he’s doing it for her it’s her opinion that helps him flip the lever. He neither wants to overburden her nor cause more trouble in her life and both his love and caring attitude towards her are as unconditional as they can get. When everything was collapsing around her Soo Hyuk was the glade where she could breathe. It was also the first time she didn’t listen to Hae Joon’s opinion and followed Soo Hyuk’s advice to stay at home for at least one day.


I don’t want to be unfair to Hae Joon, he appeared more caring in this episode. The moment he found out what was going on he rushed to her aid and waited until nighttime would arrive in order to get her out of her apartment’s gloominess. While she’s mainly sincere with Soo Hyuk in their bench moments, it was actually the first time she opened up her heart towards Hae Joon to a wider extent. The moment she became a part of Angels’ world was the brightest and bleakest moment in her life, a nodal point for better and for worse at the same time.


It was the moment that filled her life with love and recognition, but it was also the moment that would condemn her to being remembered as an ex-Angels member and not the one she actually is, Han Mi Mo. While her career paved her way up to an extent, the group’s breakup brought her back to point zero since she had to adjust to a new reality. No matter how defenseless she was feeling under the shadow of the recent events, Hae Joon was there to remind that she was strong enough since she was standing still.


Mi Mo found herself entrapped in a domino effect she was unable to prevent once the article made it to the surface and shortly after Brave Wedding found itself in grave danger since pretty much everyone found a chance to acquire something. It was the drama’s humble approach on scandals (whether they are true or not) and the way they affect one’s life. Once a celebrity, forever a celebrity. Even when Mi Mo was no longer in the spotlight there’s always someone waiting in the corner for someone like her to slip. One More Happy Ending shed some light on the ill-natured side of fandoms as well along with the senseless power of the mob, not that we weren’t already aware of it, but the drama encapsulated it pretty well within a single episode and without over-extending it for no reason.


The 10th one was probably a mind-awakening episode for Hae Joon since Yeon Soo made him more aware of his self-centered approach on relationships. His life had always been adorned with a woman’s presence, but the sense of quality was always disproportionate compared to quality. He was always placing himself at the center of a relationship and while he was receiving pretty much everything from his partners he was unable to sincerely offer a part of himself. He may like Mi Mo for making him smile, but that’s where his part in that relationship ends and the chasm between them deepens.


At first it was each other’s confession box, but the bench steadily transforms itself into a magnet that pulls Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk closer to one another. Soo Hyuk’s article would be of major importance in the ongoing scandal since it would reveal the whole truth, but that was the reason why he needed Mi Mo’s approval because it would reveal more things about her personal life to the public. Soo Hyuk could foresee that Mi Mo would get scarred even deeper in the near or far future, especially now that her company had been entangled in this maelstrom.


He wanted to keep her safe from long-term harm, but he also let her know that his decisions are always Mi Mo oriented. I simply love the sense of distance between them every time both of them are on screen, you can sense the magnetic vibes in the space between them and i adore the shy road his hand walks upon on the way that leads to her face! I really hope that the invisible obstacle lying between her face and his hand will surrender soon enough!


The hospital scene was of major importance for both our male leading figures. Soo Hyuk could notice that something was wrong and managed to help Mi Mo get transferred to the hospital, but that’s where the emotional struggle began. The more he was witnessing her lying unconscious on a hospital bed the more he was reliving his past (it was more apparent later on when he was at the hospital’s corridor) with the difference that he couldn’t be by Soon Soo’s side back then while at the present he could be there for Mi Mo, but without her being a part of his life on her behalf.


Hae Joon and Soo Hyuk’s confrontation was powerful, Soo Hyuk could only think of Mi Mo while monopolizing Hae Joon’s interest at the same time. Soo Hyuk being thankful and caring towards her for one more time was beautiful, you heard that single heartbeat the moment he covered her with the blanket and placed his hand over hers, right? A while ago Hae Joon looked as if he hadn’t learned anything from Yeon Soo’s words. However, the moment he told Mi Mo that she could have talked to him about everything she was going through was a brave step ahead for a character like his since he made Mi Mo’s world a priority.


Gun Hak and Da Jung’s distant interactions possess their own dynamics. He’s always nearby observing her in order to find ways to approach her. The fact that she compared her womanhood and life to a withering plant led Gun Hak to offer her a flower in bloom through their son who would remind her of how beautiful she is on Gun Hak’s silent behalf. Seeing Da Jung in a brighter mood made him smile as if he was gaining the world and i am pretty certain that the other patient inside Da Jung’s room will play her own part in bringing them closer together.


It’s so majestic seeing them so lively and bright in the past, but it transforms into something heartrending seeing them apart at the present as they are my personal One More Happy Ending secret ship. On a side note, even though Mi Mo was breaking apart she didn’t want to overburden Da Jung in her condition with everything going on at Brave Wedding, the friendship is strong.


Our power duet is no other than Ae Ran and Dong Mi! Ae Ran prepared Dong Mi for her first date with Jung Woo and i really want everything to flow well in her life from this point and on. I hope that the meaningful time i want to spend with Yoo In Na on screen will increase in the forthcoming episodes.


As for Ae Ran and Dong Bae, this goddamn couple plays a push and pull game with me! At first i was enraged at Ae Ran wanting to run away from Dong Bae whose approach seemed utterly sincere, then i was enraged at him for being a womanizer and last but not least, i wanted to break something during the previous episode the moment Ae Ran uttered that she had started finding him attractive now that she had found out who he really was. I don’t know why, but i loved their interactions during this episode. I found this “we can’t be together, but we can’t be apart either, so let’s try redefining ourselves by one another’s side” quite intriguing.


Soo Hyuk’s trip didn’t only chase away the clouds over Brave Wedding, it also led to yet another declaration of Mi Mo when it comes to her definition of happiness for her and her loved ones. In addition, it made Soo Hyuk’s love and caring more palpable after Mi Mo found out that everything was resolved thanks to him. The way he was attacked by Seul Ah’s mob was the heartrending icing on the cake with Mi Mo being unable to help him while everything he was going through was directly related to her.


Mi Mo’s endless tears and moments she shared with Soo Hyuk were silently weaving his way towards her heart and soon enough time stood still just for the two of them. If there’s something of major importance when it comes to two people getting together it has to be the timing. Had Soo Hyuk been a bit faster and Mi Mo a bit slower, they would had met right in the middle and the most desired blissful explosion could had taken place, hence the question on whether they would had been staring at the same direction or not.


They had already missed the timing, but things between them get more perplexed as episodes pass by and they could bring forth a belated but also deeper sense of timing as they keep meeting on more meaningful and emotionally eloquent crossroads. If there’s a reason for them being apart, then it has to be their different solitary paths leading them to one another. If they won’t end up together i will commit dramacide and…


…this is me while waiting for the drama’s next episodes.

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