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Remember – War Of The Son Episode 19 Recap [Does Justice Ever Find You]

remember019court(do the wicked never lose.)


remember01900077 remember01900078

In Ah steps in as the “new prosecutor” Tak proposed for Gyu Man’s trial, something that surprises both Moo Seok and President Nam.

Gyu Man is having afit of anger, as Jin Woo tells him that he will see him at the court as he had promised- Gyu Man says that a non-legal video can’t hurt him and he can manipulate the law, but Jin Woo says he can’t hide the truth anymore.

remember01900088 remember01900089

Tak says he’s relieved that he doesn’t have to act like Nam’s lapdog and his mission is accomplished; Nam replies that his trick won’t be able to hurt him anyway, as In Ah tells him that Ilho’s true face will be revealed this time.

Later, Dong Ho drinks with Tak, who explains that he couldn’t tell him the truth, as he didn’t want to raise any suspicions. Dong Ho says he understands, even though he wished he had told him earlier, but since the trick worked, all is fine.

remember01900091 remember01900092

Jin Woo asks In Ah how does it feels to be a prosecutor again, after it’s revealed she was re-instated with Tak’s help; In Ah says she will adjust again, and remarks how much the trouble was worth it to see Moo Seok’s priceless face when she was revealed as the prosecutor for Gyu Man’s case. Jin Woo encourages her to retain the same bold attitude she possessed as an attorney.

remember01900093 remember01900095

Mook Seo tells Nam that he can’t change prosecutors again as the public video of Gyu Man was a direct hit and suggests that he comes forward as a father, so the public can turn in their favour again.

On his way to his office, Gyu Man listens to an employer talking about him and calling him a murderer, and he lashes out by starting to beat him up, declaring that he’s a murderer and he might die from getting beaten up by him, as people in the company take videos of his violet behavior.

remember01900096 remember01900097

In the law firm, Jin Woo thinks that Gyu Man is now cornered and they need to give him the finishing blow, by calling out a few witnesses to testify against him; he thinks they need more than just Gwak as In Ah says that she will try to ask Judge Seok Gyu’s help.

remember01900098 remember01900099

In Ah meets with Seok Gyu and asks for his help to call Soo Beom as a witness to the trial; Seok Gyu tries to call him but he can’t locate him, as Soo Beom is still captured in the place Gyu Man put him in.

Moo Seok informs Gyu Man that he couldn’t stop the video of his violent behavior from spreading out, and they should be prepared for the worst in the impending trial.

remember01900100 remember01900101

President Nam holds a press conference, where he apologizes for his son’s doings, and announces that Gyu Man will be stripped off from all his assets.

Dong Ho watches the conference, and later meets Nam and Moo Seok- he tells them that their damage control won’t amount to anything, since the evidence he and Jin Woo have will be enough to put Gyu Man in prison once and for all.

remember01900104 remember01900105

In Ah returns to her home, but her mom isn’t happy that she will keep seeing Jin Woo; she tells her that she won’t be able to handle him getting worse as In Ah’s father try to calm the situation and urges In Ah to leave her mother alone for a little while.

Gyu Man is unhappy that his father took his privileges away, but Nam orders him to keep a low profile until the re-trial, saying he has been working with Moo Seok for the best solution in case he’s found guilty.

remember01900106 remember01900107

Moo Seok visits Gwak and tells him that if he says the confession video he gave to Jin Woo was under coercion and doesn’t say anything else, Nam can get him out sooner than expected.

Seok Gyu visits Gyu Man in his office and asks him where Soo Beom is; Gyu Man replies that Soo Beom resigned and he should be on his way to the United States by now.

remember01900109 remember01900111

Seok Gyu is not convinced by Gyu Man’s words, and tells In Ah that Gyu Man might have harmed Soo Beom and they should look for him; In Ah lets Jin Woo know about the situation who asks Lawyer Song to think about places where Gyu Man could have hidden Soo Beom.

Meanwhile, Sung Ho is worried he can’t contact Soo Beom and Dong Ho figures out that something is going on; he goes to an old contact of his, and asks him to retrieve the location Soo Beom is from his cellphone.

remember01900112 remember01900113

Gyu Man visits an exhausted Soo Beom and tells him that he will set him free, if he brings him back the wine opener he gave Jin Woo- Soo Beom says that he will do anything except for that, as Gyu Man is surprised at his stubbornness. He warns him that he will not let him out since he’s a valuable man now for Jin Woo and then leaves.

remember01900114 remember01900115

On his way out, Gyu Man meets Dong Ho who tells him that he has done way too much, and he needs to let Soo Beom leave; Gyu Man orders his men to beat up Dong Ho, who eventually loses the battle against them. Gyu Man tells Dong Ho he will give him a good beating, but at that moment Sung Ho arrives with his men and both teams start to fight each other.

remember01900116 remember01900117

Sung Ho manages to retrieve Soo Beom who thanks both him and Sung Ho, saying he’s the only one who came through for him.

Yeo Kyeong, overhears Moo Seok talking with Gyu Man telling him that if Soo Beom testifies against him, he’s done for; he has a solution that they need to examine, without his father knowing and that would be for Gyu Man to fake his death before he steps on the court.

remember01900119 remember01900120

Dong Ho informs Jin Woo that he managed to find Soo Beom, and there’s a chance that he will stand a witness against Gyu Man in the retrial. Jin Woo meets Soo Beom who says that he’s ready to pay for his crimes, but can’t stand against Gyu Man as a witness, since he’s frightened that Gyu Man would find a way to kill him.

Meanwhile Gyu Man considers Moo Seok’s proposal, for laundering his identity while traveling to China, and after some time he could come back to take back his businesses as a new man.

remember01900122 remember01900123

The next day, Jin Woo prepares for the retrial, and remembers one of his visits to his father in jail; his father was sad that he wouldn’t be able to see him grow up and he was scared that he would forget the memories they shared eventually, as Jin Woo reassured him that he would always remember for him.

remember01900126 remember01900127

Jin Woo meets In Ah in the halls, and tells her that he will be alone this time on the counsel stand- In Ah replies he will be fine, as Jin Woo tells her that he wouldn’t be able to do all this without her help.

remember01900128 remember01900129

In Ah hugs him as Dong Ho watches, and tells Jin Woo that his father is watching him, and he should make sure the truth come out this time.

Jin Woo sits alone on the counsel stand, as Dong Ho encourages him from the audience one.

remember01900130 remember01900131

The trial begins with Gwak as the first witness, who confesses that he pressured Jae Hyuk to write a statement that he murdered Jung Ah; the prosecution objects that Gwak’s statement is different from his previous one, as Gwak admits that he wants to be punished for his wrongdoings.

Gwak says that the murder weapon was a fake, as Jin Woo submits the real wine opener with Jung Ah’s blood on it, and Gyu Man’s fingerprints.

remember01900132 remember01900133

The Judge asks Jin Woo where he gathered the weapon, but Jin Woo says that can’t disclose the informant’s details; at that time, Soo Beom enters the courtroom and Jin Woo asks to call the witness that gave him the weapon.

Soo Beom confesses to everything that unfolded prior and after Jung Ah’s death, and how he helped Gyu Man to cover his crime, as he was afraid that Gyu Man would find a way to frame him- he explains this is why he held onto the truth until now and confirms that the wine opener he gave Jin Woo is the real one.

Moo Seok informs Gyu Man that Soo Beom’s testimony turned his trial against him, and they need to move fast before the police find him.

remember01900135 remember01900136

Jin Woo stars his closing argument by saying that he is the son of the accused Jae Hyuk and had to have fight a long battle for five years against Ilho and Gyu Man; his father passed away not too long ago, and since then he realized that the truth is not gonna speak for itself. He hopes that his father won’t be forgotten and his name has to be cleared.

remember01900138 remember01900139

The Judge overturns the decision citing insufficient evidence against Jae Hyuk and declares him not guilty, as Jin Woo sheds tears of relief, while Dong Ho silently shares his sentiments.

remember01900141 remember01900142

After the trial is over, Dong Ho congratulates Jin Woo on his win; he tells him he did a good job of letting everyone know that his father is innocent. Jin Woo urges Dong Ho to live his own life now, but Dong Ho replies that this is his life, and he needs to repent for all the wrongs he has done.

Jin Woo returns to his home, and finds his father’s last letter along with some photographs; he “tells” his father that it took a while but he’s now declared innocent as he re-reads the letter.

remember01900176 remember01900144

Yeo Kyeong searches Gyu Man’s room and finds his fake passport; Gyu Man enters his room and orders her not to say anything to their father, as he needs to save himself.

In Ah is ready to arrest Gyu Man but can’t find him anywhere, and orders the police to go check on his house again and alert the rest of the force to start searching for him as she informs Jin Woo as well.

remember01900145 remember01900146

Nam is angry at his son for taking the easy way out as Moo Seok acts like he knows nothing; Nam says he can’t accept him anymore while Gyu Man drives past the inspection point, trying to escape.

remember01900148 remember01900149

The police arrive at Yeo Kyung’s house who asks to talk to In Ah- after In Ah arrives there, Yeo Kying tells her that her brother is looking to escape in China. She hopes this information will help Jin Woo and apologizes again for the mess her family caused, as In Ah calls Jin Woo and relays Yeo Kyung’s info; Jin Woo remembers the last time Joo II’s men helped a man escape and changes direction, as Dong Ho catches the wrong car, thinking Gyu Man was there.

remember01900151 remember01900152

Gyu Man is ready to escape with a chopper, as Jin Woo arrives; Gyu Man mockingly tells him to stop him if he can, but the chopper flies away at that moment, leaving an enraged Gyu Man behind.

remember01900153 remember01900154

In Ah and the rest of the police arrive, as Gyu Man is now cornered while Jin Woo looks satisfied with the turn of events.


Reflection Corner :


All I could think when the episode ended was FREAKING FINALLY.

The scene between the silent understanding between Jin Woo and Dong Ho is one of the most telling scenes in the drama-

remember01900165 remember01900166

The “student” became the “teacher”, and finished the job the teacher couldn’t, as justice finally was delivered; the emphasis on their facial expressions (Park Sung Woong and Yoo Seung Ho were outstanding and the amazing instrumental track magnified this already powerful scene 10x) was spot on and reveals the relief and the moral reward after a long fought battle. Yes, it started as Jin Woo’s war but along the way, he found comrades able to put their lives on line for him and the right he was fighting for.

Going back to his old house was reminiscent of the last time he was there, after the retrial was lost, but this time he was triumphant. He kept his promise to his father and cleared his name, as he can now heed and follow the “instructions” his dad left on his letter which can only mean one thing-


MOAR HUGS. haha jk jk (not really)

remember01900172 remember01900173

But seriously, now that Jin Woo can finally let himself rest and heal from all the battle scars, he can surely allow In Ah to shower him with affection!


The difference between the very first time the were together fighting for Jin Woo’s dad freedom, was evident; they were anxious and unsure back then, not knowing how the trial would go, but this time, they knew the outcome because they were the ones to handle it. They’ve come a long way, both in their law-status, as well as in their emotional-one too.


Dong Ho was brilliant this episode and reminded me all of the reasons why he became instantly my favorite from the very start. His relentless hunting of Gyu Man and resorting to his DongHo-ish methods, brought some of his good ol’ groove back, as  his mocking towards Moo Seok was hilarious to see too.


Watching Gyu Man’s helicopter flying away like a flipping balloon was so damn satisfying, there’s no escape for him now. All the chips are in place, and Ilho Group is ready to collapse from its rotten core. He is definitely gonna need his Clair de Lune track in prison lol (btw I though that he had the most hilarious line in this episode “Damn, you’re all gangsters but why is my team losing?!”)

I hope the finale won’t bring any unwanted heartache; I expect the last episode to wrap up the loose ends and allow a few more relaxing moments for our heroes; lord knows they have earned it! (even though Jin Woo’s disease will surely make an appearance but let us wait to see how it’s gonna go)

(more of this please!)

(more of this please!)

Onwards to episode 20 then, the finale is around the corner!


disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only

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  1. February 18, 2016 at 9:56 am — Reply

    1 more episode left… T.T what will I do now on Thursdays and Fridays as this drama will be over… >.<

  2. February 20, 2016 at 12:48 am — Reply

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  3. February 20, 2016 at 4:29 pm — Reply

    “now that Jin Woo can finally let himself rest and heal from all the battle scars, he can surely allow In Ah to shower him with affection!” you said, and i think he did. and i want him to be lost in her ‘showers’…hahaha. while many haters keep saying they have no chemistry, oh i don’t know this BIG WORD called “CHEMISTRY”. but i can really see, he did enjoyed that little hug just before 3rd Retrial, (your photo itself, shown right?)
    and boy i loved the cafe whipcream scene, so telling that he allowed himself to unfreeze…
    whipped cream stealing moments… IA:“what?”… “come here”….. thumb slowly slide along her lip, while finger lingered on her left chin. then using back of his index finger to brush off reminding residues… very gentle, tenderly, sexy…. gazed into her eyes closer, paused , mesmerized at her beauty outward and inward. (just loved that he allowed himself that short moment of indulging himself feeling her… so intoxicating!)
    JW: “you’ll do better than anyone. I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to your noisy way of solving cases.
    Be bold and hold true to your convictions.” mmm…. Nice! she glee like a young teens gotten her prized iPhone. The nice thing about this couple is, both trust each other’s conviction in life, that even if something bad befall upon one of them, the other will grief but still live on healthily leading as much possible a meaningful life. Knowing that whatever happened to him, he will want her to continue to be bold in face of the darkness ahead, weathered the storm without him, never to waste her life wallowed in pain. Vice versa, she will trust him, seen his fighting spirit, how he fought to become the youngest attorney in Korea even in just 4 years, in midst of pain.
    like you said, You can depend so much on certain people, you can set your watch by them. And that’s love, even if it doesn’t seem very exciting. knowing that IA will watch beside him when he is sober, and behind him independent on her own, when he can’t take care of her.
    i don’t care about what chemistry that many haters ranting about, what between them, is simply beautiful, at any given time, i loved a relationship that morph from friendship to ardent love.
    and Inah-jinwoo is such.

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