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“They say, if you confess your love on a snowy day,
Your wish will be granted.”


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The doctor informed Soo Hyuk that Mi Mo had fallen asleep due to brave amounts of embarrassment and that he shouldn’t worry! Before leaving, the doctor urged Soo Hyuk to keep living alone in order to cherish to the fullest a man’s solitary nights and their privileges!


Back inside, Soo Hyuk caressed her and due to the snow he took a trip down the memory lane. The little Mi Mo was painting a snowman while expressing her thoughts on the ideal body type and the little Soo Hyuk was painting a night sky filled with stars. While leaving, Soo Hyuk kept calling her goldfish, something she didn’t enjoy! She was intending to return back home on her own, but Soo Hyuk was Romeo before even acting on stage and he would never let a girl return back home all alone at that hour! Mi Mo got attracted by the myriad of stars in the sky and Soo Hyuk showed her his painting after he told her that the darkened sky was covering all these stars. He paralleled it to the black crayon on his painting and once he would take it off there would only be stars. She showed him her painting and Soo Hyuk’s stars were adorned by Mi Mo’s snow. Soo Hyuk laid emphasis on the stars’ different tears, it rains when they’re sad and it snows when they cry out of happiness and that’s why they say that your wish will be granted if you confess your love on a snowy day.

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At the present, Soo Hyuk feels that everything he may say will be forgiven due to the snow. It would be the day he would express his feelings for the first and last time and all the characteristics of his ideal woman he had mentioned at Brave Wedding belonged to no other than his goldfish, Mi Mo. Once he left the room Mi Mo opened her eyes.


Outside in the snow, Soo Hyuk opened his time capsule and witnessed the jewelry box once again. Back in the days, he kept playing and playing and playing until he could acquire the jewelry box, surprising even the convenience store owner!

bscap0398 bscap0401bscap0400 bscap0291

At the present, he even had with him one of the many rings he had given to Mi Mo the night they thought they had gotten married, but he had found it under her table when he was ruining Mi Mo and Hae Joon’s night! He placed it inside the jewelry box while Mi Mo was recalling Soo Hyuk’s words.


The night wasn’t flowing pleasantly for Hae Joon and he left with his car. Once Soo Hyuk returned back to the room Mi Mo kept pretending that she was sleeping. He brought her some warm water and checked her forehead to see if she had fever. He noticed a slight wound and after taking care of it he put on a sticking plaster.


He put over her his sleeping blanket in order to keep her warm. After he laid back on the floor he kept staring at her while Mi Mo was staring outside with him being unable to see if she was awake or not. While Soo Hyuk was sleeping his time capsule fell and he accidentally kicked it under the furniture.

bscap0296 bscap0297bscap0301bscap0299

The next morning Mi Mo was already awake and dazed the moment Soo Hyuk woke up, but she offered him a slight and beautiful smile. While they were leaving one of the teachers informed them that her students would be performing Romeo and Juliet by the end of the month and she invited both of them. She urged them not to miss it since the main figures wouldn’t die from poisoning! Before heading towards the restaurant for breakfast Hae Joon arrived and they became three!

bscap0422 bscap0421bscap0420 bscap0303

He was curious if Mi Mo liked that type of food and once Soo Hyuk replied positively on her behalf Hae Joon got silently enraged! He thought that Soo Hyuk knew Mi Mo too well even though all they did was going to school together! Mi Mo changed the subject to chase away the awkwardness and once Hae Joon found out more about the event and asked about what Mi Mo had put inside her time capsule Soo Hyuk replied anew and informed him that it was Tinker Bell! Hae Joon kept asking her more about her childhood and what things she liked and of course, Soo Hyuk took the initiative anew and replied on her behalf concerning all the jewelry she liked, but as a goldfish she thought that anything shiny was made of gold! Hae Joon pointed out that he didn’t ask Soo Hyuk and then Mi Mo agreed on Soo Hyuk’s take on what she liked. The moment Hae Joon asked Soo Hyuk on what he put inside the time capsule it was Mi Mo’s turn to reply and she told him that it was an X-rated item! Soo Hyuk disagreed and said that it was something nobody should ever see.

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Hae Joon left with Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk would head back to Seoul on his own. On their way back home, there was silence inside Hae Joon’s car, but inside Soo Hyuk’s car the empty seat next to him possessed its own dynamics.

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After the surgery,Da Jung was losing herself in tears inside the restroom and the same applied while she was eating. The other patient informed her that she was lucky she wouldn’t have to undergo chemotherapy, but Da Jung wasn’t feeling like a woman at that point. The other patient urged her to remain hopeful and if nothing goes wrong again plastic surgery would do the talking. However, even without her breasts she was still a woman to her eyes. Gun Hak was staring at them and he was losing the world underneath his feet as he was unable to enter the room.

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Inside the classroom Dong Mi was staring outside of the window while her students were writing poems about the snow! Dong Mi was writing in her mind her own seemingly romantic yet so quirky poem on her emotional remains after she put an end to her “relationship!” The good thing was that he had deposited the money he had taken from her!


Hae Joon pointed out that trust doesn’t come from one person, but she informed him that it was just an event that was supposed to reach the end on the same day and she couldn’t have predicted that the snow would force them to spend the night over there. In a not so pleasant tone, he told Mi Mo that Soo Hyuk had almost become an essential part of her life lately.

bscap0453 bscap0455bscap0454

Back home, Soo Hyuk couldn’t find his time capsule and shortly after he got informed that Ah Ni had resigned.


Hae Joon thought that she should keep her distance from Soo Hyuk since he doesn’t feel well about it. Mi Mo thought that it wasn’t such a big issue since Soo Hyuk was Hae Joon’s best friend and her old classmate. She would like him to be straight forward on the reasons why since creating misunderstandings between them would only grow the distance between them. Hae Joon thought that she was making him look pathetic and if she would keep doing that it would only make him scared to love her because he would be afraid of getting hurt. Mi Mo received the vibes that he wasn’t in love with her yet and informed him that she doesn’t open just a part of her heart in fear of getting harmed, but she pours heart and soul even if she ends up getting hurt. Hae Joon asked her if he was the only one in her heart and urged her to never open it to anyone else except for him.

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Soo Hyuk left his apartment and once he stared at Mi Mo’s door he recalled her leaving with Hae Joon, but that was the moment Hae Joon came out of her apartment! Soo Hyuk tried to explain but Hae Joon thought that there was nothing more to talk about and said that all that mattered to him were Mi Mo’s feelings. Mi Mo was recalling Hae Joon’s words and she took off the sticking plaster Soo Hyuk put on her forehead. That’s when his confession became a part of her world anew.

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Inside his car Hae Joon was recalling the past when he had confessed his feelings to Soon Soo who had told him that Soo Hyuk was the one she loved. She was seeing Hae Joon as a friend and up to that extent she was kind to him. Soon Soo would pretend as if she hadn’t heard anything and she would keep it a secret from Soo Hyuk because she didn’t want to see him being disappointed in Hae Joon whom he really liked as a friend.

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Ah Ni informed Soo Hyuk that she resigned because she never loved that job and that she didn’t have a reason to stay there anymore. Soo Hyuk was the only reason for her working there and quitting will help her put an end to her feelings. As for what she will do next, she needs time to define her happiness in Soo Hyuk’s absence.

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Before leaving she threw her Mi Mo oriented article inside the trash can. The story Soo Hyuk was working on was no longer a story since the couple had broken up and he wanted to find ways for them to get together for just a few days in order for the story to appear on the news! However, later on another reporter and the boss found on Ah Ni’s computer the article she had deleted.


Min Woo had bought two movie tickets, one for Mi Mo and one for his father, in order to thank her for accompanying him the previous time and secretly progress his plans in them becoming a couple! Mi Mo was apologetic and didn’t accept the tickets since she couldn’t be a mother to him and a woman to his father.

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Mi Mo had visited Da Jung and she wasn’t at her finest, but she didn’t invest on details since she didn’t want to overburden her friend. Da Jung urged Mi Mo to take care of the group meeting’s details and even though she would like to avoid it she would be unable to do so.


Gun Hak met Mi Mo and informed her that his task would be to find out on his own what Da Jung needed no matter how much time it would take. Mi Mo couldn’t help him at that point, but if he ever needs her help she will try her best to support him.

bscap0497 bscap0491bscap0495 bscap0496

Soo Hyuk arrived at the group meeting and he was so ecstatic about it, but it wasn’t the way he expected it to be and his awkwardness was all over the place! Once things got more intimate things became more hilarious for us and more traumatic for Soo Hyuk!

bscap0498 bscap0501bscap0500bscap0502 bscap0504bscap0503bscap0339

Later on he was so disheartened, but inside the room things were getting dangerous! Once that man laid his hand on Mi Mo and threatened her that he would badmouth her company Soo Hyuk appeared and pointed out that he would do wonders in badmouthing him if he kept being at it. He didn’t reveal anything else and urged that man to threaten him the way he threatened Mi Mo if he wants to find out who he is and what he does!

bscap0505 bscap0506bscap0509 bscap0513 bscap0515bscap0514

Mi Mo was hallucinating as she was seeing Soo Hyuk’s face on a goldfish talking to her and Conan appeared on the face of another goldfish to spell Soo Hyuk’s words in English for her! She urged her secretary to not feed them for a few days in order for them to stop acting that way!


The moment for a goldfish-shaped cookie had arrived and Soo Hyuk appeared in front of her anew to the extent of Mi Mo not wanting to eat it!


The student was once again at Hae Joon’s office and wanted to eat dinner with him, but it would never be an option! She eventually made him smile and she was glad about it since he looked gloomy before! She urged him to start dating someone who would make him smile and he acknowledged that he knew someone who achieves this.


Mi Mo returned back home and she stared at Soo Hyuk’s door! In the meantime, Soo Hyuk was eating with Min Woo and a woman called him on the phone, but he didn’t intend to go on a date with her. She had heard some rumors that he goes out with girls for one date and never calls them back. She thought that he was receiving money from Brave Wedding, but he couldn’t convince her! The moment she told him that she would ruin Mi Mo’s company he agreed to meet her right away! On his way out he found Mi Mo staring at him, but she didn’t talk to him and returned to her apartment!

bscap0521 bscap0522bscap0524 bscap0528bscap0526bscap0527

Mi Mo showed a picture of Hae Joon to Ppoppo but he didn’t care at all! Mi Mo filled the whole place with Hae Joon’s photos and started listening to music to relax, but Soo Hyuk’s voice started echoing again! She called Hae Joon on the phone to find out that he was sick and she went to his apartment to cook for him.

bscap0529bscap0530 bscap0531

She cut her finger but she completed her task! He hadn’t called her because he wanted her to make the first move. He took her in his embrace and he was thankful for everything. He kissed her only on her forehead since he didn’t want to give her his cold (something that can actually happen by kissing her on the forehead but anyway), but he didn’t notice that she had cut her finger.

bscap0533 bscap0535bscap0537 bscap0543bscap0539bscap0540 bscap0544 bscap0547bscap0546 bscap0548

The next morning Hae Joon was feeling much better and since she was outside of his apartment he gave her his code to enter. Mi Mo put the food in the fridge and she noticed that Hae Joon hadn’t actually eaten her porridge even though it was supposed to have made him feel better!

bscap0550bscap0551 bscap0553

Her heels were killing her and a like-minded scene popped up when Hae Joon hadn’t noticed anything.


Mi Mo found herself with Soo Hyuk inside the elevator where he noticed that she had cut her finger and urged her to start wearing more comfortable shoes that wouldn’t hurt her feet! Mi Mo was left stunned and inside her apartment she was losing herself in her own thoughts.

bscap0560 bscap0559bscap0558 bscap0561

Soo Hyuk arrived at the hospital to find out that Seul Ah had miscarried after she fought with Mi Mo’s ex-boyfriend because she had found out that he had many women in his life.


Even though she got her revenge Dong Mi wasn’t at her finest. Ae Ran pointed out that she shouldn’t had been a member of Angels since she had read somewhere that there’s a certain amount of love one may receive in his/her life and they received tons of love back then. She thought that it was payback time, but Dong Mi had a different opinion since she never received love. Ae Ran informed Dong Mi that she had started liking Dong Bae. However, they hadn’t registered their marriage yet and she couldn’t possibly tell what she was in his life at that point!

bscap0568bscap0564bscap0565 bscap0567

Ae Ran took Dong Mi to a club to dance but it wasn’t that easy since she kept falling on others and/or they were pushing her! Ae ran had a plan to make all men notice Dong Mi! She demanded a song nobody seemed to like and started dancing by the pole dancing bars. Dong Mi was trying to escape while everyone was pushing her and once she slipped she fell in the arms of a young man and lost herself in the magic of the moment! Even the champagne’s cork fell on her forehead but she didn’t mind!

bscap0378 bscap0572bscap0573

He bought some medicine and took care of her wound in order for her pretty face to not get bruised! The next morning the other three Angels had found out everything and they couldn’t believe this had happened, but Dong Mi had already arranged to meet him and she was overly excited but she was also afraid she wouldn’t like her in broad daylight.

bscap0582bscap0578bscap0579 bscap0581

He’s 28 and she lied that she was 31 and the only one who could help her with advice was Ae Ran who was married to a younger man! The fact that he was 28 was the ideal age because Dong Mi wouldn’t feel like an aunt next to him and people wouldn’t criticize her.

bscap0583bscap0584 bscap0585

Soo Hyuk found out that the Mi Mo and Seul Ah oriented article had been published and he called her right away to find out that she was at the hospital. In another article Mi Mo was being accused of being responsible for Seul Ah’s miscarriage.

bscap0586 bscap0587bscap0589bscap0588

Mi Mo had done nothing wrong and she intended to leave through the front door, but Soo Hyuk prevented her from doing so. He wanted her to leave with him in order to protect her but she wanted to take care of everything on her own and urged him to not worry about her.

bscap0593bscap0591bscap0595 bscap0596

Hae Joon became aware of the rumor and while Soo Hyuk was outside he found out that Seul Ah’s fans were about to attack Mi Mo. They noticed her inside the parking alot nd started running towards her, but Soo Hyuk protected her from everything they were throwing at her and didn’t surrender even when he was hit by a rock.

bscap0599bscap0601bscap0605bscap0604bscap0607bscap0608bscap0609bscap0611bscap0610bscap0613bscap0612bscap0382 bscap0383

~ Thoughts ~

Hands down, Hae Joon has nothing to do with love and he should return back to his cave, he’s the one whose name must not be named (yes, you got the reference correctly), but for the fair play of the story i will keep talking about this caricature of a man! All feels belong to Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk and if they haven’t already paid an insurance company to protect all these precious vibes i will do it myself, i will even sell my liver to the black market to secure these feels at the cost of never drinking a desirable beer ever again! I am exaggerating, but blame the feels! At this point i am not a human being, i am a feel and had i been a Korean American my name would be Kwon Feel.


The first 15 minutes of the episode were divine, they were filled with all the necessary characteristics that were enough to make me swim in oceans of honey! The sense of snow had always been precious ever since i watched My Girl and i was secretly craving for a drama that would embed snow in the gracious world of feels and here it is! I can only hope and pray that Soo Hyuk’s wish will turn to life since he confessed his feelings on a snowy night! All these simple but deeply sincere and heartfelt words reached Mi Mo’s ears and all that remains is for her to keep receiving all these ongoing emotional strokes from Soo Hyuk. He doesn’t intend to stop doing so anyway, it’s unforced and as natural as the water in a river because he has eyes, heart and soul for Mi Mo only and he never fails to prove it in the most unconditional way!


The way Soo Hyuk kept taking care of her throughout the night and the way he kept staring at her were magnificent! Even though he was willing to bury his feelings once and for all he was losing himself in the one-sided caring magic of the moment while something deep within Mi Mo was being born! The first 15 minutes were simply perfect, both at the present and the past since we gradually became aware of the little Soo Hyuk’s purity of emotion to a wider extent.


The first 15 minutes were perfect until Hae Joon, the fridge entrapped inside an iceberg, appeared! I loved it every single time Soo Hyuk was responding on Mi Mo’s behalf proving how well he knows her even though it’s been such a short period of time after they met anew while Hae Joon knew nothing about her! The icing on the cake was the moment Mi Mo responded on Soo Hyuk’s behalf concerning the supposed to be X-rated item! Something tells me that she will find it in case they visit the school again to watch the new take on Romeo and Juliet!


Who needs bodyguards when you have Soo Hyuk by your side? Nobody! Who was there when that brainless “man” tried to act tough after the group meeting was over? Soo Hyuk! Who was there to notice that she had cut her finger? Soo Hyuk! Who was there to notice that her heels were killing her and urged her to wear more comfortable shoes? Soo Hyuk! Who was there to warn her on the malicious news? Soo Hyuk! And who was there to become her shield from the senseless Seul Ah mob? Soo Hyuk (feels from the whole universe arrived just to kneel in front of the ending scene’s emotional magnificence)! Who was never there even when he was? Hae Joon.


In his kingdom of ice, Hae Joon can only see his reflection on the glacial surfaces and he never pays attention to anything Mi Mo wants to convey even though she’s an open book compared to the chaotic world that keeps expanding in his mind. I don’t know if he has some sort of a twisted point of view when it comes to love, but what he keeps doing is a crime against all the lovers that walked upon the earth since the dawn of time. It’s true that he was in love(?) [i can’t even be sure about that!] with Soon Soo back in the days and he knew that his confession would never be accepted since he was aware that she had fallen for Soo Hyuk. However, he proceeded and the outcome was the one everyone would expect.


If that experience turned him into the iceberg he is at the present then i don’t know what to say. Almost everyone has gotten rejected at least once in his/her life, but he/she didn’t turn into a fossil that would demand to be loved without loving back while never paying attention to the person standing next to him/her. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Yeon Soo divorced him (what requires some scientific explanation is the fact that she wants him back in her life, but it could be out of jealousy because he’s with Mi Mo). It’s as if he’s living in a world of illusions where he thinks he does his best for his relationships while he does nothing in real time, but still, he demands the utmost form of love and affection from Mi Mo! How dare he? Who does he think he is?


Mi Mo demanding his straight forward thoughts was justified, but telling her that she makes him look pathetic when he’s pathetic on his own was enraging. She even told him that his attitude doesn’t help their relationship, but all he could say was that she was making him afraid of loving her! How does a woman like Mi Mo who was eager to get hugged, kissed and loved by him and was showing it every freaking time would ever make him afraid? Being in a relationship isn’t like you’re inside a fortress nobody can siege, there are times you will get hurt, but there are also times that love will heal these wounds.


If everyone entered the perfect relationship where happiness would reign supreme all the time then we’d live in heaven. He knew that he was the only one in her heart, well, he kind of was at that point since Soo Hyuk had started wandering in the corridors of her mind, but it was Hae Joon the one who gave him that opportunity with his behavior. He even let him turn into a goldfish that would talk to Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk even brought Conan with him to support him in English!


He’s like a serial killer of love with women entering his life with the best and most sincere intentions but he keeps pushing them away while demanding the whole world but without offering anything. He has no right to demand anything from this relationship and if living in the shadow of Soo Hyuk is too overburdening he should find a way to get out of it without turning Mi Mo into a trophy he needs to keep by all means necessary just to get in the eye of Soo Hyuk to pay him back in his own coin while devastating Mi Mo.


The moment he told Soo Hyuk that all that mattered to him was the way Mi Mo was feeling was simply the joke of the day. Second leads like him give other second leads who eat their porridge a bad name. And for once in his life, he should admit that he was never really that ill, otherwise (as a doctor) he would never kiss her on the forehead if he didn’t really want to transmit his virus, unless he has antibiotic lips!


When Dong Bae was pretending to be a nice guy Ae Ran had almost pressed the detonation button, now that she found out that he lives in the swamp of womanizers she gets attracted by him; okay. I won’t write more about this because i will lose at least one brain cell, but she’s a brilliant combo with Dong Mi who fell right in the arms of love out of nowhere while she was trying to hide herself from the surface of the earth! I hope that she will find happiness in this relationship because she deserves all the love in this world and life owes her a tremendous amount of feels!


Da Jung’s devastation was immense, but the other patient was there to remind her that things could had been worse and that she should be thankful for 1) being alive 2) not undergoing chemotherapy and 3) remaining a woman to the fullest simply because mastectomy doesn’t make her less of a woman. I loved how Mi Mo didn’t want to overburden her with her own emotional concerns, but the most crucial part of the storyline was Gun Hak’s approach. I can only root for them to get back together and i hope that he will find a way to approach her and unveil her internal world. He definitely wants to and he never really set aside his feelings for her. It is now that his sincerity will have to reach the utmost level.


I can’t wait for tonight’s episode, the chemistry between Jang Na Ra and Jung Kyung Ho is from another planet and i deeply hope that Mi Mo will get out of Hae Joon’s glacial prison as soon as possible to find herself in Soo Hyuk’s embrace. I don’t want to be misunderstood, Kwool Yool is magnificent as Jae Hoon, it’s Jae Hoon that executes me on the spot and revives me to kill me anew over and over again! The 9th episode introduced us the drama’s second half in the most representative way and i can only look forward to the ever-expanding world of feels it keeps promising along with its humorous aspects (i couldn’t stop laughing during the group meeting and the goldfish illusions!) and the nerve-wracking universe of Hae Joon i love to hate!


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
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    Lol at the goldfish. I’m catching up! A few more days and I’ll be all caught up and start watching as the episodes air again. I don’t want to miss any more feels! LES FEELS.

    • February 18, 2016 at 2:52 pm — Reply

      I want to become a goldfish too XD A promiscuous one XD Hell yeah, fighting watching Znoona! XD In which ep are you now? (remember to always hate Hae Joon 8) ) LES FEELS!!!

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        I hate him and his stupid dead look glare and stupid smirk. I’m only on 5 :p

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    I absolutely love love love love love your recaps ahhhhh I’m so glad that I’m not alone in having all of the crazy feels for Soo-hyuk T_____T honestly all I want for him is to be happy together with Mi-mo.

    The wait for next week’s episodes couldn’t be longer sobs.

    • February 20, 2016 at 5:23 pm — Reply

      Thank you so so so so so much ranting Belle and you’re welcome!! 🙂 Soo Hyuk’s a great figure and he deserves happiness by Mi Mo’s side, if there are so many feels right now, imagine what will happen (if/)when they get together!!! 😀 OMHE is too addictive and quite realistic in its approach, something that makes it even more adorable!

  4. February 23, 2016 at 4:52 am — Reply

    Okay, now I fully comprehend the level of your disdain for Hae Joon and your reasoning why. Hae Joon and Mi Mo do not match each other well at all. They honestly should have broken up much sooner, but then we wouldn’t have much of a drama, now would we? What infuriates me the most about Hae Joon, is he feels like he deserves Mi Mo’s undivided attention, but he has been doing nothing in return to make her feel loved and appreciated in their relationship. Even the way he first went to her office before they were dating really bothered me. That’s not how you show a woman you’ve been infatuated with since college that you want to date her. He doesn’t seem to understand the fundamentals of a relationship. So this leads me to believe that’s he’s really lacking self confidence. But it’s more than that; it goes beyond insecurities. It’s like he’s a sociopath or something (okay, okay, maybe I went too far and am exagerating). Anyway, I don’t like him. I can’t even feel bad for him because he constantly misses social cues. How many times has Mi Mo showered him with affection, only for him to not even realize or acknowledge her efforts?

    Enough about him; the snow also reminded me of My Girl. The use of snow as symbolism in both dramas was very romantic and evoked a strong sense of memories. Snow really is beautiful, especially when it’s light a fluffy in the midst of the crisp winter air. I hope the imagery of snow comes back.

    Now are main couple, they really are perfect for each other, aren’t they? They do genuinely compliment each other well and Mi Mo needs someone who pours out as much love fof her as she has love to give. She has a huge heart; and she doesn’t deserve to be in a cold relationship. Soo Hyun appreciates both her strengths and her flaws. His love is sincere. It’s quite sweet too that he really had a crush on her when they were kids. I’ll be cheering for them; although I don’t like Hae Joon (the character) I do hope he works out his issues and his heart grows like the Grinch who stole Christmas.

  5. February 23, 2016 at 4:57 am — Reply

    I’m sorry for the typos T.T

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