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“All people have a burden they have to carry.
For some, it could be a responsibility.
It could also be an irreversible past.
For others, their burden may be relationships.”


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After the face to face motorbike-car confrontation Shi Woo was able to save Soon Deok who found comfort in his embrace while Chi Ang was getting transferred to the hospital after he got stabbed during the close combat. Moo Song got informed by Dae Ho.

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Seon Ah was waiting outside of the operation room and Soon Deok and Shi Woo arrived. Seon Ah hugged Soon Deok as she was relieved to find out that she was fine, but her voice was shaking while informing Shi Woo and Soon Deok that Chi Ang was undergoing surgery after having lost lots of blood. Soon Deok couldn’t hold back her tears.

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Wang Hao’s right hand urged the one who stabbed Chi Ang to hide for a few days until things calm down. Luna thought that the sudden turn of events could actually benefit them and he agreed since nobody would suspect them because Chi Ang had gotten hurt.


The doctor reassured everyone that Chi Ang would be fine after getting some rest. Soon Deok could easily notice that the kidnappers were after Seon Ah who couldn’t possibly tell who were after her, but Moo Song’s protective attitude was making more sense at that point. Sam who was responsible for the students’ security and Soon Deok who was feeling guilty would stay at the hospital and the rest, along with Seon Ah who was the target, would return to Moorim Institute. Soon Deok had overheard a conversation while she was being held hostage and she informed everyone that someone specific was after Seon Ah, but she didn’t know who he was.

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Choi Ho started making assumptions that Moo Song could had been behind everything, but Yeob Jung urged him to start practicing if he wants to protect himself in case something goes wrong again in the future! After all that’s the reason why he entered Moorim Institute in the first place, but nothing had changed and Yeob Jung considered him an amateur who remains weak and useless. He left the table, but Choi Ho was lost in his own thoughts. In the meantime, Shi Woo had returned to his room and he kept recalling the recent flow of events while Seon Ah was trying to figure out who could had been behind everything.


Beop Gong informed Moo Song that Moorim Association wasn’t pleased with what had happened, but Moo Song laid emphasis on the fact that the people who knew about the excursion were very specific. Beop Gong was considering the reason why it happened more essential than trying to find out who was behind it, but the second option would lead to a faster conclusion. Moo Song would never suspect people inside Moorim Institute, but Beop Gong pointed out that the enemy could be closer than Moo Song would ever expect. Beop Gong would like to find out the truth behind Seon Ah now that 18 years had passed, but Moo Song paid him back with his own words and urged him to find more information concerning Wang Hao.


Chi Ang woke up to find out that Soon Deok was sleeping by his side after keeping an eye on him throughout the night. Sam informed him that Shi Woo had just called him on the phone, but Chi Ang kept recalling Soon Deok’s words the last time they talked and he wondered if he did something burdensome again.

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After waking up, Soon Deok rushed to find Chi Ang and she was overly worried about him, but he reassured her that everything was fine. She hugged him and wondered why he couldn’t dodge the knife since he was a student of Moorim Institute’s advanced class, but Chi Ang wondered the same about her in being unable to not get kidnapped! Soon Deok was apologetic for putting his life in danger, but all that mattered to Chi Ang was the fact that she was safe.

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Dae Ho informed Yoo Di and Daniel that it would be difficult to find the culprits. Daniel would like Moo Song to inform them on what was going on, but Dae Ho put his trust on the headmaster’s reasons for remaining silent for the time being.

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Daniel and Dae Ho started demonstrating some hapkido defense techniques to the students who had already started noticing that things had gotten serious! Choi Ho was eager to find a way of entering the advanced class before the finals, but that would never be an option and if he wants to succeed after the finals he will have to work hard! Soon Deok informed Shi Woo that Chi Ang was better and that he would keep receiving treatment at his mother’s house.

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Soon Deok would return to Moorim Institute by tomorrow, but Chi Ang’s mother rushed inside the room and all she wanted to know was Chi Ang’s location! Of course, the phone call reached the end!


Chi Ang’s mother was overly worried about him, but Chi Ang reassured her that everything was fine! Baek Ji was already aware that Chi Ang was trying to save a classmate, but Sam prevented any further information from coming to the surface by apologizing on the school’s behalf. Once she found out hat Sam was responsible for the school’s security she erupted, but soon enough she informed Soon Deok that the cruise was cancelled after her father caused a scene!

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He was overly worried because he couldn’t reach his daughter on the phone and Bang Deok’s explosion was all over the place after the cruise reached the end in such an unwelcome way! Soon Deok called and reassured her father that he shouldn’t worry! The cruise may had been cancelled, but Soon Deok’s father had an idea for another trip by Bang Deok’s side and she was overly excited!


Seon Ah demanded some answers from Moo Song since he never told her why he was so protective towards her and never revealed anything about her mother or why she was afraid of the fire.

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She wanted to know who had tried to kidnap her, but Moo Song laid emphasis on the fact that everyone has his/her own burdens for different reasons. He was pretty certain that she would be able to handle the truth, but the reason why he didn’t want to reveal anything was because he didn’t want her to carry that burden.

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Seon Ah urged Moo Song to share with her his own burden the moment he finds it too unbearable simply because she’s his daughter. In the meantime, Shi Woo was recalling his meeting with Chae Yoon.


Wang Hao’s right hand informed Chae Yoon a Juk Poong drifter had seen someone running away with a baby, but he couldn’t tell whether it was a girl or a boy. Chae Yoon wanted to find out if the witness had seen Moo Song back then. In the meantime, Soon Deok’s father was sleeping and he was recalling the moment he entered the flaming building to save Shi Woo.


Seon Ah wasn’t in the mood to play the piano and Shi Woo informed her that it could be one of the reasons why he couldn’t sleep! Her mother’s lullaby was the only blurry memory she had from her childhood days. Shi Woo was about to utter like-minded thoughts, but he prevented himself from doing so and let Seon Ah know that it would had been beautiful had childhood memories been a part of his life.

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Soon Deok wanted to help Chi Ang take a walk, but he reassured her that he could do it on his own. He wondered if she was trying to help him out of pity or guilt, but he laid emphasis on the fact that his heart’s wounds were deeper and left on his own. Chi Ang kept receiving messages from Shi Woo who was urging him to come back, but he never replied. Shi Woo kept recalling their last confrontation.

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Seon Ah was informed by Soon Deok that she would return along with Chi Ang later on today and Seon Ah rushed to say everything to Shi Woo who was pleased about it!

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Chi Ang wanted to return to Moorim Institute, but his mother and Soon Deok thought that it would be better for him to stay at home for a while. He was more than pleased to do so after Soon Deok informed him that she was intending to visit him quite often!

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Shi Woo was outside waiting for Chi Ang and Soon Deok and Moo Song arrived. Shi Woo pointed out that Moorim Institute brings peace to his life and that the seal feels more protective rather than providing a sense of prison. Moo Song found out about the man who had helped Shi Woo with his health issue, but the most important part was that he had used the same technique Moo Song did in the recent past. The fact that he disappeared after Shi Woo asked him if he was related to Moorim Institute made Moo Song more thoughtful and asked Shi Woo to describe that man’s appearance. Chae Yoon was searching for Moorim Institute but he couldn’t locate the shield.

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The man Wang Hao’s right hand was talking about met Chae Yoon and informed him on the man who went blind after he got involved on the incident 18 years ago. Soon Deok’s father was recalling the past, he was mourning his wife who had passed away 10 days ago. Alcohol was his only friend and while drinking he overheard the drifters’ conversation on Juk Poong’s intentions to acquire the keys leading to the Chunuijoo.

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Soon Deok’s father became interested in it in order to help his daughter live without having to suffer. Chae Yoon’s wife fought to protect her children and the keys, but she ended up dying. The Juk Poong members and the drifters could only find one key and they set the place on fire leaving the children behind. Soon Deok’s father heard Shi Woo’s cries and took him out of there.

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Soon Deok returned to Moorim Institute and Shi Woo was glad to see her since it felt as if she was away for a long time! She could easily notice that he was waiting for her and he eventually acknowledged it!

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He prepared dinner for her and he couldn’t take his eyes off her! He sat by her side and confessed how scared he was after she was kidnapped. The fear of not being able to see her again was immense and urged her to never leave him. Soon Deok couldn’t hold back her tears.


Dae Ho noticed Yoo Di’s sexy figure nearby and she sat with him as she was trying to figure out if he was thinking of her! He talked to her about a boy who was trying to find the treasure mentioned inside his father’s book. After becoming a successful businessman, the boy used all of his money to find the treasure. Even though everyone thought it was a rumor he eventually found it. Of course, he was referring to Chunuijoo and this was the reason why he always went to Moorim Peak in order to find it.


Moo Song kept recalling Shi Woo’s words on the man he had met and the sadness in his eyes. Wang Hao’s right hand reassured Chi Ang that his father’s group had nothing to do with ONP Holdings even though he was inside that company’s building! Chi Ang couldn’t believe him but he pretended to pace with the flow. He recalled that it was a paper company he wouldn’t have to remember and he became even more curious. He started wondering whether his father had something to do with Soon Deok’s kidnapping and he tried to figure out why his father sent him to Moorim Institute, but his mother didn’t know anything about it. However, he found out that Wang Hao was up to something, but nothing was flowing well. Beop Gong was recalling all of the latest events related to the keys.

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Moo Song sensed something and shortly after all the teachers started searching around. Moo Song found out that his office was a mess and noticed anew his picture with Chae Yoon and his wife.

bscap0188 bscap0186bscap0187bscap0183

Soon enough, everyone rushed to Moo Song’s office and Beop Gong wondered if the shield had been taken down in order for someone to break into Moo Song’s office. He demanded some answers about the Chunuijoo keys, leaving everyone speechless.

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The students started having a conversation about Chunuijoo, but Seon Ah didn’t know anything about it and Yeob Jung’s attitude was setting the ambiance aflame.

bscap0204bscap0201bscap0202 bscap0203

Moo Song pointed out that Beop Gong shouldn’t have talked about it in front of the students and laid emphasis on the fact that the shield hadn’t been taken down and that it was an insider’s job. Beop Gong reminded Moo Song that many people think that he was the one who stole the key from Chae Yoon’s house back in the days. It was something that enraged Moo Song, but in case he has it, Beop Gong is eager to help him find the other two pieces.


The teachers were having a conversation about Chunuijoo and Dae Ho kept trying to prevent them from jumping to the assumption that Moo Song holds the key. He informed them on Chae Yoon’s story 18 years ago and the fact that the key broke into three pieces and disappeared. Juk Poong is a cult within Moorim Association eager to use Chunuijoo for their own benefit and the names of their members remain a secret up to these days. In case Moo Song has the key the rumors could be true.

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Moo Song had a plan in mind when it comes to Juk Poong and he was staring at one of the pieces of the key; probably. Soon Deok was concerned about Seon Ah who wasn’t in the mood to talk and urged her to sleep.

bscap0216 bscap0221bscap0223bscap0222

Shi Woo informed Moo Song on everyone’s worries. Moo Song said that the key belonged to the school and that he was keeping Chae Yoon’s legacy alive. He also informed Shi Woo that he was searching for a student that would become his successor in the future. Moo Song noticed that someone was eavesdropping their conversation and put an end to everything he had to say.

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Chi Ang wanted to find out more about ONP Holdings and Wang Hao’s right hand informed him that the company had closed down years ago.The recent events were kept a secret from Wang Hao in order not to get disappointed more in Chi Ang who will become the group’s successor in the future. All that remains to take place is a public announcement that will seal Chi Ang’s reign.


Shi Woo was having another nightmare and he found himself inside the flaming house.

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Wang Hao’s right hand urged Chi Ang to become someone who would be able to defeat anyone that would appear on his way to the top and all he has to do for now is to grow stronger inside Moorim Institute. Once Shi Woo woke up he recalled Moo Song’s words concerning the successor he was searching for.

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~ Thoughts ~


After the 8th episode’s 3.3%, the 9th one rated 3.4% and nothing appears to be changing inside the purgatory of ratings. However, the drama remains intriguing in its own way as we entered the second half with even more mystery while at the same time the whole picture becomes slightly clearer. The roles become more specific and the same applies to emotions, but for some of our figures it’s not always easy to stare at the truth. As for avoiding it? It’s always bound to make things more complicated.


The 9th episode was a violent yet civilized hide and seek on the battlefield of truth. The secrets Moo Song had been keeping throughout the years have started crumbling before his very eyes and portions of truth are coming to the surface amid the cracks. The same applies to the rumors that were remaining silent for some time now. Even though he’s not Seon Ah’s biological father he remains a wonderful paternal figure. His faith in her is quite strong and he was pretty much aware that she would be able to bear her own share of burden in the overall story, but he wouldn’t like to see her struggling on her way to stand on her feet anew and that’s the reason why he was overly protective towards her, even to the extent of minimizing her freedom inside Moorim Institute’s walls.


She wasn’t the only one he had to keep safe though. Protecting Chae Yoon’s legacy as the rightful heir to Moorim Institute’s throne while keeping an eye on the key parts was of major importance simply because they shouldn’t fall on shady hands. It’s true that Seon Ah didn’t receive the answers she was searching for, but she could read between the lines and she could witness that Moo Song’s struggle, the one he was masterfully hiding along with his secrets, was immense. The fact that she was willing to share his burden in case it becomes more than he could bear was a ray of light in his darkness, but it was just a glimpse of the sun that appeared the moment she laid emphasis on the fact that she was his daughter.


There are also the vibes he receives from Shi Woo who grows wiser with the passing of time. Moorim Institute feels like home and the fact that the seal keeps them detached from the outside world makes him feel at ease while others would think it created a prison oriented aesthetic. He didn’t only give hope to Moo Song who saw in his eyes a possible Moorim Institute successor, he delivered all the necessary vibes that Chae Yoon could actually be out there and certainly not six feet under. The pendant on his neck will most likely be one of the key parts and it will eventually make things more apparent in Moo Song’s eyes.


Soon Deok being safe was overshadowed by Chi Ang’s condition and the fact that the kidnappers weren’t after her, but Seon Ah. Staying by Chi Ang’s side was essential since she considered herself responsible for finding himself inside the hospital. His approach was a bit more thoughtful since he kept trying to find out the deeper reasons why she was there. Even though it was more than apparent that she was there out of guilt and sincere caring he could easily misinterpret her intentions in his very own emotionally twisted way. Taking advantage of his condition in order to play a childish push and pull game that would lead her closer to him for the wrong reasons and definitely not the ones he was craving for was quite immature. And the same applies to the fact that he never replied to Shi Woo who kept messaging him out of pure concern.


Shi Woo and Soon Deok’s interactions become deeper with every passing episode. He was there waiting for her and she was occupying his line of vision. The shock she went through hadn’t surrendered and she didn’t even have the time to think of herself, but Shi Woo’s heartfelt words to never disappear from his side again were there to remind her that someone was there for her in an unconditional and deeply caring way.


Beop Gong’s ongoing quest to uncover more information became fiercer and since he couldn’t elicit valuable clues from Moo Song he forced them to come closer to the surface by electrifying the overall ambiance and creating an unfriendly environment for Moo Song. Since the seal wasn’t broken, the mess in his office was an insider’s job and since Beop Gong arrived first there after Moo Song makes me believe that he was the one behind it. There’s something else that bothers me and it has to do with Dae Ho’s overall attitude. He may appear protective towards Moo Song, but he secretly infuses a sense of doubt by fueling the rumors that could turn to reality in case Moo Song had the key.


In one of my first recaps i had said that his numerous visits to Moorim Peak were a bit suspicious and since Juk Poong is a shady organization in the ranks of Moorim Association he could actually be a member of it. As for Soon Deok’s father, he was indeed the one who saved Shi Woo, we have yet to find out how he went blind. Concerning his fear every time he hears Moo Song’s name or becomes aware of something Moorim Institute oriented, it could derive from everything he had heard back in the days and without any deeper knowledge he related the overall incident to Moo Song and Moorim Institute.


At this point, Moo Song has a part of the key which was probably around Seon Ah’s neck back in the days just like the second one has to be the pendant around Shi Woo’s neck. The third one is in Wang Hao’s hands and it was probably the one the Juk Poong members had found inside the house. Chi Ang has already started suspecting his father and everything points towards that direction, but the overall vibes the last scenes and the preview delivered weren’t the most positive ones for Chi Ang’s character dare i say.


In one hand he doesn’t intend to give up on Soon Deok while intensifying his straight forward confrontation with Shi Woo, on the other hand he intends to grow stronger inside Moorim Institute in order to become Wang Hao’s heir. At this point, i think that Wang Hao sent him there in order to gain Moo Song’s favor and become his successor, something that would lead him closer to yet another key part. The Moorim Competition where outsiders will be able to compete could be the plan Moo Song had in mind and it’s probably an indirect way for him to meet Chae Yoon again. Come forth, 10th episode!


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
If you’re reading this article elsewhere, it doesn’t belong there.
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      But the darker color looks good too, so rejoice! 😀

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    haha, i like his black hair 🙂 to me it was symbolic of letting go of the trappings of the idol stuff and embracing his true self.
    i wonder if your being insightful on a prophetic level again about dae ho! i think his character is really interesting…he wears an ear cuff in ep 10, a bit punk rock, no? i’m not sure he’s a bad guy though…maybe just a closet fashion rebel. beop gong, on the other hand….what a vile cretin! he gave braindead chi ang’s dad the photo of seon ah putting her life at risk! if they had gotten the right girl and the squad hadn’t had the watch & the drones she would have been killed! he’s a greedy nasty bastard and watching his expressions in this episode had me swearing at the tv, i hope the headmaster sees his game. grr.
    soon deuk’s dad remains an annoying character to me. he may have saved shi woo’s life but he’s still an ass.
    the biggest jerk remains chi ang, who gets far too much love on boards & reviews and i find that a bit depressing. i also am not enamoured of the actor….do something different besides a flat stare, please. the only time i think he stretches his acting muscles in the slightest are his scenes with seon ah…perhaps its a good chemistry or perhaps she brings out the best in him, i don’t know. but those, besides the martial arts stuff (which he’s doing well)…are his best scenes.

    • February 17, 2016 at 3:29 pm — Reply

      I think black hair suit him a bit more! Yup, he left behind the idol status and it was more apparent during the 10th ep! (i have to write down my thoughts part and it will be complete, i gave up last night’s all-nighter, it will take some time to get used to them again 🙁 )
      Hahahaha, closet fashion rebel! XD On characters like Dae Ho my opinion changes from episode to episode, so that one was based on his kind of guilty face and attitude throughout the ep, on the 10th one i changed my point of view again lol
      Beop Gong is definitely a cretin, i want to fall off Moorim Peak or something! I think that Moo Song notices his intentions through his facial expressions and “radical” thoughts against the school’s rules.
      Yup, Soon Deok’s father’s very annoying and i think he’s based on assumptions he kept nurturing throughout the years without knowing the proper truth.
      I don’t why Chi Ang receives so much love, my mind can’t conceive it and the fangirl factor isn’t enough, i mean he’s deranged! At least he acknowledged a few things about himself in the 10th ep… Yup, he remained a bit stagnant from a point and on and mainly the martial arts scenes prove that he had been working hard. His facial expressions are a bit de facto at this point.

      • February 17, 2016 at 4:07 pm — Reply

        good luck with the all nighters! do you guys have 5-hr energy drinks over there? they work….i use them to tackle DIY projects i’ve stalled on too long lol

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          Thanks a lot! Something like RB and Monster or something more pharmacy-oriented? XD If i get energy drinks i will start flying in here with a keyboard on my hands! XD The first Monster i ever drank helped me party until the morning lol

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    oh…one last thing. i was tres annoyed with the jumping to conclusions by all & sundry in this episode about the headmaster’s possible guilt in being after keys 18 yrs ago. quote “if he’s got the keys it means he definitely did that terrible thing”
    how is that logic?
    presumably if one had the keys one would go rule the world or something.
    also, no mention of the headmaster possibly FOILING THE PLAN of the bad group’s attack?
    plot flaw.
    still love the show, but a plot flaw’s a plot flaw lol

    • February 17, 2016 at 3:32 pm — Reply

      Loved the French “tres” 😀 Yup, jumping to conclusions was irritating, it was one of the parts that made me think of Dae Ho as a potential shady figure of Juk Poong! XD Anyone could have these key parts for whatever and not necessarily evil reasons!
      If Moo Song had all the keys and he wanted to rule the world he would be the president of the US and not the dean of Moorim Institute XD
      Yup, it’s a plot flaw, but i think he’s got something in mind (well, he does XD ). I think it’s related to bringing Chae Yoon closer to him if the shield’s down.

  7. Diane
    February 17, 2016 at 4:42 pm — Reply

    I am very much enjoying the suspense at this point. I hope the plot unfolds in a satisfying way. The Shi-Woo hair bugged me, not for the colour, but the style. I don’t like the “bowl-on-the-head” beatle haircut look. I would much prefer a little windswept and wild look. Sigh. I like Chi Ang…he may be a bit stiff, but is nice to look at! The one thing I don’t like is the creepy possessive attitude to Soon-Duk. If I were her, I wouldn’t go anywhere with him, as it fuels his expectations, which are obviously unreasonable. This is fun..thanks so much for the recaps!

    • February 17, 2016 at 6:38 pm — Reply

      Me too, it gets even more intriguing with the passing of episodes and there’s always the uncertainty factor! “I hope the plot unfolds in a satisfying way. ” I hope so too! 😀 At first i was “what is this?!” when i saw his new hair, but i started finding them quite fitting to him! It’s true though that there are many haircuts he could have chosen, probably a more spiky look. I don’t know, Chi Ang gets on my nerves, he’s become quite one-dimensional, but he’s true to himself, it’s something! Yup, the good thing is that he set aside the possessive side of his and maintained the obsessive one! Thank you so much for your words and for sharing your thoughts!!! 🙂

  8. Kas
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    Shi Woo’s black hair made him look like Kaneki lol

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