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Watashi Wo Hanasanaide Episode 4

Never Let Me Go Ep 4 Synopsis : Kyoko finds it difficult to adjust in the cottage; after a while, she receives a letter from Manami who has a serious proposal for her.

Recap – Summary :

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Kyoko is informed that Miwa fell from the window, and broke her leg. She visits her room and thnks to herself that even if she did such a ridiculous thing so she wouldn’t stop being her carer, she couldn’t cut ties with her, as they have a limited time to bring some sort of happiness in their lives.

She then recounts the first day they visited the cottage; Kyoko, Miwa and Tomo were all newcomers and were greeted by “the veterans” who had been living there for a long time. Kyoko is surprised to find out that the people there spend their time mostly having sexual relations and changing partners in between them.

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In the first gathering, a veteran explains that Kyoko, Miwa and Tomo will be soon become carers, and they will have to visit the Carer Training soon; Tomo wonders if they could skip that step, but he’s being told that he would have to become a donor immediately.

Later in his room he’s silently lamenting on his lost football dreams, as Miwa angrily throws away his pictures, saying that their dreams won’t amount to anything; she asks him to comfort her, as Kyoko listens to them.

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In the later days, Kyoko shuts off herself from anyone, only doing house chores and barely interacting with others, as she doesn’t want to be hurt anymore; she receives a letter from Manami with instructions on how to find her, and asks Minegishi, the guy who brings all the stuff necessary to run the cottage, to drive her in the town. Miwa thinks that Kyoko left to find a different cottage and takes her frustration out to Tomo.

He drives her near Manami’s place, and tells her that if she tries to run away, she will be found and she will have to perform a complete-donation, which means they will take her organs in a single procedure. Kyoko soon finds Manami and is happy to see her living well.

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Manami tells her the mansion she has been living in, is a bit different from the others, as there resides a group that plans to rebel and calls for the human rights they’re denied; she asks Kyoko to join her but Kyoko is reluctant as she concludes she wants to keep living the way she’s doing at the moment, because that way will let her live for a few more years.

She returns to the cottage and finds Tomo looking for Miwa’s stuff in the garbage, as he explaims to Kyoko that Miwa threw them away while she was mad; Kyoko helps him and she later reveals to him that she has been thinking the way everyone lives in the cottage seemed ridiculous to her; but, that is the only way that will bring some sort of happiness in their lives- Tomo tells her that she’s a good person and soon enough someone will confess to her; he seems to makes a move himself but they’re interrupted by someone coming in.

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Kyoko thinks to herself how she doesn’t want to “complete” while being alone, and goes to Kousuke’s room, a veteran he has expressed a liking to her, and decides to go all the way with him.

In the present day, Kyoko thinks that the limited happiness she can get, involves Miwa despite everything she had done, as she might be the only person that needs her right now.

Back in the cottage, 6 months forward from the graduation, Miwa is excited to show Kyoko her new haircut but is surprised to find her looking at adult magazines- meanwhile, Emiko meets Tatsuko and makes a revelation about the Yoko Institute.


Reflection Corner :

Well that was a sex-y episode, lol, just kidding, just kidding; but wait, it was indeed!

Miwa got some, Tomo got some, Kyoko got some! But, there was a catch; who knew that being intimate would end up being so depressing?

(eating small burgers is perfect limited happiness though!)

(eating small burgers is perfect limited happiness though!)

Kyoko’s resignation in the end, about how the only limited happiness she can get there is an apathetic sexual intercourse and a few meaningless confessions was quite saddening; Manami’s proposal was high risk/ high reward, but Kyoko wasn’t ready to abandon her designed-life for something that could have costed that, even if that life was sad.


What’s saddening about everything though is, how nobody is honest and everyone’s pretty freaking miserable because of that. Yes, the window for happiness is limited, but goddamn it- Miwa is covered with insecurities from head to toe and validates her existence by manipulating/hurting others (other  = Kyoko), Tomo goes with the wind and does what everyone tells him to and Kyoko..well, Kyoko is actually cornered and can’t express her real feelings at the moment as that would “hurt” her two most favorite persons.


Kyoko’s present relationship with Miwa is obviously tainted from whatever happened in the past, but I find Kyoko’s support towards Miwa commendable as it must have taken a lot of effort to look past certain things.


Miwa, man, I don’t even with that character; she keeps flaunting her relationship with Tomo to poor Kyoko every chance she gets, but she was terrified when she thought Miwa was leaving to transfer to another cottage. I really can’t hate her, for the sole reason she doesn’t do what she does out of malice, but because of her lack of confidence- obviously that doesn’t excuse her actions, and she needs to apologize (and then some!) but I can get why Kyoko hadn’t abandoned her. (even though, she could have easily)


Tomo is like the football ball he kicks- he’s being “kicked around” by everyone, not being able to get a single decision by himself! Will he ever tell Kyoko his feelings, or he will need another darn decade to decide? What’s it gonna be bro?

Onwards to episode 5 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by (an arsenal-elated!) kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to SFC @ LJ 

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  1. February 15, 2016 at 3:35 am — Reply

    Where can I watch this online with eng subs?

    • February 15, 2016 at 11:36 am — Reply

      Everything you need is on my thanks-link at the end of my entry.

  2. February 17, 2016 at 3:59 am — Reply

    I caught up to ep4 and ugh!!! I’m not sure I can keep on watching. Miwa’s character is just so toxic. T_T It’s frustrating that Kyoko & Tomo continue to let themselves get manipulated by her. On top of that it seems like things don’t get much better in the present..

    • February 17, 2016 at 10:37 am — Reply

      I know, I feel sorry for all of them; it’s not like they can live MANY years, why let Miwa and her insecurities drag you aroung guys??!
      Ep 5 is lighter though!

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