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“The most important thing in life is my happiness.
I need to be happy for people around me to be happy as well.”


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[*] Post-exam article in an attempt to catch up with the last four episodes of the drama in order to start working on the proper Kwon-caps from the forthcoming week and on. While mainly presenting my thoughts on the drama so far, i will lay emphasis on the last four episodes since i have already unveiled almost everything i had to say on One More Happy Ending’s first quarter throughout my recaps.

One of the drama’s many captivating characteristics have to be the opening parts of almost every episode, but also some in between scenes throughout the episodes. They are either fictional stories that relate to our characters’ latest events or an insightful presentation of their past and the way the flow of events made them who they are at the present. They are figures that have gotten stronger throughout the years, but this doesn’t mean that the wounds underneath the armor have been healed. One More Happy Ending is an ongoing quest in the world of emotional literacy with everyone evolving step by step as completion can’t be achieved before one gets to know him/herself.

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The more we dive in Soo Hyuk’s past the more coherent his guilt and loneliness become at the present. But it’s not only about us finding out more about him, it’s also about Mi Mo getting gradually attached to his world with Min Woo playing his own part. Through a wide variety of interactions, especially by Min Woo’s side, Mi Mo could actually notice that Soo Hyuk wasn’t as immature as she thought he was. Just because someone isn’t serious all the time it doesn’t mean that he’s not mature and Soo Hyuk was forced to mature way too early. Even though he was unable to forge a world of trust for Soon Soo, he managed to do so for Min Woo.

bscap0557 bscap0588bscap0587bscap0590

He willingly took all the blame for Soon Soo’s death and created a world of guilt where he could repent every day in solitude while laying emphasis on his son’s well-being. Soo Hyuk’s character is a humble ode to single parenthood from a father’s point of view. He may had lost the world underneath his feet after Soon Soo passed away, but he mustered all the necessary courage to move on for his son. Knowing nothing about parenthood in the first place, he eventually became an exemplary father against all odds and far away from any form of discrimination he would encounter by pouring heart and soul in Min Woo, a sharp and mature child for his age. Just like Soo Hyuk was taking care of him throughout the years, the moment had arrived for Min Woo to start taking care of his father’s emotional world in order to make the loneliness subside.

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It may not be necessarily true that he doesn’t need a maternal figure, but his major goal is to find an amazing woman for Soo Hyuk even at the cost of handing over the money he’d been gathering all these years. Through Min Woo, Mi Mo notices characteristics of Soo Hyuk she’d been failing to see for some time now. Setting aside the maternal affection that comes to the surface while being with Min Woo, she gradually gets magnetized by Soo Hyuk even though she doesn’t have palpable proof of what actually happened in the past and relies upon the vibes she receives and everything she finds out every now and then whether it’s true or not. Soo Hyuk’s canvas in Mi Mo’s eyes was and still is quite blurry,  but with the passing of episodes the truth comes to the surface, one step at a time and through emotional strokes.

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You have to love all these parallel scenes with either Soo Hyuk or Mi Mo being drunk and finding one another outside of their apartments respectively, the mutual caring when one of them brings medicine, food, etc to the other and their elevator scenes that feel like a humble yet quirky reflection of last night’s events. Soo Hyuk is cautiously protective towards her without revealing too much but always being there for her whether it is a coincidence or not.

bscap0190 bscap0108bscap0113bscap0098

A few examples have to be the moment he protected her privacy from the reporter at the restaurant/hotel when she went to meet her ex-boyfriend, his denial to proceed with the article even though he knew in the first place what had happened some time ago with Seul Ah and her ex-boyfriend and his dynamic attitude towards Ah Ni who wanted to progress with the story in order to get to see through Soo Hyuk’s surface.

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Even when they are often hilarious, their interactions are always meaningful as they get to know themselves better by opening up their hearts and expressing their concerns to one another. While she can’t openly talk to Hae Joon about the way she feels and how she sees things when it comes to love, she can do so when she’s with Soo Hyuk and their bench scenes are always insightful. The moment Soo Hyuk tried to soothe her ankle’s pain was essential for both of them as Soo Hyuk stepped right on the thin red line and made a few things clearer, but it was also the scene Mi Mo started getting gradually magnetized by him to the extent of Soo Hyuk occupying a wider part of her mind day by day.

bscap0525bscap0910bscap0912 bscap0915

The first major cracks between Mi Mo and Hae Joon have already started making their appearance. The magic of the first days has surrendered to emotional inconsistency and miscommunication with Hae Joon remaining observant by nurturing his distance from Mi Mo who keeps craving for more affection. The longing is there on her behalf, but Hae Joon kept remaining minimal by narrowing their relationship to dinners and movies that became a not so pleasant routine. And that’s when things started getting complicated as the lives of quite a few people became intertwined to a wider extent.

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Ah Ni would never succeed in being the woman by Soo Hyuk’s side and he was very specific about it, but she also played her own part in awakening Hae Joon from his slumber concerning Soo Hyuk’s feelings. Another figure that played her own part for her own reasons while remaining insightful is Hae Joon’s ex-wife and colleague, Yeon Soo. Mi Mo found out the reason behind their divorce which was no other than Hae Joon’s inability to pay attention to her. Even though he appears astonished at times, his kind of indifferent and not really passionate approach puts his relationships in the ice.

bscap0482 bscap0929bscap0928 bscap0481

Mi Mo was falling endlessly for him, but not to that extent anymore even though she tries to keep him in her heart. The fact that he wasn’t straight forward the moment his ex-wife revealed her desire to get closer to him anew was yet another crack on their relationship’s weak foundations. The fear of not being loved enough and eventually becoming a part of the past in Hae Joon’s life is already there, but she doesn’t receive the vibes she was craving for all along the way either. Ever since Soo Hyuk’s “danger” became more palpable Hae Joon started unveiling his more possessive and stalker oriented side.

bscap0309bscap0311bscap1184 bscap0320bscap0319

He’s almost like a grownup sasaeng and he always thinks about himself. I find Hae Joon quite selfish without taking into consideration everything Mi Mo wants to convey. She tries to reach him with emotional strokes, he kind of refuses to receive them and when he does he doesn’t even try to filter them properly . Opening up his fanboy heart on how he first “met” her, the impact Angels’ breakup left upon him and how she entered his life like a miracle was intriguing, but his confession felt forced under the shadow of Soo Hyuk. It wasn’t like he suddenly felt the urge to get closer to her, he simply wanted to secure his “love” life’s perimeter now that Mi Mo kept talking more and more about Soo Hyuk. The same applies to the kiss that wasn’t really a kiss.

bscap0771bscap0773bscap1124 bscap0758bscap0769

Hae Joon appears to be strictly following a “first come, first serve” pathway when it comes to love. Back in the days, he had feelings for Soon Soo, but since she had eyes for Soo Hyuk only he didn’t proceed and let them get together without interfering. Yeon Soo may had informed Mi Mo that Hae Joon was never heartbroken, but the fact that he didn’t only lose Soon Soo to Soo Hyuk, he also lost her once and for all from the surface of the earth the moment she passed away proves the opposite. It was a flow of events that left their own impact on him and probably played their own part in the methodical yet kind of cold and partially incoherent way he approaches love at the present.

bscap0977 bscap0969bscap0961 bscap0976

He may had made things clear since the very beginning and Soo Hyuk gave him the okay to proceed with Mi Mo, but feelings aren’t something you can control anytime you want to and Soo Hyuk interfering in his love life appears as if he broke the “first come, first serve” unwritten law Hae Joon keeps preserving. Soo Hyuk has to get involved for the emotional silence and all the guilt he was suffering in solitude, for the childhood memories and the purity of emotion back in the days and for everything he never let reach the surface. But Hae Joon’s words were pretty harsh and disheartening, making Soo Hyuk restrain himself anew and hide in his emotional corner to the extent he can.


He has to choose between friendship and love and the Mi Mo fairies in his room weren’t really helpful since they were pointed towards the desired direction, the one that would lengthen the distance between Soo Hyuk and Hae Joon. Hae Joon is someone who kept everything he felt to himself in the past and stood by Soo Hyuk’s side as a real friend and brought him back to life for Min Woo’s sake, but he’s also someone condemning Soo Hyuk to one-sided love at the present. In a manner of speaking, it feels like an “eye for eye and tooth for tooth” tactic under different yet so like-minded circumstances with the roles in reverse, but with the difference that Soo Hyuk eventually opened up his cards.

bscap1120 bscap1012bscap1009bscap0992

In addition, Hae Joon accusing Mi Mo of being inconsiderate and claiming that she doesn’t know him at all was quite heartless. It may be true that she had started talking a lot about Soo Hyuk, but Hae Joon himself hasn’t shown her a deeper form of affection and he’s not really opening up to her in order for her to know him better unless Soo Hyuk’s threat makes its appearance! Mi Mo accusing him of being disrespectful towards her was justified, especially after she found out that their first kiss wasn’t driven by emotion, but by an ill-natured sense of possession for Soo Hyuk oriented reasons once again!

bscap1380 bscap0613bscap0614bscap1377

The more Soo Hyuk gets involved between them the more Hae Joon loses his personality and revives the past under the present’s parameters by setting aside everything that appeared precious in the first place. Losing to Soo Hyuk for one more time and without having necessarily resolved Soon Soo’s twofold loss deep inside has turned Mi Mo into some sort of a trophy for him. The cracks between Hae Joon and Mi Mo get more volcanic whereas at the same time something warmer blossoms between her and Soo Hyuk.

bscap0636 bscap0630bscap0629bscap0623

After Ae Ran surrendered to Dong Bae’s heartfelt pleas the marriage turned into the most nerve-shaking experience ever. He’s not the person he appeared to be and he’s the epitome of  a womanizer that had many parallel relationships while he was with Ae Ran. It’s just that Ae Ran was the most suitable shield to take off his back his parents’ discomfort and her eruption was more than justified, especially now that she found herself entrapped in this senseless prison. Sadly enough, her instinct was right and on top of that, her sales aren’t flowing well to the extent of finding comfort in the arms of a rare fan of hers!

bscap0156 bscap0174bscap0168 bscap0149

The only shelter she could find was Dong Mi’s place and even though she was overly negative about it in the first place, they eventually forged a powerful alliance! Dong Mi was swimming in oceans of love, or at least she thought so! She had even become Mi Mo’s adviser when it comes to love! After 3000 kiss-less days she fell into the deepest pits of love beyond repair and she couldn’t see that he was after her savings, but with Ae Ran’s support she was ready to gather her pieces and fight back in order to reclaim her dignity and teach the low level womanizer and con artist a lesson!

bscap1512 bscap0681bscap0680bscap1513

Da Jung was in denial concerning the operation as she was thinking that she would lose an essential part of her womanhood, but Yeon Soo’s approach was of major importance in making her realize that breasts aren’t what make a woman, especially when one’s life is on the line. Before the operation she bought herself the finest bra as a humble farewell while everything was falling into place in her mind. She desperately needed a hug from Gun Hak, but everything that kept piling up for the last seven years didn’t let it blossom in her hour of need. Gun Hak uttered words that would cut him like a knife after he would find out everything Da Jung was going through at this point in her life.

bscap0447 bscap0714bscap0715 bscap1500

It was yet another aspect that was making the distance between them even more apparent, but it also prove that the memories were still lingering since Gun Hak hadn’t erased anything. Before proceeding with the operation she set him free. She wanted to be fine with herself and she didn’t want to keep tormenting him to a wider extent. She eventually treasured happy memories by her friends’ side after revealing the whole truth and making clear that she wept enough on her own; everything she needed at that point was hope and Dong Mi, Mi Mo and Ae Ran offered it wholeheartedly.

bscap1464 bscap1460bscap1461 bscap1462

Mi Mo and Da Jung’s condition were crucial parts in bringing Da Jung and her son closer together. I loved the metaphor behind the angelic figure Tae Yong created for her, it wasn’t only a reference to Da Jung’s Angels’ past, but also a charm that would keep her safe. He didn’t only become more lively for his mother, he also delivered the news to Gun Hak who found himself in a devastating position. Now that she needed him the most he would have to shatter the last seven years in order to stand by her side. It’s not like he doesn’t want to, but things have almost reached the point of no return between them, especially after Da Jung gave her consent for the divorce. I am curious to find out why she kept pushing him away ever since she gave birth to Tae Yong, but i am rooting for them to get closer together anew.

bscap1542 bscap0738bscap1176 bscap1590

Just like Hae Joon described Mi Mo as his ideal woman at Brave Wedding, the same applied to Soo Hyuk who gave it a shot to move on by dating someone else, but the blind date wasn’t bound to blossom because the seeds deep within had already started growing. The time capsule opening ceremony brought to the surface precious memories and the jewel box he always wanted to give Mi Mo was an emblem of his pure love back in the days. It was an event that rekindled his feelings to a wider extent and led to his most sincere yet silent confession of his feelings that kept missing the timing inside the time capsule, a time capsule he would have to bury anew. The interesting part of the story has to be the fact that his confession wasn’t as silent as he thought it would be since Mi Mo appears to have heard everything.

bscap1646 bscap1616bscap1615bscap1665

One More Happy Ending is an adorable drama presenting characters with different mindsets and emotional maps. It addresses the importance and heartfelt grandeur of a hug in one’s life and the necessity for self-happiness in order for one to be able to love and feel loved with utter sincerity. At this point, i can only hope for the feelings inside the time capsule to reach their destination in a more palpable and deeper way. After all, the ship has always been one ever since Jang Na Ra and Jung Kyung Ho were announced as the drama’s leading figures! I can only look forward to the 9th episode!

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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
If you’re reading this article elsewhere, it doesn’t belong there.
Read the original article only at Dramajjang.co.


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  1. February 14, 2016 at 11:46 pm — Reply

    […] Episodes 05 to 08   Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01 […]

  2. February 17, 2016 at 3:53 pm — Reply

    those two are pure joy to watch, honestly. the acting is stellar and they are both adorable & real. love them!
    the ladies stories are interesting, too. the situation re da jung is probably post partum depression that was never resolved and the communication barriers grew until divorce, but the drama should have been more forthcoming about it tbh. its a common thing and nothing to bury.
    hae joon’s a manipulative creep imho & this is all about winning one over his best friend because he didn’t the last time around. it was obvious to me when he asked for permission. it didnt take a rocket scientist to see that soo hyuk had unresolved feelings for her, and since he was his best friend; and a dr. to boot….he knew.
    a side note: i am SO annoyed how hae joon also gets the love in reviews and things. wth is wrong with people…there is absolutely no contest here and his character is a wooden emotionally unavailable creep! its depressing lol

    • February 17, 2016 at 6:43 pm — Reply

      Yup, i love both of them and their interactions!!! I can’t for them to get together, it’s going to be an explosion of bliss!! Ah, i thought that postpartum depression was related to the infant only and i didn’t mention it because she was taking care of her son while setting aside her husband!
      That’s why i refer to him as a grownup sasaeng! XD I can nearly stand him! He’s just a jelly jellyfish over Soo Hyuk who doesn’t know much about relationships lol His “first come, first serve” approach gets on my nerves, if you want to go for the girl GO! Do it the Soo Hyuk way and don’t put obstacles between him and our lovely Mi Mo! XD So, people love Hae Joon too? Chi Ang, Hae Joon, who will be the next senseless character who receives love? XD The scene with him in bed and Mi Mo by his side was highly representative XD Laughed so much!

  3. February 20, 2016 at 1:37 am — Reply

    I have been looking all over, but I really want know what drama/movie is being referenced in the beginning sequence of Episode 5 (The young poor boy Soo Hyuk and Mimo skipping rocks, with Hae Joon as the slick city boy who comes in and creates a love triangle). It seems like it would be a pretty famous storyline, but no one online seems to know where it’s from. Can you help?

    • February 20, 2016 at 5:24 pm — Reply

      Truth be told, it reminded of something, but i couldn’t decipher what. Sadly, i can’t help you for now, but if i recall or find something i will definitely let you know! 🙂

  4. February 20, 2016 at 7:52 am — Reply

    Thanks for the midway review!! Hahaha I just finished Episode 7 of this drama and immediately came to read your review. Ahhh I just feel so bad for Hae Joon at this point in time, and I like your point that his love for Soon Soo and how everything turned out in the end made him how he is now. Although I really like Jung Kyung Ho’s and Jang Nara’s chemistry, I must say I feel a bit..uncomfortable? dislike? for the fact that he’s going to step in and take his best friend’s girlfriend. I see your point about the “first come, first serve” thing, but I would much rather see that he just wishes for Mi Mo to be happy and then if later on, Mi Mo and Hae Joon breaks up, only then he confesses to her.

    • February 20, 2016 at 5:45 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome and thanks a lot for your thoughts Thoughts Ramblito!! 😀 Once you catch up a bit more something tells that Hae Joon is going to get on your nerves >.< Since Hae Joon doesn't know how to give back and bases his relationship on him receiving from Mi Mo i don't mind Soo Hyuk interfering. Soo Hyuk finds a woman he loves almost once in a lifetime, Hae Joon had plenty girlfriends so all my feels gradually go to the Mi Mo-Soo Hyuk camp, once you reach the 10th ep i think you will agree more 🙂 I think that's what he is up to since Soo Hyuk doesn't want to directly pull her close to him, it's just his unconditional and sincere caring that comes to the surface.

      • February 24, 2016 at 12:34 pm — Reply

        I AM UP TO DATE. And you are right – to be honest, I was still feeling bad for Hae Joon all the way till Ep 10 but that ER scene just killed it for me. Zilch, no more feelings of pity for my second lead. All for Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo now!! On a side note, cannot stand those rage-y fans with too many eggs to spare. What a waste of eggs!!

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