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Remember – War Of The Son Episode 18 Recap [I Can See My Faith]


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After Jin Woo’s statement, Judge Seok Gyu declares the court adjourned; in between the break, In Ah asks Jin Woo if he feels alright, and she would take Dong Ho’s case if needed. Jin Woo replies that it was a momentary lapse and he’s okay.

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He goes to see Dong Ho, who is worried about him- Jin Woo says he should have told him prior, but couldn’t do it. He tells Dong Ho he can change attorneys but Dong Ho says he’s the only one he can trust and thy will continue together.

Moo Seok tells Gyu Man of the events on the court, and wonders if he suffers from the same disease as his father- Gyu Man orders Soo Beom to check for Jin Woo’s medical records.

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The trial resumes, and the prosecution asks one of Joo II’s men if Dong Ho had fought previously with Joo II, and the man admits that they had a dispute that was seen by a lot of people- Jin Woo calls detective Bae and refers to Joo II’s wounds in the hand, concluding that the stabber must have been hit by Joo II and should have had wounds on his body. He then shows the black box video at the moment the camera jolted, after Dong Ho had left, and asks if that could be the time of the attack, since the weight of two heavy men would have caused that effect- Bae is reluctant to reply, but in the end he says that this could be true. Jin Woo declares the prosecution’s evidence circumstantial at best, and asks the Judge to carefully consider the case, as Dong Ho could suffer an unjust sentence, based on non-conclusive evidence.

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President Nam tells Moo Seok to figure out a solution concerning Joo II, as Jin Woo asks Sung Ho to think of anyone that could have attacked Joo II; they need to make that person return to the crime scene so they can catch him and prove Dong Ho innocent once and for all.

Soo Beom gives Jin Woo’s medical records to Gyu Man- he remarks that it’s “unfortunate” that Jin Woo is suffering from his father’s disease as Soo Beom acts happy that things are going Gyu Man’s way.

One of Joo II’s men declares that he supposedly regained consciousness in the hospital, as President Nam hears of that, and orders Joo II to be killed.

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The killer enters Joo II’s room but he falls into the trap of Jin Woo and Sung Ho and is soon arrested; the prosecution withdraws all the charges in the latest development, and Dong Ho gets released.

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Dong Ho tells Jin Woo he can’t express how he feels, as Jin Woo replies that he was found innocent because he didn’t kill anyone; Dong Ho promises he will keep his end of the bargain, as Jin Woo replies that the time is running out, and he will ask soon for his father’s retrial case, as Dong Ho encourages him to do so.

Jin Woo finds Detective Bae and shows him a record with him receiving money from Ilho, and asks if President Nam was the one that ordered for Joo II’s murder, as Bae says he knows nothing.

remembwars01800015 remembwars01800016

Dong Ho visits Joo II, who’s in critical condition, but manages to tell Dong Ho he held up so he could see him one last time- Dong Ho reminds him that he promised him he would stand in his father’s place at the wedding, but Joo II apologizes to him, as Dong Ho calls him brother one last time before he passes away.

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In his funeral, Dong Ho holds to a stick that is revealed Joo II had left him, with President Nam’s order for Dong Ho to be killed. Jin Woo visits Dong Ho there, and gives him evidence about Bae and Nam’s involvement; Dong Ho says he doesn’t need it and he will use another method, as Jin Woo says that he should solve things not with his fist, but by the law.

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Soo Beom informs Gyu Man’s who in a meeting, that Dong Ho got released and Jin Woo asked fro a retrial, as Gyu Man goes on a fit of rage, before asking Soo Beom to meet Jin Woo.

President Nam asks for Dong Ho to have tea together, but Dong Ho tells him that he will pay for all the people he has disposed of, and the things he did for the good of his company will come and haunt him very soon.

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Gyu Man visits Jin Woo and mockingly asks him if he even remembers his face; Jin Woo replies that he can at least go on in his life without his anger management issues, and he has truly nobody by his side with his cruel behavior. Gyu Man says that this all won’t matter, since he will soon forget it all, but Jin Woo promises that he will go to prison, before his memories disappear.

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Bae visits Dong Ho, and apologizes for abandoning him, but had to do it because his father’s life was at stake and needed Nam’s money; Dong Ho orders him to get out, but Bae tells him that Mr Ha isn’t out of the country.

Moo Seok informs Nam that the retrial might happen, and the other case of Gyu Man is likely gonna get worse, as Tak proposes they change Ms Chae and replace her with a different prosecutor.

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Gyu Man is examined by his doctor who proposes he steps away from the sites that make him angry and think in others’ shoes, something that aggravates him more, as Nam bribes the higher ups in court to grant him a favor concerning Gyu Man.

Moo Seok asks Tak to go together in the tax inspectors but Tak says he’s busy and he won’t follow his orders, because he’s not his boss but an attorney.

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Dong Ho finds Mr Ha in a secluded place, who has resigned to living his days paying for his sins; he tells Dong Ho that he had an honorable father and he will stand a witness if he needs him to.

In Ah takes a photo of her attorney-card through Jin Woo’s phone, as she jokingly says he doesn’t want to forget her and she invites him to have pizza in her parents’ store, as Ha Young has learned the recipe and will cook for them.

remembwars01800034 remembwars01800035

In the pizza parlor, everyone congratulates Ha Young for her progress, as Jin Woo says the pizza is delicious and they should pack one for his father too. In Ah and Director Sa try to cover Jin Woo’s words, but In Ah’s parents have already picked up what is going on, Jin Woo says he has to leave and In Ah’s mother later tells her that it’s really difficult to deal with a disease like that, and she shouldn’t stay by his side because he’s pitying him- In Ah replies that he needs her and he will stay by his side.

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Gyu Man orders Soo Beom to find a way to stop the retrial for happening, even if it means killing Jin Woo. Soo Beom says they have to stop, as they can’t hide their sins forever, as a surprised Gyu Man replies he needs a beating for his words- Soo Beom however stops him, declaring he’s done cleaning his messes.

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Director Sa tells In Ah that Jin Woo has shut off his phone and he’s nowhere to be found- Lawyer Song wonders how this could happen to someone with such a good memory like he is, as Judge Seok Gyu enters the law firm.

Gyu Man figures out that Soo Beom gave the wine openen to Jin Woo, and with the help of one of his father’s men, he captures him; he threatens to bring him back the weapon otherwise he will kill him.

Judge Seok Gyu tells In Ah that the retrial will happen and hopes the truth will come out clear this time. Director Sa tells In Ah she knows where Jin Woo might be and tells her of the place Jin Woo used to say he wanted to go with his father again.

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Jin Woo reads his father’s wish card, that he hoped they could have more happy days like the one they spent there. In Ah arrives, and Jin Woo says that he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore- it’s always bothered him that she quit being a prosecutor for his sake, and tells her that this is his war and she needs to go back to her old life.

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In Ah says she doesn’t do this out of pity for him, but because she wants to help him and be by his side; Jin Woo replies that he won’t remember her for much longer, as In Ah says it’s okay as she will be his memory. Upon hearing her words, Jin Woo approaches her and they kiss.

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Gyu Man gives his sister a ticket to France and tells her to go there and paint as she had always wanted to- their father wants her to quit being a prosecutor.

Yeo Kyeong visits the law firm, and reveals to In Ah and Jin Woo that she heard the truth about what happened in Jung Ah- she apologizes in behalf of Gyu Man for ruining Jin Woo’s life and his father’s. In Ah tells her to persuade her brother to turn himself in, as that will be for the best.

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Prosecutor Tak visits the Chief Prosecutor and informs him that Nam wants a different attorney for his son’s case; it’s revealed that he has been under secret mission to join Ilho, and uncover everything he could, as a plan proposed by Jin Woo and In Ah. He tells the Chief that they can change the prosecutor, as he has a very suitable one in his mind.

remembwars01800049 remembwars01800050

Dong Ho visits Jin Woo and asks him about the evidence he has gathered; Jin Woo shows him the original weapon murder. They later decide together to leak Gyu Man’s confession video, as it was filmed illegally and there was a chance it couldn’t be submitted to the court for the impending retrial.

remembwars01800051 remembwars01800052

The video is leaked everywhere in the country; Gyu Man is enraged when he watches the video while Jin Woo visits him and tells him that it’s now time to pay. Tak reveals to Nam the prosecutor that will “help” them, who is no other than In Ah.


Reflection Corner :


Alright, this episode was simply THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING, PERIOD.

Yes, one might say they could have leaked the video from the beginning, and could have avoided all the crap that followed, and nobody would have to die etc etc but isn’t it so rewarding to watch the avalance of justice FINALLY hit Ilho?

Enough is enough, and everyone is standing up to those corrupted vultures; it’s like a Power Rangers gatherup and Ilho is going down!


First thing first, my heart broke for Dong Ho as Joo II died, who went in a peaceful (..somewhat!) way, knowing that Dong Ho got released and he would eventually take Nam down. Jin Woo’s words about not rushing going headstrong to fight Nam got to him, as Mr Ha’s story about his father sealed the deal, and Dong Ho decided to fight with the law.

Soo Beom finally stood up to Gyu Man (calling him BELLIGERENT PUNK! epic) and while he was captured eventually (I suppose he will be freed though) he was the first one to launch the attack on Ilho by delivering the original weapon murder; glad to see Seok Gyu and Tak (James Bond agent!) doing their jobs right, and Yeo Kyeong apologizing to Jin Woo for her brother’s sins.


Gyu Man and his doctor incident did made me laugh (Nam Goong Min keeps being brilliant in Gyu Man’s cray expressions), like, there’s no saving for him at this point! He just wants to keep GyuMan-ing, everyone else be damned. Well, tough luck bro- his despicable father will be joining the jail corridors soon, who had the nerve to call Dong Ho for some damn tea after Joo II died!

Last but not least, TENDERONI IN AH & JIN WOO.


About darn time!

I expected In Ah to reply to her mom “BECAUSE I LOVE HIM YOU WOMAN” after she told her to stop pitying Jin Woo, but she basically told that (okay, she didn’t spell it out but still) to Jin Woo himself, after he insinuated the same sentiment.

The best thing about everything, is that Jin Woo initiated the kiss; In Ah’s “role” is to be his support-pillar, no matter what. She doesn’t ask questions, she never suggested they become something more, she’s just always there for him. And she never suggested that, not because she didn’t want to, but because she never wanted to even tiny-pressure Jin Woo and “stray” him from his mission.


(and I can’t fight this feeling anymoooore, I forgotten what I started fighting foooooor)

But, Jin Woo is not a robot, and he can’t fight this feeling anymo(ooooo)re! (either!)

In a different setting, and under different circumstances they could have been lovers faster and much more easily; but, in a way, the court-warzone made them form a strong and more meaningful bond than your ordinary one, so I suppose it’s kind of poetic how they found each other against all those odds.

Again, best episode so far! So, so damn rewarding after all those crap we’ve been through!


The end is not near, the end is here and I couldn’t be more excited for the conclusion; onwards to episode 19 then!

[disclaimer – this post was written by a tired-but-rewarded-kipzizz for dramajjang.co only]

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  1. February 12, 2016 at 3:29 pm — Reply

    ooooooo!! they finally kissed?!? 😍😍😍😘😘😘 can’t wait to watch it with english subtitle!! Now… if only i can find the time to watch it… 😁 thanks for recapping it!!! am always waiting for it!!!

    btw… how many episodes does this drama have in total? is it 20 or 24?

    • February 12, 2016 at 3:37 pm — Reply

      No prob! ; )
      (and it’s 20 episodes.)

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  3. February 14, 2016 at 4:37 pm — Reply

    “The best thing about everything, is that Jin Woo initiated the kiss; In Ah’s “role” is to be his support-pillar, no matter what. She doesn’t ask questions, she never suggested they become something more, she’s just always there for him. And she never suggested that, not because she didn’t want to, but because she never wanted to even tiny-pressure Jin Woo and “stray” him from his mission.” you said. (i always went round reading many other sites’ recaps…)
    Mars, your observation on this ‘Epic Kiss’ is by the most eye opening, as it bring us to look at Inah in a more appreciating manner. in another site, the recaper was even praying inside her while the scene played on, that OTP will never proceed to ‘this’ citing they have no chemistry, will not name which site. but that is total CRAP.
    its so true that Writernim wrote her to be so selfless, that she is totally as focus as he is in this mission impossible, she will have self restriction, never to demand more from him. When simplicity and subtle is beautiful which many rant as ‘no chemistry’ and ‘unnecessarily’ to add in loveline, i found their ‘platonic chingu turn One-True-Love “. when habitual dependence n comfort feels between good friends quietly evolved into total trust in his/her loyalty but total selfless not demanding any recipocration of own feels from him/her. InAh has such Greatness in her, not many fans can see that, while they may awe at Yoo Seungho pretty face, they cannot see her worth. sad. if they can see as pristine as you do, i wont have problem aching what i read else where of late.
    thanks for pointing out that angle, which i myself didn’t see.

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