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It seems that this powerful energy you can’t control
Is inside your body.
If you can’t overcome that energy on your own
The pain will probably not go away.”


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[*] Right after the exam and while waiting for the final outcome, time remains limited due to the catch-up i have to do with all the articles and/or episodes, but i will try to maintain a recap flow while presenting my thoughts throughout the episode. Thanks a lot in advance for the understanding, but expect proper Kwon-caps from the forthcoming week and on!

The 8th one was quite a multifaceted episode, wasn’t it? It was the grand step ahead that would rightfully lead us towards the drama’s second half with action, humor, feels, character realizations and a more palpable story-progressing approach despite the fact that it rated 3.3%, the drama’s worst ratings to date.


Shi Woo would keep trying to approach Soon Deok who was hiding, but her major awkwardness wasn’t enough to hide the blissful vibes of her first kiss to the extent of wondering why Shi Woo was apologetic about it! The more she was losing herself in the magic of the first kiss the more she was feeling brighter and Seo Ye Ji was depicting all these like-minded butterflies-in-the-stomach vibes in an exemplary way.

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Seon Ah was overly ecstatic about the Moorim Institute excursion. After all, it would be the first time she would find herself in Seoul and she was looking forward to it! It was a sense of ever-flowing happiness that wasn’t bound to last for too long since Moo Song had a different plan for her excursion activities that would be strictly limited to hotel detention, the hotel equivalent of house arrest!

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Chi Ang wasn’t at his finest, the more he was putting Shi Woo and Soon Deok in the same picture the more he was losing the world underneath his feet. However, due to his obsessive and kind of possessive attitude towards her he wouldn’t even listen to everything Soon Deok had to say, the one and only truth: the absence of any deeper feelings for him and that he’s becoming burdensome in the way he keeps trying to approach her. In one hand he wasn’t intending to step back from his feelings(?), on the other hand everything he went through by Shi Woo’s side was passing by his mind. I find him quite selfish with his cloudy mindset refusing to see the truth as he keeps trying to progress his own hopeless plan.

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Soon Deok has become some sort of a trophy he has to acquire at all costs in his ongoing quest for the “first place” against Shi Woo. At the same time, Chi Ang feels betrayed by Shi Woo, the first person he felt like a friend in his life. Shi Woo keeps maturing, episode by episode, and the changes are distinctive from becoming more sociable to taking others into consideration and from letting his feelings come to the surface to preserving them in a way that they wouldn’t feel imposed on others. I can’t really say the same thing about Chi Ang who keeps nurturing the possessive attitude that became a part of himself in the process of growing up, but his internal conflicts are a very positive sign that will hopefully help him mature in the near future.

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In a manner of speaking, it was kind of expected for Beop Gong to be one of the drama’s villainous figures since his passion for Moo Song to either become a part of the excursion or let Wang Hao visit Moorim Institute was immense. Since he couldn’t achieve any of these options, he visited Wang Hao himself and delivered valuable information when it comes to Seon Ah as sparse pieces of the puzzle were pointing towards the direction that she could actually be Chae Yoon’s daughter.

 bscap2134 bscap2137bscap2140bscap2202

Of course, he wants his own prize for helping Wang Hao, but his motives remain a secret until the last two Chintamani keys (Seon Ah and Shi Woo probably possess) have been gathered. Moo Song was the one who saved Seon Ah back in the days and he had put his life on the line to do so while trying his best to keep the child unharmed, but at the present he remains a misunderstood figure based on Moorim Institute’s ex-chairman’s last words to Chae Yoon and the false information Wang Hao keeps delivering to Chae Yoon. Moorim Institute’s ex-chairman is half alive at the present and he’s unable to utter the whole truth to Chae Yoon who remains in the shadows while trying hard to recall anything from the past that could appear helpful at this point in his life. At this point, i believe that Soon Deok’s father was the one who saved the little Shi Woo from the flames, but time shall tell.

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Moo Song’s greatest fears turned to life as the negative vibes he was receiving appeared to be more than a bad omen. Seon Ah’s urge to see the outside world was stronger than any restraining measures and Soon Deok would be willing to impersonate her in order for her friend to fulfill her humble dream. It was something that led to many crossroads, one of them being Shi Woo and Soon Deok’s blissful mobile interactions with the melody he sent her and Seon Ah finding herself on Chi Ang’s motorbike after he misinterpreted her for Soon Deok! Love is blind, but not that much!

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Seon Ah treasured to the fullest a very specific sense of freedom that is a given for others, but she scattered to pieces Chi Ang’s confession the moment he found out that it wasn’t Soon Deok the one standing by him, but Seon Ah! She simply wanted to stay out there for as much as she could because it was a once in a lifetime experience for her up to that moment. In the meantime, Yeob Jung was taking care of a gang that was after Choi Ho and Sang Man. He helped his classmates even though he stated that he did so in order to protect Moorim Institute’s fame. He has shown some potential for a positive change and he made me eager to find out what’s going on in his mind. There’s a sense of solitude behind the bitterness he inflicts upon everyone around him and i hope that we’ll find out more about his background.

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Eventually, Soon Deok couldn’t keep avoiding Shi Woo no matter how much she’d like to see him! He even recognized her in her Seon Ah disguise and apologized for apologizing in the first place after the kiss! He took full responsibility for his feelings, but he couldn’t even imagine what was lying ahead since Luna managed to kidnap Soon Deok while thinking that she was Seon Ah! Nadet’s watch and drone did the talking and Chi Ang, Seon Ah and Shi Woo were able to find her position while the teachers were trapped inside the elevator.

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On his way to Soon Deok, Shi Woo met his father the moment his health issue was deteriorating and his ear was ringing anew as he was surrounded by his fans. Chae Yoon managed to soothe his pain by using a Moo Song oriented technique that made Shi Woo wonder whether Chae Yoon was related to Moorim Institute or not. Could that meeting be pure coincidence or his father’s presence nearby was the triggering event that awakened Shi Woo’s health issue in order for them to get closer together?

bscap2344 bscap2333bscap2341bscap2347

Hong Bin prove that he had been working hard and the fighting scene inside the building where Soon Deok was being held was quite interesting. One thing is certain, both Chi Ang and Shi Woo put their lives on the line for Soon Deok’s safety and Chi Ang ended up at the hospital while Shi Woo was after the kidnappers. He managed to put an end to their course with a face to face motorbike-car confrontation. Soon Deok could finally feel safe in his embrace while being unable to hold back her tears after nearly losing her life.

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Judging from the preview, Seon Ah will realize that everything happened because of her and that Moo Song’s protective attitude was an extension of his secrets. She will demand some explanations while Beop Gong will play his own part in forcing the answers Seon Ah and the rest inside Moorim Institute were searching for after the latest events. Shi Woo will have a new haircut and he will inform Moo Song that he feels safe inside Moorim Institute whereas Soon Deok will be apologetic towards Chi Ang since she will consider herself responsible for his condition. I can only say that i look forward to the emotional and story-progressing turmoil the 9th episode promises!

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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
If you’re reading this article elsewhere, it doesn’t belong there.
Read the original article only at Dramajjang.co.


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    welcome back!!!! 🙂
    great recap as usual! i remain annoyed with chi angs character; he is such a spoiled brat and incredibly self centered, to the point of neurosis, really. perhaps the latter is a survival mechanism considering his childhood but nonetheless…i hope he doesn’t use his injuries as a wedge to force soon deok into obligations of a romantic nature. that will be truly disgusting. i hope for his character development soon as i still think he will have to pick allegiances and it could get very bad should he remain like this.

    i hadnt thought of soon deok’s dad as being a possible rescuer for shin woo, what a great idea. he def has a story there but that possibility slid by my obviously somewhat lacking theories. 🙂 he dad has issues beyond blindness however, it’s hard to like the servitude he places his gf in….she’s imperfect and a bit grasping but still deserves more consideration than that. he’s a flawed character and i wonder whether he will be redeemed along with yeob jung; who reminds me of a younger version of him tbh. both potentials for black knights who do something noble when the need is dire. as it were 😉

    cant wait for the next episode tho! lunar new year is a pain to the internationalist kdramalanders lol

    thanks kwon & fab to have you back! crossing fingers for good marks on your finals!

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