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Remember – War Of The Son Episode 17 Recap [I Walk A Lonely Road]

remembwars01dongho(the only one that I have ever known.)

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After Dong Ho left his office to rush in the hospital, the man who stabbed Joo II sneaked in secretly to place there the knife- the weapon is discovered the next day by Detective Bae and his men and Dong Ho is immediately arrested for attempted murder.

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In the law firm, Lawyer Song and Director Sa don’t believe that Dong Ho could stab someone who was like father to him, as Jin Woo agrees and thinks that Dong Ho fell into a trap.

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Gyu Man is surprised to learn of the news, and remarks about how you can’t trust “gangsters”- Moo Seok tells Gyu Man that Dong Ho was supposed to help Jin Woo on his trial against him but now he has one less person to support him on his cause.

Sung Ho visits Dong Ho in prison, and tells him that Joo II is doing well, but most of his men have deserted him already. Dong Ho orders Sung Ho to take care of Joo II and not worry about him.

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Prosecutor Tak informs President Nam that he managed to stop a tax inspection on Ilho Group, as Mook Seo later informs Nam that Joo II’s team was paid off to stop complaining about their boss, and he also hid the man who stabbed Joo II. President Nam is happy with the news, and tells Moo Seok not to say anything to Gyu Man about him being behind all this.

Sung Ho goes to the law firm in hopes of persuading Jin Woo to take Dong Ho’s case, but Jin Woo says that Dong Ho betrayed his father and he would never defend him. Lawyer Song, Director Sa and In Ah too tell him that what he’s asking is too much, and he should leave.

remembwars01700083 remembwars01700008

Dong Ho in his cell thinks about Joo II as Moo Seok tells Detective Bae he did a good job arresting Dong Ho, and if he keeps following President Nam’s orders, he will be rewarded even more.

remembwars01700009 remembwars01700010

Yeo Kyeong meets with Seok Gyu who tells her that Gyu Man might have committed more crimes than she thinks, but before he does anything, he’d like to hear what Gyu Man has to say.

Yeo Kyeong later, tells her dad that she can overlook the drug case her brother was involved, but she can’t possibly do the same with a murder.

remembwars01700011 remembwars01700012

Nam tells her to stop digging dirt on her brother, but Yeo Kyung replies that he should stop covering his crimes; Nam slaps her and tells that Gyu Man is the Ilho heir and she should support him instead of trying to bring him down.

Gyu Man orders Soo Beom to keep a close eye on Ha Young as she has caused him a lot of problems lately.

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He later visits Dong Ho in jail, and tells him that he’s surprised he would go so far to stab someone who was a father figure to him; Dong Ho wonders if he really doesn’t know that it was his father that framed him. He tells Gyu Man that his father gets rid of people who are not useful to him, and that applies to him as well. Gyu Man replies that he will rot in jail for betraying them, while Dong Ho is sure that Jin Woo will make him pay in the end; that statement makes Gyu Man furious who calls Moo Seok to tell him to find who will be in charge of Dong Ho’s case.

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Prosecutor Chae and Moo Seok are at the Judge’s office who is in charge of Gyu Man’s case, and let them know, that he will take the hotel video in consideration; Prosecutor Chae says that there are other women that have been victimized by Gyu Man and they will testify. She calls In Ah to inform her, while Moo Seok asks Gyu Man about similar incidents like Ha Young- they need to get to those girls first, if they want to win.

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In Ah asks Ha Young if she knew of any girls that Gyu Man victimized, and she says that she know of a girl, Min Hee, when they were trainees but doesn’t know where she is now.

Sung Ho waits for Jin Woo outside the law firm, and  begs him to take on Dong Ho’s case; Jin Woo is still negative, but Sung Ho reveals that Dong Ho was gonna show the confession video in his fahter’s retrial but was stopped by Joo II. Jin Woo is surprised to hear that, and later he recounts the moments that Dong Ho told him that he wanted him to win his father’s retrial.

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Gyu Man orders Moo Seok to take care of Gwak in prison, as he has turned against them; Moo Seok says he will , and then introduces Ko Kwang to Gyu Man, as the prosecutor of Dong Ho’s case.

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Ha Young calls In Ah to meet after she sees Gyu Man’s men outside her apartment; In Ah tells her that she needs to hang in there a bit more, as they’re ready to punish Gyu Man for all his crimes, and invites her to stay at her place, while the trial is on going.

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Moo Seok visits Gwak in prison, who seems like a changed man; he warns him that Gyu Man has influence inside the prison too and he should keep a low profile.

Soo Beom informs Gyu Man that Seok Gyu has taken Dong Ho’s case, as Gyu Man is unhappy at this development.

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In Ah tells Jin Woo that Seok Gyu will be a fair judge to Dong Ho’s case- she then invites Jin Woo out, and they visit a place where she would go to organize her thoughts if she felt lost. Jin Woo remarks on how he’s fated to meet Dong Ho one way or the other, as In Ah tells him that she knows he’s been stressing about Dong Ho’s case all day.

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She tells him that this means, he knows he’s innocent and he’s struggling what to do with it- Jin Woo wonders if he should take his case, as In Ah replies that he will surely make the right decision in the end.

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Sung Ho says that he will die if Dong Ho goes to jail, as Soo Beom tells him that this is nonsense and he should find a way to live; on the other hand, he will be the one to die from Gyu Man’s hands if he found out what he did, as Sung Ho wonders if his words are serious; Soo Beom says that he was joking and they should keep drinking.

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The next morning, Gyu Man finds Min Hee who’s working at a florist shop, who is terrified when she sees him; she tells him that she won’t go testify in the trial, but Gyu Man wants her to go and tell the “truth”, about how money he gave her, after pleasing him. He gives her another envelope with money, remarking he put more money than the last time, and she should take them and use them to take care of herself.

remembwars01700038 remembwars01700040

In Ah and Lawyer Song also manage to track Min Hee down, but arrive after Gyu Man has already left, and she tells In Ah, that she won’t stand on trial and she should leave her alone.

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Jin Woo visits Dong Ho, and asks him if he tried to kill Joo II, in a similar fashion Dong Ho had asked his father once; Dong Ho replies he didn’t try to kill Joo, and tells to Jin Woo that he doesn’t have to represent him. Jin Woo says he will do it, not for him but because that will make President Nam and his son to start spitting out all the crimes they have committed.

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Lawyer Song doesn’t agree with Jin Woo agreeing to take Dong Ho’s case, but Jin Woo says it’s just another client, and nothing more; Director Sa asks him if he will be okay, and Jin Woo confirms he will.

He later finds Detective Bae, and ask him if he noticed anything different in Dong Ho’s case, but Bae says that Dong Ho was spotted in the black box and the weapon was found in his office, so he had to arrest him. Jin Woo is not really convinced, but he thanks him and leaves, as Bae informs Moo Seok; Gyu Man is surprised that Jin Woo has taken Dong Ho’s case and suspects that they have to be preparing something together.

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Prosecutor Tak tells Moo Seok that Ilho won’t have any tax problems as Prosecutor Chae sees them walking together, and notes that she would never expect Tak to side with Nam; Tak says that things chance, as Moo Seok informs her that the trial ahead won’t be easy for her.

remembwars01700050 remembwars01700051

Gyu Man isn’t happy with how Soo Beom has arranged his schedule, as Soo Beom receives a text from Seok Gyu that he delivered the piece of evidence to the person he needed it the most; he’s startled by that, as Gyu Man asks him what his text means- Soo Beom replies he has a girlfriend, and nothing else is going on.

remembwars01700089 remembwars01700090

Seok Gyu gives Jin Woo the real murder weapon, and explains that there was a fake on used in his father’s case; he also delivers to him the files that confirm Gyu Man’s prints on that, as well as Jung Ah’s blood. Jin Woo thanks him for giving him this important piece of evidence as it will be useful when he asks a retrial again, but Seok Gyu states that he simply did his job.

remembwars01700054 remembwars01700055

The second hearing of Gyu Man’s case begins, and Moo Seok calls Min Hee to testify as a witness; she says that she was under IG agency like Ha Young and they knew each other. Moo Seok asks her if Ha Young told her that she liked Gyu Man and she had wanted to date him, but Min Hee denies that.

remembwars01700056 remembwars01700057

It’s revealed that In Ah and Ha Young together visited her before, and while Min Hee was scared to testify against Gyu Man, Ha Young told her that she felt the same way, but since the trial began she started to feel confident she could win against him. In Ah told Min Hee that her courage was needed in order to prevent similar incidents in the future if Gyu Man got exonerated.

remembwars01700058 remembwars01700059

Min Hee confesses that she was too raped by Gyu Man and was threatened not to talk to anyone about it; she also reveals that he tried to bribe her to talk against Ha Young in this case, as Prosecutor Chae tells the Judge she wants to additionally indict Gyu Man for attempting to destruct evidence.

remembwars01700061 remembwars01700063

Min Hee tells Ha Young that they will stick together from now on, and she will do everything to help her, as In Ah looks at them happily at the outcome.

Jin Woo collects evidence from Joo II’s car in the crime scene, staring down at two different set of shoeprints and taking photos.

remembwars01700064 remembwars01700065

Jin Woo talks with Joo II’s doctor, and finds out that Joo II managed to hit the person that stabbed him, so the attempted killer must have had a wound inflicted, and later he checks the footage of the scene.

Meanwhile, President Nam isn’t happy with Gyu Man’s trial developments, and orders him to keep a low profile until the trial is over, and won’t take over his company yet.

remembwars01700067 remembwars01700070

Jin Woo records himself, and he apologizes to his father for taking Dong Ho’s case.

The next day, the trial is ready to begin- Jin Woo tells Dong Ho that he might have abandoned his position 4 years ago in his father’s case, but he won’t do the same, since he believes in him as he is his attorney.

remembwars01700072 remembwars01700073

The prosecution claims that Dong Ho was the only person in the crime scene, but Jin Woo submits evidence, that there was in fact a third person that time and shows the photos he took of the different set of shoeprints in the scene.

After that, the prosecution submits the murder weapon that was found in Dong Ho’s apartment and states that fingerprints weren’t found as Dong Ho might have been wearing gloves. Jin Woo says that this is merely circumstantial evidence as Dong Ho’s fingerprints weren’t found.

remembwars01700091 remembwars01700092

Jin Woo keeps repeating the same thing about the fingerprints, as he flashes back to his father’s trial and begins to confuse his sentences, stating that the accused is suffering from Alzheimer and didn’t kill Jung Ah, while Dong Ho and In Ah look shocked from Jin Woo’s words.


Reflection Corner :


Oh Jin Woo, it seems like (cruel) irony has made you a target! (lol, that could very well be an alternative title for the series – “Remember – Jin Woo’s Cruel Irony Journey” haha)

His struggle on whether he would help Dong Ho was strong, with “have to” and “want to” (or lack of them) constantly clashing, but when he confirmed that Dong Ho wasn’t the killer, I feel like those two aligned for him, and took the case 100%. ( even if there was a tiny part of him that felt he “betrayed” his father, since Dong Ho had abandoned him once)

I didn’t expect him to see him losing it that much it in the end, but it has now become a pattern and his condition is getting worse; wonder if he will take a breather, and someone else will have to take Dong Ho for now. (In Ah, possibly?)


Dong Ho got a taste of his own (well, not his own but yeah) medicine, as he experienced first-hand what it felt like to be an innocent victim in the scheme of the powerful and the wicked- he did mean what he said to Jin Woo that he didn’t have to represent him, but I think that deep down he was hoping that it was him that would come to his rescue; Jin Woo managed to be a bigger person than he ever was, and taking his case would confirm that proud moment in Dong Ho’s heart. (even if it was undeserved at some level)

remembwars01700046 remembwars01700045

In Ah played a major role in Jin Woo’s decision; not in the sense,  that Jin Woo would have changed his mind had In Ah told him to do x or y, but her saying that whatever he decides will be the right decision, as it is his decision, “freed” his mind of any doubts and he went ahead with what his heart (and mind in this case) commanded him to.


He values her opinion and thoughts, and it was nice to see them strolling upon a beautiful landscape, and acting like longlife comrades!  (they sure do look like lovers from afar right? A perfect pic for the cover of a romance novel, hahaha)

Give a little trust, and it all comes back huh?

remembwars01700094 remwars01600088zz

In Ah is starting to become a very calm, confident, reliable attorney that can persuade others to become valiant knights against the corruption that is Gyu Man!

(these moments ARE LIFE!)

(these moments ARE LIFE!)

Yep, these moments still give me life!

Onwards to episode 18 then, the end is near!


[disclaimer – this post was written by a sleepy kipzizz for dramajjang.co only]

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