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Please Love The Useless Me Episode 4 Recap



Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Ep. 04 : Terii has a crush on Aya and Michiko tries to help him out, along with the rest of Himawari Cafe members.

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After Daichi’s suggestion Michiko is visibly surprised and Daichi tells her she doesn’t have to reply to him right now, and she can think it over; Michiko still thinks about last night the next day, and reveals to Ayumu what happened, who thinks that Daichi must be a marriage swindler- Michiko isn’t listening to him though, as she’s ecstatic and she texts back Daichi to meet again for a new date.

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While she passes tearoom’s fliers, two kids approach her, asking to see the “big sunflower man” and Michiko figures out it has to be Teeri who has become some sort of “urban legend” there. Michiko bumps into Akira later, and she tells her about the previous night. Akira thinks that Daichi must really like her if he said those words and encourages Michiko to go out with him again.

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In the tearoom, there’s a new female customer, Aya- Terii is nervours around her, and blurts out things about football as everyone looks at them. Terii tells Michiko that he likes Aya, and she’s a football fan who works in the neighborhood office- this is why he lied to her, saying he used to play football, when he doesn’t even understand the rules. Aya hears Terii words, who ends up shouting he loves her before she leaves, and then asks for Michiko’s help to fix the situation.

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At that time, Daichi calls Michiko and visits the tearoom to give her a catalogue of the new company products. Later at work, Michiko sees everyone at work using the same hand lotion Daichi gave to her and thinks if Ayumu was right about him. Her thoughts become stronger when she hears some co-workers talk about him in the cafeteria saying he will date anyone; Daichi enters after a while, and asks Michiko out while the coworkers make fun of him and asking out Michiko, but Kadoma defends her, and motivates her to go out with him.

While on dinner, Daichi happily talks with Michiko about random topics, and concludes that if he wants something, he would always grab the opportunity and advises Michiko to do the same; Michiko returns home to find Ayumu tired from the many customers that day; he asks her about the “marriage swindler” but Michiko tells him that this time both love and work life are going well. She asks him about how to go on dating properly but Ayumu is tired to talk with her, when Haruko visits.

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Michiko leaves them alone but while going upstairs, she hears Haruko asks Ayumu if he’s tired and if she should come back another time- Ayumu says he’s fine and he will make coffee. Michiko is lying on bed but is curious about their conversation- she sneaks up and tries to listen to them, as she catches a glimpe on Haruko’s hand who wears a ring. She thinks they have an affair but before she’s able to see more she bumps her head on the stairs and pretends to be a cat before she makes way to her room.

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The next morning, she sees Ayumu asleep on the counter and wakes him up, asking what he was doing with Haruko till late in the night; she goes on about having an illicit affair is not right, as Ayumu replies they simply played a board game and talked about common troubles. He tells her that ” a stray cat ” was lurking around last night, and she should watch out not to eat Eigo’s food as Michiko understands he probably figured out she was sneaking up on them.

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At work she’s trying to cheer up Daichi from afar who has a presentation and then she returns to passing flyers for Himawari Cafe- she meets Aya and tells her that Terii lied to her but with good intentions as she wanted to keep talking to her. Aya is persuaded by Michiko and ends up going to the cafe, confessing that she told her own share of lies too; she actually never was a fan of football either, but since Terii had saved her from an unfortunate incident of a fruit landing to her the last time she was in the cafe, by heading the fruit away, she figured he would like football; so she tried to follow whatever she read online but couldn’t really understand anything. She confesses that she likes Terii when she first saw him passing fliers, while everyone congratulates him and is happy for him.

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The next day, Michiko leaves her workplace to deliver Daichi some imporant files for his presentation that Nakajima forgot to give him, but when they meet on a bridge, the files slip from her hands and the wind takes them away into the bridge river. She apologizes for the trouble, but Daichi tells her that he’s really good at remembering stuff and it’s just a matter of putting the words right. Michiko is touched by that, and finally tells him that they should go out with marriage view on their minds.

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She later meets Akira and relays her the news, who advises her to get married to him before he changes his mind, as she wouldn’t want to end up like her and Ayumu that dated for so long without getting married in the end. Michiko tells her that Ayumu is probably in a relationship with Haruko who’s married, but Akira explains that she used to be married; that is, to Ayumu’s deseased brother,  Hajime. Akira thinks that Ayumu might have liked Haruko from the old times, but since his brother married her and then died, he can’t do anything about it.

Ayumu is alone at the cafe, and thinks back to when his brother announced he was gonna get married to Haruko, when Michiko returns. She tells him that she went out on a date again and Ayumu tells her to grab the chance, as there might not be another one. Michiko wants to ask him about Haruko but hesitates and goes to sleep instead.

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The next day which is her payday, she decides to thank Ayumu and the guys in the cafe and tells Daichi she can’t go out with him as she has plans already; she buys a cake and shares it with everyone in the cafe, and pays back to Ayumu a part of her debt. Terii and Aya announce that they will be dating with marriage in mind as well, while Kazuo gives his advice that a succesful relationsip lies on finding not only things you like, but things you dislike, something Ayumu agrees with. Michiko thinks what she dislikes that she could talk with her “boyfriend” with, as Daichi is revealed to be looking into the cafe from the outside, unamused.


Reflection Corner :


Now this was a good episode, possibly the best of the series so far- and not because it focuses on Terii heading away an orange (lmao, that was epic though!) or being completely oblivious to basic football rules (“what is half-time?!”) but because it felt more cohesive than the others; I loved that the focus was on the little Himawari cafe family, and how they have all started helping each other.


Michiko had her naive moments (mostly related to Daichi) but she was a pillar of support for everyone in this episode, and it was nice to see her maturing (albeit SLOW but she’s getting there) and finally started doing things properly for others and herself. Also extra points for not canceling her plans of having cake-time with Ayumu and the others, so she could go for another date with Daichi; it was important to repay Ayumu and show her gratitude, and that couldn’t wait, so kudos to her for that.

Speaking of Daichi, I’m still sorta confused, thought it is obvious he does like Michiko; maybe he’s jealous about Michiko ditching the plans she had with him and is feeling threatened by Ayumu? I doubt he has a secret womanizer agenda at this point, but it’s still not that clear.


Ayumu did like Haruko then. Well, it seems he has resolved on doing nothing though, so his feelings will start to burn down further up on the road- does Haruko like him like this though, we haven’t seen her POV yet, so I guess that will take place at some point as well.

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Terii and Aya were the stealers of the episode though; the whole set up premise was very funny and both of them acting “sure” about their football abilities, only to take it back later and admit their “mighty lies” was cute and fluffy! Terii with his sunflower outfit (and sunflower heart!) managed to successfully pass his only flier to one person- but, sometimes, you only need one right? ; p


Onwards to episode 5 then, here’s to kicking out some cucumber next time or something!

[disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to cecep_gorbacep @ subscene!]

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