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Kaito Yamaneko Episode 3 Recap

Mysterious Thief Yamaneko 03 : Yamaneko and Shugo follow a lead that might give them further info on Tenmei’s whereabouts.

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Back in 2013, Yamaneko argues with Shugo on a roof, declaring he was betrayed by him; he then asks Shugo where Yuuki Tenmei is, as Shugo confirms he’s dead, before they both go at each other.

The scene cuts to the Stray Cat agency, as Shugo and Yamaneko are “fighting”, quarreling about every little thing, as Rikako, Mao and Hideo look at them unamused.

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Shugo recites the difficult situations he has had to endure to make sure Yamaneko escapes every time, and how he succesfully managed to trick everyone in his department while doing so.

A man named Takigawa Manabu, enters the agency, as he wants to track down his girlfriend, Akamatsu Anri who has been missing for a while. Both Yamaneko and Shugo recognize her as she was working in the hotel Yamaneko dealt with in his last mission, but decide not to tell anything upfront as they will be looking to make more out of it!

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Mao waits for Yamaneko in the van, and asks him about how they still don’t know who killed Hosoda, and if she should trust him; Yamaneko replies that she should trust her instincts and what those are telling her about him.

They visit the hotel to ask about Anri but a staff member doesn’t know anything about her, while Hideo calls Yamaneko to let him know that Akamatsu Anri doesn’t exist in any record.

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Shugo informs Kenichiro that Takigawa came, and wonders who will have to get rid of this time for his election, as Kenichiro says that it was Yuuki Tenmei that gave the orders about Takigawa.

Mao finds a video from the hotel where Anri meets Nakaoka Taichi- Yamaneko tracks him down the next day and asks him about her, as Taichi tells him that she’s a callgirl from a secret club. He gives Yamaneko the club car, who later calls and inquires about her, setting a meeting in Hideo’s apartment.

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After waiting around for a while, they both decide to leave since it’s clear she isn’t coming; on their way back Yamaneko figures out someone is following them and Hideo helps him capture him.

The man is revealed to be Kadomatsu Tatsuro, and he was following Hideo and Yamaneko in order to find “Cecilia” but doesn’t know anything else. Hikako however, recognizes “Cecilia” ‘s necklace from Tatsuro’s cellphone, which is the sign of an Asian mafia gang, Serpent, which is well-known in Tokyo.

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Hideo asks Sakura’s help about finding more info about Serpent and Anri-Cecilia; he then asks her about her father passing away, as Sakura says she saw Yamaneko running away from the scene and she will never forget that scene. Rikako calls Hideo to meet tonight, as Sakura hears her name, and make different assumptions of who Rikako might be, concluding that if she is Hideo’s lover, she won’t be able to handle it before she storms off.

Anri’s name is actually Cecilia Wan and is from Taiwan- Hideo tells Takigawa that she might also be a spy looking for info on his trade company, as Serpent is looking to destroy the Georgian Mafia of Russia, as his company exchanges trades with Russia.

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At that moment, Cecilia calls Yamaneko and tells him to meet in a train station, as she proposes to join forces together- Yamaneko goes to the meeting place as Tatsuro, who has already made himself comfortable around him calling Yamaneko “aniki”, follows him in hope to see Cecilia as well; a young boy delivers Yamaneko, Nitobe’s Bushido along with a paper full of numbers codes.

The codes correlate to pages and letters of the book, and Yamaneko discovers through that, that Takigawa’s company launders the Georgian Mafia’s money, through virtual currency. Yamaneko isn’t sure of whether to trust Cecilia, but Tatsuro, who has become the agency’s bartender, tells him that Cecilia is trustworthy and narrates how his life has changed since he met her.

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Shugo meets Yamaneko in the roof, and tells him that Cecilia might lead them to Yuuki and he should pursue the case.

Yamaneko meets Cecilia but has brought Takigawa with him; he says that he searched his company and didn’t find any illegal traces, and since he still wants to be with her, they should be together. As he’s leaving, he meets Tatsuro who is sad that Cecilia won’t be with him- Yamaneko tells him to forget her and he will treat him to a cup of ramen as Tatsuro tells him to wait for him, because he forgot to give her a last gift; he runs back and sees Takigawa forcing Cecilia in a car threatening her with a gun.

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Takigawa takes the keycard from Cecilia and complete the transaction and is ready to kill her as she knows too much- Yamaneko’s voice is heard through the audio signals, informing him that he stole from him the billion he acquired illegally. Takigawa orders his men to check barrels, as Yamaneko puts them to sleep.

In the other room, Hideo, releases the gas in Takigawa’s room per Yamaneko’s written plan orders, but when he’s ready to get in, he finds out the ventilation system prevented the gas and Takigawa’s men are after him- Mao had promised Hideo who was reluctant about following the plan that she would follow him every step of the way, but she forgot to check if everything went well in the room, leaving Hideo to scream her name in agony!

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Yamaneko is ready to leave but is captured by Takigawa as he keeps Hideo hostage; meanwhile Sakura arrives and saves Hideo.

Takigawa loads the truck but before he leaves Yamaneko asks him if he’s Japanese; Takigawa understands his point, and says that he would betray his country for money as Yamaneko is enraged at his words, grabbing him despite being handcuffed in one hand; he tells him about the samurai code and how there are still common people who abide by that and he wants to believe in them, asking Takigawa about what lies in his core.

Takigawa is startled at Yamaneko’s reaction and leaves his men to deal with him as he leaves; he is stopped midway by Shugo though, who checks the barrels that contain sake, as Yamaneko succesfully transferred the right barel in a boat, after having beat Takigawa’s men.

Shugo arrests Takigawa for money laundering as he was hacked while doing that, and orders Cecilia to leave as the cops will be soon there.

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Sakura tells Hideo she was able to save him as she had followed him; she remarks on how he’s connected to Yamaneko’s cases lately, but he tells her that he knows nothing about it, but she doesn’t seem to believe it- while he leaves, Yamaneko’s order paper falls down, and Tatsuro picks it up, seemingly running to where Cecilia is located as Sakura watches him from afar.

Yamaneko meets Cecilia before she leaves, and tells her that he was able to track down Takigawa’s moves from a transmiter he had pulled on him; Cecilia wonders why he believed in her and Yamaneko replies that he was told by someone that she wouldn’t deceive others.

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At that moment, a gun is aiming at Cecilia and before Yamaneko or she has time to react, a gunshot rings out but Tatsuro jumps in front, taking the bullet for her.

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Yamaneko and Cecilia quickly move him to the side, avoiding the rest of the bullets flying around, as Tatsuro thanks Cecilia for making him happy- Yamaneko tells him to hang on but Tatsuro calls him “aniki” once more and apologizes for causing so much trouble. Sakura arrives at the scene as Tatsuro leaves his last breath, and Cecilia attacks her, but before she’s ready to kill her, Yamaneko stops her.

Cecilia looks at Tatsuro once more before she leaves, while Yamaneko grabs the gift in his hands- as he walks away, Sakura who lies down remembers the time of her father’s death and recognizes Yamaneko’s way of walking.

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The next day at the police station, Sakura is being mockingly greeted by someone new that is on Shugo’s office, not knowing who he is.

Yamaneko drinks alone in the Wildcat agency, having another glass of whiskey next to Tatsuro’s gift as Mao watches him silently from the stairs.

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Shugo meets Kenichiro who tells him he did a good job getting rid of Takigawa, as Shugo is greeted by Yuuki Tenmei through a screen; the scene resumes back to 2013 in the roof as Shugo and Yamaneko are fighting. Shugo manages to immobilize Yamaneko, and proposes they both steal the country from Yuuki Tenmei.


Reflection Corner :

That was a brilliant episode; it actually rivals the first episode because it was that good.

First things, first-


What a sweetheart! He might have seemed like a simpleton in the beginning, but his honest and goof nature won Yamaneko, who felt like he lost a friend in the end.


“Even if you have to compromise, the Japanese spirit demands that you know your principles. You, who cannot even see the surface of this country, won’t even moved by the words of the samurai code. Justice, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Sincerity, Honour, Loyalty. Way in the past, everyone combined these characteristics within themselves. But at some point, we have left all these behind so they got forgotten. And yet, there are still people in this country with the souls of the samurai. They are here! I believe in this country; I believe in the common people of this country.”


Yamaneko’s speech was describing people like Tatsuro that seem very ordinary but can possess an admirable courage and strength. You shall be remembered Tatsuro, you did have a samurai soul pal!

yamanek0300087 yamanek0300088

Mao watching Yamaneko while he was drinking (his WildCat whiskey!) alone, showcased that she now believes in him- he told her previously to trust her instincts and it seems like she has started to figure out Yamaneko’s “core.” He might be theatrical and crazy (x99!) at times, but deep down he has a warm heart, and his actions are indicative of that.


Shugo seemed surprised to meet Yuuki at the end, almost afraid of him; I keep thinking that he might double cross Yamaneko at some point, but the flashback revealed that they have had a pact since then, so he has to be an ally (for now)


Sakura being all hypothesis+conclusion about Rikako was hilarious to see- it did seem like she might have figured out who Yamaneko might be, so the next episode is gonna be interesting on that front.

Onwards to episode 4 then!

p.s I still can’t at his hotel expressions :


[this post was written by a tired-of-rain-here kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to youkai subs @ LJ ]

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  1. February 11, 2016 at 12:15 am — Reply

    Ditto ’bout the greatness-level of this ep, I’m hooked!
    I think the scene where Yamaneko’s drinking that Wildcat-thingy (meta-hilarious!) is great. He must have come from Tatsuro’s funeral ’cause he’s wearing a costume not his usual wildcat-style, but is was well done & insightful.
    I also have a sneaky feeling about Shugo, don’t know why but I can’t seem to completely trust him, so I’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.
    BTW, I also have a feeling that beside the memorable speeches we’re gonna see more hotel-expressions just because. I mean, look at him, it’s a waste not to, right?
    Thanks for the recap, kipzizz 😉

    • February 11, 2016 at 2:41 am — Reply

      Yeah, it was amazing!
      I love all the WildCat references and such, just make the show that much more amusing.
      Hmmm, I do, too tbh; he might have his own agenda for bringing Yuuki Tenmei down, but it’s still early to know the whole picture.

      lmao these scenes are giving me LIFE.

      No prob, Yamaneko is my fav show to recap atm, “forces” me to watch the episode 2-3 times consecutively and I just love that! ; )

  2. bee
    March 12, 2016 at 8:31 pm — Reply

    <3 <3 <3 this ep … though I still can't trust Yama 100% (neither Shugo for that matter). I still want to know why Yama shot 4 times in Ep.1 and Hosoda was found with 4 bullet wounds, wasn't he?Also, Yama's just sooo manipulative. I really can NEVER pass the thought that purely he's a criminal (he said it himself). It's just he's always aware of the consequences and impending punishment but still doing it out of his principles. BUT at the same time I still want to root for my (hilariously fun) hero. Is this THE anti-hero everyone always speaks about??

    – Sakura is adorable when she avoids a (non-existent) possible heartbreak (I can't believe how different Nanao's image in Sirene and here)

    – This show is so star-studded, I can't even (not complaining though 😉 )

    – Kame is life: have always liked him as an actor than a performer 😀 (I always find it sad that some people have prejudice against Johnny's actors while actors can be great (or awful) regardless of whether they're from Johnny. Oh well…)

    – I don't know if you watch Criminologist Hideo and Mystery Writer Arisugawa BUT Yamaneko's Hideo&Sakura-chan make an appearance. Kyaaaa!! I'm always thrilled when two drama worlds collide. I was repeating the scene I don't know how many times. I was just so excited 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀

    (I'm sorry for spamming your comment section with incoherent language all the time and thanks a bunch for the recap, hahaa 😀 )
    Stay awesome :* <3 <3 <3

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