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MARS Episode 2 Recap


MARS – Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru Ep 02 : Rei and Kira grow closer, much to Harumi’s jealousy who lashes out in a violent way; a new student, Makio, enrolls at the school.

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A girl complains to Rei that he’s been in the art room a lot as of late and he replies that it’s none of her business since she wanted to break up with him- the girl says that she was testing him and he’s heartless before she slaps him.

Harumi tells Rei that she’s the type of girl he should be going for instead of wasting time with other girls, but Rei brushes her off thinking she’s joking; she begs him to let her ride his bike but he remarks that his bike is itching if someone else rides it other than him, something that makes Kira chuckles. Harumi is not happy with that and “accidentally” pushes her desk with the foot, which forces Kira to cut her finger a bit from her pencil sharpener. Rei sees this and immediately sucks the blood out of her finger, which shocks the class.

The moment is interrupted when the teacher gets in and he introduces the new student, Kirishima Makio who apparently knows Rei from before.

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Rei’s friend tells him that all the girls that like him, might be jealous of his relationship with Kira and cause her trouble, while Harumi and her friends gather around Kira and she threatens her not to get close to Rei. Makio intervenes as he wants to join the art club and Harumi leaves ordering Kira not to say anything.

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In the artroom, Makio is surprised with Kira’s beautiful drawing of Rei and asks her if Rei is the reason she was bullied by those girls- Kira tells Makio to keep it a secret as Rei enters. He asks Makio what is he doing there, and Makio replies he thought he’d join the art club before he leaves.

Rei asks Kira if she’s having any problems with others because of him, but she reassures him that this is not happening; he mentions she should tell him if something likes this ever happens.

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Kira finds her shoes stolen and is embarrassed at the gym class, while Harumi and her friends laugh at her, having hidden the shoes somewhere.

Kira walks in the class without shoes as Makio and Rei notice her situation- he asks her what happened but she says even if she tells him that won’t do any good.

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After Kira leaves, Rei asks Makio if he knows anything, but he notes he promised Kira he wouldn’t say anything- Rei finds Kira before she leaves, and tells her that she should have told him what happened but Kira insists the problem lies with her- Rei is surprised she isn’t angry and not seeking revenge, but she replies that that wouldn’t solve anything. He might not be scared of anything, but she is and he can’t really understand her feelings.

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As Kira is ready to walk to her home, Rei grabs her and tells her that he will give her a ride on his motorbike- Kira is surprised at this statement, and is startled as Rei thinks that she doesn’t want to, saying that he forgot she’s a bit intimidated by men. Kira however decides to follow him and they leave together, as Harumi and her friends watch.

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Makio goes back to the place Kira was bullied and find her shoes there, while Rei and Kira arrive at her place; Rei remarks how she’s his first female passenger, while she thanks him for taking her tome. She would have cried alone at her place but him taking her home gave her courage and made her happy.

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Rei returns at his place where an angry Harumi waits for him, demanding to know why he gave Kira a ride out of all people; Rei figures out she was the one to bully Kira and she tells him that she was supposed to be his next girlfriend as she has been loving him since they met. She says she won’t stand aside and let Kira have him, before she leaves.

The next day, Rei is tired while modeling for Kira and says that it is because of his part time job; when Kira asks him why he needs the money, he replies that he’s living alone since he and his father had a fight once and his temper didn’t allow him to live there anymore.

Rei says he doesn’t mind modeling for her, but he would like for the picture of the mother and the baby to be finished since he wants to have it, as Kira promises she will finish it soon. He asks her permission to snooze for a while, as an amused Kira says that it’s okay.

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While Rei is asleep, Harumi’s friends grab Kira and drag her out to the place she was previously bullied; Harumi attacks her, and tells her that this time she will be more violent, since she kept being close to Rei, despite what he had ordered her.

She wonders if smashing her hand would scar her for a long time, as Kira says that if she smashes her hand, she could draw with her feet, and if she tries to take that away from her, she would still find another way as many people have done before her. As Harumi is ready to land the brick on her hand, Kira apologizes to Rei for not finishing his picture as Harumi is surprised at that.

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Rei wakes up and figures Kira was taken away, and desperately tries to find her; after running around for a while, he manages to spot her all alone and rushes to her side. He looks at her hand, and asks her if she’s alright, as she reassures him that she’s fine, before he embraces her as Makio looks at them from afar.


Reflection Corner :


Hmmm yeah- I think the 20 mins slot does hurt this show’s pace, as things are happening way too fast. It’s difficult to connect emotionally when you can’t catch a break in order to digest what happens but then again, I understand that things need to happen quicker than usual so I’m willing to give it a pass for now since we’re still in the beginning.

Honestly, Harumi is like a caricature character right now that’s out to off Kira because her obsession to Rei is apparently level99 and it only grows stronger, so everytime she pulled that cray cray behavior, I was like “not that shiz again…”. (I don’t remember her much in manga tbh, but that is maybe because I read only the first volumes eeer and that was ages ago, maybe I need to revisit it)


Kira’s passive stance can be disappointing (but that is generally a “problem” / or should I say narration necessity / till we see the characters’ background) but it was nice to see her fight back in the end, in her own way; her altering her attitude and declaring she won’t take their crap (well not in those words but yeah) got through to Harumi who let her go, possibly surprised at her statement.


Rei is slowly opening up to Kira, letting her ride his motorbike (that’s a first!) and rushing to her aid in the end, and it seems like next episode his darker side is about to resurface again, so that will be interesting.

Makio made his appearance as well, joining the art club and helping Kira while keeping an (not so normal) eye on Rei too, but it’s still too early to say anything about him.


Onwards to episode 3 then!

[disclaimer – this post was written by a disappointed-with-arsenal kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to oneokusagi@LJ!]

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  1. February 3, 2016 at 7:35 pm — Reply

    I was also disappointed but I’m going try to be more optimistic. You’re right about the pace of the show also, I find myself more interested in Makio and Harumi storyline more than our lead.

    • February 3, 2016 at 7:51 pm — Reply

      Makio is quite intriguing, yes.
      It’s the first two episodes, so I’m willing to be much more giving; (as I usually am with shows I recap in general, lol, I find I can’t really dislike something I put so much work reviewing/recapping lool) hopefully the next episodes will be improved.

  2. March 3, 2016 at 11:25 am — Reply

    Are you going to continue recapping this? 🙂 i’m not sure if i’m correct but this drama doesn’t seem to be as popular as the other ongoing dramas atm…

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      I don’t think so, because I added Itsukoi on my on-going covers, and…I can’t drop Itsukoi for ANYTHING rn lol
      I think it is popular but it is 20 mins and it’s like a lead in for an upcoming movie, so yeah.

      • March 3, 2016 at 1:37 pm — Reply

        Ohhh I see! I thought eng subs were not available yet that’s why you stopped the recaps. And wow, a movie? I’d check it out thank you!

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