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“Traumas exist only to be overcome.”


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[*] Time is limited due to a forthcoming exam and i was unable to work on the recap part the way i usually do, but i will try to maintain a recap flow while presenting my thoughts throughout the episode. Thanks a lot in advance for the understanding.  

There’s no salvation concerning Moorim School’s ratings as the 7th episode rated 3.5%, the drama’s lowest ratings to date, but for the second time. However, Moorim School remains the guilty pleasure of many international drama addicts despite its imperfections. The 7th episode brought the midterm exams to closure and kept becoming more specific on our main figures’ emotional world. At the same time, it was the intermediate step concerning the overall mystery that will start progressing even more from the 8th episode and on.


Setting aside the “first come, first served” grading system of Moo Song’s exam’s final phase, the escape mission was consisting of two distinctive variables. The first one had to be Shi Woo and Seon Ah’s fire-oriented traumas and the second one was related to the construction of an extended sense of comradeship in order to overcome any obstacles that would come their way. The first memory-awakening parameter may not had been directly apparent throughout the episode, but i’m pretty certain it will play its own part in the near future.

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Even though Shi Woo’s ear started ringing anew and Seon Ah was feeling uneasy, they weren’t alone. Soon Deok and Chi Ang were by their side respectively, but teamwork wasn’t triumphant to the utmost level since Yeob Jung chose to walk upon his solitary and selfish path. He didn’t only play his own part in Soon Deok getting hurt, but he would also expose his colleagues to danger had the circumstances been real. However, Shi Woo, Soon Deok, Seon Ah, Chi Ang and Choi Ho joined forces.


Alright, Shi Woo was unable to prevent Soon Deok from getting harmed, but he minimized the impact of the fall and she protected both of them with her hand, but this isn’t the most important factor. Down-climbing piggyback should become an extreme sports! It’s not something we witness everyday in drama land, but Shi Woo made it happen since he would never leave Soon Deok alone after they managed to escape through the window! 1st place: Seon Ah, 2nd place: Chi Ang, 3rd place: Soon Deok, 4th place: Shi Woo, 5th place: Choi Ho and the 6th place belonged to Yeob Jung after Daniel took care of him and his betrayal!

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Before awkwardness started taking place between Shi Woo and Soon Deok, holding hands and celebrating together was just adorable! The outcome of the last phase of the midterm exams possessed its own dynamics. Chi Ang was too busy trying to emerge victorious over Shi Woo he didn’t pay attention to Soon Deok, the one and only Ariel he’s supposed to love to the moon and back. It’s all about facile feelings being filtered through a possessive prism that gradually turns into an obsession that won’t benefit anyone if Chi Ang keeps nurturing it.

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Despite the fact that Seon Ah acquired the first place she wasn’t really pleased since her trauma took her by surprise and she was unable to prove her worth to the extent she wanted. On the contrary, Shi Woo put an end to the smoke, protected Soon Deok and he didn’t leave her behind. In other words, he maintained his team spirit to the fullest without thinking of the position he would acquire. Shi Woo’s smile the moment he admitted his defeat must have cancelled any desire for celebration and it was more apparent the moment Chi Ang acknowledged that he was feeling as if he had lost.

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It’s true that Yeob Jung betrayed the whole team and the school’s ideals, but at the end of the day Moo Song taught his students that he’s still their colleague regardless of what happened. Allow me to disagree because i can’t digest Yeob Jung as a character, but okay, Moorim Institute tries to forge an idealist microcosm of society with strength through unity being its main characteristic even if one of the students doesn’t pace with the flow.

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Chi Ang kept thinking of himself by wanting Soon Deok to become his mentor at all costs. The fact that she was hurt never crossed his mind, but the good part of the story was that Chi Ang and Shi Woo had become a part of the advanced class where Shi Woo showed his unconditional grandeur anew by bringing to Daniel’s attention Soon Deok’s wound. They are simply adorable together! Soon Deok’s hilarious awkwardness and Shi Woo’s more straight forward approach do humble wonders!

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Their walk was insightful as we were able to dive a bit deeper in their recent past. Moorim Institute wasn’t only progressing his hearing’s healing, it was also making Shi Woo more sociable and considerate of others, far away from his prior bossy attitude. Except for the distinctive and cuter than cuteness fact that Soon Deok is always happy every time she finds out that Shi Woo’s life progresses in a positive way, we were able to find out that she started attending Moorim Institute because she couldn’t afford to pay for the college’s tuition. She’s her family’s one and only hardworking support trying to combine the harsh face of reality with her studies in any way she can.

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The nighttime was driving Chi Ang insane. Trying to approach Soon Deok for one more time was pointless. On top of that, he kept losing himself in his one-sided memories, but what was making him boil on the inside was Shi Woo’s presence in Soon Deok’s life. Hearing his mother’s voice and reassuring her that everything was fine was comforting up to an extent, but a mother’s instinct could tell that Chi Ang wasn’t at his finest.


His childhood was traumatic in the absence of his mother who was Wang Hao’s concubine. Neither she nor Chi Ang felt as if they were members of a family. On the contrary, Baek Ji was on exile in Korea while Chi Ang was craving for maternal love while feeling unwelcome in China and that was the reason why he was constantly trying to escape in order to be close to her. Soon Deok may had been the startup chime to make him enter Moorim Institute, but the deeper reason had always been his mother for a better future for both of them.

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Seon Ah’s company soothed Chi Ang’s concerns a bit, but Chi Ang was the one brightening her mood to a wider extent, especially after he told her that she was pretty! She could easily notice that he wasn’t lying the moment he told her that his Soon Deok oriented wish was no other than a date. Even though it was kind of nerve-shaking trying to push her in Shi Woo’s arms it led to Seon Ah’s insightful thoughts.

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At first he had noticed that Shi Woo couldn’t sleep because Seon Ah hadn’t played the lullaby on the piano and then Chi Ang found out that Seon Ah doesn’t see Shi Woo as a man. I was glad she used the word “agape” (αγάπη) which is the Greek equivalent of the utmost forms of love, one of them being the one between siblings. She may not know why she’s feeling that way for now, but the intuition of a deeper bond is there.


On her quest to find a new part-time job Soon Deok found her ex-boss who was having a hard time without her! Soon Deok didn’t only want an apology, she also demanded her salary to reach the minimum wage and start getting properly paid for her night shifts! While she was buying a music notebook for Shi Woo, he had already started working on his new song which was inspired by Soon Deok who had been there for him ever since he started spiraling downwards, but he couldn’t see it back then. Chi Ang noticing that Shi Woo had started composing a new song and smiling at him the way he usually does was making things a bit more difficult for him since it wasn’t pacing with Chi Ang’s negative vibes!

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I don’t know exactly how both teachers and students were exhausted at Moorim Institute since studies aren’t the strongest part of the school, but the excursion was a wonderful idea regardless of the fact that it won’t be as pleasant as some of our main figures would expect it to be (judging from the preview). Moo Song’s caring attitude towards Seon Ah was omnipresent during breakfast since he was well aware that she had drunk last night! It was also the first time Chi Ang didn’t refer to Soon Deok as Ariel and i was so happy about it, it had started becoming disturbing! But it was also pointing out that things were gradually becoming a bit more serious for Chi Ang and Seon Ah warned Soon Deok of a forthcoming “frontal attack” on his behalf!

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It was the different melody on the piano that caught a few of our main figures’ attention, Chi Ang’s because it was different from the lullaby Seon Ah used to play and Soon Deok’s because, well, it was Shi Woo playing it and she was magnetized! I loved how Shi Woo took the initiative and their first kiss turned to reality! No matter how much Soon Deok tried to hide, both herself and the musical notebook, she couldn’t avoid the unavoidable! But as expected, Soon Deok’s awkwardness made its appearance anew and things got complicated the moment Chi Ang, Shi Woo and Soon Deok found themselves at the same place! Soon Deok was able to escape since she had to go to work, but the tension between our two main leads was there!

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The background story progressed a bit more, the previous chairman of Moorim Institute would take care of an organization named Juk Poong that was after Chintamani whereas Chae Yoon would protect the key at all costs. Becoming the heir to Moorim Institute’s throne and running away with the woman that eventually became his wife made things a bit difficult for Moo Song back in the days, but i still don’t consider him the villain of the story even though the previous chairman had warned Chae Yoon about him and the same applies to Wang Hao at the present. The fact that Chae Yoon doesn’t recall many things from the past makes him a vulnerable puzzle ready to get filled with foul pieces that could easily mislead him.


Wang Hao going to Korea along with Chae Yoon will make things a bit more complicated, but also insightful if the circumstances permit it. I am really curious to find out why Beop Gong was eager to let Wang Hao visit Moorim Institute despite the fact that the rules were very specific. While the students and the teachers will be on an excursion to Seoul which was promoted by Wang Hao, Moorim Institute will be quite defenseless only with Moo Song protecting it, but this doesn’t mean that the students will be safe in Seoul either.

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I am eager to find out what Moo Song hides that Wang Hao wants to uncover, could it be related to one of the Chintamani keys? Time shall tell, but the preview was quite promising no matter how confusing it may had been for one more time! Moorim School’s previews have to be one of the drama’s strong cards as they keep intensifying the longing for the next episode and we’re not far away from it!


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
If you’re reading this article elsewhere, it doesn’t belong there.
Read the original article only at Dramajjang.co.


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  1. February 2, 2016 at 4:48 pm — Reply

    You are true about the preview. The story may be lacking at many parts but the romance and mystery sure the enjoyable asset. The preview made me thrist for another episodes and can’t wait to watch it too. Glad that the subbing team subbed this drama faster than the others like the one with Park Shi Hoo. Thanks for your effort in recapping! I always enjoy recap after watching drama.

  2. February 2, 2016 at 10:47 pm — Reply

    Posing like a crane as we speak.

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  4. Diane
    February 4, 2016 at 8:28 pm — Reply

    Totally agree with you on Yeob Jung. He should have been expelled from that school long ago. Yes, there ARE things that disqualify you as a “colleague”, Ms.Kim Hyun-Hee.

    • February 5, 2016 at 3:29 pm — Reply

      my opinion on that guy is that the headmaster knows him well; in other words; sees / knows something about him that he finds worthwhile that remains non-apparent to us, as of yet. i think he’s very jealous of the guys but has some nobility within him which will emerge at a vital time. doesn’t excuse his being an ass so far, but may later on.

      • Diane
        February 8, 2016 at 4:47 am — Reply

        I’m sure you have hit the storyline bang-on. The Yeob Jung will be redeemed somehow to prove to all of us that there is good in everyone. At that point, I will continue to remain an unbelieving cynic! LOL

  5. February 5, 2016 at 3:23 pm — Reply

    slowly emerging from a difficult circumstance here at the lake, and have managed to catch up with this & a few other of my lighter kdramas,,,,still really like this one! for all its imperfections there are loads to enjoy & love about it. my pet peeve of the moment is that chi ang needs to grow up a bit faster! he’s going into creepy ownershipland, haha
    my own crystal ball & intuitions got his dad being a very bad guy indeed, and he will have to pick allegiances at some point. really enjoying all this cast and like how the teachers are all rather chill in their interpretations. no overacting here. the sibs discovering each other will be a great moment.
    thanks for the recaps kwon! was happy to see them when i reemerged into dramaland and i hope your exams went well! fighting! 🙂

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