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Kaito Yamaneko Episode 2 Recap

Mysterious Thief Yamaneko 02 : Yamaneko attempts to expose Fine Break, a talent agency that is actually a front for illegal activities, as he tries to track down an archenemy from his past.

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Yamaneko is seen running until he drops, forcing himself not to feel the pain after he falls down from a small cliff. Later, he wakes up Mao with his singing who is not in the mood for that, declaring she won’t hack for him anymore, and being grossed out with his wet pants while he tries to persuade her that it was from the ramen he just ate.

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In the “dining room”, everyone watches the tv where Hosoda’s death news is on the healines; Mao and Hideo ask Yamaneko if it was him that killed him, but Yamaneko replies that his gunshots were only a warning, and he didn’t kill him; Hosoda was wearing black socks when they found him, while Yamaneko is sure he had white socks. Rikako asks in a serious tone if he did kill him afterall, to which Yamaneko jokingly answers that he doesn’t really know since it was weeks ago and can’t recall, something that infuriates Mao who doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.

Sakura gives Hideo photos of the crime scene while lamenting at her days in the police station, when Hideo notices that Hosoda was found with yellow socks; he suspects Yamaneko anew but before he can tell anything to Sakura, Yamaneko appears and pretends to be an old friend of his, managing to take him away.


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He drives him to Hosoda’s hideout, and tells Hideo that Hosoda has been tracking a former idol’s moves before she killed herself, that was signed with Fine Break, a talent agency; however, Fine Break is a front for Kyoubukai, a part of the Amaya Yakuza gang, whose president Nakaoka Shunichi is owner of many cabaret clubs, that extends to prostitution. Hideo promises to find out more about it, while Yamaneko receives a call from a woman who tells him not to lie to Hideo for his own gain.

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Mao is being bullied from her classmates, and one of them Yuuna threatens to scar her face before Rikako arrives and drives the girls away; she tells Mao she should stay away from them as she has a chance to not pass to the other side, as Yamaneko and herself have done.

Kenichiro and Shugo are training together; Kenichiro thinks he needs to get rid of some of his opponents and Shugo should help him.

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Hideo informs Yamaneko of Kyoubukai and how they trick girls into loans when they sign with the agency and manage to find their ways to terminate their contracts early so their loan gets bigger; that way, they force many of them to become prostitutes.

Yamaneko tracks down the old Kyoubukai president, Nakaoka Tanichi in his hotel and tells him that his son has been gaining a bad reputation with the way he handles things something his father agrees with; he makes a deal with him- if he’s able to steal Kyoubukai’s fund within the day, Tanichi will tell him where Yuuki Tenmei is, the worse fixer since the war, as Tanichi has political contacts from old times.

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Yamaneko finds Mao through the tracker he has put in her bag, and directs her attention to her classmate that has been bullying her ready to enter a club; he tells Mao that her classmate’s contract was terminated since the photos of her bullying her were leaked online, and she will have to become a prostitute to repay her illegal loan. Mao asks him to help her save her and Yamaneko says he will do so, but he’s quite expensive.

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Yamaneko calls Rikako for back up, as he enters the club, immobilizing everyone in his way, before he makes his way to Shunichi’s office, saving Yuuna just in time; he threatens Shunichi to tell him where the money is, and after some persuasion he reveals that the money is in a rented warehouse. Yamaneko knocks him out and takes Yuuna with him, escaping after Rikako arrived there with a car.

The police arrive later, and Sakura insists on asking Shunichi about Yamaneko being there as witnesses say but he denies it; Sekimoto tells her not to push it, being obsessed with Yamaneko thinking he killed her father, as he has told her it was an accident.

Yamaneko is back to the hideout, listening to Shunichi and his father after having wiretraping them, stating the money will be delivered to Fine Break. Hideo wonders why he went to the trouble of attacking Shunichi then, and Yamaneko is saying it was because of a mercy mission.

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Yuuna says she didn’t need to be saved, as she never asked to; Mao tells her she should value herself more and Yuuna angrily tells her to mind her own business. Yamaneko tells Yuuna she can do whatever she likes, but that freedom doesn’t mean that you won’t be held accountable for your actions. She’s not happy with his words and storms off as Yamaneko says he won’t help her if she gets in trouble again.

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Rikako notes that she will get in trouble again since yakuza will want to collect from her, and Mao asks Yamaneko if he can steal her IOU- Yamaneko says he will, while Hideo doesn’t want Mao to start hacking again for indecent causes. Mao says she doesnt’ mind and later hacks in the building’s sensors and password as Yamaneko is making his way there.

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Members of the yakuza are in the room though, but it is revealed that it was Hideo with a Yamaneko mask, while Yamaneko has made his way to Taichi’s hotel room ready to collect the money from there. He tells Taichi that him exposin his son’s crimes will make him the gang leader again, and this what he wanted all along. Taichi says that this is true and should just take the money he has there and leave, since he can’t tell him anything about Tenmei not knowing where he’s located.

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Yamaneko is ready to leave from the back, when Shunichi appears having kidnapped Yuuna and threatens Yamaneko to give him the money back, otherwise he will kill her; Yamaneko says he doesn’t care about her, and won’t try to save her as she looks surprised.

He tells her that feeling this weak and powerless is how Mao felt when she was bullying her and having principles is the most important thing.

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He then gives a signal to Mao yelling from the phone “he didn’t wet his pants!” so she can raise a loud sound to disable Shunichi and his men; Mao does that and gives the opportunity to Yamaneko to fight them easily and take Yuuna away, while the police arrive and arrest Shunichi.

After having escaped, Yuuna asks Yamaneko why he saved her when he had told her he wouldn’t do that again.

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Yamaneko replies he did it because Mao asked him to, and since he was the one to lead her to the crime path, he wants to protect her until she can be truly happy; Yuuna thanks him and tells him to apologize to Mao for her as Hideo and Mao listen to the dialogue from Yamaneko’s phone; Hideo remarks that Yamaneko would be happy with anyone committing a crime, except her.

The media ask Kenichiro his opinion about his opponents dropping out from the race from being exposed to illegal activities and he replies he will do the best he can for the country.

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Hideo is relieved to know that Hosoda had nothing to do with Kyoubukai and asks Yamaneko who told him to expose them- Yamaneko replies it was “the old man” before Rikako notes that he is the last member. She mentions it was good they earned Mao trust, and reveals to Hideo that Yuuna was used by Yamaneko to enter the agency and then dismissed so Mao would help and then be in their debt.

Yamaneko remarks that the kidnapping wasn’t part of the plan though, as Mao appears and asks him what is her next mission. Hideo objects to that, but before he finishes his sentence Mao notices that Yamaneko has wet his pants again. He says that it is truly because of the ramen this time, prompting Mao and Hideo to be grossed out when Sekimoto enters the hideout.

yamanek0200066 yamanek0200072yamanek0200067 yamanek0200068

He declares he finally found Yamaneko, before he jokingly reveals himself as the last member, “the Old Man.” Hideo can’t keep track of the developments, feeling confused as Sekimoto delivers Yamaneko the money they acquired, telling him that they might be able to contact Yuuki Tenmei soon.

Kenichiro gets a video message from someone with a mask, calling him Yuuki-sensei.

Reflection Corner :


#02 continued in the same stylish fashion as the first episode, and there were many things revealed that surprised me quite a lot; Sekimoto is the old man Yamaneko has been referring to! There had to be an insider in the police force for Yamaneko to be able to track certain things and consistently escape in time, but I didn’t expect to be him.


So, Sekimoto is keeping his tabs on Kenichiro in hopes of uncovering Yuuki Tenmei who seems (you never know with this show!) to be the final boss and the person Yamaneko has shared a dark past with and wants to find at all costs.

yamanek0200074 yamanek0200075

Which brings me to my next point- Yamaneko has no qualms about manipulating others in order to get things done his way, but while he may have caused a facade to get Mao to work with him, he genuinely seems to care about her; his speech to Yuuna about how weak Mao felt while she was bullied and the strength one has to carry along with his principles was the stealer of the episode; Kame delivered once more and I’m looking forward to those kind of Yamaneko-signature-speeches from now on!

Hideo was used again (lol this is gonna be a running gag I’m sure) but Yamaneko was quick to send a team for him this time; it’s nice to see the team growing together, and I also like Rikako’s calm presence as the cameo teammate but also crucial.


I wonder who was that woman who called Yamaneko to rat him out on his original purpose of having Hideo look at Kyoubukai; is it an old girlfriend or comrade? She didn’t pose a threat to the mission later, so she’s not an active enemy (for now.)


Onwards to episode 3 then, go go Yamaneko team! I leave you with Yamaneko’s wisdom quote :

“Principles are what bones are for the body- if you don’t have bones, you can’t lift your head or move your arms or stand on your legs. Even if you have talent  or are well educated, if you don’t have moral principles the person you should really be is far away.”

[this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to youkaisubs@LJ!]



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  1. ainda
    February 10, 2016 at 10:57 pm — Reply

    Another great installment from team Yamaneko. There were some tiny loose ends that I hope won’t come back later to bite the team where it hurts, but all in all, I really like how the story unfolds and starts to take shape. BTW, great ending, I was like w.h.u.t.?!?!?!
    Thanks for recapping this gem 😉

    • February 10, 2016 at 11:05 pm — Reply

      It’s a gem indeed! The 3rd episode is great, and it answers some questions that were raised in the 2nd.

  2. asha
    February 14, 2018 at 8:23 pm — Reply

    nice recap really ^^ I’m watching this drama now ..ITS WAY SOOOOO INTERESTING .. and kame chan is now turned into yamaneko ..he had got into the character and I Love him 🙂 I just wondered at this episode on the last scene ..so they got only that money that the old man allowed him to take ??? I mean yamaneko was only satisfied with the money he got from the hotel room ? or he found the rest of it and took it from the old man ? XD

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