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“Life is a blessing you can’t take for granted.”


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Little Soo Hyuk was practicing for his Romeo role while another girl wanted to sabotage his kiss scene with the little Mi Mo as his Juliet! The murder weapon would be an apple that would lead him to the toilet! She told him that a single bite would make his wish come true and he eventually fell for it! We all know what happened the moment our little Mi Mo was waiting for the kiss as the little Soo Hyuk had to head towards the toilet!

bscap0245 bscap0254bscap0255bscap0247

Our little Mi Mo was crying and our little Soo Hyuk was shyly following her, but she urged him to stay away from her since all the others kids were making fun of her. He wanted to give her flowers, but he noticed that she left home with another boy to go to school and his mission was aborted.


Mi Mo couldn’t believe what was going on as everything in her life was leading her downwards, but Hae Joon urged to follow the road leading upwards! He also informed her that men never date women out of pity and it was attraction on his behalf! Mi Mo wanted some proof that everything was real and while she was losing herself in Hae Joon’s arms Soo Hyuk was witnessing the moment and prevented himself from proceeding. Mi Mo couldn’t hide her radiant smile and Soo Hyuk decided to leave. Inside his car, Soo Hyuk was recalling his conversation with Hae Joon when he gave him the okay to proceed with anything he had in plan. At this point he could only regret it.

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Mi Mo would like to know when Hae Joon started developing feelings for her and he eventually let her know that she entered his life with wings! Back in his college days, Hae Joon was finding Angels quite cheesy, but one of his colleagues convinced him to attend their comeback stage. While the crowd was going crazy over them Hae Joon noticed Mi Mo who enchained his attention!

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Soo Hyuk was staring at the moon, but the night sky was reflecting Mi Mo and Hae Joon’s hug while he was recalling their drunken kiss! He was pissed off as he could finally see that she was certainly a goldfish, a promiscuous one that was kissing one guy one day and the next one she was hugging someone else!

bscap0286bscap0308 bscap0293 bscap0291bscap0289

Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk met at the elevator and she was in a fine mood while he wasn’t! He was simply bringing some balance to her joyous mood! Soon enough he was able to ruin her mood as he was courageously trying to prove that using makeup and such won’t help her look younger!

bscap0298bscap0297 bscap0299 bscap0303bscap0305

She would love to punch Soo Hyuk, but since he played his own part in bringing her closer to Hae Joon she didn’t proceed with her “violent” plan, but she didn’t reveal the favor he did to her!


Since he did her a favor she owed him one too and Soo Hyuk entered Mi Mo’s car! Mi Mo was happy singing while Soo Hyuk wasn’t in the mood for that! Soo Hyuk informed her on his newly discovered cranky side and that he was no different from other guys since if he doesn’t want something he doesn’t want anyone else to have it either. Mi Mo thought that this was the worst type of a guy who doesn’t know what he wants and ends up hurting many girls until he finds his own truth. Soo Hyuk was enraged as he couldn’t talk more specifically, but Mi Mo wouldn’t tolerate something like that and she used the card of kicking him out of her car!

bscap0316bscap0313bscap0314 bscap0322 bscap0324bscap0325bscap0323

Mi Mo almost hit some pedestrians with her car and Soo Hyuk eventually erupted concerning her goldfish nature! Mi Mo informed him that she doesn’t need anyone’s permission for her feelings and Soo Hyuk became more specific on everything that happened and pointed out that even TV shows are less extreme than her life! Soo Hyuk thought that she was a pervert, but Mi Mo laid emphasis on the fact that she had gotten dumped over a message and instead of mourning she got drunk. It was something that almost led her to a marriage, but the moment she confessed her feelings to Hae Joon she was being sincere. Mi Mo told him that she had fallen beyond repair for Hae Joon and Soo Hyuk could only remain silent!

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But when he was all alone he couldn’t accept the fact that Mi Mo fell for the witness at their marriage! His colleague told him that drinking too much sugar in his coffee was like lying to himself since it wouldn’t make him feel better. Hyun Ki was exhausted as a new father, but he urged Soo Hyuk to stop doing cute facial expressions since they would only make him age faster. Ah Ni had taken a sick leave and soon enough everyone felt the rage of the team leader who demanded many interesting stories!

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After having checked her letterbox Da Jung was inside her car and she was admiring the happiness a couple was evoking.


Dong Mi was trying to approach the man who had sold her the oven and she contacted him concerning the absence of a manual. She helped one of her students, but then she noticed that all of the boys were sitting with girls and she exploded! As a dictator of her classroom, Dong Mi separated the boys from the girls!


Mi Mo informed Da Jung that Hae Joon simply fell for her charm and asked her out! She pointed out that guys come to her as easily as they leave her side. It was something that made Da Jung think that she wasn’t normal since she appeared to be having twice the female hormones normal people did! Da Jung urged her to go together for a cervical cancer screening, but first she would meet Ae Ran to find out how everything was flowing for her.

bscap0359bscap0360 bscap0357 bscap0363bscap0362

Another client visited Mi Mo and he wanted to have a child before it would be too late, but Mi Mo thought that it was a bit too late already and urged him to accept his second wife’s child as his own or adopt one. He started rambling and Mi Mo’s narrative was pointing out the importance of bloodline’s continuation to this type of men.


Of course, men like him searching for young women to bring to life their children became a discussion subject at the hospital. While witnessing married couples with pregnant wives, Mi Mo started wondering if there was anyone else except for the state that cared about single women. Mi Mo was glad that the “divorced” option was available on the application form, a few years ago she could only choose between “married” and “single.”

bscap0374bscap0373 bscap0377

Dong Mi and Mi Mo were doing their checkups while at the same time Da Jung’s doctor had started noticing something and asked her if she had felt any lumps in her chest.

bscap0378 bscap0379bscap0380

Da Jung was lost in her own thoughts while Mi Mo couldn’t believe that Hae Joon was her man at that point. Dong Mi was finding him very attractive, but Mi Mo couldn’t introduce her to him for now since it was too early.

bscap0387bscap0384bscap0383 bscap0386

Yeon Mi, Hae Joon’s student patient, appeared and informed them that she was Hae Joon’s future girlfriend! Mi Mo wouldn’t take this so lightly, but Yeon Mi considered her old-fashioned since age means nothing when it comes to love. Mi Mo mentioned social approval as a parameter of love. Yeon Mi’s cleavage did the talking since she thought that she was quite mature-looking for her age and she surprised Da Jung and Dong Mi, but she also made Mi Mo feel quite uneasy!

bscap0391 bscap0392bscap0393 bscap0395 bscap0399bscap0400 bscap0402

Dong Mi thought that Mi Mo would never stand a chance against her since Yeon Mi was young and beautiful and she wouldn’t have any trouble getting pregnant. As for Mi Mo being wiser and more mature it wouldn’t really help her! Mi Mo pointed out that she had a secret weapon which was no other than having two years in front of her to make Hae Joon hers once and for all! Even though Mi Mo was so ecstatic about it Dong Mi couldn’t consider her only weapon that strong.

bscap0404bscap0405 bscap0406

Hae Joon informed Yeon Mi that he liked his lyrics and advised her to major in literature. She told him that some ahjummas were staring at him earlier, but it was something happening all the time. He laid emphasis on the fact that women under 25 were like little sisters to him and Yeon Mi was disheartened.


Da Jung found out that Ae Ran was pregnant and urged her to visit a doctor for all the necessary tests. She pointed out that, even though she wasn’t careful despite the fact that she wasn’t certain when it comes to marriage, pregnancy was something she should be congratulated on. Whether she gets married or not, Da Jung laid emphasis on the fact that Ae Ran should take responsibility for the baby, but she would never help her if she had abortion in mind. Ae Ran was boiling since she didn’t expect such a reaction from Da Jung despite the fact that it was difficult for her to get pregnant in the first place. Even though Ae Ran couldn’t consider her pregnancy a blessing, Da Jung pointed out that life is a blessing nobody should take for granted and in case Ae Ran makes the wrong decision she intends to cut ties with her.

bscap0416 bscap0418bscap0419 bscap0422

Da Jung recalled her conversation with the doctor and she started recalling the past. She was married at the age of 22 and Gun Hak was coming from a wealthy family, so she would never have to work to make a living. However, she was feeling pressured in order to give birth to a son.

 bscap0426 bscap0430bscap0429 bscap0431 bscap0435bscap0432 bscap0437

In the beginning they were very happy, but as time was passing by she couldn’t get pregnant since Gun Hak’s sperm cells weren’t as active as they should. They tried a wide variety of medical methods, but nothing was working and her emotional devastation came to the surface. Gladly enough, pregnancy became a part of her life and her son was born.

bscap0438 bscap0440bscap0441 bscap0444 bscap0448bscap0450 bscap0455 bscap0453bscap0451

Da Jung took Tae Yong from school but not matter how much she tried to approach him he wouldn’t talk to her.


Dong Mi hadn’t received a reply and once she sent another text concerning an issue with the oven she couldn’t believe she actually sent it! However, she received a reply that the oven doesn’t always work and that he would like to take her out for dinner as an apology. Dong Mi was so ecstatic about it!


Mi Mo was buying all the necessary ingredients for the dishes she would prepare foe Hae Joon while talking to him on the phone!

bscap0467bscap0468 bscap0466

On her way back home she found Soo Hyuk’s son who was out of the apartment because the door lock had ran out of battery. She got a battery for him and replaced the old one even though Min Woo thought that he could only replace it from the inside. Min Woo kept promoting Soo Hyuk as a handsome man and it was the moment Mi Mo found out that Soo Hyuk was actually a father! As for Min Woo’s mother, Mi Mo didn’t receive an answer. She would like him to call her noona but Min Woo kept calling her ahjumma and it wasn’t something Mi Mo could easily accept! Ah Ni from Masspunch arrived and Mi Mo was pleased with the story she had written about her.

bscap0475bscap0472 bscap0476 bscap0480bscap0478

Ah Ni informed Min Woo that she got rejected even though she followed his advice! He urged her to continue her attempts since Soo Hyuk may had found it difficult to accept to her confession after having been single for 13 years.


Soo Hyuk and Hyun Ki were after another celebrity, but Soo Hyuk kept recalling Mi Mo and Hae Joon’s hug. At that celebrity’s age Hyun Ki was studying hard and Soo Hyuk was already a father, but Hyun Ki confessed that it’s not the easiest era of his life since both his wife and child are crying at home and eventually he ends up crying as well! He’d wish to skip that part and reach the point when his kid would be older! Hyun Ki opened up his heart and informed Soo Hyuk that his wife was the one who confessed her feelings towards him when she was drunk and everything fell into place in a while after the right vibes had been delivered! He doesn’t find anything special in people who date all the time as they constantly keep pushing their feelings forward until they end up in a relationship. He laid emphasis on the power of confession which is far greater than Soo Hyuk would ever expect!

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While returning back home Soo Hyuk recalled Mi Mo’s words on her confession towards Hae Joon. He invaded her house because he thought that she was the one who should apologize for kicking him out of her car even though she’d only let him in if he intended to apologize for his behavior! He found out that she was cooking for her honey and noticed that the ingredients were coming from a wide variety of places making him think that she was cooking for the king! Mi Mo considered Hae Joon her prince charming, but he advised her to lessen the amount of niceness since Hae Joon was used to receiving things from women and he would get tired soon.

bscap0490 bscap0491bscap0492 bscap0499

However, Mi Mo pointed out that she couldn’t keep her feelings on the inside. When she likes someone she pours heart and soul into their relationship. She used to think that loving someone more was making her weaker, but at this point she considers it a victory since she won’t have any regrets once the relationship reaches the end. As for whether it will be a sad or a happy ending she urged Soo Hyuk to find out for himself in the future. She would also like him to taste her food, but he got enraged since he wasn’t Hae Joon’s court lady!

bscap0504 bscap0508bscap0507bscap0498

Soo Hyuk found Ah Ni inside his apartment and she was disheartened that he didn’t visit her while knowing that she was sick! Meeting her eating buddy, Min Woo, was essential, but she eventually informed Soo Hyuk that she wasn’t really sick! Ah Ni found out that there’s a place for her in Soo Hyuk’s, but he wouldn’t like to give her false hope because that place wasn’t big enough. He was straight forward and told her that had they been together he’d leave her side if another woman would occupy a greater part of his heart. The moment she thought that he could like men Soo Hyuk choked on his beverage and informed her that he just hadn’t found the right person, a person good enough to make him get rid of his guilt.

bscap0515bscap0518 bscap0522bscap0519bscap0520

The table was like a battlefield between Dong Mi and Mi Mo and they decided to reveal their tests at the same time! Mi Mo’s uterus’ age was 29 whereas Dong Mi’s was 35 and Mi Mo was so ecstatic! Dong Mi was aging, but she was even sadder knowing that her uterus was one year older than her! Da Jung didn’t reveal anything about herself and she pointed out that both of them were frustrated because Mi Mo’s uterus was younger than her and Dong Mi’s older!

bscap0523 bscap0526bscap0524bscap0525bscap0529bscap0528 bscap0535bscap0538bscap0379

Da Jung found Ae Ran at the hospital and they went for some tea. Ae Ran wasn’t pregnant and her health was fine, but she informed Da Jung that she intended to get married after realizing how selfish and harmful she was towards Dong Bae who was always nice to her. The worst part of it was that she was thinking of aborting the baby instead of feeling blessed when she thought that she was pregnant. Da Jung was apologetic because she didn’t console her, but Ae Ran acknowledged her own mistakes and decided to give Dong Bae’s proposal of living together for one year a shot.

bscap0541 bscap0546bscap0545 bscap0547

Hae Joon’s colleague informed Da Jung that nothing was certain and that they should do a biopsy, but the location wasn’t a good one and her test wasn’t the finest one despite the fact that she was healthy last year. Da Jung should start thinking of receiving treatment and mastectomy was a possibility

bscap0548bscap0549 bscap0552

Soo Hyuk was at his wife’s memorial. Back in the days he had written a letter to Hae Joon informing him on his son’s birth and his intentions to return to Korea since he wanted to raise his son where Soon Soo used to live. After Hae Joon read the letter his colleague brought an Angels bread hoping he would find Seul Ah’s sticker. Instead, it was Mi Mo’s and he dropped it, but once he left Hae Joon could only pick it up!

bscap0557bscap0555bscap0554 bscap0560 bscap0562bscap0563

Hae Joon couldn’t actually believe that she cooked all that since he didn’t mean it, but she did it anyway out of love! Hae Joon asked her what she would like him to do for her and she was glad about his give and take aspects! She wanted him to hug her tightly just like the previous time! She informed him that everything was fine about her uterus and Hae Joon was surprised since they had just started dating!

bscap0568bscap0566bscap0567 bscap0569

As a doctor, Hae Joon laid emphasis on the fact that even if she couldn’t get pregnant there could be a way to make things happen and that even though her uterus is healthy it doesn’t mean that she’ll get pregnant anytime just because she wants to! He pointed out that happiness isn’t based solely on that and she simply kept endlessly falling for him as his thoughts were making him even more radiant!

bscap0576 bscap0574bscap0570 bscap0578

Dong Mi was waiting for him, but she kept waiting and waiting and he never arrived!


Da Jung was lost in her own thoughts and she visited Mi Mo who was wearing her cow-breast suit! Ae Ran was wearing a pig suit and she gave one to Da Jung as well! Dong Mi arrived in makeup tears and she eventually put on a giraffe suit!

bscap0589bscap0587bscap0588bscap0592 bscap0590bscap0591

She was enraged at him while Mi Mo and Da Jung were losing themselves in alcohol, but all of them agreed that he was a jerk! Mi Mo prepared somek for her, but Dong Mi didn’t like it and Mi Mo took care of it! Dong Mi recalled that she was the only one who didn’t have a pretty face when they were members of Angels and all she could do was to become a better singer. Everyone had her own title, except for Dong Mi! Da Jung tried to cheer her up by telling her that she had the best job out of all as an elementary school teacher. She decided to waste her life!

 bscap0601 bscap0602bscap0603bscap0600

Hae Joon and Soo Hyuk were drinking and Hae Joon informed him that people fall in love when they can. As a reporter, Soo Hyuk was tired of trying to figure out who’s dating who and Hae Joon could notice how lonely he was. He thought that Soo Hyuk would start dating soon, but Soo Hyuk kept wondering why it was so difficult for him to date someone. Hae Joon pointed out that it wasn’t only difficult for him, but there are people who gather up their courage and keep dating.

bscap0606bscap0608 bscap0610 bscap0611bscap0612

Mi Mo got scared once she noticed Soo Hyuk unconscious out of his apartment and she woke him up. He kept referring to her as a promiscuous goldfish and she tried to get him up, but she found herself closer to him!

 bscap0623 bscap0617bscap0615 bscap0624

His hands found their way on her face and he pointed out that she kept making him upset and it wasn’t because he was staring at her from a close distance! It was the first time a woman kept making him upset in the last 13 years and he pointed out that he couldn’t stand her anymore, but he started lessening even more the distance between them on his way towards her lips!

 bscap0638 bscap0639bscap0640 bscap0641 bscap0643bscap0642 bscap0646

~ Thoughts ~


A happy one, my love! After all it’s One More Happy Ending, but if it transforms itself into One More Sad Ending the old school Korean drama way i will commit dramacide! The 4th episode’s ratings were even better as it reached 6.7% and hopefully enough its course will remain upward. The 4th episode wasn’t only even more explanatory when it comes to some characters’ backgrounds, it was also story-progressing and a harbinger of forthcoming quirky, heartrending and/or brighter events depending on the character.


By the way, is it just me or Mi Mo’s narrations bring forth something Sex and the City oriented when it comes to women, men, relationship statuses, etc at times? But the Korean non-exaggerating way, always adapted to a drama friendly environment and without this meaning that they don’t possess their own meaning.


Hae Joon has quite an one-sided past with Mi Mo and it wasn’t an exaggeration that she appeared like an angel in front of him the day of the marriage registration! While everyone was melting in the presence of Seul Ah, Hae Joon had eyes only for one of the remaining outsider Angels, Mi Mo! It wasn’t like he was a fan of their music, but the moment he witnessed her on stage everything changed. He would have never imagined that he would meet her at the present under all these bizarre circumstances. Most and above all, it would had been an inconceivable thought to be in a relationship with her, but the jinn fulfilled a seemingly impossible wish without Hae Joon finding the lamp!


The same applies to Mi Mo but not to that extent, it’s more palpable. Whether she was delusional due to her dizziness or not, she managed to put a face on the blurry figure of her dreams and her feelings took care of the rest. Once she falls for someone after receiving the right vibes it’s definitive and Hae Joon found himself in the right place at the right time when everything was physically and emotionally collapsing for Mi Mo. He halted her downward course and elevated her, not out of pity, but because he was attracted to her.


Soo Hyuk who keeps missing the timing factor all the time realized that he prevented himself from taking his last 13 years’ bravest step forward and he was visualizing it in a multifaceted way! He couldn’t openly talk to her, hence the irritating but also hilarious behavior towards Mi Mo! Mi Mo’s radiance due to her growing feelings for Hae Joon was Soo Hyuk’s demise, but inside the car he ended up becoming his promiscuous goldfish’s talking buddy once again the moment she uttered how sincere she was when she confessed her feelings to Hae Joon.


Soo Hyuk had some of the most insightful conversations throughout the episode that were leading him closer to his own realizations. He was mainly a listener, but his subtle lines were doing justice to his introvert and restrained nature when it comes to expressing his feelings as his ongoing concerns were coming to the surface. Hyun Ki played his own part by raising Soo Hyuk’s self-esteem the moment he said that dating all the time isn’t as meaningful as it may appear to some.


It appears more like a necessity to belong somewhere rather than craving to dive into something deeper, but Hyun Ki didn’t stop there. If one wants to start dating he/she has to be sincere to him/herself at first and then to the person he longs to be with in order to start transmitting the “right” vibes that will gradually become a part of the other’s world. Confession isn’t an art (well, sometimes it is), it’s all about sincerity and purity of emotion and it’s an essential part of being with someone, but being Soo Hyuk makes things a bit or a whole lot more difficult.


Setting aside the hilarious quarrels with Mi Mo, she always unveils the most sincere characteristics of herself to Soo Hyuk. He already knows that she can’t keep her feelings on the inside, but her thoughts were yet another emotional lesson. Pouring heart and soul into someone she’s with is essential for her and it should be the one and only truth. Sadly enough, people who are like Mi Mo can be taken for granted and the magic may end, but throughout the years she found out something very important. Being utterly herself when she’s with someone and being sincerely generous with her feelings won’t leave her regretful once a relationship reaches the end no matter how desolate it may be finding herself in that position (until she finds a new love).


Another insightful conversation had to be the one with Ah Ni in which Soo Hyuk was utterly sincere. He neither wants to hurt her to a wider extent nor wants to enter a relationship that wouldn’t possess the depth he craves for just for the sake of it. Mi Mo has awakened the emotional giant within, but Soo Hyuk has to go through all the intermediate steps learning how to open up himself to the one he’s extremely interested in. I am curious about the guilt factor when it comes to his wife’s loss. An assumption i can make at this point is that, while on the plane back to Korea, she may had some postnatal complications and she didn’t make it and Soo Hyuk kept accusing himself ever since.


Hae Joon acknowledging his loneliness was another important part of the story. While Soo Hyuk’s always busy trying to unveil celebrities’ dating lives he forgot about his own dating life in the process. Soo Hyuk’s not the only one who finds it difficult to date, many other people do, but if one doesn’t muster the courage to bring his feelings to the surface after knowing him/herself then dating isn’t an easy option. After all these conversations and the vibes he was receiving from his heart, the moment for him to start transmitting like-minded vibes had arrived.


Da Jung remains an exceptional part of One More Happy Ending and her side story can only become more interesting with the passing of episodes. We could finally see underneath the veil of her seemingly rigid personality and we met a fragile and traumatic nature. She could had been a princess equivalent in real life, but things were different. There wasn’t only the pressure to get pregnant, it also had to be a boy for her husband’s family’s legacy to live on. Gun Hak’s health issue was making things even more difficult and despite the fact that he loved her, Da Jung trying to get pregnant became an ill-natured obsession to the extent of alienating and eventually devastating herself. Needing to see the two lines on the pregnancy test had turned into some sort of an addiction she was unable to quench no matter how hard she tried.


Even though she gave birth to a healthy boy after the tension calmed down she forged a tough shell which enveloped her feminine nature and dedicated herself to her son and her work. The bonds between her and Gan Huk were becoming looser with the passing of time and we’ve reached that icy point at the present which affects directly the mental health of their son. Most and above all, Da Jung is a mother at this point and she intends to do what she thinks best for her son.


Korean dramas usually find all the rare diseases, or even make up new ones, to make their environment more dramatic, but One More Happy Ending pleasantly surprised me (without this meaning that cancer is something pleasant, of course it’s not) with breast cancer and mastectomy simply because it embeds a sense of reality many women have to face and live with respectively. All that remains is to find out how the drama will present the overall issue. As the episode was progressing, the fact that she wouldn’t dare to visit a doctor alone and she needed her friends with her even though she didn’t reveal anything for now was becoming even more heartrending.


In addition, she kept being there for her friends with her distinctive and caring in her own way personality despite being under the burden of the latest unwelcome information. Her conversation with Ae Ran was intense and Da Jung presented tremendous amounts of truth before her friend’s very eyes. It was the truth she was avoiding and in a manner of speaking, it was a truth that was hurting Da Jung as well if we take into consideration her past and very recent background. Getting pregnant is a blessing to Da Jung, especially after she had to go through ongoing living nightmares to achieve it.


Ae Ran’s thoughtlessness and easy way out through an abortion and calling off the marriage were striking multiple chords in Da Jung’s life. She forced a harmless decision the hard way, otherwise Ae Ran wouldn’t have a place in Da Jung’s life if she couldn’t appreciate the various faces of life. In the process, Ae Ran found out that she wasn’t pregnant, but she also decided to follow Dong Bae’s lead and live with him for a year to find out the real answer that would chase away her uncertainty.


Dong Mi is gradually losing her mind and seeing her male and female students sitting at the same desk is too much for her to handle! She either keeps wallowing in self-pity while resenting others’ happiness or finds herself floating on cloud nine in her own delusions or humongous expectations. The moment the man who sold her the oven never appeared after tricking her was the icing on the cake that made her erupt for one more time! If she could she would assassinate her uterus for daring to be one year older than her!


Soo Hyuk was sincere the moment he told Mi Mo to not approach Hae Joon with a full scale attack of love since he was used to receiving things from women. It was a bit apparent throughout his arch surprise the moment he witnessed her multi-dish, but their relationship was still too fresh. It wasn’t only that, she brought up the pregnancy issue in less than 24 hours after they became a couple! If Hae Joon looked like the most innocent sasaeng the moment he met Mi Mo in person, Mi Mo had started acting as if they had been together for a year’s time!


I loved the lessening distance between Soo Hyuk and his promiscuous goldfish although i doubt a kiss will take place in the beginning of the 5th episode. While alcohol was running through his veins he was as sincere and courageous he could be at that moment and the fact that she was making him upset was because he had missed his chance to start progressing things with her while she had already moved on! Not with anyone else, but with his friend and she was someone that would make Soo Hyuk feel that way once in 13 years! One More Happy Ending remains humorous, but its darker layers have started making their appearance and i will certainly keep digging them. If i have to go through hell to witness my ship sailing towards the dawn, so be it!


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