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Remember – War of The Son Episode 13 Recap [You Are The Only Exception]

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[disclaimer – this post was written by ready-to-watch-aga-vs-serena-kipzizz for dramajjang.co only]

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In Ah asks Gyu Man why he’s in the law firm and he says that he thought it was weird how close his office and the firm are, and now he knows why. He tells In Ah that the video they have of him with Gwak won’t amount to anything, and she replies that it’s true; compared to the video he’s confessing to the murder, the one they have now is pretty much nothing- but they will beat him in the end. Gyu Man threatens her that if they don’t stop bothering him, he will destroy everyone she ever knew but In Ah is not scared.

remembe01300059 remembe01300060

Jin Woo thinks what the doctor told him, and returns to the office fake-smiling and telling In Ah he’s gonna rest since he’s exhausted; she tells him about Gyu Man visiting the firm and seeing his hidden room. Jin Woo thinks that’s good, since now everything is in the open and their fight has officially begun, when he’s interrupted by a call.

Gyu Man while driving home, wonders if In Ah and Jin Woo could harm him in any way, since they have nothing, and why they keep co-operating. Soo Beom says it’s because they probably have something to gain from each other.

remembe01300061 remembe01300062

Jin Woo meets Gwak, and wonders why he called him- Gwak says that he can’t take Gyu Man down alone, and since his career is all but over, he will help him.

The next morning, Gyu Man receives a video, where Gwak is confessing to everything that happened with Jae Hyuk’s case, and how he was bribed by Ilho and co-operated with Prosecutor Hong to coerce Jae Hyuk to write a confession. Gyu Man upon hearing that, ruins his desk and tells Soo Beom to order Joo II to gather some of his men.

remembe01300063 remembe01300064

Prosecutor Tak calls In Ah and tells her that Prosecutor Hong is planning to resign in order to weasel his way out of all the cases he has manipulated.

In a resignation ceremony, Hong is putting on an act apologizing about his incompetence tarnishing the prosecutors’ name, declaring he will work harder for the weak. Prosecutor Tak and In Ah meet him on his way out, accusing him of trying to escape the sins he committed by stepping down. Hong pretends he doesn’t know what they’re talking about and tells them they will be meeting again as attorneys from now on.

remembe01300066 remembe01300067

Gyu Man meets with Gwak on the warehouse and is surprised he would stab him in the back after he let him live in the last meeting they had- Gwak calls him an angey crybaby and he will be done for good soon, since he sent the video of him confessing to Jin Woo as well.

remembe01300068 remembe01300069

Gyu Man proceeds to teach him a lesson but the police arrive to arrest Gwak- Gwak doesn’t resist his arrest and before he’s taken away, he tells Gyu Man he called them and he will pay for his crimes, as he will when the time comes.

remembe01300070 remembe01300071

Jin Woo is checking the confession video Gwak sent him, and tells Director Sa he can take Gyu Man down if he collects more evidence like this. Director Sa is worried about his health and wonders if he should stop, recounting his father’s words about being able to live with pleasant memories. Jin Woo is adamant to bring Gyu Man on trial though, and has to do it soon before he forgets who he is.

remembe01300072 remembe01300001

Prosecutor Hong assures President Nam, that even though Internal Affairs investigated deep, they weren’t able to find anything related to their connection- President Nam asks him if Jung Ah’s murder case was brought up but Hong says that he shouldn’t worry about that, since Gyu Man is safe; Yeo Kyung listens to their conversation, remembering what In Ah told her about her brother being the murderer of Jung Ah years ago, and Seok Gyu’s questions.

remembe01300074 remembe01300002

In the law firm, Youngwon company is discussed and how their wires might have caused the malfunction of the microwave- In Ah says they can’t reach the president though but Jin Woo is sure that he’s definitely involved, after he remembers seeing his name on the slash funds stick the ex-Ilho VP gave him. He and In Ah will track down the president’s financial record, while Director Sa and Lawyer Song will try to gather as many microwaves as they can.

remembe01300075 remembe01300076

Sung Ho tells Dong Ho about Prosecutor Hong’s dramatic resignation, and how he won’t have to deal with him anymore; however, they bump into him in the elevator and Hong informs Dong Ho that he got a high position as an attorney in Ilho- Dong Ho tells him he should be careful now that he’s not a prosecutor anymore, since he has probably made many enemies but Hong replies that he’s the one to be careful, as he might end up taking all his cases.

In Ah gives Prosecutor Tak info about Youngwon slash funds related to Ilho, and he promises to look into them now that there’s a chance he might become district office attorney after Hong resigned.

remembe01300077 remembe01300078

Gwak asks Jin Woo if he’s happy to see him behind bars- Jin Woo tells him that he hopes he lives in repentance for all the wrongs he did, and him helping him once doesn’t erase his sins. Gwak says once more how he can’t take Gyu Man down alone, and they should help each other.

remembe01300079 remembe01300080

Lawyer Song recounts Jin Woo’s lines on the court accusing Ilho from the other day, and is proud of himself when he gets all the lines done, when Jin Woo and In Ah clap at his efforts; he’s a bit embarrassed they saw him but he says he couldn’t do that on court. In Ah promises to help him practice.

She later asks Jin Woo how he came to work with Lawyer Song; Jin Woo remembers when he saw him outside the court being humiliated after he lost a trial.

remembe01300081 remembe01300082

He asked Lawyer Song if he remembers him and how he ruined his father’s trial and Song told him how he felt terrible about that; Jae Hyuk was his first client and after losing, he realized the power of an attorney and how he could change lives. He gave him his card if he needed anything, and that is how he came to work with him and Director Sa- they’re both like family to him and In Ah remarks how nice it is to be surrounded by such good people.

remembe01300083 remembe01300084

The next day in the trial, Jin Woo presents a video where a mechanic confirms that with the voltage regulations the explosion couldn’t have happened unless the bulbs were completely faulty. Dong Ho says there is a chance that the bulbs were faulty from the start and asks for Byung Hoon, the factory manager to testify as a witness.

remembe01300085 remembe01300086

Byung Hoon lies and says that due to insufficient funds, the quality of the bubls was downgraded to the point where even with low voltage, they would catch on fire. Dong Ho asks him why that info was never released and Byung Hoon says that it was the president of Smile Bulbs Company that asked from the employees not to say anything.

remembe01300087 remembe01300088

The Smile Bulbs company-father upon hearing that, yells at Byung Hoon and how he could do that to him, when the guards escort him out; Lawyer Song gives Jin Woo photos of Byung Hoon and Dong Ho’s meeting but Jin Woo opts not to use them or ask Byung Hoon further questions, much to everyone’s surprise.

remembe01300090 remembe01300091

Gyu Man is still suspicious about Dong Ho and asks Hong to keep an eye on him; Hong replies that he has been tracking him anyway, and found out that Dong Ho investigated President Nam’s old cases recently. Gyu Man tells Hong to keep informing him about Dong Ho’s moves.

The trial continues with Jin Woo presenting evidence of an old company which provided refrigerators that was shut down by Ilho accusing them  of faulty products; Dong Ho objects that it is an unrelated case but the Judge dismisses him, allowing Jin Woo to continue. Jin Woo says that it was revealed that it was the wires that were used in the refrigerators that were faulty but it was too late for the company as it was shut down. He repeats the same thing is happening with Smile Bulbs, and presents evidence that the microwave suffered faulty wires as well.

remembe01300092 remembe01300093

He gives the Judge a report from a same model microwave, that the Forensics  concluded it was the wires that caused the explosion, rather than the bulbs- Dong Ho argues that this cannot be trusted but Jin Woo says that the same report was done by an expert that worked in Ilho and was quickly covered.

Meanwhile In Ah sends Jin Woo a text informing him to strike as “it’s about to begin” and it is revealed that Prosecutor Tak tracked down Youngwon’s relations with  Ilho, as the news of the laundering is being broadcasted all over; Youngwon reduced costs by producing faulty wires in order to create a slash funds for Ilho.

Gyu Man watches the news in a silent rage when his father calls him and orders him to come by as the Judge gives a verdict in favour of Smile Bulb.

remembe01300094 remembe01300095

Min Soo thanks Jin Woo for everything he has done for him and his father, while Jin Woo gives him a pair of gloves, since the factory was rather cold; Min Soo is thankful and Jin Woo tells him to protect his father until the end.

Sung Ho asks Dong Ho if he anticipated Jin Woo using the slash funds info but Dong Ho says he was actually surprised he did that, declaring he’s getting better. He bumps into Judge Seok Gyu who asks him if it is true there’s a video of someone who confesses to Jung Ah’s murder; Dong Ho has nothing to say about that and leaves.

remembe01300096 remembe01300097

In the law firm, they’re celebrating their victory, joking about how Dong Ho and Hong Moo Seok must be having their hands full- Ji Woon tells In Ah they need to force Hong to resign something that surprises her while Lawyer Song remarks that he must have been really tired from the trial he forgot that Hong Moo Seok actually resigned.

remembe01300098 remembe01300099

Director Sa jumps at the opportunity and advises Jin Woo to rest who quickly retreats to his hidden room, re-thinking about the doctor’s words, while In Ah asks Director Sa if she picked on the fact that Jin Woo has been acting strange lately; Director Sa dismisses that, saying it’s probably due to overload of work.

remembe01300100 remembe01300101

President Nam is furious with Gyu Man who keeps on losing to Jin Woo, but Gyu Man says he can’t get rid of him easily since he’s become quite famous- Hong Moo Seok tells President Nam that he has a solution to solve the problem while Gyu Man informs his father that Dong Ho has been checking his past cases.

remembe01300102 remembe01300103

Seok Gyu calls Soo Beom for drinks, asking him if it was really Gyu Man who killed Jung Ah; Soo Beom tells him that this is like a piece of fiction and messed up as Gyu Man is, he would never kill a person- Seok Gyu warns him he better not lie about that while Soo Beom laughs at his claims.

Dong Ho tells Gyu Man he’s sorry he lost the case and will try to fix the slash fund issue quickly; Gyu Man remarks he’s been full of excuses lately and he has planned something of his own this time.

remembe01300104 remembe01300105

Tak, Dong Ho and Detective Joong Shik are drinking together- Tak “apologizes” to Dong Ho about exposing Ilho’s slash funds but Dong Ho says that he’s alright with that. Joong Shik asks Dong Ho if he had any luck investigating the Seogwang case, something that sparks Tak’s interest; Dong Ho tells Tak he might have to help him soon with something.

remembe01300106 remembe01300107

Jin Woo gives In Ah her own customized cards for the firm and wants to give her a gift for helping him win the trial- In Ah says he doesn’t need to buy her anything, but Jin Woo says it was because of a bag they first met, and takes her to a store to buy her a new one.

remembe01300108 remembe01300109

He later asks her out for dinner, and she wonders if that is his way of hitting to girls- “It’s because it’s you” he replies and says he wants to remember the moments he spends with her. In Ah says she will be the one to pay for dinner then, since he bought her the bag and Jin Woo agrees.

remembe01300110 remembe01300112

Joo II is being arrested as the “real” owner of Youngwon group as Jin Woo marks him off the chart; In Ah remarks that this is how Ilho does, always putting the blame on others, something Jin Woo agrees with and he says they have no time to lose, and should start taking down everyone that is related to them from the sides.

remembe01300113 remembe01300114

Dong Ho visits a man who knows about the Seogwang case, who is apparently a president of a small company; he tells him who his father was, something that surprises the man, and Dong Ho says he will contact him again soon, wanting to know the truth. The man calls President Nam and informs him of what happened.

remembe01300115 remembe01300116

Dong Ho visits Joo II in the prison and asks him if this is how he had to end up; Joo II tells him that he’s fine since President Nam will bail him out soon but Dong Ho informs him he will hunt down Nam after he found out he’s connected to his father’s death. Joo II replies they have to go their separate ways then.

remembe01300117 remembe01300118

Jin Woo comes across Yeo Kyung, and tells her that her family will soon pay for all the crimes they have done, despite her brother escaping once more after the latest incident; she mocks him for still thinking her brother is a murderer but Jin Woo says she could find out more if she wanted, as she’s a prosecutor.

Soo Beom informs Gyu Man of all the damage they have had to take due to the slash funds being exposed, afraid there might be protests going around soon.

remembe01300119 remembe01300120

Gyu Man is ready to take his rage on him, when his lackey brings him information about Dong Ho’s water truck incident.

The man who knows what happened back then, is being hunted down by Nam’s men.

remembe01300121 remembe01300122

He manages to escape after calling Dong Ho to pick him up- he says that Nam is planning to kill him and bury the truth as Dong Ho remarks he should have known what he got himself into- it’s impossible to escape from President Nam afterall.

remembe01300123 remembe01300124

In Ah calls Jin Woo to confirm he hasn’t forgotten about their dinner and as he smiles he replies that he hasn’t; she tries different outfits before she decides which one to wear and before she’s ready to step out Manager Sa and Lawyer Song return to the firm.

remembe01300125 remembe01300126

They notice she’s going out on a date, something she tries to deny when Lawyer Song asks her to introduce him to a friend of hers, much to Director’s Sa displeasure, as she notes that the age difference would be huge. In Ah is amused but she has to leave and both of them are happy for her.

remembe01300006 remembe01300007

Gyu Man calls Jin Woo, claiming he has something he wants to give him- Jin Woo visits him in his office, after asking him why he visited his firm uninvited. Gyu Man mentions he had no idea that for four years, Jin Woo’s only thought was him and his family.

remembe01300008 remembe01300010

Jin Woo doesn’t want to hear that and asks him what is it that he wanted to give him in the first place; Gyu Man gives him a file from the accident he was involved when he was 6 years old. He reveals to him that it was Dong Ho’s father that crashed into his family car, noting how bad ties get revealed at the end, but in his case and Dong Ho’s, they were there from the beginning, while Jin Woo is shocked to learn all that.

remembe01300011 remembe01300012

Dong Ho gives Tak the evidence he had gathered about the Seogwang Group explosion- he needs his help but Tak wants to know why he’s investigating a case nearly two decades ago. Dong Ho says he thinks there was a murder cover up and he has a witness to prove it.

remembe01300013 remembe01300014

In Ah is waiting for Jin Woo in the restaurant, while he wanders alone when suddenly segments of his past flash through his mind- In Ah calls him after a while, only to be greeted by Jin Woo thinking it was his father that called; she asks him where he is, and he replies he’s waiting outside his house for his father to return.

remembe01300015 remembe01300016

In Ah calls a taxi immediately as she recounts in her head all the signs that Jin Woo had memory lapses.

remembe01300017 remembe01300018

She arrives at the old neighborhood, and he asks Jin Woo why he’s there; when he repeats he’s waiting for his father, she hugs him breaking down crying.

Reflection Corner :


In Ah, thanks for doing what EVERY SINGLE viewer wanted to do all this time; give a freaking hug to Jin Woo, because deal lord, does he need it!

Ahhhh crap, I suspected that the date wouldn’t go smoothly (hey, it’s only flipping 13 episodes afterall!) but I didn’t expect Jin Woo to have such a big memory lapse. I gather from the promo for the next episode, he’s gonna recover from that, but it was such a heartbreaking scene watching In Ah crashing for a hug and not being able to cope with the fact that Jin Woo has to suffer again; she must have known there was something as showcased from her being able to recall every sign clearly, but she didn’t want to believe it as it was too difficult for her.


But before that, I can only say this – NOONA RELATIONSHIP MY ARSE.

(yeah, that is the expession of someone that is NOT in love, yep!)

(yeah, that is the expession of someone that is NOT in love, yep!)

All this talk in the previous episode, about Jin Woo calling her oldsis and that; you got exposed girl!


It was also great to see Jin Woo following the “carpe diem” line and enjoy his present time with In Ah, smiling all around her and cherishing every moment with her.

But of course Gyu Man had to strike at the worse time possible, with a very sharp weapon because it was obvious that the reveal did hurt Jin Woo a lot; it seemed like he was starting to having second thoughts about Dong Ho as of late, but now he’s gonna regress to a hateful state again, until things get cleared up. Dong Ho has to fight in many fronts, with many fires to put out but I trust he will come through. (I certainly hope so!)


Special shutout for the hero of the episode, Prosecutor Tak, slaying down corrupted companies, looking good on tv! You go Tak!

(who doesn't want to see more of smiley Jin Woo? I DARE YOU WHO DOESN'T.)

(who doesn’t want to see more of smiley Jin Woo? I DARE YOU WHO DOESN’T.)

Onwards to episode 14 then, and here’s hoping that Jin Woo and In Ah will get their date this time!

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  1. January 28, 2016 at 2:38 am — Reply

    massive thanks to Kipzizz for a splendid recap. this drama has garner lots of attractions, while not every one is positive, esp towards to plot holes and the final introduction to the Long awaited OTP moments. actually it doesn’t matter whether about the age gap, or whether noona romance is not everyone’s cup of tea. it’s also not about whether Thriller needs Romance to spice up the rating? its all about JW is not any ordinary son that needs to justify his late father. JW himself needs someone to encourage him, as him keep having this two steps forward and one step backward block by NGM. even if he finally won the case n damned the Nams, he needs a reason to live on. We were all given hint that he has started to like her, by the mouth shutting tipsy scene, by now, IA and none other, should be the only one that can accompany him to take on the next War (which is slowly erasing him from within). Remember IA from the Teaser told him, “i will be your Memory” something like that. from a girl that is willing to go thru tedious 4 yrs of legal studies and throw her career of prosecutor under the bus, just for him, left her mom just for him, this girl will be the only one that can weathered the coming hard days, daily recovery the emptied erased ‘file’ from his memory daily, only to be erased again the next, IA’s love will be the strength to help him live on, after ep 20’s credits roll.
    Stop please, anyone who still yaking about not matching and noona romance need not be introduce in Thriller, yes, other Thrillers yes, but not JW’s with his scarred life and Alz looming.
    (thanks for hearing my 2 cents worth)

    • January 28, 2016 at 2:48 am — Reply

      (no problem, and thank you for the comment!)
      People who expect (many) cute romantic scenes or fluff, they should probably look elsewhere; Remember is not about that, honestly.
      But focusing on the love-front, they are two people that care deeply for each other, have been through hell together, so I believe they should get more credit than just “ohhh another noona-young guy romance!”..because that doesn’t do justice to them AT ALL.

      • January 28, 2016 at 3:20 am — Reply

        kipzizz, i am honoured that you replied that fast. i actually have no prob with people looking for cute romantic fluff…i am one woo-ah shipper, but i do have prob with people still ranting for “no romance needed” stuff for this show. esp this show i felt, if Writer didn’t introduces Alz to JW who has lost his dad, i still can accept a lonely General won his war ep 20 credit rolls. But when JW and IA has already felt something for each other, people are still calling for them to remain noona and dongsaeng… arrrhh… that is what i say, doesn’t do justice to JW and his selfless IA. not the IA who sacrifice so much for him. and this is 2016 and people still having problem with noona romance? ask all my Mature pretty successful noona friends around me, they’ll say; “huh, what’s e prob? wait… give you 10 times, gals, your time will come!”
        Kipzizz, right or wrong? 😀

        • January 28, 2016 at 3:34 am — Reply

          (it’s because I’m watching Australian Open atm, otherwise I’d be fast asleep! ; p)

          Oh I don’t have a problem with romance either (hell, I’m a huge shipper even in shows that have like NONE) I just think that certain people have set the bar high on the romantic-front in this drama, or on the opposite there are others, that like you said that hate the idea- there’s no medium in between!

          In Ah and Jin Woo are a great meaningful duo, that protect and help each other one step at a time!

          (probably right! hehe ; p )

  2. January 29, 2016 at 9:12 am — Reply

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