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Please Love The Useless Me Episode 2 Recap


Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasaio2 Synopsis : Michiko finally lands a job and is happy that she’s gonna be able to pay back her debt to Ayumu; however, her overtime schedule restricts her from going out and have fun, until Ayumu invites her to go to theater together in what could be considered a “date”. (..except it’s not!)

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After the unexpected kiss Michiko received from a sleepy-drunk Ayumu, the next morning she checks to see if he remembers anything, but he apologizes to her for getting drunk and hopes he wasn’t trouble to her as he can’t recall how he got home- Michiko doesn’t tell him about the kiss but she sets out to find who “Haruko” is, (the name he whispered before he kissed her) trying to fish something out of him, but Ayumu doesn’t give away anything.

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She manages to acquire a job after many failed attempts, taking into account Ayumu’s advises, and everyone at the tearoom is celebrating (with Ayumu making a special-huge feat for her as he promised!) when the florist visits the restaurant to deliver a christmas rose; her name is revealed to be Haruko, and the following morning Michiko asks Ayumu about her- Ayumu states she’s simply a florist he has known for a while, and nothing more.

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In her new workplace, Michiko is taken advantage of from a young co-worker, who manages to shove all her workload to her, and she ends up working overtime (and they don’t pay for that as her manager notes!) for consecutive nights, lamenting at the fact she won’t meet anyone to go on a date at this point.

One of her old friends has a solution though, inviting her to her wedding and giving her two theater coupons to put in good use- a lot of single men will be at the ceremony so Michiko can finally meet someone there.

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Instead, she makes a fool of herself after tripping and falling in order to catch the wedding bouquet, but the man who helped her once when she fell on the streets while giving the flyers of the tearoom, is the one to help her again; his name is Daichi, and he works at the same company with her. He’s polite with her and tells her he will see her around in the workplace.

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Michiko returns to the tearoom and gives Ayumu the theater tickets so he can invite Haruko, while she’s invited to a date herself from Daichi the next day at work (when she’s working overtime again!), who tells her that it has to be fate they keep meeting each other, and wants her to consider him.

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Ayumu surprises Michiko, inviting her to go to the theater together; the movie is not to her liking as it is a scary one, while Ayumu enjoys it greatly. On their way back, they encounter a claw crane game that has beef pillows; Michiko is excited but doesn’t think she can get it when Ayumu steps in and grabs one for her.

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After they dine in a restaurant, Michiko wonders if that is a real date, but Ayumu remarks that since they don’t see each other as potential partners it’s merely daily life- she tells him to invite Haruko to a date then and when Ayumu dismisses he has no interest about that, Michiko spills that he kissed her while calling Haruko’s name. Ayumu is surprised to hear that and apologizes but they conclude that since the kiss meant nothing they should just forget it.

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When they return home, Haruko is there waiting to give Ayumu a rosemary as Michiko notices how happy Ayumu is around Haruko, and the next day she accepts Daichi’s date proposal who’s ecstatic at her positive response.


Reflection Corner :


Well, #02 was much more improved than the first episode- it’s not like it suddenly became a beacon of unique quality that makes it stand out from your typical rom-com, but it was an enjoyable and funny episode.

Michiko has started to become less naive and it was nice to see her outlook of “change a pinch into a chance!” trying to grab every opportunity she could; obviously, her doing overtime for her co-worker was sort of a step-back, but it was funny how she took it as she can do anything, instead of pouting about it and waste her energy on negativity.

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Ayumu confuses me..does he have feelings for Haruko or? He doesn’t seem to have (obvious) feelings for Michiko yet, even though he smiles subtly a lot more around her craziness and constant meat cravings but there has to be some sort of history with Haruko (or someone else?) Still, it was nice to see him inviting Michiko out, so he could reward her for all her hard efforts lately.

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Daichi seems like a decent guy, and he could possibly fit with Michiko, seeing as he was excitedly blurting out that fate brought them together, lol.

Onwards to episode 3 then, and let us not forget- NOT SHUNIN, BUT MASTAH!

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(I thought the funniest scene in the episode was Michiko trying to persuade the manager of a construction site to work there arguing how she liked to be around construction sites when she was young, whereas he couldn’t be less interested about it, haha)

[disclaimer – this post was written by a very-cold-atm-kipzizz for dramajjang.co only]

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  1. April 28, 2016 at 4:06 am — Reply

    Kipzizzy! Lol! I agree, the construction manager’s reaction to her interview was hilarious. He did not look the least bit amused or interested in hiring her. I enjoyed ep 2 a lot more than the first (although the first ep did peak my interest enough to go ahead and watch the second).

    Ayumu is confusing me… I thought for sure he must have hidden feelings for Michiko, but he was so adamant about how they were NOT on a date. I half expect to find out that he’s always liked her despite seeming cross with her (like it’s his weird way of showing he cares). I’ll have to wait and find out the details. You already know, so don’t tell me… but I kinda thought Haruko must be his sister or something and the flowers have something to do with his (or their) father. Forgive me if I’m completely wrong, but that was my initial thought.

    I’m enjoying it so far… I’ve been struggling to finalize dramas lately and find something I can really enjoy watching and am in the mood for. This is cute, short and easy enough to watch so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m glad a remembered you wrote about it, because now I can go back and refer to all your recaps 🙂

    • April 28, 2016 at 10:47 am — Reply

      loool Haruko is not Ayumu’s sister
      Keep watching, you will see! : D

      • April 30, 2016 at 10:53 pm — Reply

        I know!! I was sooookk wrong lol. *embarrassed. Oh well 🙂 Now I know!

        • April 30, 2016 at 10:55 pm — Reply

          *so wrong. Sorry. I can’t spell ony phone.

  2. April 30, 2016 at 10:54 pm — Reply

    *so wrong. Sorry. I can’t spell ony phone.

  3. bluelysia
    August 11, 2016 at 5:18 am — Reply

    Turns out Michiko talk back a lot with a cute and teasing style.. Love her! she is adorable.. it didn’t make sense she is not popular..
    already ship her with mastahh!

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