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“There used to be a time
When we’d see the entire universe
In each other’s eyes.
Even if he/she doesn’t love me anymore,
The look he/she used to give me wasn’t a lie.
At that moment, we were both happy.”


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A new day has dawned in Hanyang (the name of Seoul during the Joseon era) and Dong Mi was eagerly waiting for her marriage which would be pretty much an agreement between families with the “dating agencies” of that era taking care of the intermediate steps! A young lady and a man are staring at the moon that was depicting one another’s faces while waiting to meet each other!

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Dong Mi was more than happy, but the man of her dreams turned out to be the man who would never become a part of her dream time! Back then, those who were falling in love had to run away during the nighttime if they wanted to avoid that era’s dating rules!

bscap0066bscap0067 bscap0068

Another young lady, Deok Joong, sacrificed everything in the name of love and she was the main figure behind a love letter incident during King Sejo’s reign. She was King Sejo’s woman, but she had sent a love letter to the King’s cousin, Prince Gwiseong, who was enlightening her world with love!

bscap0070 bscap0072bscap0073 bscap0074

“Because of the spring rain last night,
The lotus flowers burst into bloom.
How nice it would be to watch these flowers with you.
How are you?
Whenever you come to the palace,
I sneak a glance at your beautiful face with my love towards you.
There is no way to soothe my feelings for you.”

bscap0075bscap0076 bscap0077

The letter fell in the King’s hands, he was so enraged he ordered everyone related to the letter to get arrested and Deok Joong passed away after she got tortured.

bscap0078bscap0079 bscap0082bscap0080bscap0081

550 years later, Mi Mo was confessing her love towards Hae Joon, the man who had referred to her as his sister-in-law! In the meantime, Soo Hyuk was on his way to the hospital! Hae Joon was left speechless and thought that she was either talking to someone else or feeling dizzy, but Mi Mo made sure he’d understand that she knew what he was talking about!

bscap0087 bscap0092bscap0094

Dong Mi appeared and she was followed by a volcanic eruption! She couldn’t believe that Mi Mo almost got married yesterday and today she was in the ER! Mi Mo was trying to calm her down while Dong Mi was trying to figure out if everything was fine!

bscap0095 bscap0097bscap0096 bscap0098

Mi Mo wearing a medical gown made Dong Mi think that she was losing her mind and since Mi Mo wasn’t willing to take it off Dong Mi witnessed her lingerie the moment she opened it up! Things kept becoming even more awkward and Hae Joon eventually left after having been unable to remain within their quirky radius! Mi Mo let Dong Mi know that she picked the worst timing ever!

bscap0105bscap0104bscap0106 bscap0107 bscap0110bscap0114 bscap0115

Soo Hyuk kept driving, but an accident made him delay even more! Hae Joon rushed to a patient’s aid and Mi Mo kept staring at him. A nurse took off her serum and Mi Mo could keep for now Hae Joon’s medical gown for obvious reasons. Mi Mo had become the hospital’s big news as the woman who got transferred there in lingerie!

bscap0117bscap0116 bscap0118

Soo Hyuk arrived at the hospital to find out that she had just left. Hae Joon was curious why Mi Mo didn’t call Soo Hyuk on the phone and wondered if they had gotten a divorce already! Soo Hyuk pointed out that they didn’t get married, it was something that surprised Hae Joon even more!


Inside Dong Mi’s car Mi Mo still couldn’t believe what was going on. In just a few days she had broken up, she tried to get married to a friend she hadn’t seen for 24 years and she confessed her feelings to Hae Joon!


Soo Hyuk informed him that they weren’t dating and everything he had witnessed happened because both of them were drunk after they ran into one another after 24 years! Hae Joon recalled Mi Mo’s confession and started thinking that she wasn’t crazy. Soo Hyuk thought otherwise, but Hae Joon didn’t reveal the reason why he was considering her normal!

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Soo Hyuk was thankful towards Hae Joon for playing his own part in preventing them from getting married, something that would have happened without him and it would be tough canceling everything in a blink of an eye! Soo Hyuk reassured Hae Joon that he had no feelings for Mi Mo, but his excuse for rushing to the hospital late at night wasn’t convincing!

bscap0130bscap0131 bscap0138

Mi Mo returned back home and she was worried that Hae Joon would think of her as a weirdo who was his friend’s wife and wanted to have an affair with him! Ppoppo was her only comfort at that point!


Hae Joon kept recalling the moment he first met Mi Mo who transformed herself into an angel for his eyes only! He had already started thinking how interesting Mi Mo was!


Soo Hyuk was at her doorstep, but soon enough he headed towards his door! That was the moment he recalled the elevator scene and the moment they said that they’d visit one another in their dreams! He could only find it kind of amusing!

bscap0145 bscap0147bscap0148 bscap0149 bscap0150bscap0151

Mi Mo couldn’t sleep since she thought that Hae Joon would misunderstand her and soon enough the nighttime passed with Mi Mo being simply everywhere from time to time!

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The next morning she put on her make-up and her mission was about to begin!

bscap0164bscap0165 bscap0166

Our undercover Mi Mo went at the hospital and she kept staring at Hae Joon while hallucinating in her own magical way!

bscap0167bscap0170 bscap0171

Mi Mo informed Dong Mi and Da Jung that she intended to get remarried and both of them thought that she wasn’t being serious. She informed them that there a man who was making her heart flutter, something that was happening all the time according to Da Jung! Dong Mi noticed that Mi Mo was referring to the doctor who saved her life, but she also pointed out that it was his duty to do so! Dong Mi and Da Jung’s mood was playful since they couldn’t take Mi Mo and a possible marriage with the doctor that seriously! Dong Mi reminded her that because of women like her women like Dong Mi can’t get married!

bscap0175 bscap0179bscap0177 bscap0180

She brought to the surface a wedding invitation she had received from a woman like Mi Mo! There was a big company and Dong Mi liked someone she was trying to approach in her own way while at the same time someone she didn’t like was trying to approach her! The moment Jung Mi announced that she was getting married to Soo Yong, the man Dong Mi liked. It was something that made Dong Mi spray everything and everyone that was in front of her with alcohol! Grilling meat for him was her strategy that failed after giving him 550 pieces of it because a divorcee like Mi Mo took him away from her! Women like Mi Mo keep disturbing the world of women like Dong Mi who keep searching for their other half in the rare universe of single men!

bscap0183bscap0186 bscap0187 bscap0190bscap0191 bscap0194bscap0193bscap0197

The perfect female client who had pretty much everything from charm to humor and from her own career to her own apartments arrived at Brave Wedding to find her perfect match and Mi Mo was more than pleased to work with her! She even offered her a 30% discount on the membership fee!

bscap0200bscap0202 bscap0203

Those who want to get remarried are graded and divided into different classes based on a wide variety of categories! All this information enters Brave Wedding’s system which calculates each member’s attractiveness as divorced singles in the dating market! And then the system searches for the perfect match!


The Masspunch reporter, Jung Ah Ni, called Mi Mo on the phone and it was about the exclusive marriage oriented interview. Mi Mo informed her that the proposal never took place because Jung Hoon had cheated on her and he would get married to another woman. Mi Mo hoped that Ah Ni would write an awesome article about it!

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Da Jung put her son to sleep and she had a conversation with Gun Hak. She didn’t want to find themselves in a court room so she was willing to let him date and have as many women as he wanted to, but Gun Hak thought that she was doing this in order to get more money in the future. While she was thinking that if he cheated on her the divorce would take place soon he couldn’t comply to her point of view since he was unable to be with another woman while still being married to her. Da Jung thought that it was because of money, but he pointed out that it was because he cares about her. Da Jung laid emphasis on the fact that she keeps getting scarred since he keeps progressing with the divorce, so if he cheats on her she could at least get more money. She informed him that it wouldn’t be easy to find the woman of his dreams as a divorced man with a kid and if she took half of his assets he would look less attractive.

bscap0214 bscap0213bscap0212 bscap0220 bscap0224bscap0223

Ae Ran’s mother was pissed off since cancelling the wedding would never be an option after everything had already been prepared and only the marriage ceremony itself was left for everything to feel complete. She could at least get married for now and everything else would get settled later on either with a divorce or living separately despite the fact that Ae Ran’s heart was uncertain at that point. Her mother urged her to take Dong Bae into consideration before proceeding with her final decision.

bscap0230 bscap0232bscap0231

Dong Bae arrived and picked up the broken pieces from the floor. He could acknowledge how insecure she may be feeling, but he asked her to give him a chance to help her overcome her uncertainty. While Ae Ran was losing herself in tears Dong Bae urged her to marry him and live together for one year. If nothing changes until then he intends to let her go.

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Mi Mo was ironing Hae Joon’s medical gown while recalling Dong Mi’s eruptive words! Even though she was a bullfrog for trying to progress things the way she wanted she was a humble tadpole in front of Hae Joon! She kept taking care of his medical gown wondering how she would explain that nothing was going on between her and Soo Hyuk!

bscap0241bscap0240bscap0242 bscap0243

She called Soo Hyuk on the phone and asked to see him. She was waiting for him while drinking beers at the bench and there he was! Even though she couldn’t talk to him while being sober he would be the sober part of the story and he rejected the beer. Soo Hyuk told her that he had heard everything about what had happened, but he didn’t know the most important part! The good part of the story was that he had explained that nothing was going on between him and Mi Mo making her hug him out of happiness! She would like to know Hae Joon’s thoughts but something like that never happened.

bscap0255 bscap0246bscap0245 bscap0256 bscap0258bscap0257 bscap0259

Jung Mi, the real bullfrog, called Dong Mi on the phone to ask her if she wanted to receive the bouquet at her wedding since all of her friends were married with children! Since she didn’t even have a boyfriend she was utterly negative about it, but Jung Mi urged her to visit a place that would help her!

bscap0260 bscap0261bscap0262

She visited a swag psychic with a Show Me the Money hat and he could foresee that she hadn’t interacted with a man for the past 7 years! As for getting married before entering her 40s he informed her that he was seeing a 25-year-old man! Out of the cards she picked up Cleopatra and if she paid him 50.000$ he would fix her bad luck with them as he could see that Dong Mi was suffering from normal-looking women taking all the single men far away from her! Another woman appeared in fear since she had visited the swag psychic as well, but ever since a stalker was tormenting her life and Dong Mi had to set that plan aside!

bscap0266 bscap0268bscap0271 bscap0273

Dong Mi followed all the necessary steps to become a baby-faced beauty, but the overall outcome was a bit different!


Mi Mo found the courage to visit Hae Joon at the Hospital and she was thankful for everything, but he informed her that he did everything he had to for his sister-in-law! She informed him that he should refrain from calling her that way since Soo Hyuk had told him about everything. He laid emphasis on the fact that there are many patients who would fall for their doctors after saving their lives and that he couldn’t believe each and every confession that was reaching his ears! She was curious why he didn’t believe her and he told her that he prefers straight forward and clear relationships between two people and definitely not complicated ones.

bscap0278 bscap0285bscap0284

Love triangles aren’t his cup of tea especially since someone gets hurt in the end. Even though love is usually more important than friendship to him, he wasn’t finding her attractive enough to cause problems in his friendship with Soo Hyuk, but Mi Mo informed him that she didn’t intend to do something like that. All she did was to confess her feelings, but Hae Joon pointed out that if there would be a negative aftereffect then there would be problems. Mi Mo laid emphasis on how much she tried to appear in front of him and she liked that feeling even though it ended in a rejection. She was apologetic and left after handing him over his medical gown. His colleague was already aware that she was Mi Mo, the ex-Angels member, and she could see that even fairies age like normal women!

bscap0281bscap0286bscap0287 bscap0288

Soo Hyuk was preparing his article concerning Seul Ah and Jung Hoon’s marriage and after he recalled Mi Mo’s outburst and devastation he published the article. It instantly went viral and it became a part of Mi Mo’s world as well. However, Soo Hyuk wasn’t that pleased about the success of his article and shortly after Ah Ni asked him out.


Soo Hyuk found Mi Mo drinking again and he became aware that she had read his article. She found it so good she almost hated him and he was apologetic. This time he couldn’t say no to a beer and he informed Mi Mo that he wanted to call her before posting it, but he didn’t do so. Just like when she got a divorce, the same applies to her breakups, she doesn’t like trying to figure out whether they were cheating on her while still being with her or not since it would be more devastating. However, this time she wanted to find out if Jung Hoon looked happy while he was with Seul Ah. She started recalling beautiful memories, but even though everything has changed by now on his heart’s behalf, his feelings back then were real.

bscap0295 bscap0297bscap0301bscap0303

Soo Hyuk informed her that as a reporter he focuses on celebrities’ actions and not on their feelings so he couldn’t give her the answer she was searching for. She agreed with Soo Hyuk’s words that she was like a goldfish. After everything she’s been through in her love life she always keeps searching for a new man after something’s over with her heart fluttering anew. Soo Hyuk was jealous of her for being able to unveil her feelings whereas he keeps holding his own feelings on the inside; where they rot. It’s something he always regrets. He tried to lay his hand on her shoulder, but he was unable to do so.

bscap0308bscap0306 bscap0309

Dong Mi couldn’t take Ae Ran’s side since all she could think about at this point was Dong Bae’s broken heart even though Ae Ran was her friend! One of her students brought her cookies. She had made them for her boyfriend and after a small “confrontation” Dong Mi found out that boys go crazy after them!


Ae Ran found out that she was pregnant. She still didn’t know what to do and Mi Mo tried to comfort her.

bscap0313 bscap0319bscap0317

Dong Mi wanted to buy an oven to make cookies! She made her order and managed to get a discount! She met the man who brought the oven and she couldn’t take her eyes off him! While he thought she was talking about the oven she was actually praising him and she decided to buy it! Once he mentioned his wife everything shattered, but once she found out that she was his ex-wife and that he didn’t have any kids her courage returned!

 bscap0321 bscap0326bscap0324bscap0181

Dong Mi and Mi Mo were drinking together while watching the news about Seul Ah and Jung Hoon. Dong Mi asked Mi Mo’s advice about dating a divorced man! She revealed everything and Mi Mo could actually notice that Dong Mi was trying to cross the line Mi Mo had already crossed quite a few times! However, she advised her to not ask him the reason behind his divorce since it wouldn’t benefit either of them.

bscap0332bscap0333 bscap0336bscap0338bscap0334

Mi Mo was actually embarrassed about confessing her feelings to Hae Joon, but she found it better than keeping them on the inside.

bscap0339 bscap0340bscap0341 bscap0342

Soo Hyuk met Hae Joon who informed him that he met his ideal type of a woman, the pure one who’s suffered a lot! Soo Hyuk congratulated him for meeting the woman of his dreams, but then he found out that it was Mi Mo! Hae Joon wanted to know if he’d find himself in a love triangle with Soo Hyuk who was lost in his own thoughts, but he gave him a negative answer eventually. Hae Joon would go to Brave Wedding to hand over his profile and if Mi Mo found it okay he’d like to date her. Ah Ni called Soo Hyuk on the phone and reminded him of their dinner.

bscap0348bscap0343bscap0344 bscap0347

Another couple was about to get married and after they left her secretary informed Mi Mo that an A99 client had arrived! After Mi Mo wondered if Hyun Bin or Won Bin got divorced Hae Joon appeared in front of her as a surprise. She found out that he was married once, but it didn’t last long. Mi Mo was so anxious her hands were shaking and he basically described Mi Mo externally as his ideal woman. As for that woman’s internal world, she has to be pure even though she’s been through a lot. Mi Mo could notice that he was searching for a goodhearted woman who had failed at least once in her life. Hae Joon thought that she wouldn’t be objective, but she reassured him that she wouldn’t hold a grudge on him that would make her introduce him to a weird match.

bscap0351 bscap0354bscap0353bscap0352

Hae Joon remained negative and decided to leave. She kept his profile information and thought that he shouldn’t have messed with her since the businesswoman Mi Mo is different from the woman in love Mi Mo!


Ah Ni was dining with Soo Hyuk who kept recalling Mi Mo and Hae Joon’s words without paying attention to her! She wasn’t pleased with the fact that he was ignoring her, but she couldn’t hold back and confessed her feelings.

bscap0369bscap0366bscap0364 bscap0368

Soo Hyuk told her that she would find a better person than him, but that person was Soo Hyuk to her eyes. However, since she got rejected she didn’t want him to try and comfort her. Mi Mo was waiting for Hae Joon to appear. Since nobody was answering his calls at Brave Wedding Soo Hyuk decided to head towards his place as well.

bscap0373bscap0370bscap0371 bscap0376

Hae Joon was pleased to see her but once he appeared in front of her he acted hard to get after she asked him to become a member of Brave Wedding. She definitely wanted him to be a part of her dating agency since he’s someone every agency would want as a client! Hae Joon told her that if he signed up for Brave Agency he would be unable to date her, all he wanted was to let her know who he is. Since he was well aware that it wouldn’t be a complicated relationship she had passed all the tests in order to start dating her! Soo Hyuk arrived out of the building and noticed them together while Hae Joon was ready to pinch her for Mi Mo to know that she wasn’t dreaming…

bscap0381bscap0382 bscap0383 bscap0384bscap0385

…but he hugged her instead. Soo Hyuk was about to enter, but he could only stand still while Mi Mo was graciously losing herself in Hae Joon’s arms.

bscap0389 bscap0391bscap0392 bscap0393

~ Thoughts ~


One More Happy Ending maintains its upward course and even though its ratings may not be outstanding it’s definitely positive that things get better. Its third episode rated 6.3% and even though it remains in the third place it keeps captivating me more and more with every passing episode with the overall presentation of emotional complications in human relationships.


I simply adore how different all of our Angels are with their own heavenly glades and infernal craters. The more we get to know them, but also our male leading figures, the more their personalities become more precise. What becomes more complicated is the world of interactions where emotions dilate and contract themselves just like time and space respectively do.


The opening of the episode was hilarious, but it was also a slight reference to how much things have changed throughout the centuries when it comes to marriage and love. It was also a reference to dating agencies that aren’t something new, but they have evolved into something more “scientific” that filters everything through distinctive and of consecutive importance variables we became aware of in the process. It’s definitely not just looks and/or assets when it comes to (re)marriage.


Throughout the episode’s first half we were witnessing our leading figures’ journey towards a deeper realization during the second half, but this doesn’t mean that the other three Angels didn’t reveal a few more of their own characteristics. Mi Mo kept endlessly falling for Hae Joon while the idea of having been severely misunderstood was getting constantly magnified in her mind!


Dong Mi and Da Jung would never take her seriously, especially now that within a few days she broke up, almost got remarried, ended up in the hospital and fell in love with the doctor who treated her! Da Jung was more pragmatic and rational in her asset-related approach whereas Dong Mi was eruptive in yet another crusade against the army of bullfrogs that keeps capturing all the single men from women like her who crave to meet just one of them!


Let’s dive a bit deeper in Da Jung’s world. To be honest, i can’t really decipher her, but my instinct tells me that she became way too professional with the dating agency that she eventually lost the meaning, especially when it comes to feelings. She’s like a human calculator that lays emphasis on assets instead of taking into consideration what Gun Hak wants to convey. In one hand she doesn’t want a divorce and that’s the reason why Gun Hak wants to cut ties with her inside the courtroom.


On the other hand, she’d prefer him to stay with her while being with as many women as he wants to. Cheating on her isn’t an issue to her since she will be able to get more from him in the future once they part ways. The only reason i can find in Da Jung keeping Ga Huk in this marriage is because of their son who’s being traumatized by this ongoing collision. The fact that Gan Huk doesn’t want to cheat on her makes tons of sense.


Apparently, he married Da Jung because he loved her and even though they have reached that point he still cares about her, he would never do such a thing to a woman who is still his wife! Everything he was trying to tell her was going in one ear and out the other as she was always thinking that it was money related while it wasn’t. She even degraded him that he wouldn’t stand a chance in search of the woman of his dreams as a divorced man with a child and that he would look less attractive after she would take half his assets. I am really curious about their past and how they reached that point, but i am pretty certain that Gan Huk wouldn’t want a divorce if Da Jung hadn’t turned into an emotional iceberg. Time shall tell whether my assumptions are correct or not, one thing is for certain, he character intrigues me and wants to know more about her.


Ae Ran’s mother (Park Hae Mi) who was the headmistress in School 2013 and Sassy Go Go made me believe that she would expel her daughter at some point throughout her outburst! Ae Ran and Dong Bae’s relationship walks on a thin red line, the one of uncertainty when it comes to Ae Ran’s feelings and the one of utter love on Dong Bae’s behalf. She may had thought of calling off the marriage one step before she would start walking down the isle, but still, it wasn’t too late for her. However, it was too late for Dong Bae and his feelings, screw the preparations themselves. As much as it hurts him, Ae Ran hurts equally because it wasn’t an easy decision.


I would like both of them to end up together. Being with him means that she certainly liked him, getting married is another part of the story and maybe she’s afraid to enter that world and that’s why she’s stepping back or maybe Dong Bae isn’t the man she was searching for to take that brave step ahead. His approach is intriguing and he would like her to take that brave step ahead with him to find out where uncertainty will lead her to and with this he was referring to a certain answer. After a year’s time she could possibly tell whether she would stay by his side or leave and he would respect any option. It’s another couple i am really looking forward to on how they will progress and i am curious to find out how pregnancy will affect Ae Ran’s decision.


As for our two male leads, Hae Joon found out that there weren’t any emotional bonds between Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk while Soo Hyuk was shyly realizing that he had started falling for Mi Mo even though he didn’t want to believe it at first. At the same time and without even noticing it Soo Hyuk was steadily entering the shady sphere of friend-zone as he was becoming Mi Mo’s talking buddy who had progressed her own plans as he had revealed the whole truth to Hae Joon. It was something that led us to the episode’s second conceptional half which began with Mi Mo’s more direct confession and Hae Joon’s observant thrusts in order to read through her lines.


Hae Joon is crystal clear in everything he desires in life. It’s doesn’t have to be perfect as long as it possesses the purity of snow when it comes to feelings, after all he doesn’t crave for absolute perfection. He has his own definition of perfection which is no other than a woman who maintains her purity of emotion despite the fact that she’s been through a lot. Love is above friendship for him, but until everything’s clear he wouldn’t like to enter the world of a love triangle since either him of Soo Hyuk would be left wounded in the end. The funny thing is that this is a drama and the love triangle has already started progressing.


Hopefully enough, even if one of them finds himself wounded at some point i hope that he will be happy by the side of a woman sharing their mutual feelings at the end of the drama (i don’t like repeating myself, but my battleship is Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk). After making things clear with Mi Mo and while he knew that she was the woman he was after he had to meet Soo Hyuk to listen to his part of the story before proceeding. Quite strategic, isn’t it? Soo Hyuk lost the world underneath his feet since he wasn’t expecting this sudden turn of events, but he gave the okay and found himself in purgatory! Taking into consideration the hug Mi Mo gave Soo Hyuk the moment she found out that she didn’t have to explain herself concerning the misunderstanding the only song i can think of is Cutting Crew’s (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight.


Soo Hyuk’s reporting incantations weren’t devoid of Mi Mo’s emotional struggle a few days ago since he was there and he had heard every single word she said. He could have presented a far greater story by embedding Mi Mo, the other ex-Angels’ member, but he didn’t do so. The presence of Seul Ah and Jung Hoon in the article would be enough to harm Mi Mo and that was the reason why he didn’t treasure each and every second of his success. However, it was the starting point of one of the most insightful conversations of the drama so far since we dove deeper in Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk’s emotional world.


Mi Mo is a Woman In Love and always tries to keep her stare focused in the ongoing present in order to cherish a deep relationship. After her divorce and all these breakups she kept developing her goldfish technique trying to forget the past by always embracing a brand new love. Despite the fact that she leaves all these memories in the past it doesn’t mean that they aren’t there and with every breakup they keep visiting her since she wasn’t dealing properly with her scars before entering another relationship. It was more than apparent the moment she broke up with Jung Hoon and her issues with her ex-husband came to the surface.


However, she doesn’t neglect the fact that there were beautiful memories with the words that were uttered possessing a powerful meaning back then and she used Jung Hoon as the most recent example. Mi Mo is a woman living at the present with the urge to keep her heart aflutter every passing second, but once the past comes to the foreground her untreated wounds become her unexpected visitors.


Just like she brought her emotional remains with her ex-husband to a closure, the fact that she wanted to know if Jung Hoon looked happy by Seul Ah’s side was to put an end to it without digging any deeper. Let’s not forget that the first one was her husband in the past and the second one almost became her husband a few days ago. These two were her greatest wounds and right now she’s searching for the final emotional chapter in her life and she wants it to be like magic, the one the other two concealed from her.


Soo Hyuk is the exact emotional opposite. He would love to offer her an answer, but he couldn’t. He was focused on everything Mi Mo had to say to Jung Hoon, the rest didn’t matter at that moment except for the story he had to conduct. Soo Hyuk keeps his feelings to himself where they bloom and wither in solitude as he doesn’t share them. It’s a part of his introvert nature he regrets as he keeps missing the timings the one right after the other. The more he gets to know her the more he falls for her and the fact that he didn’t lay his hand on her shoulder at that very moment was yet another medal of regret.


Dong Mi actually found someone he liked, but the signs were also positive since he was divorced without a child! However, it’s an unknown field to her and her conversation with Mi Mo was quite insightful. Even though he may have looked like the ideal man to her eyes this doesn’t mean that he is. He’s got a divorce on his back and the reason behind it could be anything. She doesn’t know who he is and she should get to know him better before proceeding any further, but without investing in his past in a way that would harm both of them.


There’s always a good timing to discuss something better left untold for a while and if their relationship progresses in a healthy way and they forge a deeper bond of sincerity i think that he could open up to her. This is only an assumption and i got it a bit too far (Dong Mi and Hae Joon should end up together in order for Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk to blossom and all four will be happy). Even though Dong Mi keeps accusing Mi Mo of being one of the leaders of the bullfrog army who take single men away from her, Mi Mo remains her encyclopedia of love helping Dong Mi on her way towards emotional redemption.


While Hae Joon was progressing his own plan in masterfully leaving his information in Mi Mo’s hands Soo Hyun was a humble soldier in a war against time. Hae Joon wanted Mi Mo to know everything about himself and that he was in a short-lived but intense marriage, it’s a sincere “game” with all the cards open. Soo Hyuk was a one-sided chapter in Ah Ni’s life and after he rejected her feelings he tried to avoid the unavoidable. Hae Joon’s strategic method developed in a highly representative way and instead of Mi Mo having him as a renowned member of her agency she simply found herself in his hands. Everything’s Coming Up Roses (rest in peace, Black) for them and it was the moment that turned Soo Hyuk into a statue in one of his most regretful moments.


The preview alerted my feel-o-meter since everyone’s side stories will start progressing accordingly as more questions and answers about marriage, emotions, dating, heartache, delight, restrains, etc will keep adorning One More Happy Ending’s multifaceted world! “You promiscuous goldfish!”


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-

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  1. January 28, 2016 at 10:34 am — Reply

    Episode 3 confirmed all my worst fears from the end of 2 – gone is the bright, breezy, fun romcom, replaced by a tired, clichéd love triangle of the most boringly unimaginative type – literally something we’ve all seen a gazillion times before. ZERO originality, ZERO laughs, ZERO traces of the way it started. I’d be dropping this already, despite JNR’s insane cuteness, were it not for Yoo In Na’s character. She and she alone is staying true to the promise of the beginning, and any hope I have for this Drama being watchable rests with her. I hope the writer does do what she did with the leads and simply cut and paste from “KDrama clichés for Dummies”

    • bjharm
      January 29, 2016 at 3:35 am — Reply

      really if you going to dump a comedy/romance because of a love triangle then you not going to finish many of them, as pretty much 99% have it or even a square, it pretty much hardwired into the genre and have been, well since the days of Jang Nara made successful story of a bright girl and it came in with a 40% plus viewer rating way back in the early 2000’s and the drama become the blue print for Korean comedy/romance ever since.

      • January 29, 2016 at 8:46 am — Reply

        Thanks for the tip – after having watched around 150 KDramas, I like to think I’m no longer a newbie when it comes to knowing what to expect.

    • Les hugo
      January 30, 2016 at 10:25 am — Reply

      such is life…complex!
      or not, especially if your guilty pleasure is K or J dramas 🙂
      Fantasy…Earth, Wind & Fire! 🙂 relax, it’s just a drama….enjoy or not…but please don’t waste ur precious time on earth expecting perfection from a medium that was basically created to feed into our basic human needssss….cause then you are a_lone!
      don’t be a slave to ur limits…be free. this could be heaven or this could be hell (hotel california)

  2. Wannie
    January 28, 2016 at 1:28 pm — Reply

    Im in the same ship as you kwon. I screamed when MiMo and the doctor hugged.. why oh why…
    Btw, this episode was not as enjoyable as the first two episodes, but I will not drop this drama, yet. Haha.. I need to fill the week with other dramas or not I’ll go mad waiting for Cheese in the Trap’s airing

  3. January 28, 2016 at 4:32 pm — Reply

    I love the progression of the show. Usually we have to wait to the middle for people to confess feelings and hen you have pregnancy.

  4. drammaddict43
    January 29, 2016 at 12:09 am — Reply

    What is the title of the song playing in background when mimo says this line..“There used to be a time when we’d see the entire universe…”? Someone help me please?

  5. January 29, 2016 at 9:19 am — Reply

    […] Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01 […]

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